International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 18, Number 2  (2023)






Interfacing Of PS/2 Mouse and VGA Monitor Using FPGA
pp. 83-87
Bankuru Sai Bhavana, Gundeti Mounika, Dr. Manoj Kumar and Jadhav Akshaya

Investigation of the Effect of Water Diesel Emulsion Fuel on Heat Release in Direct Injection Diesel Engine
pp. 88-92
Alhouli,Y, Alkhulaifi, K., Alardhi, M. and Alrajhi, J.

QUIZZLES: Test Your Skills and Become a Master
pp. 93-96
Prof. Himgouri Tapase, Miss. Neha Bobade, Mr. Shrijeet Desai and Miss. Shruti Kesarkar

Automatic Generation of AI-powered Architectural Floor Plans using Grid Data
pp. 97-102
Hun Lim

Electromagnetic Transient Determination in Sub-transmission Lines. A Case Study of the Azogues Electric Company
pp. 103-109
J. Morales and E. Orduña, D. Quezada, F. Quizhpi and J. P. Cevallos

Aerodynamic Study Of The Rear Spoiler Profile Of A Pick-Up Vehicle
pp. 110-114
Oscar Tenango-Pirin, Ernesto Atayde, Elva Reynoso-Jardón, Yuri S. Hernández, Yahir Mariaca and Raúl Ñeco Caberta


Automated Intrusion Mapper
Harsha Akash Santra

A Review of ChatGPT and its Impact in Different Domains
Sakshi Aggarwal

The effect of Kuwait climate on the Automotive brake fluids
Yousef Ali Al Mulla, Jasem Alazemi and Yousef Alhouli

Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of OFDM System Over AWGN Channel
Sunil R. Gagare, Arun E. Kachare and Haribhau A. Shinde

Identification of Heart Diseasein Beginning Stageusing Gradient Boosting Classification
pp: 136-139
P. Senthil Pandian, R. RubeshSelvaKumar, R. Muneeswaran and S. Valli Mayil

A Speed Limiter System Base Hybrid Deep Reinforcement Learning and Disturbance Observer
pp: 140-143
Abdulsalam Yau Gital, Mahmood Abdulhamid, Muhammed Abdulhameed, Mustapha Abdulrahman Lawal, Fatima Umar Zambuk, Maryam Maishanu & Ismail Zahraddeen Yakubu

Thermal Management System in Battery of Electric Vehicle: A Review
pp: 144-148
Vishal R. Warule, Ashok J. Keche and G. Amba Prasad Rao

Managing Multiple Hazards in the Workplace: Engineering and Technological Strategies for Assessing, Ranking and Prioritizing Safety and Health Risks in Heavy Metal Facilities
pp: 149-158
Ephraim Massawe

A Systematic Review of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Comparing Algorithms, Datasets and Performance Metrics
pp: 159-162
Saurabh Soni, Abha Choubey and Siddharth Choubey