International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 9 September (2008)




Closed Loop Controlled Multilevel Inverter with Reduced  Harmonics

pp. 1141-1147

Authors: G. Mahesh Manivanna Kumar, S. Rama Reddy


Enhancement of Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Tube with Wire Coil Inserts- A CFD Analysis

pp. 1149-1159

Authors: S. Naga Sarada, K. Kalyani Radha and A.V.S. Raju


Convective Heat Transfer in a Tunnel cultivated Greenhouse

pp. 1161-1168

Authors: N. Tadj, T. Bartzanas, B .Draoui1, G. Theodoridis and C. Kittas


A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Simultaneous Tolerance Synthesis for Manufacturing and Quality with Different Stack-Up Conditions

pp. 1169-1188  

Authors: Y.S. Rao and C.S.P. Rao


Performance of Silkworm Pupa Oil and Methyl Ester and Diesel– Fuel Blends in CI Engine

pp. 1189-1196          

Authors: S.H. Manjunath and P. Sankaran Kutty


Optimization of Machinability Parameters of Aluminium/Alumina Metal Matrix Composites

pp. 1197-1203

Authors: C. Yuvaraja and K.V.Sharma


Role of Manufacturing Logistics in Indian Automobile Industries - A Case Study

pp. 1205-1215

Authors: J.S. Gnanasekaran  and  S. Shanmugasundaram


Interactive Weighted Distance Approach for Identification of Distinct Mechanisms Derived from the Kinematic Chains            

pp. 1217-1226

Authors: Aas Mohammad, I.A. Khan and M.K. Lohumi


Functional Link Neural Network Applied In Linear Programming Problem

pp. 1227-1234

Authors: Sudhir Kumar Sahu and Pragnyaban Mishra


Regression Modelling For Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete   

pp. 1235-1244

Authors: S. Eswari, P. N. Raghunath and K. Suguna


Photovoltaic Array Maximum Power Point Tracking Using a Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Control

pp. 1245-1252

Authors: Mebrouk Sellam, Abdeldjebar Hazzaband Mohamed Bourahla


Design Pasrameters Effect on the Particle Movement in a Three Phase Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct

pp. 1253-1261

Authors: M.Venu Gopala Rao, J.Amarnath and S.Kamakshaiah




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