International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 23  (2017)  






Development of a Method to Make Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures Fragile, using Theprinciple of Induction Heating
pp. 13015-13022
Lim, Myung Kwan, Park, Jong Hyup and Han Jong Wook

Ferroconcrete Dismantling Technique using Induction Heating
pp. 13023-13036
MyungKwan, Lim and Hyeonggil Choi

Automatic Summarization for Agriculture Article
pp. 13040–13048
Laxmi B. Rananavare and P. Venkata Subba Reddy

Energy Efficient Sensor Node Deployment in an Event Driven Sensor Network
pp. 13049–13056
Ganesh Prasad, Jyotsna Rani and Ashraf Hossain

Investigation on Foam Volume/Fly Ash Relationship of Foam Concrete, and Effect of High Content Micro-Fibre and Microstructure
pp. 13057-13063
Myung-kwan Lim and Won-joon Park

Ultra-High-Strength Grout for Filling Steel Pipes in Offshore Wind Turbines
pp. 13064-13076
MyungKwan Lim and SangSu Ha

Economic Feasibility of the Induction Heating Method for Dismantling Structures: Analysis of Reinforcement Recovery Costs based on Required Demolition Equipment
pp. 13077-13083
MyungKwan Lim and Jong Sik Lee

Treatment of Industrial Mineral Oil Wastewater - Optimisation of Coagulation Flotation process using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
pp. 13084-13091
E K Tetteh, S Rathilal and M N Chollom

Aluminium Coated Iron Powder and Fe-Al-Cu Composite: Mechanical Activation and Thermal Properties
pp. 13092-13095
Yu.V. Kontsevoi, K.I. Oleinik, A.S. Bykov, A.G. Meilakh, E.A. Pastukhov, I.S. Sipatov and A.B. Shubin

M-Caemon: Modified Cloud Access Execution and Monitoring for Big Data Analytics of Health Sensor System
pp. 13096-13103
P. Dineshkumar, V.N. Rajavarman and R.S.Ponmagal

Special Air Bed Conveyor with Pneumatic Actuator of the Nozzle Scheme Forced Induction Method
pp. 13104-13107
Gulshat O. Sarsenova

Application of Pulsations of Oscillating Gas Flow Pressure for Processing the Heat-Strengthened Samples of Steel
pp. 13108-13112
Ekaterina E. Ilina, Nikolay V. Prodan, Svetlana A. Vologzhanina and Igor A. Volobuev

Advisor Information Control System for Tokamak Technological Equipment
pp. 13113-13121
Anton Mezentsev, Vadim Pavlov, Yury Golobokov and Oksana Kabrysheva

About Possibility of using the Reverberation Phenomenon in the Defectoscopy Field and the Stress-Strain State Evaluation of Solids
pp. 13122-13126
Petr N. Khorsov, Anna A. Demikhova and Alexander A. Rogachev

Physical and Technical Restrictions of Materials Recognition by the Dual High Energy X-ray Imaging
pp. 13127-13136
Sergei P. Osipov, Sergei V. Chakhlov, Oleg S. Osipov, Suqi Li, Xiaoming Sun, Jianbin Zheng, Xiaowei Hu and Gaolong Zhang

Reducing the Size of the Bremsstrahlung Focal Spot in a Small-Size Betatron
pp. 13137-13141
Igor B. Stepanov, Maxim M. Rychkov, Valery V. Kaplin, Vladimir A. Smolyanskiy, Evgeny L. Malikov and Alexander P.Shestak

Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Thin-Film Nanostructures of Elements of Magnetic Straintronics
pp. 13142-13149
Vladimir V. Amelichev, Dmitry V. Vasilyev, Dmitry A. Zhukov, Yury V. Kazakov, Sergey I. Kasatkin, Dmitry V. Kostyuk and Alexey I. Krikunov

Formation of Bulk Electric Charges and Fields during Development of Thunderstorm Clouds
pp. 13150-13157
Aleksey A. Bychkov and Vitaly A. Shapovalov

Mathematical Modelling of Cracking Process in Concrete Pavement Highways
pp. 13158-13164
Vladimir P. Nosov, Eduard M. Dobrov, Igor V. Chistyakov, Nikita V. Borisiuk and Andrei A. Fotiadi

Assessment of Flight Safety in the Area Navigation Route System using the ATS Surveillance Information
pp. 13165-13170
Vasiliy S. Shapkin, Vladimir B. Spryskov, Aleksandr A. Kuleshov, Oleg F. Mashoshin and Victor V. Solomentsev

Selection of the Error Density for Measuring Aircraft Coordinates in the ATS Surveillance System to Assess the Safety of Flights along Area Navigation Routes
pp. 13171-13178
Vasiliy S. Shapkin, Vladimir B. Spryskov, Vladimir A. Gorshkov, Sergey S. Demin and Igor V. Nikitin

Analysis of ROP Attack on Grsecurity / PaX Linux Kernel Security Variables
pp. 13179-13185
ZhongZheng Koo, Zakiah Ayop and ZaheeraZainal Abidin

Dice Similarity Based Ensemble Clustering for Sparsely Distributed High Dimensional Data
pp. 13186-13193
R. Pushpalatha and K. Meenakshi Sundaram

Experimental Behaviour of Natural Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Slab with Nano Concrete under Static Loading
pp. 13194-13200
R. Sakthivel and N. Balasundaram

Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Mg doped Ni-Cu-Zn nanoferrites synthesized by Citrate Precursor method
pp. 13201-13206
Biju Thangjam and Ibetombi Soibam

Study of Transportation Infrastructure Financing with the using Alms in the Province of South Sulawesi
pp. 13207-13214
Mursalim, Sakti Adji Adisasmita, Rusdi Usman Latif and Suharman Hamzah

Artificial Neural Network (Narx Algorithm): prediction of dissolved oxygen in the Sinu River (Colombia)
pp. 13215-13219
Feria Díaz, John Jairo, Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, Ruiz Ochoa and Mauricio Andres

The High-Precision Positioning System on the basis of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
pp. 13220-13226
Nikolay Gorbatenko, Valeriy Grechikhin, Anastasia Kolomiets, Ivan Kraevskiy, Artem Kudrya and Danil Shaykhutdinov

Effect of Piezoresistors Self-heating on output Characteristics of Pressure Transducer based on SOI Structure
pp. 13227-13231
Vladimir S. Sukhanov, Igor V. Godovitsyn and Dmitrii M. Grigoriev

A Low Power 4th order ΔΣ ADC using 6-bit SAR Type Quantizer
pp. 13232-13238
M. Appa Rao and P. Ramana Reddy

Efficient Care of Oversea patients in Clinical Practice with a Focus on the Conflict between Healthcare Providers and Interpreters
pp. 13239-13246
Soonlei Gwag, So Young Park, Jung Hwa Yu and Jae Lan Shim

Effective Method for Creation of Domain Module Information from Electronic Textbook
pp. 13247-13254
Satyasheela T.Kadam and Prof. Dr. Devendrasingh Thakore

Fireman Robot: a prototype design
pp. 13255-13264
Tarik Baldawi

A Survey and Analysis of the Image Encryption Methods
pp. 13265-13280
Omar Farook Mohammad, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, Subhi Rafeeq Mohammed Zeebaree and Falah Y.H. Ahmed

Performance Comparisons of Basic and Advanced Neighbor Discovery Processes in BLE 4.2 and 5.0 Specifications
pp. 13281-13285
Gaoyang Shan and Byeong-hee Roh

Thin and Tiny Focus-tunable Lens for Mobile Devices and Its Measurement System
pp. 13286-13294
Dong-Soo Choi1, Jaeu Jeong1, Eun-Jae Shin and Sang-Youn Kim

Optimization of Production Process and Machining Time in CNC Cell through the Execution of Different Lean Tools
pp. 13295-13302
V. Ramakrishnan and S. Nallusamy

The Calculation of the Diffraction Integral Using Chebyshev Polynomials
pp. 13303-13309
M.S. Kovalev, G.K. Krasin, P.A. Nosov, S.B. Odinokov and I.Yu. Filippov

The Reduction of the Impacts in the Contract Management for Government Construction Projects
pp. 13310-13313
Kongsong W.

Comparative Analysis of Cost Modeling on Lightweight Messaging Protocols for IoT Integrated Ubiquitous Collaboration System
pp. 13314-13320
Minkyung Kim, Jai-Hoon Kim and Kangseok Kim

A Detection Method of Data Leakage by Cooperation of Insiders
pp. 13321-13327
Hee-Jin Shin and Myung-Ho Kim

High-tech Industries of Russia: Current Situation and Development Trends
pp. 13328-13334
O I Kostromitskaya and I V Somina

Investigation of Methodological Approaches to Conducting Technological Modernization of Enterprises for the Innovative Development of the Region
pp. 13335-13337
Y A Doroshenko, I O Malykhina and I V Somina

Methodology and Practical Aspects of Technological Development of Russia: High-tech Enterprises as a Response to Global Economic Challenges
pp. 13338-13345
Y A Doroshenko and I V Somina

Study of Ways for Stimulation of Development Investment and Innovation Activities of the Region
pp. 13346-13348
Y A Doroshenko, I O Malykhina and I V Somina

Decolonising Teaching and Learning in Engineering Education in a South African university
pp. 13349-13358
Kehdinga G. Fomunyam

Assessment of Losses of Reheating Furnace in a Steel Re-Rolling Mill
pp. 13359-13364
Yogesh Chandra Gupta, Kamal Bansal and S.N.Sriniwas

The Disciplinary Nature of Business Engineering
pp. 13365-13373
Togar M. Simatupang, Akbar Adhi Utama and Nur Budi Mulyono

Entrepreneurial Competencies and Networks in the Construction Industry
pp. 13374-13380
Puteri Fadzline Tamyez, Juhary Ali and Nazaruddin Ishak

Shouldn’t “Engineering Business” be Needed before “Business Engineering”?
pp. 13381-13398
Baldwin Hui Yuk Bun, Andrew Siu Ka-Meng and Gary Ching Kit Hang

A Comparative Study on Cash Management Models using Soft Computing Techniques
pp. 13399-13404
Ms. Alli. A and D. John Aravindhar

Mixed Conjunct Consonants Recognition by using Soft Computing based FNHS through NI-Vision Assistant
pp. 13405-13415
Santosh Kumar Henge and B.Rama

Economic Feasibility of the Induction Heating Method for Dismantling Structures: Analysis of Direct Construction Cost based on Required Demolition Equipment
pp. 13416-13423
MyungKwan Lim and Hansic Kim

Experience in Developing Intelligent Biodynamic Lighting
pp. 13424-13428
S.M.Gvozdev, N.D.Sadovnikova, S.A.Safonov and E.A.Konovalov

Outlier Detection based on Robust Parameter Estimates
Nor Azlida Aleng, Nyi Nyi Naing, Norizan Mohamed and Kasypi Mokhtar

Microstructural Characterization and Some Mechanical Behaviour of Low Manganese Austempered Ferritic Ductile Iron
pp. 13435-13441
A. A. Abioye, P. O. Atanda, O. P. Abioye, S. A. Afolalu and J. O. Dirisu

Triple Juncture Sapphire - Glassy Dielectric – Bottom Layer for Creation of a Protective Coating
pp. 13442-13443
Sergey Pavlovich Malyukov, Yulia Vladimirovna Klunnikova, Alexander Viktorovich Sayenko, Dina Alexeevna Bondarchuk and Sergey Sergeevich Zinoviev

A Novel Session Payment System via Internet of Things (IOT)
pp. 13444-13450
Mohanad Faeq Ali, Nur Azman Abu and Norharyati Harum

A Simple Multibody 2d-model for Early Postural Checks in Workplace Design
pp. 13451-13461
Raffaele Castellone, Stefania Spada, Fabrizio Sessa and Maria Pia Cavatorta

Cleaning Returnable Wastewater from Dysh Deposit Located in Krasnodar Territory
pp. 13462-13470
Savenok Olga Vadimovna, Arutyunyan Ashot Straevich, Likhacheva Olga Nikolaevna, Barambonye Solange and Kusov Gennady Vladimirovich

A Novel Approach for Accurate Content Based Search Using Hash Techniques
pp. 13471-13475
Srisailapu D Vara Prasad & K. Rajasekhara Rao

Implementation of 5G FBMC PHYDYAS Prototype Filter
pp. 13476-13481
Ali Jasim Ramadhan

An Integrated Framework of System Dynamics and Life Cycle Assessment for Managing Sustainable Creative Industries
pp. 13482-13487
Heri Awalul Ilhamsah, Teguh Prasetyo and M. Imron Mustajib

Determination of Wheel-Roller Friction Coefficient on Roller Rigs for Railway Applications
pp. 13488-13497
Nicola Bosso, Nicolò Zampieri and Antonio Gugliotta

Review of Chronic Kidney Disease based on Data Mining Techniques
pp. 13498-13505
S.Dilli Arasu and R.Thirumalaiselvi

Improvement of Machining Performance using Hybrid Rotary Ultrasonic Milling (HRUAM) for Hardened D2 Tool Steel Materials
pp. 13506-13513
R. Azlan, R. Izamshah, M.S. Kasim, M. Akmal and MAHM Nawi

Performance of Image Similarity Measures under Burst Noise with Incomplete Reference
pp. 13524-13533
Nisreen R. Hamza, Hind R. M. Shaaban, Zahir M. Hussain and Katrina L. Neville

The Methodology of Interactive Parametric Modelling of Construction Site Layout
pp. 13534-13540
Jozef Čabala, Mária Kozlovská and Zuzana Struková

Application of Lean Techniques to Reduce Preparation Times: Case Study of a Peruvian Plastic Company
pp. 13541-13551
Silva Reyes, Alfredo Jeampiere and Salas Castro, Rosa Fernanda

A Biotin–Streptavidin Module for Signal Amplification in Immunochromatographic Analysis to Control Antibiotic Levels
pp. 13552-13564
O.D. Hendrickson, A.E. Urusov, D.A. Kuznetsova, A.V. Zherdev and B.B. Dzantiev

Study of In-storage Stability Parameters of the Feed Additive by Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
pp. 13565-13569
Irina V. Cheryomushkina, Sergey V. Lavrov, Natalya N. Manilevich, Alexsandr A. Smirnykh, Andrei N. Ryazanov, Andrei I. Potapov and Alexsandr S. Belozertsev

The Production-Distribution Problem in the Supply Chain Network using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 13570-13581
Suk-Jae Jeong

Recognition of Organic, Neurologic and Functional Diseases Using Cepstral Features Extracted From The Speech Multiscale Product
pp. 13582-13588
Chekili Salma, Belhaj Asma and Bouzid Aicha

A Survey on Data Compression and Cryptographic Algorithm
pp. 13589-13595
Kenang Eko Prasetyo, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra

A Review of Image Enhancement Methods
pp. 13596-13603
Ridho Dwisyah Putra, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Anggunmeka Luhur Prasasti

Security on Gif Images using Steganography with LSB Method, Spread Spectrum and the Vigenere Cipher
pp. 13604-13609
Andika Amirulhaqi, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Shortest Path Algorithms: State of the Art
pp. 13610-13617
Moch Agung Prasetyo, Roswan Latuconsina and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Comparison of Text Data Compression Using Huffman, Shannon-Fano, Run Length Encoding, and Tunstall Methods
pp. 13618-13622
Dea Ayu Rachesti, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Anggunmeka Luhur Prasasti

Hybrid Image Segmentation Model based on Active Contour and Graph cut with Fuzzy Entropy Maximization
pp. 13623-13637
M. Jogendra Kumar and G.V.S. Raj Kumar

Mediation Model for Improving Compliance with Public Procurement Manual that Affects Cost Performance of Construction Projects in Nigeria
pp. 13638-13648
Abdullahi Nafiu Zadawa, Abdul Aziz Hussin and Atasya Osmadi

Small-Scale Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel: Design Criteria, Construction and Calibration
pp. 13649-13662
Mauro S., Brusca S., Lanzafame R., Famoso F., Galvagno A. and Messina M

Optimized Mechanism for Minimizing Data Overhead in IoT Environments: Design, Simulation and Performance Evaluation
pp. 13663-13676
Omar Said, Alaa Elnashar and Osama Elshakankiry

The Effects of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine – A Critical Review
pp. 13677-13689
Maroa Semakula and Freddie Inambao

Integrated Design of Low Noise Amplifier and Notch Filter for Wireless Communications
pp. 13690-13695
Taha Raad Al-Shaikhli, Badrul Hisham Ahmed, Mohd Riduan Bin Ahmad and Muatafa Murtadha

Analyses of the Field Development Plan and EOR Screening based on Reservoir Properties of the “A” Field in Mongolia
pp. 13696-13710
Anuudari Arvis and Bo Hyun Chon

Managing Residential Building Project Retention Money Using Building Informatics Parameters
pp. 13711-13717
Lekan M Amusan, Ayo Charles K, Joshua Opeyemi and Afolashade Oluwatobi

Risk Mapping using Spatial Fragmentation of the Risks in Uherské Hradiště
pp. 13718-13725
Rak Jakub, Svoboda Petr, Vicar Dusan, Losek Vaclav and Micka Jan

Pricing Multi-asset Equity Options Driven by a Multidimensional Variance Gamma Process Under Nonlinear Dependence Structures
pp. 13726-13730
Komang Dharmawan

An Appraisal of Universal Design Compliance of Museum Buildings in Southwest Nigeria
pp. 13731-13741
Eziyi O. Ibem1, Olatunji O. Oni, Ekemini Umoren and Jemima Ejiga

Massive MIMO Channel Characterization and Modeling: The Present and the Future
pp. 13742-13754
Olabode Idowu-Bismark, Francis Idachaba and AAA. Atayero

Comparison of the Elemental Structure and Emission Characteristics of Selected PVC and Non PVC Ceiling Materials Available in Nigerian Markets
pp. 13755-13758
J.O Dirisu, A.A. Asere, J.A Oyekunle, B.Z. Adewole, O.O Ajayi, S.A Afolalu, O.O Joseph and A.A Abioye

Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Soil Layer Resistivity Modelling for Grounding System Design
pp. 13759-13766
Adekitan Israel Aderibigbe, Isaac Samuel, Bukola Adetokun and Shomefun Tobi

Co3(Al,W) Intermetallic Compound: From Soft to Hard Ferromagnets
pp. 13767-13772
N. Kazantseva, D. Davidov, D. Shishkin, P. Terent’ev, N. Vinogradova, Demakov S.L. and Yu. Kabanov

Comparative Analysis of Simulation Results and Test of the Dynamics of the Wheelset
pp. 13773-13778
Khomenko A.P., Gozbenko V.E., Kargapoltsev S.K., Minaev N.V. and Karlina A.I.

Comparison of Hydrology Component Spatial Correlation Model (Continuous Model) and Markov Chain (Case Study of Cikapundung Watershed, Saguling Reservoir and Cipanunjang Reservoir)
pp. 13779-13787
Suci Wulandari, Arwin Sabar and Mariana Marselina

Physical and Chemical impacts on Bituminous core samples under Thermobaric conditions on a deposit in South Western Nigeria
pp. 13788-13795
Nwizug-bee Leyii Kluivert, Savenok Olga Vadimovna, Moisa Yuri Nikolaevich and Ivanov Dmitry Yurich

A Study on Bidirectional Control Parameters using Audio Signals Based on an Adaptation of a Virtual Reality Space for User’s Emotion Change
pp. 13796-13801
Seong-Geon Bae

On the Theoretically Achievable Accuracy of a Selective Assessment of Grain Quality
pp. 13802-13806
Urii Igorevish Minkin, Aleksei Vladimirovich, Panchenko Ivan, reevish Konovalenko and Dmitri Valerevich Polevoy

Performance Analysis for Algorithms of Recognition of Geometric Patterns in Mechanical Pieces
pp. 13807-13811
Henry Montaña Quintero, Holman Montiel Ariza and José Reyes Mozo

Technology of the Thermal Extraction of Fluorosols from Spent Refractory Lining
pp. 13812-13819
Kondratiev V.V., Rzhechitskiy E.P., Bogdanov Y.V., Sysoev I.A. and Karlina A.I.

Recommendations for the Production Lines of the Future Factory in Colombia
pp. 13820-13825
Jose Izquierdo Moreno, Marcelo Galeano Bermúdez and Holman Montiel Ariza

Evaluate State-of-the-Art Carbon Fibers’ Composites (CFC) as Finishing Materials in Building Construction
pp. 13826-13833
Ihab M. Katar

Method for Electric Power Load Forecasting Taking into Account Meteorological Factors based on Fuzzy Models
pp. 13834-13842
Victor Luferov, Vadim Borisov, Aleksei Stefantsov, Roman Solopov and Svetlana Fedulova

Assessment of Healthy Human Aortic Arch Hemodynamics using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
pp. 13843-13846
Taewon Seo and Do-Il Kim

Synthesis of the Most Effective Streptavidin Conjugates with Small Gold Nanoparticles for Indirect Labeling in Lateral Flow Assay
pp. 13847-13860
Alexey V. Samokhvalov, Shyatesa C. Razo, Irina V. Safenkova, Elvira S. Slutskaya, Svetlana M. Pridvorova, Anatoly V. Zherdev and Boris B. Dzantiev

The Relationship between Innovation and Tourism: The Case of Smart Tourism
pp. 13861-13867
Demet Tüzünkan

The Parameter's and Configuration's Controlling of a 6-20 kV Distribution Network
pp. 13868-13873
Alexey B. Loskutov, Anton A. Loskutov, Dmitry V. Zyrin and Anna S. Demidova

High Speed Generator for Gas Microturbine Installations
pp. 13874-13878
Pavel G. Kolpakhchyan, Vladimir I. Parshukov, Alexey R. Shaikhiev, Alexander E. Kochin and Margarita S. Podbereznaya

Empirical Analysis of Object Detection in the Virtual World
pp. 13879-13883
JueSeok Kang, DongKeun Kim and EunJoo Rhee

Pairwise Similarity Analysis and Quality Estimation on Classical Chinese Poetry of Ancient Korea in 15th Century
pp. 13884-13890
Shohrukh Bekmirzaev, Tae-Hyong Kim and Byoung-Chan Lee

Improvement of Nicotine Yield by Ethanolic Heat Reflux Extraction of Nicotiana tabacum var. Virginia Origin of Ponorogo
pp. 13891-13897
Ahmad Fauzantoro, Yuswan Muharam and Misri Gozan

Results of Researches with Revealing of Technological Parameters of Processes of Recycling and Neutralization of the First and Second Cut of the Spent Lining of Electrolyzers for Reception of Aluminum Fluoride by Pyrolytic and Hydro Chemical Method
pp. 13898-13904
Kondratiev V.V., Petrovskiy A.A., Ershov V.A., Sysoeva T.I. and Karlina A.I.

Chances of Inserting the Renewable Energy Material into the Junior High School Curriculum
pp. 13905-13908
Yus Mochamad Cholily, Akhsanul Inam, Siti Inganah and Mahfud Effendi

A New Approach for Classification of Prices in the Electricity Market using Core Vector Machine
pp. 13909-13916
R.Gomathi and S.Ganapathy

Association Rule Hiding for Privacy Preserving Data Mining : A Survey on Algorithmic Classifications
pp. 13917-13926
Gayathiri. P and B Poorna

Approaches for Query Optimization using Materialized Views in Dynamic Distributed Environment: A Review
pp. 13927-13932
Abhijeet R. Raipurkar and Manoj B. Chandak

Efficient routing and High security transmission using AODV and Distributed protocol key generation with Dual RSA
pp. 13933-13943
Rajaram Jatothu and RP Singh

Analysis of JPEG Image Steganography Using Spread Spectrum Method
pp. 13944-13950
Jordy Ardian Bagaskara, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Implementation of Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
pp. 13951-13958
Andri Kurniawan, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Anggunmeka Luhur Prasasti

Investigating for Pozzolanic Activity in Palm Kernel Nut Waste Ash (PKNWA) with Cement towards a Sustainable Construction
pp. 13959-13565
Opeyemi Joshua, Kolapo O. Olusola, Ayodeji O. Ogunde, Anthony N. Ede, Rotimi M. Olofinnade and David O. Nduka

A Machine Learning Approach to Assess Crop Specific Suitability for Small/Marginal Scale Croplands
pp. 13966-13973
Ratnmala Bhimanpallewar and M. R. Narasinagrao






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