International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 3 September (2007)




Studies on Variable Swril Intake System for DI Diesel Engine Using CFD
pp. 383-393
Authors: J. David Rathnaraj and T. Michael. N. Kumar

Simulation of the solidification process during continuous casting
pp. 395-409
Authors: Yahia Khadraoui, Abdel Illah Nabil Korti, Abdelali Seddini, Abdelali Terfous and Abdellah Ghenaim

Experimental studies on the effect of magnetic field in energy consumption using R134a, LPG and LPG/R134a mixture as substitutes for CFC 12 systems
pp. 411-420
Authors: K. Mani and V.Selladurai

Innovations in Powered Mobility Device for Hands Impaired Patients
pp. 421-430
Divya Gosain, Divya Jyoti, Divya Asiwal, Shankar Singh, Sachin Maheshwari and Sachin Kumar Agarwal

Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Ferrocement
pp. 431-440
S. Elavenil and V. Chandrasekar

Merging of the indirect discrete boundary elements to the finite element analysis and its application to two dimensional elastostatics problems
pp. 441-452
D. Boutchicha, O. Rahmani, M. Abdelkader, A. Sahli and A. Belarbi

Direct Torque Control For Induction Motors Based on Discrete Space Vector Modulation
pp. 453-466
R.Toufouti, S. Meziane and H.Benalla

Numerical Investigation on Influence of Injection Angle on Mixing in a Staged Transverse Injection of Fuel into Supersonic Airstream
pp. 467-481
K. Sundararaj and S. Dhandapani

Chaos Detection in DC-DC Converter Using Recurrence Plots
pp. 483-495
Authors: L. Premalatha and P. VanajaRanjan


Different schedules Proposals for Successive Transmission for the General Purpose Network Controller
pp. 497-506
Abdulrazzag A Ahmed and Manal I Al Fellah

Experimental study of the rate of initial the electrons sources in the air between 1 and 3 absolute bars in no homogeneous electric field
pp. 507-518
N. Adjim, A. Allali and B. Senouci


Suppression of Overvoltages In High Voltage Induction Motor
pp. 519-534
Syed. A. Naveed, J. Amarnath, G.Tulasi Ram Das and B.P.Singh

Design of RC Snubber Network for Half Bridge Converter Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 535-544
P.P. Shaha, R.R. Mudholkar and S.R. Sawant

A New Approach on Discrete Chaotic Cryptography Using TMS320C6713 Digital Signal Processors
pp. 545-556
Authors: R. Saravanan, T. R. Sivaramakrishnan and K. Ramamoorthy





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