International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 02  (2021)





A Multi-Dimensional Flow Which Satisfies the Equation of Continuity
pp. 85-88
Dr. Hiteshwar Singh, Ram Naresh Das and Dhananjay Kumar Mishra

Optimization of Residual Gas in Rotary Killn Using PID Control
pp. 89-93
Rafael David and Hadi Sutanto

Increasing Storage by Raising WALA Dam in Jordan
pp. 94-102
Abbas Z. Ijam and Atheer M. AlSaraireh

Emotion Recognition A review
pp. 103-110
Sukhpreet Kaur and Nilima Kulkarni

Production Quality Control Using Six Sigma Method in Shock Absorber Industry (Case Study at PT.XYZ)
pp. 111-118
Patrik Marathi Ignatius and Hadi Sutanto

Analytical Study of the Use of Global Governance Indicators (WGIs) in Improving Financial Inclusion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
pp. 119-126
Amal Essam AbdulKareem, Hassnaa Attia Hamed Mohamed, Karima Hassan Mohamed Soliman, Nagwa Ibrahim Albadaly, Hana Ahmed Saud Ababtain and Nada Abdrabalredha Al Sabti

Analysis of Raw Honey and Syrup Concentration in Adulterated Honey by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
pp. 127-134
Chuleeporn Saksangawong, Anothai Trevanich, Molin Wongwattanakul, Sirinart Chio-Srichan and Peerapol Sukon

Implementing Design Thinking For Beverage Product Design
pp. 135-142
Steven Henry, Wegie Ruslan and Ronald Sukwadi

The Measurements of Vehicle Braking Performance in Wet Asphalt Road Conditions
pp. 143-146
Setyo Bhahak Fendi Baihaqi, Hadi Sutanto and Arka Dwinanda Soewono

Design of Belt Conveyor to Reduce Loss Batch-Cullet
pp. 147-153
Buntoro and Djoko Setyanto


Study on Yield percentage of Biodiesel from Waste cooking oil using Transesterification
pp. 154-160
Preeti Sinha and Akash Sambshio Madavi

Smart Irrigation System for Optimized Use of Water and Energy
pp. 161-165

Dr H I Joshi, P P Raval and Kush Patel





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