International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 09 (2018)  





Reduce the Time for Battery Replacement in Sensor Node
pp. 6500-6502
Amarasimha T and G.A . Ramachandra

Utilization of Short Message Services (SMS) for Library Notification System
pp. 6503-6513
Sameh G. Khanim and Falah .Y.H.Ahmed

Influence and Wear Characteristics of TiC Particle in Al6061 Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 6514-6517
S.Rajesh, S Suresh, S B Nithyananth, S.Sivakumar and S. Prabhusubramaniam

Hexapod Robot with Articulated Body
pp. 6518-6522
A.V. Panchenko, V.E. Pavlovsky and D.L. Sholomov

Automated Drip Irrigation System Using Intel Galileo
pp. 6523-6528
Silpa V M, Geethu P C, Aswathi S and Aswini S Prasad

Automatic Workflow Scientific Model for Lab Test in Civil Engineering
pp. 6529-6535
Ingrid-Durley Torres, Jaime Guzman-Luna and Francisco Javier Moreno

Two Dimensional Feature Extraction and Blog Classification using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 6536-6544
Aruna Devi K and Kathirvalavakumar T

QoS Performances Evaluation for Mobile WIMAX Networks based on OPNET
pp. 6545-6550
Ali Abdulwahhab Abdulrazzaq, Ahmed Jabbar Abid and Adnan Hussein Ali

Dependent Reliability of Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN)
pp. 6551-6568
K.C. Okafor, C.C. Udeze, A.A.Obayi, G.C.Ononiwu and J. A. Okoye

Tool Specifications Effect on the Generated Heat during Friction Stir Welding Process
pp. 6569-6578
Sadiq Aziz Hussein, Adil Kadhim Mashaf and Sameer Hashim Ameen

SVM Multi-Classification of Induction Machine's bearings defects using Vibratory Analysis based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
pp. 6579-6586
Karima Amara Korba and Fayçal Arbaoui

Developing Expert System Prototype for Urban Bus Service in Transportation Engineering
pp. 6587-6593
Shuhairy Norhisham, Nor Hazwani Binti Nor Khalid, Rohayu Che Omar, Nur Ain Md. Isa, Amiruddin Ismail and Muhamad Nazri Borhan

Mobility Prediction in Pervasive Context-Awareness System
pp. 6594-6607
Atef Zaguia, Darine Ameyed, Djamel Guessoum, Adel Mahfoudhi and Roobaea Alrobaea

Development of an Improved Fingerprint Feature Extraction Algorithm for Personal Verification
pp. 6608-6612
Charity Atuegwu, Daramola S.A., Kennedy Okokpujie and Etinosa Noma-Osaghae

Remote Computer Controller for Alarms Alert System
pp. 6613-6619
Rustom Mamlook and Omer Fraz Khan

Design and Fabrication of Low Voltage Inductive Tuned RFMEMS Capacitive Switches for X and Ku bands
pp. 6620-6627
E S Shajahan and M S Bhat

A Trivariate Weibull Model For Effects of Drospirenone and Estrogen in Postmenopausal Women with Hypertension
pp. 6628-6635
K.Majella Jenvi Ignatia and S.Lakshmi

Experimental Investigation for Establishing Empirical Relation of Temperature with Speed and Feed Rate in Machining Operation
pp. 6636-6640
R. Chandraprakash, V. Sathrudhan Choudhary, Baskar R. and S. Seenivasan

Performance of solar dryer for Solanum lycopersicum drying
pp. 6641-6647
Karunaraja Natarajan, Thokchom Subhaschandra Singh, Prerana Nashine and Tikendra Nath Verma

A Study on Experimental Method and Influence of Some Factors on The Internal Friction Angle and Cohesion of Dense-Graded Hot Mix Asphalt 12.5mm Under Vietnam Conditions
pp. 6648-6654
Ngoc-Hung Tran, Thanh-Hai Le and The-Thuan Vu

Energy Modernization Approach for Data Collection Maximization using Mobile Sink in WSNs
pp. 6655-6659
Kumar Swamy B.V, Gowramma Y.P and Ananda Babu J

Speaker Identification of Whispering Sound using Selected Audio Descriptors
pp. 6660-6666
V.M. Sardar and S. D. Shirbahadurkar

Identifying the Research Specializations from the Publications using Text Mining and Linear Discriminant Analysis
pp. 6667-6672
Padmaja Ch V R, Lakshmi Narayana S and Divakar Ch

Heat Transfer in Viscoelastic Boundary Layer Flow over a Stretching Sheet with Non-uniform Heat Source/Sink
pp. 6673-6682
V. Dhanalaxmi

An Empirical Investigation on Hazardous Gas Detection
pp. 6683-6689
Reeta R, Pavithra G, Priyanka V and Raghul J S

Detection, Protection from, Classification, and Monitoring Electrical Faults in 3-Phase Induction Motor Based on Discrete S-Transform
pp. 6690-6699
Adel A. Obed

Developing and Implementing Web-based Online University Facilities Reservation System
pp. 6700-6708
Daniyah Alkhaldi, Dhai Alkhaldi, Hajer Aldossary, Mutasem k. Alsmadi, Ibrahim Al-Marashdeh, Usama A Badawi, Muneerah Alshabanah and Daniah Alrajhi

Fuzzy NSCT based Feature Extraction Method for Automated Classification of Pap Smear images
pp. 6709-6716
Kangkana Bora, Lipi B Mahanta and Anup Kumar Das

Determination of the Hazard Area of Crane and Hurdle-using Method for Accident Prevention
pp. 6717-6722
Xuan Nam Chu and Ha Dinh Thi

Assessment of Surface Water Quality in Geum River Basin, Korea using Multivariate Statistical Techniques
pp. 6723-6732
Zihan Liu, Jin Chul Joo, Sun Hwa Choi, Namjoo Heo, Jungseok Jang and Jun Wook Hur

An Improved NLP Approach for Detection of Plagiarism in Scientific Paper
pp. 6733-6737
Shikha Pandey and Arpana Rawal

Examination of Organizational Boundary, Culture and Conflict in Development of Collaboration Strategy
pp. 6738-6744
Afrizal Nursin, Yusuf Latief and Ramadhan Istabaq Alam

A Review on a Emotion Detection and Recognization from Text Using Natural Language Processing
pp. 6745-6750
Dhruvi D. Gosai, Himangini J. Gohil and Hardik S. Jayswal

Convergence Analysis of Modified Triangular and Triangular Splitting Method for the Solution of Regularized Linear System-Circulant Matrices (Convergence Analysis of MTTS)
pp. 6751–6759
Malla Reddy Perati, Ramesh Renikunta, Rajaiah Dasari and Rajkumar L.P

A Simple and Novel scheme of LC-VCO for Ultra Low power Low phase Noise Applications
pp. 6760–6765
Karim Zouaq, Abdelmalik Bouyahyaoui, Mustapha Alami and Abdelhamid Aitoumeri

Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering Based MRAC
pp. 6766-6770
Kalpesh B. Pathak and Dipak M. Adhyaru

Optimization of Micro Electrochemical Machining of Inconel 625 using Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis
pp. 6771-6779
S Madhankumar, K Manonmani, S Rajesh, R Balamurugan and M Harikrishnan

Design of New Dual Edge Triggered Sense Amplifier Flip-Flop with Low Area and Power Efficient
pp. 6780-6789
Ms. Sheik Shabeena, R.Jyothirmai, P.Divya, P.Kusuma and Ch.chiranjeevi

BER & SNR Performance of MIMO OFDM with Space-Time Block Coding
pp. 6790-6794
Anandbabu Gopatoti, kiran Kumar Gopathoti, Nimma Swathi & Janagamwar Santoshini

Supervised Machine Learning of KFCG Algorithm and MBTC features for efficient classification of Image Database and CBIR Systems
pp. 6795-6804
Roobaea Alroobaea, Abdulmajeed Alsufyani, Mohammed Aasif Ansari, Saeed Rubaiee and Sultan Algarni

Segmentation in Video Image Sequences Using Seeded Region Growing
pp. 6805-6807
S.Vanithamani and S.Purushothaman

Performance Comparison of Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization and Simulated Annealing Applied to TSP
pp. 6808-6816
Madhumita Panda

A Survey of Shortest-Path Algorithms
pp. 6817-6820
Madhumita Panda and Abinash Mishra

Smart Medical Monitoring System for Dotage Using IoT
pp. 6821-6826
Reeta R, Pushpavathi .V, Sanchana.R and Shanmugapriya .V

Establishing an Empirical Relationship to Predict the Bonding and Shear Strength of Diffusion Bonded AA7075 Aluminium Alloys
pp. 6827-6838
Venugopal S and Mahendran G

A Survey on Resource Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
pp. 6839-6845
Shweta Varshney and Sarvpal Singh

Application of Frequency Ratio Model for the Development of Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Part of Uttarakhand State, India
pp. 6846-6854
Laila Fayez, Binh Thai Pham, H.A.Solanki, Dawlat Pazhman, M.B. Dholakia, M. Khalid and Indra Prakash

Crowd Density Estimation Using Image Processing: A Survey
pp. 6855-6864
Sneha.P.K, Rabichith, Sri Nithya S and Surekha Borra

Design of a Sierpinski Gasket Fractal Bowtie Antenna for Multiband Applications
pp. 6865-6869

Investigations on Single-Phase Liquid Flow through Semi-Circular Microchannels
pp. 6870-6880
Ravindra Kumar, Mohd. Islam and M.M.Hasan

Design and Optimization of High Rise Building Cleaner
pp. 6881-6885
S.Rajesh, P.Janarthanan, G.Pradeep Raj and A.Jaichandran

Biosorption Studies on Nickel and Chromium by Kocuria sp. BRI 36 Biomass
pp. 6886-6893
Anuradha R Mulik, Preeti Kulkarni and Rama K Bhadekar

Finite Element Analysis for Deformation Studies in Natural Fiber (Human Hair) Composites
pp. 6894-6897
S. Prakash, J.B. Sajin and H.Sandeep

Intermetallic Precipitation in Thermally Aged Duplex Stainless Steel Welds
pp. 6898-6901
Mohd Majid and A.S Shahi

Accomplishing Smart Transportation System for Chennai: Problems and Issues
pp. 6902-6908
S.Jagatheeswaran and K.Yogeswari

The Implementation of Reversible Gates in Design of 1bit, 4-bit ALU and 8b/10b Encoder & Decoder
pp. 6909-6914
Nayana D.K and Sujatha B.K

Haptic Security System
pp. 6915-6919
Anandraj A, Aswin Kumar D and Sudhakar T.D

Internal Resonance Voltage Buildup and its Suppression using Varistors in a Transformer Model Winding
pp. 6920-6925
Javid Akhtar and Mohd. Zahed Ahmed Ansari

Detecting Selective Packet Droppers and Modifiers with Triple Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 6926-6934
Prathap U, Deepa Shenoy P and Venugopal K R

A Generalized fixed point theorem in 2-metric space
pp. 6935-6937
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari and Himanshu Kumar Pandey

Implementation and Evaluation of OFDM and FBMC Systems
pp. 6938-6943
Hardik Modi, Vedang Panchal, Himanshu Patel and Dharmendra Chauhan

Development of an Analytical Software for Cost Estimation for Highway Project
pp. 6944-6951
Ibrahim A. Mohammed, Faiq M. S. AL-Zwainy, Huda F. Ibraheem and Moatasem Ibrahim Abed

Analysis of Accidentality in an Industrial Sector Company between the Years 2016-2017
pp. 6952-6958
E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, M. de J. Meza-Aleman, M.A Sossa-Camargo and C.A Severiche-Sierra

Exposure to Industrial Noise in a Naval Maintenance Workshop of the Colombian Caribbean
pp. 6959-6964
E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, C.A. Severiche-Sierra Jr, J. Del C. Jaimes-Morales, L.P. Navarro-Villalobos and Y.A. Marrugo-Ligardo

Food and Nutrition Security in Post-Conflict Zones: The Case of the Montes de María sub-region in the Colombian Caribbean
pp. 6965-6972
Y.A. Marrugo-Ligardo, E. Torregroza-Fuentes, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, J. Del C. Jaimes-Morales and E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo

Design of Control System for Feed-forward Current fed Rotor Flux Oriented Induction Machine
pp. 6973-6978
Vivek . V. Puranik and Vijay N. Gohokar

Non-Linear Analysis of Precast Concrete Segment Joints under High Compressive Loads
pp. 6979-6988
Brian Adjetey Boye, Samuel Jonah Abbey, Adegoke Omotayo Olubanwo and Joao Fonte

Construction for Research Paper Selection Ontology using Protégé
pp. 6989-6993
M. Balamurugan and E. Iyswarya

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Lathe Spindle using ANSYS
pp. 6994-7000
Ayush Anand and Himel Roy

Data Modulation Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks using Classification
pp. 7001-7005
Priya Saini, Amit Kumar Bindal and Charanjit Singh

Detection of Earth Fault by controlling Petersen Coil using Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System in Distribution Grid
pp. 7006-7009
Feryal Ibrahim Jabbar, Amal Mohamad Adieb Kadhim and Afaf Ahmed Abed

Optimization Strategies for Hybrid Energy System: A Review
pp. 7010-7018
Shweta Goyal, Sachin Mishra and Anamika Bhatia

Measurements, Correlations and Comparison of Biodiesel Blend Properties with three Commercial Diesel Fuels, Kerosene and Benzene
pp. 7019-7032
Youssef Kassem, Berk Aktug, Mohammed Ghisher and Hüseyin Çamur

Efficiency Improvement of dc/dc Boost Converter by Parallel Switches Connection

Mustafa Fawzi. Mohammed, Ali Husain Ahmad and Abdulrahim Thiab Humod

Study of the Scintillation Detector Efficiency and Muon Flux
pp. 7037-7041
Ali Al-dulaimi, Areeg Al-hamadany, Mohammed Al-Gherairy, Rafid Al-Zuhairi and Amar Al-timimi

Prediction Of Discharge Coefficient For Cylindrical Weirs Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System ANFIS and Multilayer Neural Networks MLP
pp. 7042-7051
Chelang A.Arslan, Ali H .Abdul- karim and Adnan A Ismael

Co-Digestion Of Cow Manure And Empty Fruit Bunches: Effect Of C/N Ratio And Kinetic Studies
pp. 7052-7058
Huda Rosada and Budiyono

Optimization of Hard Facing Parameters of Low Carbon Steel using Taguchi Method
pp. 7059-7069
Majid Habeeb Faidh-Allah

Measure the Heart Rate and Respiration Rate Under Nervous Situation
pp. 7070-7075
Ibrahim sadoon fatah, Mahmood Ali and Adnan M. Taha

Enhancement of Machining Performance during Electrical Discharge Machining of Stainless Steel with Carbon Nanotube Powder Added Dielectric Fluid
pp. 7076-7080
Ahsan Ali Khan, AKM Mohiuddin, Muataz Hazza Faizi. Al-Hazza and Norainnatul Husna Norhamzan

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Recognition Based on Discrete Fourier Transform and Skewness and Kurtosis
pp. 7081-7085
Hadi Athab Hamed, Ahmed Kareem Abdullah and Sara Al-waisawy

Design of Algorithms for Detection of Intelligent Plagiarism
pp. 7086-7091
Dhrubajyoti Baruah and Anjana Kakoti Mahanta

Redistribution of Load between Soil and Piles underneath Piled Raft Foundation
pp. 7107-7121
Abd El Samee W. Nashaat

Experimental Study on Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened & Retrofitted with GFRP Sandwich Panels
pp. 7122-7127
Baskar I and Manicka Mamallan A

A Study on a Flight Safe System in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
pp. 7128-7130
Doosan Cho

Recent Studies in Internal Cooling of gas turbine blade: a Review
pp. 7131-7141
Prakash Santosh Patil and Sachin Lotan Borse

Automated Enterprise Resource Planning Using Total Production Control System
pp. 7142-7148
P.B.Muthu Palanivel and S.Karkuzhali

Study of Dynamics of Aluminium Particle Contamination in Three Phase Gas Insulated Busduct with Various Insulating Gas Mixtures
pp. 7149-7153
G.Angit Kumar and S.S.Tulasi Ram

Conversion of Sign Language into Text
pp. 7154-7161
Mahesh Kumar N B

An Inventory Model with Time-Varying Demand for Non- Instantaneous Deteriorating Items with Maximum Life Time
pp. 7162-7167
A. K. Malik, Poras Vedi and Satish Kumar

An Effective Simulation Model for Optimal Traffic Flow across Packet Data Network
pp. 7168-7177
Nagaraju Baydeti, Mariappan Vaithilingam and Ramachandran Veilumuthu

Energy Efficient Clustering in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks using Minimum Distance and Maximum Energy Group Search
pp. 7178-7183
Amarthaluri Thirupathaiah, S.V.N. Srinivasu and Isunuri Bala Venkateswarlu


Synthesis, structural and luminescence studies of Bi3+ co-doped MgTiO3:Eu3+ nanophosphor

pp. 7184-7189

B.M. Thammanna and V. Senthil Kumar

An Accurate Effort Estimation using Fuzzy Based Alternating Regression Technique (FBART)
pp. 7197-7204
E.Karunakaran and N.Sreenath

Health Monitoring Wrist Band
pp. 7205-7209
Jenifer Amla.L, Abinaya Vaishnavi.D, Swathi Rehka.R and Sathees Kumar.S

Tribological and Physical Characterization of Citrus-Limetta Peel Reinforced Polyester Composites
pp. 7210-7216
Gaurang A. Patel and Sagar R. Chokshi

Experimental Investigations on Flexural Properties of Longitudinally and Transversely Placed Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites
pp. 7217-7223
Sagar R. Chokshi and Piyush P. Gohil

An Analysis Model of End-to-End Response Time for Automotive Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
pp. 7224-7232
Sukhyun Seo, Junsu Kim and Su Min Kim

Character Recognition through Gestures Using SVM Algorithm
pp. 7233-7238
S. Saravanan, S.Govindrajan, Himanshu Bansal and Archit Singh

Image Captioning - A Deep Learning Approach
pp. 7239-7242
Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan, Dinesh Sreekanthan and Amutha A.L

Nutritional, and Microbiological Quality Assessment of Karkade Drink: A Home-Made Beverage in Jeddah City of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
pp. 7243-7245
Quadri Mohd Shajiuddin and Siddiqui Furquan Y.J.







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