International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 20  (2017)  




Low-Power Linear Variable Gain Amplifier
pp. 9217-9224
Sauvik Das and Kumaravel S

Survey on High Speed Computing System Architectures
pp. 9225-9230
Swati Sanjay Patil, Arun Kumar G and M H Nerkar

Strategic Management Tools and Techniques and Performance in Indian Cement Industry (A Case Study of Select Cement Companies)
pp. 9231-9235
Sunil Kumar

Performance Enhancement of Blowfish Encryption Using RK-Blowfish Technique
pp. 9236-9244
B. Shamina Ross and V. Josephraj

Adverse effect of Black hole and Worm hole attacks on MANETs
pp. 9245-9252
Dr A. Ramesh Babu and M V S S Nagendranath

Characterization of a Single Injector GH2-LO2 for a 20 bar Cryogenic Chamber Test Facility
pp. 9253-9258
Sreejesh S R Chandran, N M Sivaram, T G Ansalam Raj and K E Reby Roy

Evaluation of Different Wag Optimization and Secondary Recovery Techniques in a Stratified Reservoir
pp. 9259-9270
Oladepo David A., Ako Churchill, Fadairo Adesina S. and Ogunkunle Tope

Effect of Horizontal Well Length Variation on Productivity of Gas Condensate Well
pp. 9271-9284
Olabode O. A. and Egeonu G.I

Virtual Machine (VM) Earlier Failure Prediction Algorithm
pp. 9285-9289
Shaima’a Ghazi and J.Meenakumari

Optimal Node Placement in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
pp. 9290-9297
Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Mmoloki Mangwala and Joseph Chuma

Performance Analysis of Energy-aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks using Different Radio Models
pp. 9298-9305
Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Joseph Chuma and Mmoloki Mangwala

Reducing Authentication Signaling Traffic for LTE Mobile Networks
pp. 9306-9314
Ja’afer Al-Saraireh

Dynamic CH selection and Intrusion Detection in WSN using Reinforced Weighted Approximation based Adaptive SEECH: An Optimized Routing framework
pp. 9315-9326
Sandhya R and Sengottaiyan N

The Mobile Crane-Related Industrial Accident Caused by the Failures of Bolts
pp. 9327-9332
Hyun Wook YEO, Jeong Sam HAN and Hyun Dong YOO

Stress Analysis of Four-Bar Linkage Transfemoral Prosthetic in Gait Cycle
pp. 9333-9337
Sugiyanto, B.P. Alhakim, B. Setiana, R. Ismail and M. Tauviqirrahman

Active Vibration Control of Sandwich FGM Beam with Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator
pp. 9338-9345
K. El Harti, M. Sanbi, Med. Rahmoune, R. Saadani, R. Agounoun, M. Bentaleb and M. Rahmoune

Bioremediation of Trivalent Chromium in Soil Using Bacteria
pp. 9346-9350
Ipung Fitri Purwanti, Setyo Budi Kurniawan, Bieby Voijant Tangahu and Nalurika Muji Rahayu

Survey Study on Enterprise Software Evaluation in SMES in Kazakhstan
pp. 9351-9356
Bakhytzhan Azamatov

Neuro-Fuzzy Based Adaptive Coding and Modulation for Performance Improvement in OFDM Wireless Systems
pp. 9357-9366
Seife Gebreslassie Temalow, Elijah Mwangi and Kibet Langa

Detection of the Fluctuating Pulse with Unknown Time of Arrival and Intensity
pp. 9367-9376
Alexandra V. Salnikova, Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Alexander V. Zakharov and Maksim I. Maksimov

Tunnel Furnace of a Conveyor Type: Technical Controlling of the Temperature Field
pp. 9377-9389
Yury Ilyushin and Anton Mokeev

Design Methods of Teaching the Development of Internet of Things Components with Considering Predictive Maintenance on the Basis of Mechatronic Devices
pp. 9390-9396
Andrey I. Vlasov, Anton V. Yudin, Maria A. Salmina, Vadim A. Shakhnov and Konstantin A. Usov

Strength and Deformability Properties of Polyolefin Macrofibers Reinforced Concrete
pp. 9397-9404
Olga Michailovna Smirnova, Andrey Anatolievich Shubin and Irina Vitalyevna Potseshkovskaya

Application of the AR4 Model Image of Landsat 8 on Land Cover Classification in Central Sulawesi Grand Forest Park
pp. 9405-9412
Akhbar, Ida Arianingsih, Misrah and Naharuddin

Increase of Efficiency for a Vertical Scroll Water Pump using Oldham Ring with Ball bearings.
pp. 9413-9419
Jeerawat Pokanit, Apichart Chaengbamrung and Pollakrit Kritmaitree

GIS-Based Land Suitability Mapping for Rubber Cultivation in Seremban, Malaysia
pp. 9420-9433
Goma Bedawi Ahmed, Abdul Rashid M. Shariff, Mohammad Oludare Idrees, Siva Kumar Balasundram and Ahmad Fikri bin Abdullah

Comparison of Risk Level of Exposure to PM10 on Students at Vegetated and Non Vegetated Elementary School in Padang City
pp. 9434-9437
Aria Gusti

Mobile Robot Controlled for Tracking a Moving Object
pp. 9438-9450
Ali Chaabani, Mohamed Sahbi Bellamine and Moncef Gasmi

Applicability of Apriori Based Association Rules on Medical Data (Identification of Associations on Medical Data/ Heart disease Dataset using Apriori Based Algorithm)
pp. 9451-9458
P.Sambasiva Rao and T.Uma Devi

A Framework for Non-Contact Wafer Level Testing of Wireless NoC-based SoCs
pp. 9459-9466
Muhammad Adil Ansari, Umair Saeed Solangi, Mohsin Shaikh, Kashif Hussain Memon, Shafiullah Soomrozz and Abdul Rahim Ansar

A Bifold Software Defined Networking based Defence Mechanism for DDOS Attacks in the Cloud Environment
pp. 9467-9474
T. V. Sindia and Julia Punitha Malar Dhas

Experimental Study of the Cooldown Process for Near-Wellbore Rocks at Sustained Extraction of Geothermal Energy
pp. 9475-9483
A.V. Volkov, A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.V. Kurshakov, S.V. Grigoriev and V.V. Bekker

Space-Vector-Modulation Scheme with Distance Mapping for Multilevel Inverters
pp. 9484-9492
Dinesh S. Wankhede and Mohan V. Aware

Surface Roughness Analyses in Drilling of CFRP Composite
pp. 9493-9499
Divakara Shetty S, Apurv Rajat, Geet Shetty and Prathamesh Patil

A Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Feature based Priority Assigning Algorithm
pp. 9500-9505
S.Dilli Arasu and R.Thirumalaiselvi

Management of Distributed Energetic Resources

pp. 9506-9514
Víctor A. Gómez, Cesar Hernandez and Edwin Rivas

Bayes Certificateless Signcryption Based Secured Data Integrity for Cloud Service Provisioning
pp. 9515-9524
Densy John V. and Agnise KalaRani, X.

An Efficient Technique for Trust Based Cloud Providers Ranking in Federated Cloud
pp. 9525-9534
D. Maria Manuel Vianny and M. Aramudhan

Inverse Fisher Discriminant Ratio based Training Set Selection for Optimal Classification Accuracy
pp. 9535-9541
Ashutosh Marathe, Vibha Vyas and Priti Rege

Self-Time Tracking Circuit to Improve Access Time of SRAM
pp. 9542-9547
Pullareddy. A, G. Sreenivasulu and Veerabadra Chary. R

Mobile Tower Radiation-An Assessment of Radiation Level and its Health Implications in the Residential Areas of Western Ghats in Idukki, Kerala
pp. 9548-9554
Premlal P.D. and Eldhose N.V.

MPSKMean Model to form Projected Attribute based Clusters to Extract Heuristic Pattern in Seasonal Data
pp. 9555-9560
S.Gokila, K. Ananda Kumar and A. Bharathi

Academic Reading Competence of the Engineering Students
pp. 9561-9569
P. Madhumathi and Arijit Ghosh

Analysis of Micro-Drilling Process Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 9570-9574
Ranadhir R. Landge and Atul B. Borade

Screening of Organic Working Fluids for a Combined Rankine-Refrigeration Cycle Driven By Renewable Energy
pp. 9575-9586
B. Saleh and Ayman A. Aly

Sand Grains Analysis For Abrasive Wear Tests Through Image Processing Techniques
pp. 9587-9591
Sonia Villamizar, Richard Forero and Holman Montiel1

Using Multi-Core Architectures to Solve the Wheel-Rail Contact Problem
pp. 9592-9604
Nicola Bosso and Nicolò Zampieri

Simulation of Heat Transfer in a Heat Exchanger Tube with Inclined Vortex Rings Inserts
pp. 9605-9613
Ashham. M, H.k. Sharaf, Salman. K and S. Salman

Design Comparison of RF SPDT Switch with Switchable Resonators for WiMAX and LTE in 3.5 GHz Band
pp. 9614-9618
N. A. Shairi, A.M. Zobilah, B.H. Ahmad and Z. Zakaria

An Alternative Modeling Equation to Estimate Wood-Cement Inhibition as Function of Wood-to-Cement Ratio
pp. 9619-9626
M’hamed Hachmi, Mourad Guelzim, Abdessadek Sesbou, Abdelillah Hakam and Mohamed Rahouti

Navigating High-Resolution Image Visualization on a Large Display using Multimodal Interaction
pp. 9627-9635
Yongjoo Cho and Kyoung Shin Park

RFID based Technology: university Student attendance system, Design and Implementation
pp. 9636-9643
Tarik H. Baldawi

Optimization of Drilling Parameters on Diameter Accuracy in Dry Drilling Process of AISI D2 Tool Steel
pp. 9644-9652
Mohd Hairizal Bin Osman, Mohd Hidayat Bin ab Rahman, Mohd Nazri Bin Ahmad, Mohammad Khalid Bin Wahid and Nurul Ain Binti Maidin

Development of Dual-Arm Assistant Robot: the Manipulator Arm Control System
pp. 9653-9665
Ivan Vladimirovich Krechetov, Arkady Alekseevich Skvortsov , Pavel Sergeevich Lavrikov and Vladislavs Korotkovs

Semi Implicit Hybrid Method with Vanishing Phase-lag and Amplification Error for Solving Second Order Oscillatory Problems
pp. 9666-9673
SufiaZulfa Ahmad, Fudziah Ismail, Norazak Senu and Zarina Bibi Ibrahim

A Novel Method for Allocation of Transmission Cost in a Multiple Transaction Framework
pp. 9674-9678
M.S.G.Smitha, P.V.Satyaramesh, P.Sujatha and P.Bharat Kumar

Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from LANDSAT data using Emissivity Estimation
pp. 9679-9687
Jeevalakshmi. D, S. Narayana Reddy and B. Manikiam

Locally received NOAA based crop yield estimation using vegetation index and atmospheric parameters for Chittoor district
pp. 9688-9696
K. Sateesh Kumar and G. Sreenivasulu

Reliability and Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Two-Unit Cold Standby System Used for Communication through Satellite with Assembling and Activation Time
pp. 9697-9702
Naveen Adlakha, Gulshan Taneja and Shilpi

A Novel Adaptive Clustering Algorithm Using Validity Index in Remote Sensing Data
pp. 9703-9707
Dalmiya C.P and Santhi N

Examination of Wear Properties in Dry-Sliding States of SIC Strengthened Al-Alloy Metal Matrix Composites by Using Taguchi Optimization Approach
pp. 9708-9716
Narinder Kaushik and Sandeep Singhal

Classification of Rainfall Data Using Linear Kernel Based Support Vector Machines
pp. 9717-9722
Kolluru Venkatanagendra and Maligelaussenaiah

Study on Vehicle Accident Avoidance System Using Kinect Depth Sensor Along with Notifications on Mobile Devices
pp. 9723-9727
Niyonsaba Eric and Jong-Wook Jang

Higher Educational Certificate Authentication System Using QR Code Tag
pp. 9728-9734
Hamdi A. Ahmed and Jong-Wook Jang

A Study on the Uniformity of Two Types of Lighting on Stage Dance Movement
pp. 9735-9738
SoJung Chang, GeungSoo Kim and KyongSok An

The Relationship of Work-Family Conflict to Job Burnout and Job Satisfaction in Information Technology Employees in Korea: The Moderating Effects of Spousal Support
pp. 9739-9745
Xiu Jin

Communication by IT Decreases the Negative Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Life Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction
pp. 9746-9751
SangWoo Hahm and Fusheng Zheng

Delivery agent service system using Drone based on IoT technology
pp. 9752-9756
Hee Wan Kim

A Research on the Airflow Efficiency Analysis according to the Variation of the Geometry Tolerance of the Sirocco Fan Cut-off for Air Purifier
pp. 9757-9762
Jeon-gi Lee, Choul-jun Choi, Nam-su Kwak, Su-sang Park and In-pyo Cha

The Effects of Social Network Sharing on the Acceptance Attitude and channel Loyalty of Professional Baseball Media Sports Viewers
pp. 9763-9767
Sun-Mun Park and Ah-Young Lee

The Relationship between Media Sports Involvement Experiences and Sports Values and Sports Participation
pp. 9768-9773
Nam-Ik Kim and Sun-Mun Park

Many-Objective Optimization: Problems and Evolutionary Algorithms – A Short Review
pp. 9774-9793
Sandeep U. Mane and M. R. Narasinga Rao

Research on Semantic Web-Based Custom Travel Model
pp. 9794-9798
Ki-Hwan Ryu

Social Network Analysis of Collaborative R&D activities in Pharmaceutical Industry - Topological Properties of EU's Innovative Medicines Initiative-
pp. 9799-9806
Sanha Son and Jamin Cho

Focus Group Interview(FGI) Survey and Analysis of Teacher’s Cognitive Component in time of Progress of Creativity-Personality Convergence Educational Program
pp. 9807-9814
YiYeon Kim

The Clustering of Black Spot using Province Public Data
pp. 9815-9819
Ki-Young Lee, Myung-Jae Lim, Jeong-Jin Kang, Sung-Jai Choi, Eun-Young Kang and Sung-Ho Hwang

Comparison and Analysis of Linear Regression & Artificial Neural Network
pp. 9820-9825
Ki-Young Lee, Kyu-Ho Kim, Jeong-Jin Kang, Sung-Jai Choi, Yong-Soon Im, Young-Dae Lee and Yun-Sik Lim

High Frequency Circuit Design using Feedback Control on Localized Obesity Relief Therapy with Body-Load Variation
pp. 9826-9829
Woocheol Lee, Koohan Kim and Hojun Yeom

Performance Evaluation of MPI-CDL Airborne Network in OMNET++
pp. 9830-9834
Israr Ullah and DoHyeun Kim

A Study on Organizational Design and Operational Planning of Big Data Teams
pp. 9835-9845
Dong-In Chang, Jin-Ho Kim and Min-Jae Park

Smart Audio Tour Guide System using TTS
pp. 9846-9852
KiBeom Kang, JeongWoo Jwa and SangDon Earl Park

BLDC Motor Control for SVF Extraction though CAN communication
pp. 9853-9857
Woocheol Lee and Hojun Yeom

A Study on Prediction of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Machine Learning
pp. 9858-9862
Jihyung Yoo, Mi Kyoung Lim, Chunhwa Ihm, Eun Soo Choi and Min Soo Kang

A Study on the Analysis of Stability Indicators in Financial Statements Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
pp. 9863-9865
Min Sun Kim, Eun Soo Choi, Jae Yeul Lee and Min Soo Kang

Extended Node Management Policy for Integrated P2P Network Services
pp. 9866-9872
Seok-Jae Moon and Sung-Uk Choi

An Empirical Analysis on Determining Factors of Hospital Specialization Level and Strategic Typology
pp. 9873-9878
Han-Sung Kim, Jung-Sik Woo and Ji-Young Oh

A Study on Extension of XMDR-DAI Considering the Relationships between Classes
pp. 9879-9884
Sung-Uk Choi and Seok-Jae Moon

Comparison of Effects of Walking Exercise and EMG Biofeedback on Lumbar Strength, Muscle Activity and Lumbar Dysfunction in Patients with Chronic Low Back
pp. 9885-9889
Choi Young-jun, Ryu Sang-ha, Seo Han-kyo and Kim Eun-hye

Analysis on Level of Service for Asset Management in Water Supply Network
pp. 9890-9895
Hyundong Lee and Myeongsik Kong

Calculation of Annual Maintenance and Replacement Cost of Water Supply System through LCC Analysis

pp. 9896-9902
Hyundong Lee, Usman Rasheed, Myeongsik Kong and Hongcheol Shin

Development of Total Solution and Program for Asset Management in Water Supply Network
pp. 9903-9908
Myeongsik Kong and Hyundong Lee

Detection of DDoS Attack on the Client Side Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 9909-9913
Donghoon Kim and Ki Young Lee

Methodology of Displacement Detection for Water Supply Pipeline by IMU Sensors
pp. 9914-9918
Sanghyuk Park, Pilljae Kwak, Hyundong Lee and Changho Choi

A Study on Estimation of Financial Liquidity Risk Prediction Model Using Financial Analysis
pp. 9919-9923
Chang-Ho An

Power Control Performance Evaluation for Efficiency In D2d Cellular Network
pp. 9924-9930
Soo-Hyeong Kang, Jaesang Cha and Jeong-Gon Kim

A Study on Understanding of UI and UX, and Understanding of Design According to User Interface Change
pp. 9931-9935
Heonsik Joo

A Study on Improvement of Personal Information Divulgence Prevention System (A case of the Health and Welfare Division)
pp. 9936-9941
Ya-Ri Lee, Jung-Sook Kim and Ho-Kyun Park

Development of Additional Functions in Scratch for Learning the Fundamentals of Object-oriented Technology
pp. 9942-9947
Sung Wan Kim

Design of IoT Platform Based Smart Disaster Prevention Systems
pp. 9948-9954
Geun-Young Park, Ji-Hoon Seo and Jin-Tak Choi

Collaboration System using Agent based on MRA in Cloud
pp. 9955-9959
Jong-Sub Lee and Seok-Jae Moon

The Instructional Design Strategy of On-line Learning System for the Improvement of NCS Core Competency
pp. 9960-9964
Okhee Jeong, Meehyun Noh and Jae-Saeng Kim

An Improved Color Deviation Calibration for the Color LCD Monitors of the Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment
pp. 9965-9968
Rankwon Kim, Sungguk Cho, Hyunmi Yoo and Byungkook Jeon


A Study on the Influence of Characteristics of Online Employment Community on Trust, Immersion, and Job Seeking Behavior
pp. 9969-9979
Sin-Bok Lee, Chanuk Park and GeonUk Kang

Improving the performance with Space Wavelength Block Coding – Wavelength Switched Transmit Diversity in visible light communication using LEDs
pp. 9980-9984
Hyoduck Seo, Kyuntak Kim, Kyesan Lee and Kyujin Lee

Substantiality Plan of National Supporting Business to Prevent Industrial Accidents of Korea Small Workplace
pp. 9985-9991
Myeong-Jin Jeong, and Myeong-Gu Lee

Falling Cognitive improving System Method Utilizing a Fuzzy Logic
pp. 9992-9996
Daepyo Lee, Jong-Yong Lee, and Kye-Dong Jung

Real-time Path Prediction and Grid-based Path Modeling Method Using GPS
pp. 9997-10001
Seongwon Min, Jong-Yong Lee, and Kye-Dong Jung

Improvement of cluster head selection of LEACH Protocol
pp. 10002-10006
WooSuk LEE, Kye-Dong Jung and Jong-Yong Lee

The New Clustering Algorithm for Sensor Nodes’ Mobility and Variability
pp. 10007-10011
Dai Yeol Yun, Kye-Dong Jung and Jong-Yong Lee

WSN Protocol based on LEACH Protocol using Fuzzy
pp. 10013-10018
Oh Seok Kwon, Kye-Dong Jung and Jong-Yong Lee

Specification of position variation system of the natural burial based on the RFID-signal
pp. 10019-10025
Jeonglae Kim and Jaesil Choi

A Strengthening of Role of Health Cadres in BTA-Positive Tuberculosis (TB) Case Invention through Education with Module Development and Video Approaches in Medan Padang bulan Comunity Health Center, North Sumatera Indonesia
pp. 10026-10035
Roymond H Simamora

Effect of Jatropha Bio-Surfactant on Residual Oil during Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
pp. 10036-10042
Ojo., T.I and Fadairo. A. S

Climatic Variability Patterns Associate to Water Resource Management Systems
pp. 10043-10056
Alexa Ortiz, Mauricio Andrés Ruiz-Ochoa, and Juan Pablo Rodríguez

DATA MINING: An environmental quality analysis in the Negro River Basin (Colombia)
pp. 10057-10062
López Sánchez, Wilson Ricardo, Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, García Ubaque and Cesar Augusto

Compact Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Defected Ground Structure (DGS) of Swastik Shape for LTE Applications
pp. 10063-10067
M.Lakshmu Naidu, B.Rama Rao, and C.Dharma Raj

Web-Based Numerical Algorithm Library: A Review
pp. 10068-10072
Nor Hizamiyani Abdul Azziz, Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad and Noor Alia Md Zain

Joint Beam Forming and Resource Allocation for WPCN with Distributed Massive MIMO System
pp. 10073-10076
Woojae Kim and Wonsik Yoon

Some Homological Groups Related To Simplicial Complexes
pp. 10077-10083
Majid Mohammed Abed and Faisal Ghazi AL-Sharqi

Data Mining Techniques for Anti Money Laundering
pp. 10084-10094
Ahmad Salehi, Mehdi Ghazanfari and Mohammed Fathian

An Investigation of Optimal Design of Source Anonymous Message Authentication Scheme using Analytical and Computational Approach
pp. 10095-10100
Uma Meena and Anand Sharma

Thermohydraulic Conditions of Heating Networks in Tyumen
pp. 10101-10106
Boris Aksenov , Alexei Emelyanov, Valeriy Ilyin, Irina Molostova and Mikhail Chekardovskiy

Research of Gas-Dispersion Systems Burning
pp. 10107-10109
Anatoly Shapoval , Nickolay Kurilenko, Boris Aksenov, Oleg Stepanov and Boris Moiseev

Physical and Mathematical Conditions of Non-Stationary Thermal Conditions of the Underground Air Channels
pp. 10110-10113
Oleg Stepanov, Boris Moiseev, Mikhail Chekardovskiy, Boris Aksenov and Anatoly Shapoval

The Smartphone Technology Acceptance among Emarati Senior Adults
pp. 10114-10120
Firas Habbal, PHD

A Comparative Analysis of Modified Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Having Reduced Number of Switches and DC Sources
pp. 10121-10126
Lipika Nanda, A. Dasgupta and U.K. Rout

Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Multiband Band Pass Filter using Octagonal Complementary Split Ring Resonators
pp. 10127-10133
Rakesh Kumar and Shiva Nand Singh

Network Traffic Simulator from Real Time Captured Packets
pp. 10134-10137
Venkat Ramana Reddy, Mohamed Safwan, Deepamala.N, Shobha. G. and Premkumar S.J

Adaptive Feature Selection Based Improved Support Vector Machine Classifier Using Adaboost and Genetic Algorithm for Web Interaction Mining
pp. 10138-10144
B. Kaviyarasu and A. V. Senthil Kumar

MATLAB Program for Energy of Some Graphs
pp. 10145-10147
Sangeeta Gupta and Sweta Srivastav

Effective Appraisal of Transient Stabiliy in a Multiple DG System Using Hybrid SVMDT
pp. 10148-10154
Gundala Srinivasa Rao and G. Kesava Rao

Development of a Mobile Application that Converges Local Newspapers and User Advertisements
pp. 10155-10157
Hyejin Yun, Andrew G. Kim and Hyen ki Kim

Nonlinear Observers for Systems with State Delay and Randomly Missing Measurements
pp. 10158-10163
Shivashankarappa N. and J. R. Raol

M-Health Frame Work- For Public Health Services
pp. 10164-10168
Minimol V.K and R. S. Shaji

A Review Application Of Image Segmentation On Statistical Texture Analysis
pp. 10169-10175
Sabiq Adzhani Hammam, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra

Eradicating Cross Site Scripting Attack for a Secure Web Access
pp. 10176-10183
K. Vijayalakshmi and A. Anny Leema

Time Setting of Stretching to Improve Response speed of Transportation Drivers in Malang City
pp. 10184-10188
Julianus Hutabarat

Design and Simulation of a Weather Activated Window System
pp. 10189-10196
Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Joseph Chuma, Mmoloki Mangwala and Lesego Refilwe Tlhabiwe

Comparative Performance Investigation of Battery and Ultracapacitor for Electric Vehicle Applications
pp. 10197-10204
Thoudam Paraskumar Singh and Sudhir Y Kumar

Performance Study of OFDM over Multipath Fading Channels for Next Wireless Communications
pp. 10205-10210
Kommabatla Mahender, Tipparti Anilkumar and K.S. Ramesh

Analysis of the Effect of Wisdom, Self-transcendence, Perceived Health Condition and Family Cohesion of Urban Elderly Women on Health Conservation
pp. 10211-10218
Yang-Sin Kim, Hee Kyung Kimand Jung Sun Ann

Effect of Sustained Action Drug Delivery System using Cellulose Beads Infused with Xylooligosaccharides
pp. 10219-10224
Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vidyashree.S, Vandana T S, Sachi Mehra and Meghana

Fuzzy Decision Tree of Risks Assessment Generated From Risk Response
pp. 10225-10232
Hafeth I. Naji and Rouwaida Hussein Ali

The Optimum Design of Micro Gripper for Lifetime Improvement Based on Fatigue Analysis and Six Sigma Analysis
pp. 10233-10241
Pisut Boonkaew and Jatuporn Thongsri

A System of Exploiting and Building Homogeneous and Large Resources for the Improvement of Vietnamese-Related Machine Translation Quality
pp. 10242-10248
Hu?nh Công Pháp and Nguy?n Van Bình

Governance of public enterprises in Morocco: Measuring efficiency by combining the Sugeno integral method and the AHP method
pp. 10249-10257
Noureddine Erramli and Mohammed Khalfaoui

Understanding Jordanian Consumers' Online Purchase Intentions: Integrating Trust to the UTAUT2 Framework
pp. 10258-10268
Ayushi Singh, Mohammad Abdallah Ali Alryalat, Jafar A. Alzubi and Hiren K.D. Sarma

Enhancement of ATC with FACTS device using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 10269-10275
T. Giri Babu and G.N. Srinivas

Forecasting Price of Amazon Spot Instances using Neural Networks
pp. 10276-10283
Sonam Agarwal, Ashish Kumar Mishra and Dharmendra K. Yadav

An Investigation on Harmonic Problems for N-1 Contingency in Industrial Distribution and Its Mitigation Using Fuzzy Controlled Hybrid Filter
pp. 10284-10297
Solomon Mesfun Ghulbet, P.K.Hinga and J. N. Nderu

Stability Analysis and Fractional Order Controller Design for Control System
pp. 10298-10304
Parvendra Kumar and Sunil Kumar Chaudhary

Analysis of Reactive Power Flow for Wind Power Generator
pp. 10305-10309
D V V V CH Mouli and M. Monica

Global Perspectives on Cyber security Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Algorithm
pp. 10310-10323
Lowell A. Quisumbing

Effect of External and Internal Sulphate on Compressive Strength of Concrete
pp. 10324-10333
Ihab Sabri Saleh

Modeling of the Objects Search by the Skills- Computational System of Technical Vision
pp. 10334-10338
Anatoliy Shmyrin, Valeriya Semina, Valery Kavygin and Avatoliy Pogodaev

Application of Mixed Control for Determining the Heat Transfer Coefficient of a Heat Exchanger
pp. 10339-10341
A.M. Shmyrin and A.G. Yartsev

Pivot-based Multilingual Dictionary Model For Under-Resourced Languages
pp. 10342-10350
Taghbalout,I , Ataa Allah, F. and EI Marraki, M

The Effect of Exercise, Nutrition Management and Social Network of Citizens over 65 Years living in Rural Environments on Health Conservation
pp. 10351-10359
Hyea Kyung Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Synergistic Antimicrobial Effect of Xylitol with Curcumin: Water vapor barrier, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of PSS/PVA Packaging Films
pp. 10360-10366
Saber Ibrahim, Omar Soliman Maha Sultan and Abdel-Aziz MS

Value Engineering (VE) Application in Infrastructure Projects by Public- Private Partnerships (PPPs)
pp. 10367-10375
Eng. Ahmed M. Selim, Osman Abd el Rahman Meetkees and Mohamed R. Hagag

Automatic Classification of ECG Arrhythmia Using Morphological Parameters with HMM and SVM
pp. 10376-10384
Dinesh D. Patil, R. P. Singh, Vilas M. Thakare and Avinash K. Gulve

The Impact of Mining Technology on Stability of Open Cast Mine
pp. 10385-10388
Aleksandr E. Sudarikov and Viktoriya A. Merkulova

Structural Analysis Using Shear Deformation Theories Having Nonpolynomial Nature: A Review
pp. 10389-10396
Sreehari. V. M, Ravi Kumar. B and Maiti. D. K

Influence of Adding Infill Walls on the Behavior of R.C. Frames during Earthquakes
pp. 10397-10414
Saif Adil Shawkat and Ammar A. Abdul Rahman

Design and Development of Adaptive Simulators Using 3D Modeling
pp. 10415-10422
Denis Dedov, Mikhail Krasnyanskiy, Artyom Obukhov and Alexey Arkhipov

Hydrogen Subatoms in the Transmutation of Isotopes
pp. 10423-10425
V. K. Nevolin

Biochar as a carrier for Nitrogen plant Nutrition: 3. Effect of Enriched Biochar on Rice (Oriza sativa L.) Yield and Soil Qualities
pp. 10426-10432
W. H. Utomo, T. Islami, E. Wisnubroto and H. T. Soelistyari

Design and Optimization of Stand-alone PV System for Egyptian Rural Communities
pp. 10433-10446
E. T. El Shenawy, A. H. Hegazy and M. Abdellatef

Fast Visual Orientation of UAV Relative to the Moving Landing Site Using Neural Networks
pp. 10447-10453
Aleksey Vladimirovich Dolgopolov, Pavel Vyacheslavovich Skribtsov and Victor A. Sadakov

IoT: Security and Privacy in Future Home appliances
pp. 10454-10457
Marlen S Bissaliyev

A New Approach of Image Segmentation Method Using K-Means and Kernel Based Subtractive Clustering Methods
pp. 10458-10464
Nameirakpam Dhanachandra and Yambem Jina Chanu








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