International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 08  (2021)






Solid Waste Tracking and Route Optimization using Geotagging and K-means Clustering
pp. 633-639
Resmi N. G., Aiswarya Shajan, Jerin Jose, Jerin Peter George and M. Harikrishnan

COVID-19 New and Dealth Case Forecasting Using Machine Learning Model
pp. 640-644
Shilpa Jackson

Designing a Media of Active Learning for Teaching the Passive High Pass Filter (PHPF) by developing its Bode Plot by using Excel
pp. 645-650
Humuntal Rumapea, Dahlan Sitompul and Darwis Robinson Manalu

Colombia, Case Study: Detection of Breast Cancer Through a Neuronal Network
pp. 651-659
Ricardo Alirio Bustamante González, Albeiro Cuesta Mesa, Roberto Ferro Escobar and Diego Alejandro Barragán Vargas

Mechanical and Low Velocity Impact Behavior of Al based Kevlar Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Laminate
pp. 660-669

R. Lokesh, V. Jagadesh and S. Suresh

Characteristics of Fracto-Stimulated Luminescence in Colored Alkali Halide Crystals
pp. 670-684

Manas Sahu

A Hybrid Classification Method for Heart Disease Detection
pp. 685-689

Swapnil Ashtekar, Pranit Kotkar and Sakshat Patil

On Fuzzy Soft Perfectly Disconnected Spaces
pp. 690-695

Rajarshi Chatterjee


A System Dynamics Model for the Study of Fixed Bed Grain Dryers
pp. 696-708
Alex Rodrigo Magalhães Pessoa and Rafael Pinheiro Amantéa

Enzymatic Association of Phytase and Xylanase in Diets for Cage Free Laying Hens
pp. 709-717
Filipe A. Morenoa, Carlos Eduardo da Silva Soares, Fabiano Dahlke, Marcus VN Alvarez , Valdir Silveira de Ávila, Everton Luis Krabbe and Alex Maiorka




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