International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 17 (2018) 





Applications of Game Theory for Cyber Security System: A Survey
pp. 12987-12990
Annapurna P Patil, Bharath S and Nagashree M Annigeri

An Insight Analysis of Economic and Legal Challenges in VANET
pp. 12991-12994
Bhawna Chaudhary and Sheetal Singh

Portable Camera Based Text Reading of Objects for Blind Persons
pp. 12995-12999
Sonal I Shirke and Swati V Patil

A Survey on Secure Data De-Duplication in Cloud Storage
pp. 13000-13004
M.SriRama Lakshmi Reddy and K.Rajendra Prasad

Effect of Varying Magnetic Field on the Linear Stability of Parallel Stratified Shear Flows
pp. 13005-13014
K. Sumathi, T. Arunachalam and R. Panneerselvi

Evaluation of Sparsification algorithm and Its Application in Speaker Recognition System
pp. 13015-13021
Satyanand Singh

Stability of Thermosolutal Free Convection on Electrically Conducting Superposed Fluid and Porous Layer
pp. 13022-13030
K.Sumathi, T.Arunachalam and S.Aiswarya

Elimination of Anomalous Propagation in a C-band Meteorological Radar by Correction of the Polarimetric Variables: Reflectivity, Reflectivity Differential and Correlation Coefficient
pp. 13031-13042
Julián R. Camargo L., Ernesto Gómez Vargas and César A. Perdomo Ch.

Analysis of Effectiveness of Planning Algorithms Processes, Through Time Performance
pp. 13043-13045
Vilma G. García, Nancy Y. Gelvez and Danilo A. López

Exploring alternatives in the design of an artificial neural network for a predictive analysis and forecasting on economic time series in the foreign exchange market
pp. 13046–13053
Roberto Carlos Campos Torres and Paulo Vitor de Campos Souza

On Existence of Mild and Positive Solutions of Impulsive Integro-Differential Equations
pp. 13054–13062
R. S. Jain, B. Surendranath Reddy and S. D. Kadam

Reliability Prediction Methods for Electronic Devices and Systems-A Review
pp. 13063-13069
Y. S. Thakur and D. K. Sakravdia

Experimental Investigations of PCM Based Thermal Battery for Temperature Management of Building in Hot and Dry Climate of India
pp. 13070-13076
Hari Kumar Singh and D. Buddhi

Impact of Ceramic Coating on Fatigue Life of Connecting Rod
pp. 13077-13079
Pratyush Deshmukh and Alex Sebastian Barcey

Speed Estimation of Induction Motor Drive by Second-Order Sliding Mode MRAS with Adaptive Neural Network Controller
pp. 13080-13084
M.Ankarao, M.Vijaya Kumar and Prabha Shriwas

Factors Influencing TQM Practices In Indian Hospital Industry – An Empirical Study through Principal Component Analysis
pp. 13085-13092
N. Nithya

A Feedback Queuing Model with Chances of Revisit of Customer at Most Twice to Any of the Three Servers
pp. 13093-13102
Surender Kumar and Gulshan Taneja

Estimation of Surplus Water for Groundwater Recharging from Ravishankar Sagar Rservoir Basin
pp. 13103-13107
S.K. Jaiswal

Teaching Mechatronics Design: A Theoretical-Practical Approach
pp. 13108-13117
Jorge A. Aponte, Oscar F. Avilés S, Mauricio Mauledoux, Hoffman F. Ramirez G. and Robinson Jiménez

A Mobile Application for Voice Enabled Virtual Bot
pp. 13118-13122
Jimcymol James, Shabih Fatima, Sanjeevani Avasthi, Chirag Nalawade, Jenny James, Mirza Mohammad, Suhana Ayisha, Gautam Ravi and Priya Shrotri

Real Option Approach to Evaluate the Certified Emission Reduction sales in a Photovoltaic Energy Project of Colombia
pp. 13123-13129
Natalia Acevedo-Prins, Miguel Jiménez-Gómez and Miguel Rojas-López

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Kalman Filter Algorithms to Predict Output Temperatures on a Heat Exchanger
pp. 13130-13135
Tlatelpa-Becerro A, Rico-Martínez R, Castro-Goméz L, Urquiza G and Calderón-Ramírez M

LAN-WAN-LAN end-to-end Network Simulation with NS2
pp. 13136-13140
Andrés Felipe Hernández Leon, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermudez

Investigation of Effect of Machine Tool Vibration over the Surface Finish by Wavelet Transforms Technique
pp. 13141-13145
Bhaskaran.J, Venkatesh.C and Abdul Malik Hussain

A Study on the Physical Characteristic and Environment Evaluation of Yellow Loess Mortar with Slaked Lime and Cement
pp. 13146-13152
Juhee Kim, Hongseok Jang, Yongtaek Lim, Seungyoung So and Manho So

On Fuzzy
γ*- Semi Boundary Sets in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 13153-13156
M.Vijaya and M.Rajesh

Comfort Level Security – A Multi-Factor Authentication Framework
pp. 13166-13177
Habib ur Rehman, Mohammed Nazir and Khurram Mustafa

Generation of Test Cases from Behavior Model in UML
pp. 13178-13187
Priya Kamath B. and Narendra V.G.

Systems Dynamics on Incentives to Invest in Renewable Energy in Colombia
pp. 13188-13194
Natalia Acevedo-Prins, Miguel Jiménez-Gómez and Miguel Rojas-López

Analysis of publications in ISI and Scopus about Energy Policies in Wind Energy
pp. 13195-13204
Natalia M. Acevedo-Prins., Luis M. Jiménez-Gómez and Miguel D. Rojas-Lopez

Environmental Waste Disposal Methods among Childbearing Mothers in Anambra State, Nigeria
pp. 13205-13211
Anthonia U. Nwobi, Charity Chinelo Okide, Felicia Ukamaka Iremeka, Chioma Osilike, Emeka Obetta, Felicia Mbagwu and Ngozi Mary Eze

Sources of Stress among Nursing Students in South-East Nigeria
pp. 13212-13218
Samuel C. Ugwoke, Ezeh Gregory Chijioke, Emmanuel Abella, Uche-Vita Agundu, Angie I. Oboegbulem, Agi Ode Oko, Julius Basake, Ebenade Famous Abidde and Uju Anthonia Nwobi

Management of Students’ Stress in Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria
pp. 13219-13226
Samuel C. Ugwoke, Florence Ijeoma Arumede, Angie I. Oboegbulem, Josephine N. Amoke, Uche-Vita Agundu, Agi Ode Oko, Romanus Ugwu and Uju Anthonia Nwobi

From the Beginning of Aesthetic Theories of Art to Iannis Xenakis Mathematical Theories (The Inseparable Relationship between Music and Architecture)
pp. 13227-13236
Hanieh Majidi and Hamidreza Farshchi

Security challenges of Big Data storage in Cloud environment: A Survey
pp. 13237-13244
S.Subbalakshmi and K.Madhavi

Assessing the Impact of Number of Repair Persons on Availability of an Industrial System: A Case Study
pp. 13245-13250
Mukesh Kumar, Vineet Kumar Singla and Vikas Modgil

Performance Analysis of Acoustic Features in Telugu Speech Emotion Recognition
pp. 13251-13257
N. Ratna Kanth and S. Saraswathi

Plantar Fasciitis Treatments: A Review
pp. 13258-13267
Natalia Sanchéz, Brayan F. Contreras, José M. Garcia, Ruben D. Hernández and Oscar F. Avilés

Topological Data Analysis for Machine Learning Based on Kernels: A Survey
pp. 13268-13271
Edilberto Mejia-Ruda, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno and Ruben Dario Hernandez

Integrating Application with Algorithms of Association Rule used in Descriptive Data Modelling, through which Data Mining can be Implemented for Future Prediction
pp. 13272-13281
Sumita Mukherjee and Guide-Dr. Prinima Gupta

Optimal Product Recommendation from Real-time Data Feed
pp. 13282-13287
Nithin N V and Prof. George Philip C

Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Imaging Subtraction
pp. 13288-13291
Nicolas Ortiz Valencia, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno and Ruben Dario Hernandez

Binary Images Classification Algorithm Based on Moore-Penrose Inverse Matrix
pp. 13292-13295
Nicolás Ortiz1, Robinson Jiménez and Mauricio Mauledoux M.

Efficiency Enhancement by 5S Implementation– A Case Study
pp. 13296-13301
Ila A Kulkarni, Abhay B Kulkarni and Vandana A Kulkarni

Characterization of Methylcellulose Based Hydrogels by Using Citric Acid as a Crosslinking Agent
pp. 13302-13307
Maria José Tavera-Quiroz, Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz and Adriana Pinotti

Genetic-Neuro-Fuzzy Inferential Model for Tuberculosis Detection
pp. 13308-13312
R. Beaulah Vathana and R. BalaSubramanian

A Functional Time System Connectivity Analysis in Multi-Stage Processes
pp. 13313-13320
Bazarov S.M., Belenkiy Yu.I., Soloviev A.N and Bazarova M.V.

Charpy Impact and Tension Tests of Two Pipeline Materials at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures
pp. 13321-13334
Abdulkarim Omar Alfitouri, Mahmut Ahsen Savaş and Ali Evcil

Fisheye state Protocol in Correlation with Power Consumption in Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 13335-13339
Devika.B and P N Sudha

A New Approach to Fuzzy Soft Connectedness
pp. 133340-13343
J.Ruth and S.Selvam

Compensating Doppler Frequency Shift of High Speed Rail Communications
pp. 13344-13348
Trinh Thi Huong, Nguyen Manh Dat, To Thi Thao, Nguyen Duy Viet and Vu Van Yem


Feature Engineering Incorporated Enhanced Hybrid Model based Collaborative Filtering

pp. 13349-13354
K.Reka and T.N.Ravi

A Study on Fuzzy (i,j)-
β-compact spaces
pp. 13355-13357
P.Rajalakshmi and S.Selvam

Comparative Study on Performance of Boost Converter with Fuzzy Logic and Adaptive TSK-type Neural Fuzzy Controllers
pp. 13358-13366
Neethu Raj.R, P.Sreejaya and N.Albert Singh

Novel DTC Technique for Improving Low-Speed Operation of Induction Motor Drive
pp. 13367-13379
Jawwad Mazher Ahmed, Mohammed Haseeb Khan and Arshia Azam

Design and Fabrication of Motorised Stair Case Climbing Trolley
pp. 13380-13385
P.V. Sanjeeva Kumar, A.Hemanth Kumar and P.Varaprasad

Enhanced Bloom Filter Technique for Latency Reduction in Mobile Environment
pp. 13386-13391
P. Amudha Bhomini and Jayasudha J.S

Control Strategy of Glass-Lined Batch Polymerization Reactor for PVC Resin Industrial Process
pp. 13392-13401
S. Malathi and N. S. Bhuvaneswari

Smart Community Monitoring System using Thingspeak IoT Plaform
pp. 13402-13408
David Nettikadan and Subodh Raj M.S




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