International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 3  (2017)  





A New Hybrid Technique to Improve the Path Selection in Reducing Energy Consumption in Mobil AD-HOC
pp. 277-282
Sameer Abdulateef Hussein and Dahlila Putri Dahnil

Using Multiple Regression Analysis Lineal to Predict Occupation Market Work in Occupational Hazard Prevention Services
pp. 283-288
A. Guardiola Mouhaffel, C. Martínez Domínguez, B. Arcones, F. Morán Redonda and R. Díaz Martín

Smart Reagents Safety Management System using NFC
pp. 289-292
Kai Han, Jaemyung Jang and Hoekyoung Jung

Analysis on Compressor Blading Conditions of Helicopterís Gas-Turbine Engine Working in Polluted Environment
pp. 293-296
Natalia Y. Golovinа, Linar G. Akhmetov, Alexander N. Vikharev and Ismagil G. Arslanov

An Experimental study on the Development of New Diamond Wire Saw Cuttion system of Concrete Structure
pp. 297-304
Park Jong Hyup and Lim Myung Kwan

An Experimental Study on Lifting of Bridge Deck without Core Drill
pp. 305-310
Park Jong Hyup, Lim Myung Kwan and Lee Jong Sik

Bringing ROS to Agriculture Automation: Hardware Abstraction of Agriculture Machinery
pp. 311-316
Sami Salama Hussen Hajjaj and Khairul Salleh Mohamed Sahari

Analysis of self-desiccation of high performance concrete considering effects of mixing proporitons and curing conditions
pp. 317-330
Xiao-Yong Wang

The Impact of Cryogenic Treatment and Temper to Wear Resistance of MDI (Martemper Ductile Iron)
pp. 331-335
Agus Suprapto, Agus Iswantoko and Ike Widyastuti

Design Criteria of Korean LTER Data Platform Model for Full Life-cycle Data Management
pp. 336-342
Taesang Huh, Geunchul Park, Sunil Ahn, Soonwook Hwang and Hoekyung Jung

Using Alumina and Volcanic Ash in Producing Catalytic Converter Ceramics
pp. 343-347
Perdinan Sinuhaji, Timbangen Sembiring and Fauzi Handoko

Flexural Strengthening of Timber Beams Using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer
pp. 348-358
A.Yusof and A.B. Rahman

A Case study on an Evalution procedure of Hardware SIL for Fire Detection system
pp. 359-364
Sung Kyu Kim and Yong Soo Kim

Laboratory Researches of the Polymeric Composition in the Pore Space of Bulk Models
pp. 365-371
I. Raupov and D. Podoprigora

Effects of Using Domestic Detergents Wastewater on Concrete Corrosion
pp. 372-376
Mohamed A Al Rawashdeh

Method of Quality Improving of Electric Energy by Changing the Topology of Wires Connection on Overhead Power Transmission Lines
pp. 376-381
Igor Vladimirovich Belitsyn and Stanislav Olegovich Khomutov

Does Reinforcement Ratio Affect Displacements Due To Lateral Buckling Behavior of Concrete Walls?
pp. 382-388
T. Chrysanidis and I. Tegos

Challenges in Oily Sludge from Petroleum Industry and Bilge Waters treatment by Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation
pp. 389-393
Claudia Esproa, Shahul Hameed Abdul Rahima, Candida Milonea and Signorino Galvagno

Comparative Analysis of Innovative Materials Application in Aircraft Building of Different Countries
pp. 394-401
M.Y. Smurov, T.Y. Ksenofontova, A.V. Gubenko and V. G. Staroselets

A self learning neural network for detecting anomalies of a gear system
pp. 402-407
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Gennaro Pellino and Angelo Montanino






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