International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 17, Number 1  (2022)





Characteristics of Fracto-Stimulated Luminescence in II-VI Compounds
pp. 1-15
Manas Sahu

Stochastic Modeling for Predicting Covid-19 Prevalence in Southern States
pp. 16-20
V.Kadhirveni, P.Arumugam, P.Jose

Energy Based Volumetric Internal Heating on Bénard-Marangoni FTC in a Ferrofluid-Porous Saturated Layer: Effects of MFD Viscosity and Thermal Bounded Surfaces
pp. 21-29
S. Bhavya, C. E. Nanjundappa

Deep Learning Based Infant Cry Analysis Utilizing Computer Vision
pp. 30-35
Joohyun Cha, Gimin Bae

Cut-off Frequencies for ObliqueWaves Scattering in Three-layer Fluid
pp. 36-40
Mita Majumder and Dilip Das

Task Classification for Improving Scheduling and Resource Management in Cloud Computing
pp. 41-50
Anupama K C, Nagaraja R, Shivakumar B R

Soil Moisture Estimation using Remote Sensing Method
pp. 51-53
Akancha Shekher, Sanchit Shekhar, Gopal Srivastava

Effect of Biofuel-Nanoparticle Blend on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 54-65
Mr. Manjunatha ND, Dr. Sharanappa Pani, Dr. M C Navindgi

Architectural Design Quality Indicators for Educational Built Environment in the Indian Context
pp. 66-73
Tanushree Das

Encryption Schemes Based on Solution of Linear Diophantine Equation and System of Linear Diophantine Equations
pp. 74-81
P. Anuradha Kameswari and Aweke Belay