International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)




Volume 13, Number 23 (2018)






A Review of Functionally Graded Materials: Fabrication Processes and Applications
pp. 16141-16151
Adefemi O. Owoputi, Freddie L. Inambao and William S. Ebhota

Impact of Child Marriage on Health of Adolescent Girls in Kaduna State, Nigeria
pp. 16152-16161
Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Amuda Robinson, Celestine Okwudili Eze, Ngozi Eucharia Eze and Theresa Olunwa Oforka

Effect of Computer Text Gloss Strategy on Students’ Interest in Reading Comprehension in Nigeria
pp. 16162-16167
Evelyn Ukoha, Josephine U. Akabogu, Amuche P. Nnamani, Ulo-Bethels C. Annah and Moses O. Ede

Cetane Improvers and Ethanol Performance and Emission Characteristics Using Pyrorated Biodiesel
pp. 16168-16177
Maroa Semakula and Freddie Inambao

Retention Analysis of Atmospheric Particulate Matter by Urban Road Vegetation
pp. 16178-16183
Carlos Aponte-Aponte, Carlos Zafra-Mejía and Hugo Rondón-Quintana

Gender differences in personnel and financial administrative competencies needed by Principals in technical colleges in South East of Nigeria
pp. 16184-16191
Chinwe Enyi, Iro S. Uwakwe, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Chukwuemeka Chukwu, Patricia Ukamaka Agu and Moses Onyemaechi Ede

Studies of electrical and thermophysical properties of basalt plastics
pp. 16192-16198
Orlov Maksim Andreevich, Zolotarenko Ivan Dmitrievich, Povolokin Oleg Valerievich, Boyarchuk Mikhail Viktorovich, Alyakshin Oleg Ivanovich and Gorbunov Alexander Borisovic

Software Architecture of a Reliability Prediction System
pp. 16199-16203
Kwan W. Lee, Sanguk Cheon and Sang C. Park

Dynamic Programming Method for Best Piecewise Linear Approximation for Vector Field of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems on the Interval [0, 1]
Duggirala Meher Krishna and Duggirala Ravi

Robust Handwriting Estimator from Two Forearm Muscles Activities
pp. 16213-16219
Ines Chihi, Lilia Sidhom and Oumaima Maamri

Quadruple Cycle Secured Multiparty Sum Computation Protocol (QCSMC) for Privacy Preserving in Distributed Data Mining
pp. 16220-16225
S.Shunmugam and R.K.Selvakumar

Design and Analysis of Horizontal Inverted U-Slotted Patch Antenna for Multi-Band Resonance
pp. 16226-16233
Neelesh Agrawal, J A Ansari, Navendu Nitin and Abhishek Kumar Saroj

Sparse Based Biometric Collateral System
pp. 16234-16237
K. Sangeetha, P.Ramya and V.Venmathi

Fracture Behaviour Study on the Cross-Ply Composite Laminate with a Circular Hole Subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loading with Temperature Rise
pp. 16238-16244
V.V.Venu Madhav, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and Potluri. Rakesh

Fracture Behaviour Study on the Cross-ply Composite Laminate with a Circular Hole Subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loading with Temperature Fall
pp. 16245-16251
V.V.Venu Madhav, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and Potluri. Rakesh

A Review on Combined Attacks on Security Systems
pp. 16252-16278
B. Srinivasa Rao and P. Premchand

Analyzing the Extracted File Metadata Evidences from Suspicious Nodes in DFXML format using Clustering Techniques
pp. 16279-16281
Ms. Shruti B. Yagnik and Binod C. Agrawal

Sorting of Portable Small Metallic Components using Machine Learning Technique
pp. 16282-16287
Atul K. Joshi and Balasaheb M. Patre

The Usability and Accessibility as Quality Factors of a Secure Web Product
pp. 16288-16294
Luis Baquero, Celio Gil and Miguel Hernández

Design, Modeling and Adjustment of the Parameters of a Bioethanol Production System with the Eichhornia Crassipes Biomass
pp. 16295-16301
Víctor Manuel Carrillo, Adolfo León Agaton and Uriel Fernando Carreño Sayago

Using Dynamic Watchdog Optimization Technique for Secure Data Transfer in MANET
pp. 16312-16317
C. Gayathri and R. Vadivel

Evaluation of the Social Impact of the Construction of the Fourth Generation Highway Ibagué-Cajamarca in the Urban Area of the Municipality of Cajamarca, Tolima Department, Colombia
pp. 16318-16326
Deiby Duvan Navarrete Barrantes, Saieth Baudilio Chaves Pabóny and Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana

Air Compression Presents Possibility of Generating Power from Atmospheric Air
pp. 16327-16332
Bhupinder S. Gill, Abhimanyue Bhagat and Darpan Dahiya

An FPGA-BASED implementation of a Hilbert filter for Real-time Estimation of Instantaneous Frequency, Phase and Amplitude of Power System Signals
pp. 16333-16341
Q. Bart and R. Tzoneva

Optimum Performance of Isolation System for Medium Rise Buildings Subject to Long Period Ground Motions
pp. 16342-16350
Aloys Dushimimana, Frederic Nzamurambaho, Eugene Shyaka and Aude A. Niyonsenga

Study of the Drying Process in the Preparation of Granulated Feeds
pp. 16351-16355
Shchitov S.V., Tikhonchuk P.V., Kuznetsov, E. E., Voyakin S. N., Samarina Yu. R. and Sharipova T.V.

Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution System for Loss reduction and Reliability enhancement with DG Placement
pp. 16356-16362
G.Sasi Kumar, S.Sarat Kumar and S.V.Jayaram Kumar

Vertex switching of a cycle in context of k-cordial labeling
pp. 16363–16367
M. V. Modha and K. K. Kanani

Gradient Statistic: An option for conducting hypothesis testing in small sample size scenarios
pp. 16368–16375
Sébastien Lozano Forero, Vladimir Ballesteros Ballesteros, and Jorge Luis Nisperuza Toledo

Generalizations of ( ∈,∈ ∨q)-Anti Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Subalgebras of BG-algebras
pp. 16376–16393
G. Balasubramanian, M. Balamurugan and C. Ragavan

Development and Optimization of a Smart System for Biogas Production Using Animal Waste
pp. 16394-16408
Daniyan, I. A., Daniyan, O. L., Adeodu, A. O., Uchegbu, I. D. and Abiona, O. H.

Design and Simulation of a Wind Turbine for Electricity Generation
pp. 16409-164717
Daniyan, I. A., Daniyan, O. L., Adeodu, A. O., Azeez, T. M. and Ibekwe, K. S.

On solutions of the II-D Navier-Stokes equations using Puknachev’s subalgebra < G1,G2 >
pp. 16418-16423
J.M. Manale

Tasks Assignment for Unbalanced Assignment Problems in Distributed Systems
pp. 16424-16429
Sarvesh Kumar Dubey

Performance Evaluation of Rubberized Concrete with Micro-reinforcements
pp. 16430-16437
Karthikeyan.R, Raghunath.P.N and Suguna.K

Redesign of an experimental Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for its conversion into an operational laboratory platform
pp. 16438-16446
Philippe White, John Vaca, Jorge Villalba, Diego Martinez, Gerardo Pardo and Hernán Cerón-Muñoz

Mechanical Behavior of Masonry Concrete Units Made with Rubbish Proceeded From the Demolition of Buildings Constructed with Common Bricks
pp. 16447-16459
Judy Rubieth Sánchez Saldaña, Miguel Ángel Ospina García, Luis Ángel Moreno Anselmí and Saieth Baudilio Chaves Pabón

Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of Integrodifferential Equation of Finite Delay in Cone Metric Space

pp. 16460-16467
Rupesh T. More, Shridhar C. Patekar and Vijay B. Patare

A New Three-Parameter Poisson-Lindley Distribution for Modelling Over-dispersed Count Data
pp. 16468-16477
Kishore K Das, Inzamul Ahmed and Sahana Bhattacharjee

An Efficient System for Face Recognition under Various Illumination Conditions
pp. 16478-16484
Shivaleela. Patil and Shubhangi. DC

Effect of Entropy Generation in Viscoelastic Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink and Thermal Radiation
pp. 16485-16493
A.K. Abdul Hakeem, M. Govindaraju, B. Ganga and R. Jayaprakash

Intellectual Haulage System for Smart Cities
pp. 16494-16497
Gayathri T., Saranya S., Sathia Priya M. and Jeeva S.

Linear and Non Linear Analysis of Double Diffusive Convection in a Vertically Oscillating Couple Stress Fluid with Cross Diffusion Effects
pp. 16498-16508
Venkatesh Babu. K. P and S. Pranesh

Contextual framework of Data object in Data Aware Networking
pp. 16509-16512
V.Sujatha Lakshmi and Y.K.Sundara Krishna

Spatial Resolution Enhancement using Image Fusion and Regression
pp. 16513-16518
K. S. R. Radhika, C. V. Rao and V. Kamakshi Prasad

Economic Analysis of a System under Warranty Having Bath-Tub Curve Shaped Failure Pattern Considering Various Kinds Of Inspection And Replacement
pp. 16519-16531
Vinod Kumar and Rajeev Kumar

pp. 16532-16537
K. Thulukkanam, P. Vijaya Kumar and K. Thirusangu


Some Fixed Point Theorems using Weak Compatibility OWC in Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 16538-16544
Meenu, Vinod Kumar and Sushma

Development of Automatic Shopping Trolley in Supermarkets
pp. 16545-16547
Rajini.H, Sandeep Jaiswal, Shyam sunder Prasad, Kushboo and Anjela Kadiem

Study on the Mechanical Characteristics of hybrid metal-fiber panels with resin-Cloisite 10A mixture
pp. 16548-16551
P.Mathivanan and S.Thirugnanam

Evaluation of Differential – Linear Cryptanalysis Combined Attack on Cryptographic Security System
pp. 16552-16563
B. Srinivasa Rao and P. Premchand

Consumer Centric Versioning Recommendation Engine for Web Service-Oriented Revisions
pp. 16564-16572
Paul Arokiadass Jerald M and Vivekanandan K

Logistic map based image encryption scheme
pp. 16573-16577
Harshvardhan Tiwari, Hamsapriye and N. Satish Kumar

Electronic Counsellor System for Omani Secondary Schools
pp. 16578-16587
Abdallah Abualkishik and Khoula Al-Abri

Retail Marketing Confronts for Rural Regions: A Comprehensive Analysis
pp. 16588-16593
Ashish Pandey and Dr. Avjeet Kaur

Retail Marketing Confronts for Urban Regions: A Comprehensive Analysis
pp. 16594-16599
Ashish Pandey and Dr. Avjeet Kaur

Advantages of Retail Marketing in Rural Regions: A Thorough Analysis
pp. 16600-16605
Ashish Pandey and Dr. Avjeet Kaur

Advantages of Retail Marketing in Urban Regions: A Thorough Analysis
pp. 16606-16611
Ashish Pandey and Dr. Avjeet Kaur

Retail Marketing for Rural and Urban Regions: A Comparative Study
pp. 16612-16617
Ashish Pandey and Dr. Avjeet Kaur

Virtual Laboratory in Labview for control and supervision applications with Arduino
pp. 16618-16624
L. C. Meneses Silva, Walter S. Díaz, Bryan A. Pardo and David Herrera

The Analogy Method Usage for the Western Siberia Jurassic Oil and Gas Bearing Complex Deposits’ Involvement into Development Degree Increasing
pp. 16625-16630
V.V. Mukhametshin, M.K. Rogachev, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Mukhametshin and Mikhail Konstantinovich Rogachev

Mixed Wettability and Its Share in the Total Amount of Productive Strata Wetting Pore Channels
pp. 16631-16636
M.K. Rogachev, R.T. Akhmetov, V.V. Mukhametshin, Mikhail Konstantinovich Rogachev, Rasul Tukhbatullovich Akhmetov and Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Mukhametshin

Ethical Hacking on Mobile Devices: Considerations and practical uses
pp. 16637-16647
Miguel Hernández, Luis Baquero, Celio Gil and Carlos A. Salamanca

Approach to the State of the Art of Ciberdelincuence in Colombia
pp. 16648-16655
Miguel Hernández, Luis Baquero, Celio Gil, Daniel A. Cárdenas and Alfredo Gil

Development of a Magnetic Precision Position Sensor Based on Multipolar Magnetic Technology
pp. 16656-16661
G.V. Prokofiev, V.G. Stakhin, V.V. Misevich, B.L. Krivtz and M.A. Kosolapov

Development of a Model Reference Digital Adaptive Control Algorithm for a Linearized Model of a Nonlinear Process
pp. 16662-16675
Y.D Mfoumboulou and R. Tzoneva

Improving the methodological tools for assessing the tax burden on small and medium-sized businesses in the agricultural sector
pp. 16676-16682
Natalia Vasilievna Lygdenova, Lyudmila Romanovna Slepneva, Anna Viacheslavovna Shangina, Viktoria Matveevna Baginova and Anna Andreevan Kokorina

Women Empowerment to Women Entrepreneurship –A Success Story of Karnataka
pp. 16683-16687
Dr. PSV Balaji Rao and Mr. A V Shravan

The Energy Storage Systems in Power Systems – A Regulatory View
pp. 16688-16696
Eric Fernando Boeck Daza, Mauricio Sperandio

Performance and Emission Analysis on DI Diesel Engine with Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
pp. 16697-16700
V.Velumani, P.Lawrence and S. Sivaprakasam

Distributive Law on Soft Set Theory
pp. 16701-16702
R. Rajarajeswa and K. Rajendran

Statistical Study of Asthma in North-west Rajasthan, India
pp. 16703-16707
V.K. Gaur and Bhawani Shankar Tanwar

Some Cyclic Codes of length 4pn and their Minimum Distance Bounds
pp. 16708-16718
Jagbir Singh and Sonika Ahlawat





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