International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 17, Number 4  (2022)






Analysis and Design for Comfort Ride of 4-Wheeled Vehicles Vibration on Rural Road Surface and To Reduce Climate Impact
pp. 320-328
Manoj Kumar Singh and Bharat Raj Singh

Machine Learning based Security for Cloud Computing: A Survey
pp. 332-337
Munish Saran, Rajan Kumar Yadav and Upendra Nath Tripathi

A Survey On Virtualization Technology and its Security Challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing
pp. 338-344
Rajan Kumar Yadav, Munish Saran and Upendra Nath Tripathi

Effect of a Circular Cylinder as a Passive Controller on the Savonius Wind Turbine
pp. 346-359
Waleed A. Alaksara and Mohamed H. Mohameda

Application of Taguchi Approach and Utility Concept in Multi-Objective Optimization of Laser Transformation Hardening of Commercially Pure Titanium for Heat Input and Tensile Strength
pp. 360-369
Dr. Duradundi. Sawant. Badkar

Disturbance in a Generalized Thermoviscoelastic Half-Space with Voids with Microtemperature without Energy Dissipation Due to Thermal Source
pp. 370-395
Leena Rani

QRS Complex Detection and Monitoring Heart Abnormalities in ECG
pp. 396-404
P.Venkata Gopikumar, Dr. R. Manikandan and Dr. C Ravi Shankar Reddy

Analysis of RACH Procedure for 5G NR Network in NSA
pp. 405-411
Hien Thi Thu Nguyen and Thuy Thanh Le

Effect on Yield of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) Crop with Changing Chlorophyll
pp. 412-415
Dr. Mahendra Kumar Tiwari and Sandeep Kumar Tiwari

Artificial Intelligent based Grid-connected PV System using Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
pp. 416-421
I. Mahendravarman, SA. Elankurusil and A. Ragavendiran

Calculus of Variations and Application of Rayleigh Ritz Method in Heat and Mass Transfer Problems
pp. 422-426
P. S. Basak

Video Compression Using H.265 (HEVC-Main Profile)
pp. 427-435
Vijayalaxmi S.Patil and Dr.Suvarna Nandyal