International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 09  (2021)






Home Security Using Arduino
pp. 718-720
Kirtik Ayush

Effect of Filler Materials in Silicone Rubber for the Electrical Insulation Applications: A Review
pp. 721-729
Shirisha Adupa, Sammaiah Pulla, Chennakesava Reddy Alavala

Multi-Agent System to Assist Pupils in the Primary Stage
pp. 730-748
Sarah Mohamed Mohamed Ali , A. E. E. Elalfi and A.F. Elgamal

Augmented Reality and Deep Learning in e-learning A New Approach
pp. 749-751
R.B. Ravi Varma, I.M. Umesh and R.S. Upendra

Statically-sun-tracking PV configurations: Theory, models and applications
pp. 752-764
Janvier Kamanzi and Mohamed Tariq Ekeramodien Khan

An EOQ Form amid Cubic Demand Carry Forwarded with Three Parameter Weibull Distribution Deteriorating Item, Exclusive of Scarcity and Salvage Value
pp. 765-771
Chandan Kumar Sahoo,Kailash Chandra Paul and Saumya Suchi Sahoo

Assessment of Quality of Cloths Processed in Two Industries by Statistical Methods
pp. 772-777
Nirmal Kumar Singh and Vidhika Tiwari

Comprehensive Energy and Cost evaluation through detailed Auditing and Modeling for Mosque in Saudi Arabia
pp. 778-792
Thamer Alquthami and Ahmed Alaraishy


Simulation of COVID 19 with Control
pp. 793-805
Niketa D. Trivedi

Seismic Analysis of Tall Building with Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall
pp. 806-822
Mahdi Hosseini and M. Farookh

Effects on MHD Casson Stagnation Point Flow with Stability Analysis over the Stretching Surface in the Presence of Slip Velocity
pp. 823-829
G. Mahanta, S.Shaw, M.K.Nayak and J.C.Pati




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