International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 20 (2018)





Depiction of Management zones in Precision agriculture using Farthest First Clustering Algorithm
pp. 14479-14482
Krishna priya C B and S. Venkateswari

Half-metallic ferromagnetism character induced by V-doped cubic AlN
pp. 14483-14487
Miguel J. Espitia R., John H. Díaz F. and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

Strongly Multiplicative Labeling in the Context of Various Graph Operations
pp. 14488-14494
T.M. Chhaya and K.K. Kanani

Architectural Representation for Inference rules generation for Astrological Predictions using induction of Horoscope Charts
pp. 14495-14497
CNVBR Sri Gowrinath and B Srinivasa S P Kumar

Verification of Over-Speed and Burst Margin Limits Inaero Engine Rotor Coupling Along with Estimation of Low Cycle Fatigue Life
pp. 14498-14504
Srinivas Murthy and Shivarudraiah

R-CNN Based Object Detection and Classification Methods for Complex Scenario
pp. 14505-14509
Jaswinder Singh and Dr. B.K. Sharma

Core Issues of Copyright Law in the Digital Environment: The Promise of Blockchain
pp. 14510-14516
Asim Vehbi

Current Status of Technology and Telemedicine Services in Colombia
pp. 14517-14530
Diego Alejandro Barragán Vargas, Karen Andrea Duarte Castiblanco and Lilia Edith Aparicio Pico

A Hierarchical Structured Queuing System with Feedback and Chances of Two Revisits of Customer to Any of the Three Servers
pp. 14531-14539
Surender Kumar and Gulshan Taneja

Implementation of a Telematic Security System for Document Management Processes in Higher Education Institutions
pp. 14540-14549
Felipe Andrés Corredor Chavarro, Andrés Felipe Ardila and Diana Cristina Franco Mora

H2-H8 Robust Static Output feedback control for Vehicle Chassis Stability with input saturation
pp. 14550-14560
A. Ferjani, I. Zaidi and M. Chaabane

Situation Analysis of Load Shedding and its Effectiveness in the Area of Power System Security
pp. 14561-14565
Raghu.C.N, G.Raghavendra, Doddabasappa N and Anil Kumar D B

Reliability Estimation of a Hybrid Geothermal Conventional Power Plant by Using Algebra of Logics
pp. 14566-14572
Pawan Sharma, Ganesh Kr. Thakur and Bandana Priya

Optimization of Industrial Building using Pre-Engineering Building and Conventional Steel Building by Fully Stressed Design
pp. 14573-14590
Nitin Vishwakarma and Hardik Tayal

Pressure Influence on the Electronic Character of the Ga0.5Mn0.5N Alloy
pp. 14591-14594
Juan M. Oviedo C, Luis C. Sánchez P and Miguel J. Espitia R

Detection of Illegitimate Divulgation of Obscene Contents Using Tensorflow
pp. 14595-14599
S.Anoosha Devi and V.Arvind

Influence of Exogenous Bacteria in Cow-Dung-Fed Microbial Fuel Cell on Voltage, Current and Power Density
pp. 14606-14606
Thiagarajan Y, Ashok Kumar R, Balamurugan .G and Sivakumaran T.S

Fast Channel Load Algorithm for Downlink of Multi-Rate MC-DS-CDMA and Smart Grid Communication
pp. 14607-14617
B. Groenewald, V. Balyan and MTE Kahn

Design and Implementation of DSP based Interleaved Buck Converter fed PMBLDC motor Drive
pp. 14614-14621
Rajalakshmi G, Ashok Kumar R and Asokan K

Home Security System
pp. 14622-14626
Soumya Johnson, Gayatri Nair and C. Ashwini

Design of Mixer Machine for Powder with Triz Method (Case Study: Mixing Powder Process in PT. X)
pp. 14627-14632
Fangki Meliandy, Wegie Ruslan and Ronald Sukwadi

A theoretical and experimental study of young’s modulus of bamboo fiber reinforced polymer composite laminates with different fiber volume percentage
pp. 14633-14637
Nitish, Mr. Rakesh and Sandeep Kumar

Experimental Setup of Maximum Peak Power Tracking for SSLS
pp. 14638-14643
Ulhas Patil and Mahesh Kolte

Chatbot as a Personal Assistant
pp. 14644-14649
Gayatri Nair, Soumya Johnson and V. Sathya (Guide)

Reliability Analysis of a System Working in High Temperature Zones with Fault-Dependent Repair during Night hours
pp. 14650-14656
Sheetal, Dalip Singh and Gulshan Taneja

Semantic Image Segmentation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Super-Pixels
pp. 14657-14663
Santosh Jangid and P S Bhatnagar

Analysis and Comparison of the Farima Model with other Evolutive Algorithms in Order to Predict Vehicular Traffic on Carrera 7 in Bogota City
pp. 14664-14668
Y. Ballesteros, R. Ferro and C. Jaimes

Removal of Copper (II) by Adsorption on Biomass Carbon Derived from Pongamia (Pongamia pinnata) Leaf
pp. 14669-14674
A.Anitha, K.Kohilavani and R.Murugalakshmi

Abrasion wear of HVOF sprayed coatings on SUS 400 stainless steel
pp. 14675-14678
Somkiat Thermsuk and Prayoon Surin

Weak Separation Properties as Hereditary Properties
pp. 14679-14681
Harjot Singh

Experimental Study of Coconut Shell Fluidized Bed Gasification for Production of Fuel Gas for End-Use Applications
pp. 14682-14688
S Suyambazhahan

IOT based Parking System using Android and Google Maps
pp. 14689-14697
Yousuf Sulaiman Ali Al Waili, Shaik Mazhar Hussain, Kamaludin Mohamed Yusof, Shaik Ashfaq Hussain, Rolito Asuncion and Anilloy Frank

Kernel Perceptron Face Recognition
pp. 14698-14700
Nicola´s Ortiz, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno and Mauricio Mauledoux

Modeling of Transmission Mechanisms through Tendons
pp. 14701-14705
Angie J Valencia C. Mauricio Mauledoux and Óscar F. Avilés

Fuzzy Based VAR Control using IM Drive with Nine Switch AC/AC Converter
pp. 14706-14711
Doddabasappa N, Anil Kumar D B, Raghu.C.N and Sagar B S

Application of Roads Diagnostics and Certification Results for Destination of Aircrafts Takeoff and Landing Sites
pp. 14712-14716
Podolsky Vl. P., Vnukov A.N., Garshin S.A. and Tyuckov E.B.

Model of Tuned J48 Classification and Analysis of Performance Prediction in Educational Data Mining
pp. 14717-14727
Anoopkumar M and A. M. J. Md. Zubair Rahman

Driver for Visualization of Graphics on VGA Screens using FPGA's
pp. 14728-14732
Edwar Jacinto Gómez, Fredy Martínez Sarmiento and Holman Montiel Ariza

A Novel Method for Denoising Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Image Using Autoencoder Technique
pp. 14733-14740
Shivakumar B R and Dr. Prakash J

Study of Memory Effect in an Inventory Model with Linear Demand and Salvage Value
pp. 14741-14751
Rituparna Pakhira, UttamGhosh and SusmitaSarkar

Modelling and Control Design for Electric Power Steering system with Cascaded Lead Compensation Method
pp. 14752-14756
Anil Kumar D B, Doddabasappa N, Raghu.C.N and Sagar B S

A Comparative Study on Efficiency Enhanced Solar Energy Harvesting Systems
pp. 14757-14762
T.Dhanakodi and M.Sivakumar

Ultrasound-Assisted-One-Pot Synthesis of β-Acetamido ketones Derivation Catalysed by Nano Nickel-Zinc Ferrite
pp. 14763-14774
Pandu Naidu Chilla, Paul Douglas Sanasi, C.Hazarathaiah Yadav, Satyanarayana Bassa and Rafi SK

Appraisal of Ground Water prominence inn Bhuj (Kachchh), Gujarat (India) For its Imbibing and Irrigation Use
pp. 14775-14786
Raghvendra M. Ramanuj and V.Vijay kumar

Power Quality Improvement of Wecs Using Energy Storage System Under Fault Condition
pp. 14787-14792
Rajveer Singh, Purnesh Rao and Haroon Ashfaq

Effective way of Ranking Universities based on Online InfoBase Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
pp. 14793-14798
Pragatheeswaran Sridharan, Thirunavukkarasu Varatharajan and Arun Amaithi Rajan

Secure Data Sharing Scheme using Cryptographic Algorithm for Cloud Storage
pp. 14799-14805
Sheenal Malviya and Sourabh Dave

Characteristics of Foam Concrete Produced from Detergent used as Foaming Agent
pp. 14806-14812
Roz-Ud-Din Nassar and Shazim Ali Memon

A Survey on Topology and Geography based Routing Protocols in VANETs
pp. 14813-14822
J. Stalin, Dr. R.S. Rajesh and Smt. S. Arun Mozhi Selvi

A Technique for a Software-Defined and Network-based ARP Spoof Detection and Mitigation
pp. 14823-14826
Deepa Balagopal and X.Agnise Kala Rani

Cognitive Automation in Industry – Design Principles and Case Study
pp. 14827-14831
Vijaya Ramaraju Poosapati, Prof. Vedavathi Katneni and Vijaya Killu Manda

Disease Dynamics of Tuberculosis: a Modeling Report
pp. 14832-14833
Indu Ratti