International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 24  (2019)





A Holistic Security Progress in Palmprint Recognition System: Forthcoming Techniques
pp. 4397-4405
Krishnaveni Krishnasamy and Abirami Balasubramanian

Improvement of Engine Combustion with Diesel-Biodiesel Blend Using Nanoparticles
pp. 4406-4409
Ninawe G. and Tariq M.

Potential of Sugarcane Ethanol as Fuel for Vehicle in Malaysia
pp. 4410-4414
M. Faizal, A.H. Umaruddin, N.A. Bakar and S. Sivakumar

The Role of the School in Supporting the Minority Language Used in the Arabic Community Living in London
pp. 4415-4421
Adel Al-Dhuwaihi

The Relationship between Adjusting Financial Statements and the Shortcomings in These Statements: A Case Study of Sudan
pp. 4422-4433
Saadaby M. Abdalla, Waheeb H. Gadour and Khalid Y. Salih

Cuckoo Search Algorithm based Dynamic Parameter Adjustment Mechanism for Solving Global Optimization Problems
pp. 4434-4440
Waleed Alomoush

A Review on Recent Progress of Batteries for Electric Vehicles
pp. 4441-4461
T. Y. Chian, W. L. J. Wei, E. L. M. Ze, L. Z. Ren, Y. E. Ping, N. Z. Abu Bakar, M. Faizal and S. Sivakumar

Intrusion Detection Techniques Used For Internet of Things
pp. 4462-4466
M.Bhargavi, M.Nandha Kumar, N. Venkata Meenakshi and N.Lasya

Perceived Risks as an Intermediary Variable between Online Consumer Reviews and Hotel Booking Intention: An Applied Study on Hotel Customers in Saudi Arabia
pp. 4467-4479
Mohamed A. Amin, Elsayed K. Mohamed, Bassam A. Elbialy, Saleh M. Shehata, Mohamed M. Elmetwaly and Amira S. Elshorbagy

The Effect of Using Technical and Fundamental Analysis on the Effectiveness of Investment Decisions of Traders on the Egyptian Stock Exchange
pp. 4492-4501
Bassam A. Elbialy

Detecting Smoke in an Image Using Cascade Classifiers
pp. 4502-4506
Arun Prakash A, Preethi S, Pavithra P, Jeyaramya R and Lavanya R G

Flexural Capacity of a Cantilever RC Beam Planted on an Existing Column
pp. 4507-4523
Hesham Ahmed Haggag, Mohamed H. Agamy and Doaa Ahmed Mohamed

A Comprehensive Review of Uncapacitated University Examination Timetabling Problem
pp. 4524-4547
Bashar A. Aldeeb, Mohammed A. Al-Betar, Ayman O. Abdelmajeed, Mohammad J. Younes, Moath AlKenani, Waleed Alomoush, Khalid A. Alissa and Mohammed A. Alqahtani

Recent Trends in Financial Globalization and Psychology of Investment in Financial Markets
pp. 4548-4552
Mahmoud Abdelaziz Touny, Khaled Alsaeed Qamar, Ehab Lotfy Abdelaal Abed, Mohamed Noureldin Sayed and Ahmed Lotfy Abdelaal Abed

Miscellaneous Properties of Line Mycielskian Graph of a Graph.
pp. 4552-4556
Keerthi G. Mirajkar, Veena N. Mathad and Pooja B


Avoiding Investment Risks and its Role in the Problem of Excess liquidity in Islamic banks
pp. 4557-4561
Ala Mohammad Salim Abdeljawad and Yasser Saber Hussein


Optimization of the Underwater Friction Stir Welding of Pipes Using Hybrid RSM-Fuzzy Approach
pp. 4562-4572
A. M. El-Kassas and Ibrahim Sabry


Bayesian Preliminary Test Estimation (BPTE) of a change point in Weibull Sequence under LLF
pp. 4573-4577
Uma Srivastava and Parul Yadav