International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)




Volume 13, Number 22 (2018)






A Study on Library Resources with Services Satisfaction Based on Students and Faculties: In an Institution
pp. 15443-15450
P. Rani

Hybrid Named Entity Recognizer for Recognizing Entities
pp. 15451-15455
Rohit Narain and Neha Bathla

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamics of a Solar Panel Mounted Mini Bus
pp. 15456-15464
Mohammad Rafiq B. Agrewale and R. S. Maurya

A Comparative Analysis of LEACH and HEED in Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 15465-15469
Anitha Amaithi Rajan, Aravind Swaminathan, Beslin Pajila and Brundha

Website Restructuring using Fibonacci Heap and Split Based Frequency Count
pp. 15470-15476
K. Shyamala and S. Kalaivani

Image Steganography using Password Based Encryption Technique to secure e-Banking Data
pp. 15477-15483
Atanu Sarkar and Sunil Karforma

The Water Quality of Gangan River in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh), India
pp. 15484-15491
Harendra Kumar, Nitin Kumar Agrawal and Animesh Agarwal

Prognosticate Breast Cancer by Exerting Fuzzy Precognition Clustering Technique and Collate Technique

pp. 15492-15502
D. Jaya Kumari

Design and Simulation of a Bio-inspired Hexapod Robot Leptynia Attenuata Pantel
pp. 15503-15510
Bryan Contreras, Numar Stiven Coy, Natalia Sánchez, Hernán Diaz, Ruben Hernández and Marco Jinete

Ameliorating the Performance of a Hybrid CMFD Technique
pp. 15511-15518
Saini Rakesh and Singh Sanjay

Properties of [
γ, γ]-Preopen Sets
pp. 15519-15529
S. Kousalya Devi and P.Komalavalli

Simplified framework for Small Hydropower Potential Site Development and the Determination of Turbine Capacity
pp. 15530-15538
WS Ebhota

The Accurate Independent Dominating Energy of a Graph
pp. 15539-15543
B. Basavanagoud, Sujata Timmanaikar and Sunilkumar Hosamani

Deep Web Efficacy: A Knowledge Perspective
pp. 15544-15555
Manpreet Singh Sehgal and Jay Shankar Prasad

A Game Theory Approach for the Contract Pricing Estimation of Distributed Generation
pp. 15562-15566
Jesús M. López-Lezama, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano and Juan C. Castro-Galeano

Behavior of a Hot Mix Asphalt using Blast Furnace Slag and Gilsonite
pp. 15567-15573
Hugo Alexander Rondón-Quintana, Carlos Alfonso Zafra-Mejía and Saieth Baudilio Chaves-Pabón

Project Based Learning Applied to Teaching Mechatronics
pp. 15574-15579
Oscar F. Avilés, Ruben D. Hernández and Jaime Duran García

Analytics on Moodle Data Using R Package for Enhanced Learning Management
pp. 15580-15610
V.Rachel, Dr. G. Sudhamathy and M. Parthasarathy

Effect of Variable Properties on Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of Nanofluid over a Vertical Cone Saturated by Porous Medium under Enhanced Boundary Conditions
pp. 15611-15621
B. Kalavathamma and C. Venkata Lakshmi

A Combination of Artificial Immune System and Deep Learning for Virus Detection
pp. 15622-15628
Vu Thanh Nguyen, Le Hoang Dung and Tuan Dinh Le

A Parallel Sporadic Decomposition of Hankel Structured Matrix using Optimal Patch Size for Impulse Noise Removal
pp. 15629-15632
L. Baby Victoria and S. Sathappan

An Improved Multi-Context Trajectory Embedding Model using Parameter Tuning Optimization for Human Trajectory Data Analysis
pp. 15633-15637
Suryakumar, B. and Ramadevi, E.

Development of a Computational Tool to Digitize, Identify, Control and Evaluate Constructive Processes on a Highway
pp. 15638-15645
Alber Giovanny Hernández Salinas, Saieth Baudilio Chaves Pabón and Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana

Microstructure & Mechanical Behavior of Graphite Particulates Reinforced Al6082 Alloy Composites
pp. 15646-15651
Shaik Asif, Pavan K R, Suresh Chapekar, Subhendu Ghosh, Chandrasekhar G L and Madeva Nagaral

Modeling of Dependencies of Operational Properties of Three-Dimensional Reinforced Products from Composite Materials on Process-Dependent Parameters of Preform Production
pp. 15652-15661
Orlov Maksim Andreevich, Kalinnikov Alexander Nikolaevich, Seleznev Vyacheslav Alexandrovich, Shatalov Roman Lvovich, Kireinov Aleksey Valerievich, Povolokin Oleg Valerievich and Eremenko Vadim Alekseevich

Study of the Perception of Open Data by Colombian Public Entities
pp. 15662-15671
Alba Paola Torres Ceferino, Sergio Andrés Cardona Clavijo and Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermudez

Solution of Economic Power Dispatch with Cubic Cost Functions using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm
pp. 15672-15678
Karthikeyan. R, Subramanian. S and Elanchezhian.E. B

A High-speed Inner Product Computation Architecture based on DA-OBC
pp. 15679-15687
Zainul Abdin Jaffery and Shaheen Khan

Radioelectric Spectrum Prediction based in ARIMA and SARIMA Time Series Models
pp. 15688-15695
Cesar Hernandez, Diego Giral and Fredy Martinez

A Comparative Exploration on Random PWM schemes to Spread Harmonics for Multilevel Power Converters using Cascaded H-bridge Configuration
pp. 15696-15700
Kiran T S, Bisharathubeevi A and K N Pavithran

An Overview of UPFC with PSS for Power Flow Control and System Stability
pp. 15701-15707
Ananda M.H and M.R Shivakumar

Design and Implementation of API and GUI Interfaces for a Multiple Unmanned Autonomous Robotic System
pp. 15708-15716
Ahmed Barnawi, Fuad Bajaber, Abdullah Al-Barakati, Seyed Buhari, Anas Fatouh and Omar Alhubaiti

Design and Simulation of Programmed Sequences for Electro Pneumatic Paper Sealants Using Cascade Method
pp. 15717-15724
Luis Alfredo Rodríguez Umaña, Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Correlation between the Dynamic Modulus Obtained Mathematically and the Resilient Modulus of Laboratory of Asphalt Mixes
pp. 15725-15733
Hugo Rondon, Diego A. Escobar and Fredy Reyes-Lizcano

Generative Adversarial Network-Based Face Recognition Dataset Generation
pp. 15734-15739
Sooyoung Cho, Daeyeol Kim, Sinwoo Yoo and Chae-Bong Sohn

Removal of Organic Micropollutants from Riverine Waters using Constructed Wetlands: A Mesocosms Experiment
pp. 15740-15748
José J. Palacin Salcedo, German H. Enamorado Montes, Amado E. Navarro Frómeta, Aracelly Caselles Osorio and José Marrugo Negrete

Novel MRI Image Biomarker Segmentation Using Fuzzy Neutrosophic Confidence Region Growing Algorithm
pp. 15749-15753
Joe Arun Raja P and C.Nelson Kennedy Babu

The VR Trip Simulator with Multi Networking of Rule-based Model
pp. 15754-15757
Minyeong Gwon, Eunsu Goh and Chae-Bong Sohn

Miscibility studies of polyvinyl pyrrolidone / polyether sulfone blends by viscosity, ultrasonic velocity and polarized optical microscopic methods
pp. 15758-15761
G Krishna Kishore and N C Sandeep

A Classification Approach for Proactive Fault Tolerance in Cloud Data Centers
pp. 15762-15765
Ghamdan Mohammed Qasem and Madhu B. K.

Triple Encryption Scheme with Parallel Zigzag Pattern for Cloud Data Storage Scheme
pp. 15766-15772
A. Murugan and R. Thilagavathy

Highly Reflective Coatings
pp. 15773-15782
Komal Prasad, Aditi Goyal, Kamini Gohil and Ishaan Jagyasi

Analysis of Quality Metrics and Techniques Applied in Iris Recognition
pp. 15783-15785
J Anne Priya and P.Sumitra

Heart Disease Prediction on Continuous Time Series Data with Entropy Feature Selection and DWT Processing
pp. 15786-15792
Veena N and Anitha N

Malicious Process Detection using OSA on a DFXML Evidence File
pp. 15793-15797
Shruti B. Yagnik and Binod C. Agrawal

Improved Likelihood Ratio Tests in Power Series Generalized Nonlinear Models
pp. 15798–15805
Sébastien Lozano Forero, Vladimir Ballesteros Ballesteros, Jorge Luis Nisperuza Toledo

Some Products On Max weighted finite state automaton
pp. 15806–15823
Chitra. K and Rajaretnam. T

On The Numerical Solution for Pollution in a River and Its Remediation by Two-Dimensional Unsteady Aeration
pp. 15824-15829
Mohamed Khaier-Allah Hadouda and Taha Zakaraia AbdelWahid

Machine Learning Based Comprehensive Analysis of Hospitality Industry in the State of Karnataka

pp. 15830-15835
Shruthi C G and Gowrishankar S.

Bayesian Regularization in Multi-Layer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network Model to Predict Signal Power Loss Using Measurement Points
pp. 15836-15842
Virginia Chika Ebhota, Joseph Isabona and Viranjay M. Srivastava

An Analysis of Objective and Human Assessments in Contrast Enhancement
pp. 15843-15859
Rivania Maharaj and Bashan Naidoo

Fast and Robust Control Strategy for Single-Phase Dynamic Voltage Restore
pp. 15860-15871
Joao A. Moor Neto, Vinicius de Medeiros Brown, Júlio Cesar Ferreira, Mauro Sandro Reis and Thiago Americano do Brasil

Mouth States Recognition System Focused on Feeding task
pp. 15872-15877
Javier Orlando Pinzón-Arenas, Robinson Jiménez-Moreno and Astrid Rubiano-Fonseca

Optimal Flood Control during La Niña Phenomenon using a Chain of Hydroelectric Reservoirs
pp. 15878-15882
Rafael E. Fragozo-Diaz, Jesús M. López-Lezama and Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano

Human-Machine Interaction using MYO-Kinect Tools
pp. 15883-15894
Natalie Segura Velandia, Ruben Dario Hernandez and Robinson Jimenez-Moreno

BIOSORPTION: A solution for removal of toxic metals
pp. 15895-15898
Divya Prabha

M/G/1 Feedback Queue with Two Stage Heterogeneous Service and Deterministic Server Vacations
pp. 15899–15907
S. Vanitha

Inherent multi-view feature fusion using canonical correlation for classification of Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals
pp. 15908-15915
Arup Sarmah, Sanjib Kalita and B K Dev Choudhury

A New Approach for Solving Linear Fractional Programming Problem
pp. 15916-15918
Smita Verma, Akshika Verma and Bhawana Gautam

Zc- Lindelof Spaces in General Topology
pp. 15919-15921
RM. Sivagama Sundari and A.P.Dhana Balan

IMC based PID Controllers Retuning and It’s Performance Assessment
pp. 15922-15925
D.Prasanth Sai

A Comprehensive Survey on Data Replication Techniques in Cloud Storage Systems
pp. 15926-15932
Suji Gopinath and Elizabeth Sherly

Drying kinetics of mango byproducts in a greenhouse-type solar dryer using a wireless weighing scale
pp. 15933-15943
Edward M. Querikiol and Evelyn B. Taboada

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Waste Pet Bottles
pp. 15944-15950
Kirubakaran.K, Dinesh.S and Ranjith Kumar. G

Delineation of Management Zones in Precision Agriculture using Different Clustering Algorithms
pp. 15951-15955
Krishna Priya C B and S. Venkateswari

Solving Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference Equations using Numerical Integration Method
pp. 15956-15960
V.Vidyasagar, Madhu Latha K and B.Ravindra Reddy

A Novel Technique for Sidelobe and Backlobe Reduction in Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Array Using Defected Ground Structures
pp. 15961-15966
V.N. Lakshmana Kumar, M. Satyanarayana and S.P. Singh

Natural Staining Patterns by Dried Skins of Vitas coignetiae Pulliat
pp. 15967-15969
Suk-Yul Jung

Implementation of a Distributed System for Supervision of Computer Rooms Educational Usage in Academic Environments
pp. 15970-15977
Felipe Andrés Corredor Chavarro, Wolfang Sebastián Corredor and Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero

The Use of Rankine Power Cycle: A Pest Comparative Study in USA, Spain, China and South Korea
pp. 15978-15982
Guillermo E. Valencia, Gaudy Prada Botía and Daniel Mendoza Casseres

Adaptive Load-Aware Based Efficient Channel Reservation and Assignment Method for Mesh Router
pp. 15983-15991
M. Sudha and M. Shanmugapriya

Fluctuated Prediction on Geological Routing and Reduced Congestion Density in Multihop
pp. 15992-15996
N. Hyrunnisha and A.Vinothini

Data Aggregation Mechanism Using Dynamic Routing With Cyber Physical Systems
pp. 15997-16000
H. Lookman Sithic and S. Kalaivani

Load Balancing Optimal Network through Random Assessment Delay Based CBLB
pp. 16001-16007
N. Hyrunnisha and R. Vinothini

Spoofing Attack Detection and Localizing Multiple Adversaries in Deep Neural Network
pp. 16008-16014
H. Lookman Sithic and T. Induja

Trust Aware Management Reputations Based Information Security for VANET
pp. 16015-16020
P. Subramaniam and T. Tamilarasi

A Review on Big Data Mining
pp. 16021-16026
A. Raja and S. Prema

Optimisation of Important Factors Influencing Spring-back after Sheet Metal Forming
pp. 16027-16035
Abdulaziz Alghtani, P.C. Brooks, D.C. Barton and V.V. Toropov

Risk Analysis and Prediction of the Stock Market using Machine Learning and NLP
pp. 16036-16041
Sujay Lokesh, Siddharth Mitta, Shlok Sethia, Srivardhan Reddy Kalli and Manisha Sudhir

Comparison of Dustfall and Total Suspended Particulate Generation from Latosol Soil from Padang and Bandar Lampung Municipalities
pp. 16042-16048
A.S. Yuwono, Iskandar, M. Fauzan, A.A. Ra’up and E.G. Buana

Performance Evaluation of Multipath Routing Using AODV and DSR Protocol
pp. 16049-16054
V. Manju and R. Vadivel

Improving the Quality and Production of Biogas from Swine Manure and Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) Seeds
pp. 16055-16059
Amy Lizbeth J. Rico

Semantic Segmentation for Applications in Autonomous Vehicles
pp. 16060-16063
Luis Alfredo Rodríguez Umaña, Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Numerical Analysis of Blood Flow through Multiple Stenosis Right Coronary Artery
pp. 16064-16071
Zahraa A. Nadeem, Sadoun F. Dakhil and Hassan M. Abdullah

Hyperspectral Change Detection using Multi-temporal Hyperspectral images and Sparse Unmixing algorithm
pp. 16072-16076
Nareshkumar Patel and Himanshukumar Soni

Cloud Computing and Security Issues—A Review of Amazon Web Services
pp. 16077-16084
Abdullah Alqahtani and Hina Gull

Miscibility of polymethyl methacrylate / polyether sulfone blend by viscisoty, ultrasonic velocity and polarized optical microscopic methods
pp. 16085-16087
G. Krishna Kishore and N C Sandeep

Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Based ECG Beat Classification
pp. 16088-16092
Anwar Al-Shrouf and Ahmad Khaleel AlOmari

Operational Analysis in a Drinking Water Treatment Plant using ARIMA Models
pp. 16093-16099
Edgardo Redondo-Peñuela, Carlos Zafra-Mejía and Álvaro Gutiérrez-Malaxechebarría

Vulnerability Assessment of Power Systems considering DC and AC Models
pp. 16100-16105
Jesús María López-Lezama, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano and Juan Carlos Castro-Galeano

A Methodological Procedure for Sizing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in Off-grid Areas
pp. 16106-16110
Oswaldo A. Arráez-Cancelliere, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano and Jesús M. López-Lezama

Optimization of material factors in the casting of aluminium hybrid metal matrix composites using Taguchi coupled Entropy-VIKOR approach
pp. 16111-16116
Anand Babu K and Venkataramaiah P


A Review of Security Challenges in Ad-Hoc Network

pp. 16117-16126

Radha Raman Chandan and Pramod Kumar Mishra


The Control of NOX and other Emissions in Diesel Engines

pp. 16127-16140

Maroa Semakula and Professor Freddie Inambao






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