International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 07  (2019)  





Application of Web Usage Mining for Administration and Improvement of Online Counseling Website
pp. 1431-1437
Neeraj Kandpal, Prof. H P Singh and M. S. Shekhawat

Aerodynamic Wind load values on Medium-rise Storey Building in Maiduguri
pp. 1438-1449
Abba M. Alkali, B.S. Waziri, K. Mohammed and L.O.Onundi

Impact of Redundant Subsystems on Reliability, Availability and Cost of Ceramic Tile Production Systems
pp. 1450-1465
Reena and Rajeev Kumar

Influence of an inclined magnetic field and radiation on unsteady free convective flow of a fluid through a porous medium in a channel with adiabatic
pp. 1466-1473
Y. Dastagiri and Dr. R.Siva Prasad

Analysis on Industrial and Domestic Wastewater in South Africa as a Water-Scarce Country
pp. 1474-1483
JK Bwapwa

Comparative Validation of Multiple Point Industrial Source Complex–Short-Term Period (MPC-SPR) and ISCST3 Models in Neyveli Air Basin
pp. 1484-1487
M.Iyyappan, G.Pravin, B.Kumaravel, S.Palanivelraja and M.P.Chockalingam

Multi-Player Attack Detection Model for Smart Meter Security in Smart Grid Systems
pp. 1488-1492
Yuvaraj S Patil and Swati V Sankpal

Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Al7475 Alloy – 37 Micron Sized B4C particulates Reinforced Composites
pp. 1493-1498
Prashanth A N, P Selvaraj and Madeva Nagaral

A Study of the Radiation Characteristics of a Circular Loop Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm Technique
pp. 1499-1504
Idakwo Paul Ako, Ifeyinwa Eucharia Achumba and Cosmas Kemdirim Agubor

Data Protection
pp. 1505-1506
Naveen Imagoudanavar and B. Mohan Kumar Naik

An Emperical Study on the Effect of Resampling Techniques in Imbalaced Datasets for Improving Consistency of Classifiers
pp. 1516-1525
Shidha M V and T Mahalekshmi

Vibration Behaviour of Aluminium Foam Core Sandwich Composites subjected to Dynamic Loading
pp. 1527-1531
Sapthagiri. G and H. K. Shivanand

Medical Image Enhancement using Fuzzy and Regression based Neural Network Approach
pp. 1532-1538
L. Shyam Sundar Singh, Anil K Ahlawat, Kh. Manglem Singh, T. Romen Singh and Y. Subhaschandra Singh

Soil Stabilization with Flyash and Wheat Husk Ash – Optimization
pp. 1539-1545
Robert M. Brooks, Philip Udo-Inyang and Hamza Al-Ayaydah

On Energy and Spectrum of Degree Product Adjacency Matrix for Some Class of Graphs
pp. 1546-1554
Keerthi G. Mirajkar and Bhagyashri R. Doddamani

Solitons and Exact Solutions for a Nonlinear (2+1)dim PDE
pp. 1555-1560
G.Bharathi and S.Padmasekaran

Exact Solutions of (2+1) Dimensional KDV - Burgers Equation with Damping Term
pp. 1561-1565
G.Bharathi and S.Padmasekaran

Movable Outer-connected Domination in Graphs
pp. 1566-1569
Jocecar Lomarda-Hinampas

On Pairs of Rectangles and Armstrong Numbers
pp. 1570-1583
M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi and S. Aarthy Thangam

Power Transformer Hot Spot Temperatures Estimation based on Multi-attributes
pp. 1584-1592
Edwell. T. Mharakurwa, George. N. Nyakoe and A. O. Akumu

Search-Based Software Engineering Approach for Detecting Code-Smells with Development of Unified Model for Test Prioritization Strategies
pp. 1599-1603
N.Kamaraj and A.V.Ramani

An Efficient Cluster based Routing Protocol using Hybrid FCM-Q LEACH for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 1604-1612
Mamatha T and Aishwarya .P

Overview of Airport Location Selection Methods
pp. 1613-1618
Turan Erman Erkan and Wael Mohamed Elsharida

Thermal and Tensile Properties of PVA and Wood flour Composites
pp. 1619-1626
Vikram Kumar, Sohan Lal, Rajeev Bagoria and Sanjiv Arora

Research Methods for Plant Health Detection using Computer Vision Techniques: A Survey
pp. 1627-1632
Nagamani H S and Saroja Devi. H

Properties of AC-Operators on Different Linear Spaces
pp. 1633-1634
Rajeshree Dhairyashil Nanaware and S. M. Padhye

Secure Set Domination in Graphs
pp. 1635-1637
Deepak, Sumit kumar and Samsher

Microarray Image Analysis Using Adaptive Data Clustering Algorithms
pp. 1638-1643
B.SivaLakshmi and N.Naga Malleswara Rao

A Generalized Fixed Point Theorem for Three Self-maps
pp. 1644-1646

Modern Technology and Sustainable Future
pp. 1647-1651
Y. J. Lee

A Preliminary Study of Fair-Weather Atmospheric Electric Field at a High Altitude Station (Shillong) 25° N, 91° E.
pp. 1652-1657
V. Valeo and P. V. Koparkar

Parametric Analysis of Inclined Flat Plate Collector: A Review with Case Study
pp. 1658-1667
Bandana Swain, Shebaz A Memon and A. Madhusudan Achari

A Review on Wireless Sensor Networks Based Smart Energy Monitoring System
pp. 1668-1671
Vaibhav M. Gedam, Rahul Agrawal and S. S. Dorle

A New Dictionary Learning Approach Using SVD with Kmeans and its appliance as regularization method for Image Deblurring using Non-Locally Centralized Sparse Representation
pp. 1672-1682
Rachana Dhannawat and Archana B. Patankar

Requirements and Evaluation on mmWave Radio Interface Technology (RIT) for IMT-2020 (5G)
pp. 1683-1688
Yongjun Chung and Il-Kyoo Lee

Internet of Things Attacks and Countermeasure Access Control Techniques: A Review
pp. 1689-1698
Parveen Dhillon and Manpreet Singh

Smart Blood Bank App
pp. 1699-1702
Surabhi S. Pohandulkar and Chhaya S. Khandelwal

Trends and Causes of Maternal Mortality at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Ghana, between 2010 and 2016
pp. 1703-1708
Ing. Solomon Nsor-Anabiah MGhIE and Christiana Amalba

Automatic Document Summarization Using Deep Learning Mechanism with Competent Analysis
pp. 1709-1714
Mythreagi. R and Dr.N.Yuvaraj

Anti Cancer Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Plumbago Zeylanica against Dalton’s Ascitic Lymphoma in Mice
pp. 1715-1721
M. Hema Mani and A. Jayachitra

Design of a Photovoltaic System with an Improved Efficiency using Suitable Optical Designs
pp. 1722-1726
T.Sabapathi and S.G.Keerthika

Review on design methods of SBW controllers
pp. 1727-1731
Wani. V. Patil and Prachiti K. Wanjari

Relative Analysis of Reliability Models Consisting of Steam and Gas Turbine with Two Types of Repairman With or Without Random Inspection
pp. 1732-1740
Pinki, Dalip Singh and Urmil

n-dimensional Time - Fractional Heat equation by Reduced Differential Transform Method
pp. 1741-1743
C.Thangavelu, S.Padmasekaran and T. Shanmuga Priya


Edge Geodetic Parameters of Some Special Graphs

pp. 1744-1749

Venkanagouda M Goudar and Shobha


Geodetic Parameters on Switching of a Vertex

pp. 1750-1757

Venkanagouda M Goudar and Bhavyavenu K L






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