International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 5  (2017)  





Inertial Mechanical Reamer for Borehole 5G-3 Conditioning for Penetration into Subglacial Lake Vostok
pp. 561-566
Nikolai I. Vasilev, Alexey V. Bolshunov and Sergei A. Ignatiev

Predicting Dangerous Seismic Events in Active Coal Mines Through Data Mining
pp. 567-571
Ligendra Kumar Verma, P. Y. Dhekne, D.C. Jhariya and Pankaj Kumar Dewangan

Face Selection for Digital Image Watermarking
pp. 572-577
Abdulmawla Najih, S.A.R Al-Haddad, Abd Rahman Ramli, S. J. Hashim and Asem Khmag

Studying the Operation of Hot Water Supply System Based on Renewable Sources of Energy by the Results of Remote Monitoring
pp. 578-581
T.I. Koroleva, A. A. Baklin, V. R. Silakov and Y. V. Rodionov

Non-fragile High quality Reversible Watermarking for Compressed PNG image format using Haar Wavelet Transforms and Constraint Difference Expansions
pp. 582-590
Junkyu Park, SeungIl Yu, Sang-ug Kang

An Energy-EfficientWireless Sensor Networks Utilizing LMS Filter and Matrix Completion
pp. 591Ė597
Mohammed E. El-Telbany and Maha A. Maged

Hybrid Dynamic Price Prediction Model In online Auctions
pp. 598-604
Sandeep Kumar and Rahul Rishi

Evaluation of Heat Treatment Effect on Fracture Behavior of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Graphite Hybrid Composite
pp. 605-610
Ramakrishna Hegde, N M Sivaram, B S Ajaykumar and L J Kirthan

Image Processing based automatic Color Inspection and Detecation of Colored Wires in Electric Cables
pp. 611-617
Rajalakshmi M, Ganapathy V, Rengaraj R and Rohit D

Improving Paraffin Deposits Detection Methodology for Better Ecological Safety during Hydrocarbon Transportation
pp. 618-621
Vladimir Yurievich Koptev and Alexandra Vladimirovna Kopteva

A Model-Driven Approach for the Validation of RTOS Constraints in Real-time Application Models
pp. 622-631
Nour Moadad, Wassim El Hajj Chehade and Riham Abdel Kader

NoSQL Database Design Using UML Conceptual Data Model Based on Peter Chenís Framework
pp. 632-636
Kwangchul Shin, Chulhyun Hwang and Hoekyung Jung

A Novel Framework for Electronic Fund Transfer Using Big Data
pp. 637-647
S. Srividhya, K. Raghuraman and K. Priya

Economic-Engineering Optimization to Assess Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture in Morocco
pp. 648-655
Ihssan El Ouadi, Driss Ouazar, Mohamed Rachid Doukkali and Moulay Driss Hasnaoui

Effects of Features of Graphite Nodules on Stress Concentration in Nodular Graphite Cast Iron Material under Multi-Axial Loading
pp. 656-663
Adnan D. Mohammed and Mahmoud Kachit

Improved Positioning Reference Signal Pattern for Indoor Positioning in LTE-Advanced System
pp. 664-670
Su Min Kim, Sukhyun Seo and Junsu Kim

Using of Fuzzy PID Controller to Improve Vehicle Stability for Planar Model and Full Vehicle Models
pp. 671-680
Abdusslam Ali Ahmed and Başar Özkan

A Study on the Grindability of Ceramics by Wet Lapping
pp. 681-685
Seong-kyum Kim and Haeng-muk Cho

TCSC-Based Wide Area Damping Controller (WADC) for Inter-area oscillations in Saudi Power Network
pp. 686-692
Saleh M. Bamasak, Yusuf A. Al-Turki, Sreerama Kumar R and Malek M. Al-Hajji


Partnership credit scoring classification Probem: A neural network approach
pp. 693-704
Sofia Ayouche, Rajae Aboulaich and Rachid Ellaia

Improving Data Transmission Efficiency over Power Line Communication (PLC) System Using OFDM
pp. 705-710
Charles U. Ndujiuba, Samuel N. John and Oladimeji Ogunseye

Method of Vibration Diagnostics of Aircraft Mechanical Components in Civil Aviation
pp. 711-720
A.A. Saníko, A.L. Starichenkov, E.A. Kuklev, Y.V. Vedernikov and S. A. Kabanov

Study of Influence of Hydraulic Thermoelectric Generator Resistance on Gasoline Engine Efficiency
pp. 721-727
D.O. Onishchenko, S.A. Pankratov, A.A. Zotov, A.S. Osipkov and R.A. Poshekhonov

Experimental Identification of Dynamic Parameters of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and Their Use in a National Experimental Complex for Finite Element Analysis
pp. 728-737
Vladimir V. Shelofast, Gennady G.Kulish, Andrey A.Smerdov and Mikhail Y.Rostovtcev

An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Algorithm for Solving Mutual Exclusion Problem over Peer-to-Peer Networks
pp. 738-743
Khalid A Altarawneh and Dr. Murat Akkaya

Experimental Study of Two Way Half Slab Precast Using Triangular Rigid Connection of Precast Concrete Component
pp. 744-754
Djoko Irawan, Data Iranata and Priyo Suprobo


Synthesis of Zeolite Y from Kaolin Using Novel Method of Dealumination
pp. 755-760
Adeoye, J. B., Omoleye, J. A., Ojewumi, M. E. and Babalola, R

Evaluation of Stress-strain State of Steel Cylindrical Tank with Dent Defect
pp. 761-764
Gafur H. Samigullin, Anastasiya A. Lyagova and Alyona S. Dmitriyeva

Features of Development of Superimposed Coal Seams in Zones of Disjunctive Geological Disturbances
pp. 765-768
Vladimir Pavlovich Zubov and Aleksandr Vladimirovich Nikiforov

Experimental Study on Precast Beam-Column Joint Method using Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheet (CFRPS)
pp. 769-772
Harmonis Rante, Herman Parung, Victor Sampebulu and Rudy Djamaluddin

An Application of Wavelet Transform on the Dynamic Effect of Curvature Changing in a Cam Profile
pp. 773-778
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Gennaro Pellino and Angelo Montanino

Radio Engineering Characteristics of the Spatial Distributed Casual Antennas: Methods of Parameters Determination Taking Into Account Nonlinear Properties
pp. 779-786
Panychev Sergei Nikolaevich, Nikolai Andreevich Samotcvet and Churakov Petr Pavlovich

Modal Analysis Study on Aluminum 6061 using Accelerometer and Piezoelectric Film Sensor
pp. 787-792
M.I. Ramli and M.Z. Nuawi


Effect of Concrete Parameters on Local Fracture Energy of Concrete
pp. 793-796
Sami Ayyad and Monther Alawneh

Design and Implementation of Material Characteristics for Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transfer System
pp. 797-803
Ramani Kannan, Mohd Aizuddin and Mohd Fakhizan Romlie






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