International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 17, Number 3  (2022)






Design and Implementation of Secured Car Parking System using FPGA
pp. 180-188
Dr Manoj Kumar, Angom Jayalaxmi, W. Malemnganbi

A New Computerized Board Game: An example for unfair game
pp. 189-195
Manohar Koli

A Concise Survey on Datasets, Tools and Methods for Biomedical Text Mining
pp. 200-217
R. Johnsi, G. Bharadwaja Kumar, Tulasi Prasad Sariki

Study on the Feasibility of Modified Sewage Sludge as Cover Material in Bioreactor Landfills
pp. 218-226
Latha P, Dr. Jaya V and Vinitha V N

Mitigation of Harmonics Generated By Photovoltaic Interconnected Systems
pp. 227-238
P.F. Le Roux, D. De Beer

Achieving Sustainable Urban Commercial Spaces through Conservation Operations
pp. 239-260
Hager Abo- El Yazid El-metaher, Ingy Ibrahim El-Darwish, Ayman Gamal Eldin Abdel Tawab


Design and Analysis of a Go-Kart Chassis
pp. 261-269
Sanjeet Ramteke and Mihir Jain

Multigrid Analysis of Transient EHL Line Contact Rolling/Sliding Problem with Bio-Based Oil As Lubricant
pp. 270-282
Vishwanath B. Awati and Mahesh Kumar N

MATLAB Simulation of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Supplied by Photovoltaic Energy
pp. 283-289
Eng. Abdulrahman M Alghurayed, Eng. Abdullah H Alshehri, Eng. Tariq A Albalawi, Eng. Abdulmajeed M Alsaiari

Stability and Convergence Analysis of Casson-nano Fluid Flow is Heated Non-linearly with Viscous Dissipation with Convective Boundary Conditions
pp. 290-298
G.Mahanta, S.Mohanta, D. Mohanty

Touch Information Security System
pp. 299-302
Harsha Akash Santra, Apurba Kumar Ghosh

Design and Development of Knee Manipulator to Identify Intent and to Analyse Knee Joint Torque
pp. 303-307
Devendra Mohan, Dr. Pratibha Tyagi

pp. 308-313
Aamir Ghare, Atharva Panvelkar, Khan Muqeet, Mihir Pise, D. N. Pawar

Representing Weighted Binary Codes Using FPGA
pp. 314-319
Madhavenshu Dayal and Manoj Kumar