International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 14 (2018)





Automatic Die Cast Part Redesign for Better Manufacturability
pp. 11362-11368
Sunil Kumar

Optimizing Windowpane Performance in Terms of Solar Radiation and Thermal Conductivity for Balancing Lighting and Thermal Models in Architectural Spaces
pp. 11369-11378
Adnan Jaradat and Hussain H. Alzoubi

Collateral Effect of the Introduction of Ethanol in the Sugar Economy by System Dynamics
pp. 11379-11386
Luis M. Jiménez, Maricruz Loaiza and Erick Lambis

Effect of the Mass Flow Rate on the Heat Transfer Phenomena in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
pp. 11387-11391
Leonardo Delgado Ruiz, Carlos Acevedo Peñaloza and Guillermo Valencia Ochoa

Plenoptic Imaging for Object Detecting and Tracking: An Edge Detection Approach
pp. 11392-11401
Yessaadi Sabrina and Laskri Mohamed Tayeb

Controller Design for Snake Robots
pp. 11402-11409
Ruben D. Hernández, Oscar F. Avilés, Jonathan A. Bermudez and Claudia T. Martinez

Medical Image Fusion using Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Logic
pp. 11410-11416
Myna A N and J Prakash

Impact of Process Parameters on the Microstructure & Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA 6063-T6 ALLOY
pp. 11417-11427
Narender and Naveen Hooda

Design and Analysis of a Wideband Printed Monopole VHF Antenna for Airborne Applications
pp. 11428-11435
Mary Rani Abraham and Sona O. Kundukulam

Design of Finned-Tube Assembly for Frozen Seal Valve
pp. 11436-11439
S.S.Biswas, R. Manish Kumar and Seshadri. C

An Algorithm for Selecting Compatible Wavelet Function in Electrical Signals to Detect and Localize Disturbances
pp. 11440-11447
Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Yatindra Gopal, Dinesh Birla and Mahendra Lalwani

Identification of Rare Diseases:An Outlier Analysis Approach
pp. 11448-11453
Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy D and S Chinaramu

A Novel Wireless Sensor Networks Anti-jamming Technique Based on a Hybrid DS-CDMA/ OFDM/ FH
pp. 11454-11460
Mariam Yasin, Prof Adwan Yasin, Amjad Abu Jazar and Mohammad Hamarsheh

Utilization of PCB and cost-reduction of Concrete
pp. 11461-11465
Shiv Mangal Mishra and M.K.Trivedi

Metakaolin Geopolymer Composite Concrete with High Durability
pp. 11466-11470
A. R. R. Kalaiyarrasi, P. Partheeban and V. Muthupandi

Searching Text on 2D Image Over Encrypted Cloud Data using OCR
pp. 11471-11478
Suresha D and K Karibasappa

Methodology for the Agile Development of Software Based on a Guide for the Body of Knowledge of SCRUM (SBOKTM Guide)
pp. 11479-11483
Holman Montiel Ariza, Vicente Reyes Mozo and Henry Montaña Quintero

An Integrated Cloud model for intelligent E-Learning system
pp. 11484-11490
Fahad A. Alghamdi

Effect of Resistive Coupled Microwave Sintering on the Microhardness of Y3Al5O12
pp. 11491-11494

Diverenge Coding for Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation in ECG Signal Analysis
pp. 11501-11507
Upasani Dhananjay Eknath and R.B. Ghongade

Generalized (
α,β)-derivation on Lie Ideals in σ-prime rings
pp. 11508-11511
V. Sreenivasulu and R. Bhuvana Vijaya

Text to Speech Conversion with Emotion Detection
pp. 11512-11517
Anita.R and Srinivasan.R

Assessment of Optimisation Techniques for Sliding Mode Control of an Inverted Pendulum
pp. 11518-11524
S. Babushanmugham, S.Srinivasan and E.Sivaraman

Sentiment Analysis and Prediction of Online Reviews with Empty Ratings
pp. 11525-11531
Sasikala P and L.Mary Immaculate Sheela

A Detailed Study of Blockchain: Changing the World
pp. 11532-11539
Shweta Singh, Anjali Sharma and Prateek Jain

A TTP-Free Location privacy framework for mobile social networks with key agreement protocol
pp. 11540-11547
Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Badawy, Hala M. Abbas and Mohammed Belal

Efficient Framework for Resource Allocation in Vehicle Scheduling
pp. 11548-11552
Jagbir Singh Gill and Amit Chhabra

An NDVI based Spatial Pattern Analysis for Spatial Image Classification
pp. 11553-11558
M.Gangappa, C. Kiran Mai and P.Sammulal

Variance of Time to Recruitment for a Single Grade Manpower System using Order Statistics for Inter-decision Times and Wastages
pp. 11559-11564
K. Elangovan and B. Esther Clara

Potential of Algal Biodiesel Production in Jordan
pp. 11565-11571
Husam A. Abu Hajar

VGA Configuration Algorithm using VHDL
pp. 11572-11576
Christian Plaza, Olga Ramos and Dario Amaya

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sensor for Teleoperation of Domotics Applications via Virtual Environments
pp. 11577-11581
Oscar F. Avilés S, Robinson Jiménez and Mauricio Mauledoux

Driver Fatigue Detection with Time-Feedback Neural Network
pp. 11582-11588
Robinson Jiménez, Oscar F. Avilés S and Mauricio Mauledoux

Experimental Investigation on Compression Ignition Engine Runs on Different Blends of Rice Bran Oil
pp. 11589-11592
Mohammad Israr and Hardik B. Ramani

NOMOPHOBIA: Detection and Analysis of Smartphone Addiction in Indian Perspective
pp. 11593-11599
Vishnu Shankar, Karan Singh and Mahendra Kumr Jangir

Linear (t, n) Secret Sharing Scheme based on Single Polynomial
pp. 11600-11605
Kenan Kingsley Phiri, Patrick Ali, Levis Eneya and Hyunsung Kim

A Mathematical Exponeniated Weibull Model for Altered Brain and Gut Responses to CRH in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
pp. 11606-11608
N. Durgadevi and R. Kavitha

Assessing Industrial Development Influence on Land use/Cover Drivers and Change Detection for West Bank East London, South Africa
pp. 11609-11624
A.M. Kalumba, J.M. Olwoch, I. Van Aardt, A.M. Adeola and O. Malahlela F.W.N. Nsubuga

Comparative study of Enhanced Power Flow Controller and TCSC
pp. 11625-11631
VivekKumar, Ashish Jaiswal, Dheeraj Kumar Dhaked and Yatindra Gopal

Cyber-Physical System Simulation for Effective Coke Logistics
pp. 11632-11640
Dong Kyu. Kim and Sang C. Park

Scientometric Analysis of Research on Emissions Control from 2007 to 2017
pp. 11641-11647
Guillermo E. Valencia, Josué M. Camargo, Yulineth D. Cárdenas, Carlos Acevedo Peñaloza and Diego H. Quiñones

Security and Privacy Measures on Data Mining for Internet of Things
pp. 11648-11652
Sung Woon Lee, Thokozani Vallent and Hyunsung Kim

Coatings of Cutting Tools and Their Contribution to Improve Mechanical Properties: A Brief Review
pp. 11653-11664
Noor Atiqah Badaluddin, Wan Fathul Hakim W Zamri, Muhammad Faiz Md Din, Intan Fadhlina Mohamed and Jaharah A Ghani

Discharge Generation Quantum Effect on Storm Cloud Near Field Electrodynamic Model
pp. 11665-11667
Omar Rodríguez Pinilla, Jorge E López C and Mikel F Hurtado M

Sustainable Construction - Crushed Burnt Clay Brick From Demolition Waste As Aggregates For High Strength Concrete
pp. 11668-11673
Tahir Kibriya

Impact of Mobility on the Routine of Enhanced - DSDV Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 11674-11679
M. Senthil Kumar and Sridhathan C

Optimization of Nylon Nanowires/Graphene Composite Process by Surface Response Methodology Approach
pp. 11680-11685
Coba-Daza. Sebastian, Hernández-Bautista Katherine, Pataquiva-Mateus Alis, Pazos. Jhon, Hurtado-Morales and Mikel

Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Brain Tumor using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 11686-11692
Himaja Byale, Dr. Lingaraju G M and Shekar Sivasubramanian

Eco-Friendly Method to Detoxify Dyes from Textile Effluent Using Bricks Kiln Chamber Fly Ash as Adsorbent
pp. 11693-11700
P.Govindaraj, N.Gnanavelraja, T.Subramanian and G.Bharath Balji





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