International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 1 (2007)




Lightning Protection of Structures and Electronic Equipment: A Case Study
pp. 1-14

Authors: P.Y. Okyere and George Eduful


Simulation of Directly Grid-Connected Wind Turbines for Voltage Fluctuation Evaluation
pp. 15-30

Authors: Hassan H. El-Tamaly, Mohamed A. A. Wahab and Ali H. Kasem


Experimental Investigation of Elliptical Jet in Coflow
pp. 31-43

Authors: Hakem Mebarka, Hazzab Abdelkrim, Ghenaim Abdellah


Optimal Trajectory Selection for a Three DOF Manipulator with Minimum Energy Consumption
pp. 45-63

Authors: Atef A. Ata, Waleed F. Faris and M.Y. Sa’adeh


An Approach for Surface Reconstruction of 3D CAD Models
pp. 65-80

Authors: Amod Tiwari, V. Pathak, A. Chatterjee and S.G. Dhande


Diffusion-thermo and thermal-diffusion effects on free convective heat and mass transfer flow in a porous medium with time dependent temperature and concentration
pp. 81-96

Authors: M. S. Alam, M. M. Rahman, M. Ferdows, Koji Kaino, Eunice Mureithi and A. Postelnicu

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Thin Shells Using a Finite Element With Drilling Degrees of Freedom
pp. 97-108

Authors: M. Djermane, A. Chelghoum and B. Amieur

Modelling AC arcs developing along electrolytic surfaces simulating practical polluted insulator using an original laboratory model
pp. 109-124

Authors: Boubakeur Zegnini, Djillali Mahi, Juan Martinez-Vega and Abdelkader Chaker

Aplication of sliding-mode non lineaire to synchronous permanent magnet machine
pp. 125-138

Authors: A. Kechich, B. Mazari and I. K. Bousserhane

An Effective Asynchronous Micropipeline using Double Edge Triggered D Flipflop
pp. 139-146

Authors: S. Kaja Mohideen and J. Rajapaul Perinbam


Sensorless Anti-swing Control for Automatic Gantry Crane System: Model-based Approach
pp. 147-161

Authors: Mahmud Iwan Solihin and Wahyudi


Frequency-Time MMSE Equalizer for BER Enhancement of MC-CDMA Systems Over Mulipath Fading Channel
pp. 163-172

Authors: F. Bouasria, A. Djebbari, M. Bouziani, J.M. Rouvaen and A.T. Ahmed


Influence of The Operating Parameters on The Performance of Belt Skimmer
pp. 173-190

Authors: Sadek Z. Kassab, A.A. Abdel Naby and Ali Azouz

Performance of Fractionally Spaced Blind Channel Shortening
pp. 191-199

Authors: S. A. Elahmar, A. Djebbari, M. Bouziani and J. M. Rouvaen




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