International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 20 (2010)




Finite Element Analysis of Stress-Strain States of Metal to Metal Bonded Butt Joint of Composite Structural Elements
pp. 3285-3302
Authors: Abdurrahman O. Houssein and K.K. Dinesh

Natural Convection Heat Transfer Enhancement in Horizontal Rectangular Fin Array with Dimpled Surface
pp. 3303-3310
Authors: Mahendra J. Sable, Prakash S. Patil, Sandeep J. Jagtap and Shivprakash B. Barve

A Numerical Investigation of Interference Effect of Flows Over a Sloping Roof Structure and a Prismatic Building in Tandem Arrangement
pp. 3311-3321
Authors: S.K. Maharana and A.K. Ghosh

Experimental Studies on Use of Polyethylene in Asphalt Mixtures for Pavement Construction
pp. 3323-3332
Authors: U. Arun Kumar, K. Sundara Kumar, V. Renga Raju

Experimental Investigation and Performance Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement by using Perforations in Rectangular Ribs in a 3-D Channel
pp. 3333-3340
Authors: G.D. Gosavi and V.M. Kriplani

A Predictive Model of Cutting Force in Turning of GFRP Tubes using Fuzzy Logics and Response Surface Techniques
pp. 3341-3355
Authors: Syed Altaf Hussain, V. Pandurangadu, K. Palani Kumar and V.V. Prathibha Bharathi

Internet Based E- Manufacturing of Prototypes for One-Off Inctricate Castings by Using Rapid Prototyping Technology
pp. 3357-3365
Authors: B.S. Raju, U. Chandrashekar, D.N. Drakshayani and K. Chockalingam

Exhaust Emissions, Fuel Economy and Power Output of A Lean-Burn S.I. Engine With Eucalyptus Oil-Gasoline Blends
pp. 3367-3374
Authors: V. Ravi, V. Pandurangadu, C. Prabhakar Reddy and V.V. Prathibha Bharathi

Comparison Study for Different Synthesis Techniques on Heat Exchanger Network Problem: An Industrial Crude Oil Plant Application
pp. 3375-3385
Authors: Abeer M. Shoaib and Eman A. Emam

Assessment of River Water Quality: An Approach of Fuzzy Logic 
pp. 3387-3393
Authors: Manish Pal, Srijit Biswas, Sekhar Datta and Pankaj Kr. Roy

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer during the Solidification of the Cylindrical Ingot of Zinc
pp. 3395-3408
Authors: Guellil Hocine, Korti Abdel Illah Nabil, Khadraoui Yahia

Modeling and Simulation of Evaporator Used in Automobile Air Conditioning System
pp. 3409-3417
Authors: T.S. Ravikumar and D. Mohan Lal

Analysis of Flow Separation in Wide Angle Annular Diffusers 
pp. 3419-3428
Authors: B.B. Arora, Manoj Kumar and Subhashish Mazi

Adaptability of Neuro Controller over Fuzzy Controller for a Shunt Active Filter in case of Three Phase Four wire System with Wide Spectrum of Loads
pp. 3429-3439
Authors: B. Suresh Kumar and K. Ramesh Reddy




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