International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 18, Number 1  (2023)






Competitive Advantages of Differential Evolution Algorithm in Software Effort Estimation
pp. 1-6
I. Thamarai

Forecasting of Solar Panel Output Using Numerical Weather Prediction & Image Proceiing Techniques
pp. 7-11
Rahul Saraswat, Deepak Jhanwar and Rahul Agarwal

Star–In–Coloring Of Half Gear Graphs
pp. 12-16
A. Sugumaran and P. Kasirajan

A Numerical Investigation on Flow Characteristics of Jets Emerging from a Multi-Lobed Nozzle with Pointed Corrugations
pp. 17-20
Salman Shah and Vyshak R Pillai

Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engine: A Real-World Comparison in Kuwait
pp. 21-25
Khaled Alhaifi, Khalid Alkhulaifi, Jasem Alrajhi, Mohsen Alardhi, Jasem Alazemi, Nawaf Alhaifi and Marya Alsaraf

Morphological Characterization and Segregation of penicillium pimiteouiense from Soil Samples
pp. 26-31
Mathan Muthu C M, Kapil Kumar R, Kaarki U K, Yuvaraj D and Gnanasekaran R

Energy Storage System Designing & Performance Measures
pp. 32-35
Sanjeev Kumar Singh Chandel and Dr Sunil Kumar

Investigation of Diesel Engine Performance Using Water Diesel Emulsion
pp. 36-41
Alardhi, M., Alrajhi, J. M. and Alkhulaifi, K. A

Potential Herbal Wound Healing Cream: Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation
pp. 42-46
Linekha R, Pooranachandran P, Gokulakrishnan J, Prabhu V, Rahul S, Ashwin Kumar B and Abinaya K

The Maximum Hub Degree Energy of Graphs
pp. 47-51
Veena Mathad and Anand

Tabu Search Optimization Based Routing Protocol To Improve Performance Of Manets
pp. 52-57
Mohit Tayal and Dr. Kapil Kumar Kaswan

Flood Risk Management in the City Center of Ghardaïa (Algeria) Using Geographic Information System (GIS) in the Wake of the Flood Disaster of October first, 2008
pp. 58-66
F.Boulaghmen, D.Benouar, S.Amara and M.Kalbaza

Hydrogen Fueling Stations Road Map for Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
pp. 67-71
Jasem Alazemi, Jasem Alrajhi, Khaled Alhaifi, Khalid Alkhulaifi, Mohsen Alardhi, Ahmad Khalfan, Yousef Alhouli, and Nawaf Alhaifi

Analysis of the Impact of Low Inertia Constant on Power Systems: Cause, Drawbacks, Possible Solutions and Global Trend
pp. 72-81
Daniel A. Leiva, Pedro E. Mercado, and Gastón O. Suvire