International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 17, Number 5  (2022)






Studies on Development of Fortified Pizza Base
pp. 438-445
Poojitha P, Divyadharshini S, Ishwarya K, Sathanya P S, Bhuwana, Poornachandrika, Balakrishnaraja R and Gowrishankar


Role of RC Surge Suppressors in Reducing the Transient Voltages Due to Switching Operation
pp. 446-449
Dr. Md Sajid

Accessibility in Web and Mobile Applications
pp. 450-454
Hrishika Rai, Deepamala N and Vinayak Srivastava

Accurate Hub Number of Graphs
pp. 455-457
Veena Mathad, Shadi Ibrahim Khalaf and Sujatha H.N.

Planning Indicators for Prospective Expansion Urban Areas in Mosul City Using (GIS)
pp. 458-463
Mazin Jaber Omar and Rasheed Saleem Abed

Microstrip Patch Antenna with Reconfigurable Band Notches for UWB-CR Applications using SRR, CSRR and ESRR
pp. 464-468
Dr. M. Pranay Kumar, Vedavrath Lakide, J Mallesh, Dr. K. P. Vinay and B. Ramesh

Broadband Microstrip Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna for Wireless Applications
pp. 469-474
Dr. M. Pranay Kumar, Vedavrath Lakide, J Mallesh, Dr. K. P. Vinay and B. Ramesh


The Investigations of Change in Structural Parameters with Dopant Concentration of Iron (Fe) and Chromium (Cr) in Sn/Fe/Cr Nanostructured Materials
pp. 475-479
Saneh Lata, Rajesh Sharma, Sonia Arora, ,Seema and Anita Yadav


A List of Application & Challenges of Data Science as a Survey Report
pp. 480-485
Sangeeta Devi, Pranjal Maurya and Upendra Nath Tripathi

Three-Dimensional Williamson MHD Fluid Embedded with Indium Nitride Nanoparticles Over a Linearly Stretching Porous Sheet with Radiation and Arrhenius Activation Energy
pp. 486-499
M. Jyotshna and V. Dhanalaxmi

Distribution and Function of Typha angustifolia L Species in Reducing Waste Pollutants inConstructed Wetlands (A Review)
pp. 500-505
Sugeng Nuradji, Maryam and Christine

A Review of Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning in Analytical Problems
pp. 506-510
Kannan Thiruvengadam, Basilea Watson, Ponnuraja Chinnaiyan and Rajendran Krishnan


Geological Mapping and Kinematic Analysis for Vulnerable Landslide Zones Between Saur Pani and Devprayag Area Along National Highway 58, Uttarakhand, India
pp. 511-522
Kush Kumar and Varun Joshi

Tax Strategy utilizing Derivatives
pp. 523-527
Yeyoung Moon

A Secure and Enhanced Route Discovery in Vehicular Environment using Agent Trusted Authority

pp. 528-533
Dr. D. Chitra and K. Ilakkiya

Application of the Box-Behnken Design for Modeling of Laser Transformation Hardening Parameters of Unalloyed Titanium
pp. 534-539
Duradundi. Sawant. Badkar

A Division Algorithm
pp. 540-541
S Subha