International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 17, Number 2  (2022)






Magnetic field impact on chemically reactive Powell-Eyring liquid flow with double diffusive Cattaneo-Christov heat and mass flux in the presence of internal heat generation or absorption
pp. 82-96
Dr. M Sreedhar Babu

Applications of Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines in Data Separation Methods in Structural Health Monitoring
pp. 97-109
Hassan Fazeli, Mohammad Safi and Nemat Hassani

A Unified Approach to Fraudulent Detection
pp. 110-124
Anurag Dutta, Manan Roy Choudhury and Arnab Kumar De

Two Phase Flow of Stratified Incompressible Viscous Fluid between Two Semi-Infinite Parallel Plates Partially Filled with Porous Medium under Transverse Magnetic Field Applied Only in the Clear Region
pp. 125-128
Dr. Shiva Shanker K and Dr.Venumadav.K

Superposition Model Investigation of Cr3+ doped YAl3(BO3)4
pp. 129-136
Ram Kripal and Lal Chandra Shukla

Keratoeye: Deep Learning for Keratoconus Detection and Classification
pp. 137-140
Prof. Priya D and Dr. G S Mamatha


Fabrication of Fixed Wing UAV with EDF Engine for Surveillance
pp. 141-147
Ravi Teja Kandala and Chitti Sai Sravan Kumar

Set Valued Homeomorphisms using Ideal of a Ring and Rough Approximations
pp. 148-151
Mereena Joseph and Jagadeesha B

Regularizing Vehicle Legalities through Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 152-156
N. Kumaran, Lakshmi Priya. S and Mansikaa Reshmaa. R

Development of Optimum Mix Content of River Sand for M-sand, Fly Ash - Slag based Geopolymer Concrete Cured at Ambient Curing
pp. 157-168
Mahantesh N.B, Sowmya A R, Raghu Prasad B K and Amarnath K

An Experimental Investigation of the Heat transfer Performance of Fe3O4 Based Nanofluids-Base Fluid Effect
pp. 169-179
Kanthimathi Tumuluri and Bhramara P