International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 2  (2017)  





Supply Chain Risk Assessment in the Fashion Retail Industry: An Analytic Network Process Approach
pp. 140-154
Giada Martino, Marcello Fera, Raffaele Iannone and Salvatore Miranda

Design and Implementation of Enhanced Leakage Power Reduction Technique in CMOS VLSI Circuits
pp. 155-160
Ayesha Firdous, M.Anand and B.Rajan

Simulation of a Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.4 GHz Applications with Radiation Pattern in the Horizontal Direction
pp. 161-171
Hector A. Ochoa and Yosef Y. Wodeamanuel

Effect of Temperature on Scale Formation around the Wellbore and Hole Cleanup for Reconditioned Drilling Mud
pp. 172-178
Seteyeobot Ifeanyi and Efeoghene Enaworu

Modelling the Effect of Composition Change during Condensate Dropout in a Horizontal Gas Well
pp. 179-189
Ifeanyi Seteyeobot and Efeoghene Enaworu


Prediction of Voltage Collapse in Electrical Power System Networks using a New Voltage Stability Index
pp. 190-199
Isaac A. Samuel, James Katende, Claudius O. A. Awosope and Ayokunle A. Awelewa

Enhancing OLSR Routing Protocol Using K-medoids Clustering Method in MANETs
pp. 200-206
Y. Hamzaoui, M. Amnai, A. Choukri and Y. Fakhri

Modern Methods of Shaping the Surface Layer of Iron Casting
pp. 207-211
Piotr Kuryło, Peter Frankovský, Peter Trebuňa, Peter Čižnár and Michal Kelemen

Unified Digital Signal Processing System for X-band FMCW Radar Hardware
pp. 212-215
S. A. Ermushev, A. V. Tsarkov, A. G. Balashov and G. I. Turkanov

Hydropower Generation: A Hybrid Technology Approach for Optimum Electricity Supply in Africa
pp. 216-223
Ilupeju, Samuel A, Inambao and Freddie L

Principle of Interferometer for Measurement of the absolute Velocity of Shear Ultrasonic Waves in Solids with the Highest Possible Accuracy
pp. 224-226
B.F. Borisov, A.V. Gartvik, A.I. Nedbai, E.L. Lebedeva and V.M.Mikushev

Numerical Modeling of Graded Band-Gap CIGS Solar Celle for High Efficiency
pp. 227-232
H. Aissani, A. Helmaoui and H.Moughli

An Efficient Design of Low Power Sequential Circuit Using Clocked Pair Shared Flip Flop
pp. 233-237
D. Mahesh Kumar and R. Kannusamy

A Review of Energy Absorption of Automotive Bumper Beam
pp. 238-245
Muhammad Nasiruddin S, Hambali A, Rosidah J and Widodo W.S

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the System of Self-Diagnosis Car
pp. 246-248
Katsuba Yuri and Grigoreva Liudmila

Selection of the Acidizing Compositions for Use in Terrigenous Reservoirs with High Carbonate Content
pp. 249-255
Podoprigora Dmitry and Korobov Grigory

Semantic Web Services Methodology and Tool Extensions
pp. 256-262
Mohamed. S. Hajji and Alaa. Al Maghrabi

Serial Search of Vacant Channel in Cognitive Radio Devices with Single Radio Frequency Tranceiver
pp. 263-266
Bub-Joo Kang

Study of adsorption and desorption of asphaltene sediments inhibitor in the bottomhole formation zone
pp. 267-272
G. Korobov and I. Raupov

The Development of a Water proofing Polymeric Composition based on Carboxymethylcellulose for Carbonate Reservoirs
pp. 273-276
A. Shagiakhmetov and D. Tananykhin






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