International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 06  (2020)





Evaluation of Tensile Properties of Boron Carbide (B4C) and Tungsten carbide (WC) Reinforced with Aluminium 7075 T6 by using Taguchi Method
pp. 537-545
Santhosh Kumar H N, Dr. Srinivas H K, Dr.Venkatesh N, Shashank B, Rohit S

Exploitation of Meltdown on x86
pp. 546-549
Kshitij Tiwari, Mallappa Bagi, Dr. Azra Nasreen, Dr. Pratiba D, Jyoti Shetty

Quality Shop Floor Management Based on Abnormality Management
pp. 550-556
Andri Cahyadi, Wegie Ruslan, Ronald Sukwadi

Performance Analysis of UPFC Embedded With Three Level Cascaded H Bridge Inverter with SPWM Technique and Anfis Controller
pp. 557-562

T.JaganMohanRaju and Prof. G.Tulasi Ram Das

Spruce Timber Trusses of Existing Pitched Roofs: A Reinforcement Study
pp. 563-568

Claudio Carino and Fabio Carli

SQL Injection Attack Detection and Prevention Techniques Using Machine Learning
pp. 569-580

Ines Jemal, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Habib Hamam and Adel Mahfoudhi

Simulation of Effect of Capacitor on Power Distribution System Harmonics with One Nonlinear Load
pp. 581-587

Sabar Nababan, Supriyatna, Abdul Natsir, Ni Made Seniari

Software Defined Sonar Architecture for realising Torpedo Defence Systems
pp. 588-593

Jomon George and T. Santhanakrishnan

Consideration on Vibration of Automobile In Spatial Model With The Loss Of Contact Taken Into Account
pp. 594-599

Vu Cong Ham and Phung Manh Cuong

Effects of Heat Source / Sink and Non-uniform Temperature Gradients on Non-Darcian-Benard-Magneto-Marangoni Convection in an Infinite Horizontal Composite Layer
pp. 600-608

Sumithra R, Manjunatha N and Komala B

Cloud Computing Based Framework for Blood Services
pp. 609-611

Albert Kurian, Basil Joseph Benny, Adharsh Raju, Joby P P

A Modified Class of Log-Type Estimators for Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information on Variables
pp. 612-627

Shashi Bhushan, Raksoni Gupta, Saurabh Singh and Anoop Kumar




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