International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 18  (2017)  




Addressing the Urban Contextual Envelope: An Analytical Study in Architectural Design Studio
pp. 7043-7051
Eman S. AboWardah and Hebatallah A. Elsayed

Lifespan Enhanced Energy Efficient Cluster Formation and Trusted Multipath Data Transmission for Packet Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 7052-7067
R. Gopinathan and P. Manimegalai

Energy Aware Quality of Service Based AODV (EAQoS-AODV) Protocol in MANETs
pp. 7068-7074
Shiva Prakash

Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Convex Defect Detection
pp. 7075-7079
Yanan Xu, Dong-Won Park and GouChol Pok

Optimization of cutting parameters for zirconium diboride (ZrB2) Using wire cut EDM
pp. 7080-7087
Dasari Ajay and M.S. Sai Ravali

Enhancement of Heat Transfer Using Fe3O4 / Water Nanofluid with Varying Cut-Radius Twisted Tape Inserts
pp. 7088-7095
K.P.V. Krishna Varma1, P.Srinivas Kishore and P.V.Durga Prasad

Improving the Performance of Current Controller in a Grid Connected Renewable PV System using Fractional Order Controller
pp. 7096-7104
Ritesh Dash, Sarat Chandra Swain and Prafulla Chandra Panda

One-Time Password Communication Security Improvement using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Iris Biometric
pp. 7105-7114
Dindayal Mahto and Dilip Kumar Yadav

Fuzzy Filtered Neural Network Approach towards Handwritten Numeral Recognition
pp. 7115-7121
Ashlesha Vaidya, D. Malathi, Niveditha Kumaran, Shashank Mishra and J.D. Dorathi Jayaseeli

Structural Reduction in Front End Memory Requirement of Tree Based Interleaver Method Using the Concept of Invert Tree Based Interleaver in Multiuser Interleave Division Multiple Access Scheme
pp. 7122-7131
Arpita Patel, Jaymin Bhalani and Manoj Kumar Shukla

Survey of Methods for Effective Image Classification and Identification.
pp. 7132-7136
G.G.Naidu and Y.Srinivas

Synthesis of Blind Adaptive Beamformer using NCMA for Smart Antenna
pp. 7137-7142
Imtiyaz Ahmed B.K and Fathima Jabeen

The Distribution of Path Loss Exponent in 3D Indoor Environment
pp. 7154-7161
Nur Atina Mohamad Razali, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Nurul Fariza Bt. Zulkurnain, Md Rafiqul Islam and Al-Hareth Zyoud

Stable Self-Adjustment Control Method for Hybrid Active Power Filter
pp. 7162-7168
MinhThuyen Chau

A Hybrid of Plant Leaf Disease and Soil Moisture Prediction in Agriculture Using Data Mining Techniques
pp. 7169-7175
D. Sabareeswaran and R. Guna Sundari

Fault Analysis of Predictive Based Static Compensator in Microgrids
pp. 7176-7183
Prajith Prabhakar and H Vennila

Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Parameters for the Gasification of High Ash Indian Coal
pp. 7184-7193
G Suresh Kumar, AVSSKS Gupta and M Viswanadham

A Comparative Study on Data Extraction and Its Processes
pp. 7194-7201
Akash Gupta, Anand Shankar S. and Manjunath C.R.

A Review of Soft Computing Techniques in Short-Term Load Forecasting
pp. 7202-7206
Senthil Kumar P

Malware Detection and Evasion with Machine Learning Techniques: A Survey
pp. 7207-7214
Jhonattan J. Barriga A. and Sang Guun Yoo

An Improved Image Contrast Enhancement using Multi Resolution Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 7215-7218
G. Padma Priya and T. Venkateswarlu

Comparison between a Maglev Electromagnetic Suspension System and a Hybrid Suspension System Equipped With Permanent Magnets
pp. 7219-7223
A.V. Kireev, N.M. Kozhemyaka and G.N. Kononov

Feasibility Study of Alkali–Surfactant–Polymer Flooding On Enhancing Heavy-Oil Recovery in a Heterogeneous Thin Reservoir
pp. 7224-7237
Anuudari Arvis, Si Le Van and Bo Hyun Chon

Material Resource Management for Effective Teaching of Electrical/Electronics Technology in Colleges of Education (Technical) in Nigeria
pp. 7238-7253
Ogbuanya T.C., Nweke J.N. and Ugwoke S.C.

Verification of Performance Improvement of Multi-plane Operation in SSDs
pp. 7254-7258
I. Shin

Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Smart Home Automation System Based on Arduino Microcontroller Kit and LabVIEW Platform
pp. 7259-7264
Mohamed S. Soliman, Ahmad A. Alahmadi, Abdulwadoud A. Maash and Mohamed O. Elhabib

Efficiency evaluation of recycled concrete based Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach
pp. 7265-7271
Badr T. Alsulami

Evolutionary System Modeling for online shopping mall: Focusing on the Merchandiser and Producers
pp. 7272-7275
SeungWon Lee, Ook Lee and Changbae Mun

Parameter Design of High Speed Coupling for 6 MW Wind Turbine Considering Torsional Vibration
pp. 7276-7282
J ongHun Kang, Junwoo Bae, Seungkeun Jeong, SooKeun Park and Hyoung Woo Lee

Management Skills for Career Advancement of Women in Middle–Level Electrical/Electronics-Oriented Occupations
pp. 7283-7293
Ogbuanya T.C., Adebowale O.O. and Ugwoke S.C.

A SAT-based Method for Basis Path Testing using KodKod
pp. 7294-7305
Insang Chung

Intelligent IoT Based Automated Irrigation System
pp. 7306-7320
Yuthika Shekhar, Ekta Dagur, Sourabh Mishra, Rijo Jackson Tom, Veeramanikandan. M and Suresh Sankaranarayanan

Hello Messaging based Aodv Routing Protocol and Its Simulation
pp. 7321-7328
Abhishek Prabhakar, Amod Tiwari and Vinay Kumar Pathak

A Review on cross flow Vibration

pp. 7329-7339
B Rajasekarababu, G Vinayagamurthy and G Ilamurugan

Steady Fast and Secure Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Network with Accredit Selecting Algorithm
pp. 7340-7349
J. Wilson and Kamalraj Subramaniam

Optimization of Surface Roughness in Cylindrical Grinding Process
pp. 7350-7354
Ravi Kumar Panthangi and Vinayak Naduvinamani

Algorithms for Frequent Pattern Mining of Big Data
pp. 7355-7359
Syed Zubair Ahmad Shah, Mohammad Amjad, Ahmad Ali Habeeb, Mohd Huzaifa Faruqui and Mudasir Shafi

Designs and Implementations for CubeSat Colombia 1 Satellite Power Module
pp. 7360-7371
Jeysson Steven Oyola Alvarado, Jorge Sebastián Rodríguez Mora and Lilia Edith Aparicio Pico

The Comparative Analysis of Bonny Crude Oil Using Simple Distillation and Pre-flash Model for Maximum Distillate Cuts Recovery (Crude Oil Topping Refinery)
pp. 7372-7391
Mamudu Angela, Imokhe Omolegho, Okoro Emeka and Olabode Sanmi

Explorative Spatial Analysis of Coastal Community Incomes in Setiu Wetlands: Geographically Weighted Regression
pp. 7392-7396
Z. Syerrina, A.R. Naeim, L. Muhamad Safiih and Z. Nuredayu

Transesterification of Non-Edible Vegetable Oil for Lubricant Applications in Water-Based Mud: A Review
pp. 7397-7401
Onuh, C. Y., Dosunmu, A., Anawe, P. A. L., Efeovbokhan and V., Adebisi, A

Multi Algorithms for Improving Leukemia Images Edge Detection Technique
pp. 7402-7425
Ahmad Kadri Junoh, Moath Ali Alshorman, Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria and Afifi Md Desa

Design, Production and Testing of a Single Stage Centrifugal Pump
pp. 7426-7434
Imhade P. Okokpujie, Kennedy Okokpujie, Enesi Y. Salawu and Abdurrahman O Ismail

Performance Analysis of MANET and VANET based on Throughput Parameter
pp. 7435-7441
Omkar Pattnaik and Binod Kumar Pattanayak

Tool for Different Watermarking Applications Using Low and High DCT Frequencies
pp. 7442-7448
Ahmed M.N. Al-Gindy

nMPRA-MT Hardware Rate Monotonic Scheduling
pp. 7449-7454
Ayman AbuBaker

Development of Novel Methods for Noise Cancellation in ECS
pp. 7455-7458
Tychkov A.Yu., Alimuradov A.K., Churakov P.P., Ageykin A.V., Tychkova A.N. and Kolesova E.V.

Regression-based Link Failure Prediction with Fuzzy-based Hybrid lackhole/Grayhole Attack Detection Technique
pp. 7459-7465
P. Rathiga and S. Sathappan

Empowering SDN Firewall against ARP Poison Routing
pp. 7466-7469
Deepa Balagopal and X.Agnise Kala Rani

Stability Analysis of 6MW Wind Turbine High Speed Coupling using the Finite Element Method
pp. 7470-7477
Hanyong On, Junwoo Bae, JongHun Kang, HyoungWoo Lee, Seungkeun Jeong and SooKeun Park

Asymmetrical Heat Transfer Intensifacition Method For High-Temperature Gas Turbines Blades
pp. 7478-7484
I.V. Shevchenko, A.N. Rogalev, I.V. Garanin, I.I. Komarov and A.N. Vegera

Increase of Wear Resistance of the Drill Pipe Thread Connection by Electromechanical Surface Hardening
pp. 7485-7489
Lilia Vladimirovna Fedorova, Sergey Konstantinovich Fedorov, Yuliya Sergeevna Ivanova and Marianna Vladimirovna Voronina

Soil Liquefaction Potential Assessment in Northern Thailand
pp. 7490-7500
Pithan Pairojn and Thipphamala Manivong

Assessment of Practical Skill Training of Technical College Students in Electrical and Electronics Trade in Osun State, Nigeria.
pp. 7501-7515
Ogbuanya T.C., Akintonde A.A. and Bakare J

The Design and Construction of a Frequency Modulated (FM) Transmitter with Output Capacity of 10 Watts and Range above 4km
pp. 7516-7523
Ogbuanya T.C., Sule Abu and Bakare J

Measuring National Business Logistics Costs: A South African Application and International Comparison
pp. 7524-7529
Wessel J. Pienaar

A Study on the Tube of Integral Propeller Shaft for the Rear-wheel Drive Automobile Using Carbon Composite Fiber
pp. 7530-7535
Kibong Han

Water Scarcity Analysis, Assessment and Alleviation: New Approach for Arid Environment
pp. 7536-7545
Ahmad Danboos, Othman Jaafar and Ahmed El-Shafie

Configuration Management Measures in CMMI
pp. 7546-7557
Mahmoud Khraiwesh

A New Guidance Algorithm for a Powered Ram Air Parafoil System under Wind
pp. 7558-7565
Tae-Wook Kim and Yongkyu Song

Seismic Analysis of Soil-pile Interaction under Various Soil Conditions
pp. 7566-7571
Preeti Codoori and Jagan Mohan Kummari

Performance Evaluation and Validation of Magneto Rheological Fluid Clutch
pp. 7572-7578
K. Hema Latha, P. Usha Sri and N. Seetharamaiah

Digital Watermarking Using Matlab
pp. 7579-7583
B.Uma Surya Sai, R.Samyukta, P Vandana, K.Surekha and A.V.Paramkusam

A Survey on Different Video Watermarking Techniques and Comparative Analysis
pp. 7584-7591
A.V.Paramkusam, J. Chandra Shekar, MD. Abdul Rawoof and G Manisha

Wing Optimization for High Endurance Applications Using Teaching Learning Based Optimization
pp. 7592-7598
Venkat Rao, S. N. Omkar and Umashankar

The Analysis of Network Throughput of LEO Communication Satellite System for Priority Coverage of Russian Federation
pp. 7599-7602
A.V. Kuzovnikov, A.M. Badertdinov, V.M. Golovkov, M.P. Ivanova and V.G. Somov

RCA - CSA Adder Based Vedic Multiplier
pp. 7603-7613
D Khalandar Basha, P Prakash, D M K Chaitanya and K Aruna Manjusha

Selecting the Most Appropriate Model for Rheological Characterization of Synthetic Based Drilling Mud
pp. 7614-7629
Folayan J. Adewale, Anawe P. Lucky, Abioye P. Oluwabunmi and Elehinafe F. Boluwaji

Analysis Of Energy Conservation For A Building Model Of Research Institute, (Using Design Builder Simulation Software)
pp. 7630-7637
Ajeet Kumar, Atul Kumar, Mukesh Kumar and Gautam Prasad

Centralized Controllers of SDN and its problem spaces
pp. 7638-7641
Smitha Vinod and X. Agnise Kala Rani

Fuzzy Mean Filter for Immense Impulse Noise Removal
pp. 7642-7650
Vijaya Kumar Sagenela and C .Nagaraju

Age Identification System Based on Bivariate Gaussian Mixture Model
pp. 7651-7655
Venkatarao Rampay and Ch. Satyanarayana

Quality Improvement of VSI fed to Five-Phase Induction Motor with FHI Control Technique
pp. 7656-7662
S. C. Rangari, Bhavika Shah and H. M. Suryawanshi

EEG Arousal Detection using SVM and EMD based Frequency Detection Method
pp. 7663-7674
U.S.B.K.Mahalaxmi and M.Ramesh Patnaik

Automated Control of Die-to-Case Thermal Resistance in Integrated Circuit Packages of Pulse Voltage Converters
pp. 7675-7681
Alexandr Jurievich Drakin, Vitaly Fedorovich Zotin and Leonid Alekseevich Potapov

LBCC: Load Balanced and Congestion Controlled Routing Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
pp. 7682-7690
Biswa Mohan Acharya and Ajit Kumar Nayak

Preliminary Study on Design and Application for UWB Radar Signal Characterization
pp. 7691-7695
Jaejoon Kim, Jinho Kim and Junho Yeo

A Study on Duct Integrated Resonator of Automobile Intake System
pp. 7696-7699
Ho Seop Song and Haeng Muk Cho

Design of Adders with Less number of Transistor
pp. 7700-7704
Mohammed Azeem Gafoor and A R Abdul Rajak

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Test Driven Development: Advantages and Pitfalls
pp. 7705-7716
Zeba Khanam and Mohammed Najeeb Ahsan

Prediction of Electricity Load Using Artificial Neural Network for Technology Tower Block of VIT University
pp. 7717-7723
Rahul SG, Monah Pradeep I, Kavitha P and Dhivyasri G

Meta Heuristic Neural Network (MH-NN) Based Tuning Method for PID Controller in Digital Excitation Control System (DECS)
pp. 7724-7733
Deepak. M. Sajnekar, S.B.Deshpande and R.M. Moharil

Corporate Image of Bus Rapid Transit Antecedent Customer Repurchase Intention
pp. 7734-7740
Retno Mulatsih, Andriyansah and Harry Soesanto

Characterization of Tool Steel M2 Friction Surfaced Desposits
pp. 7741-7748
S. Ravi Sekhar, V.Chittaranjandas and D.Govardhan

Some Graph Operations Of Even Vertex Odd Mean Labeling Graphs
pp. 7749-7753
M.Kannan, R.Vikrama Prasad and R.Gopi

Over-Voltage Prevention Solutions for 220 kV Distribution Substation to Enhance Power System Stability: A Case Study in Vietnamese Power System
pp. 7754-7769
Doan Duc Tung

Visual Patterns Recognition in Robotic Platforms Through the Use of Neural Networks and Image Processing
pp. 7770-7774
Holman Montiel Ariza, Fredy H. Martínez and Edwar Jacinto

ANFIS Approach for Distribution Network Reconfiguration
pp. 7775-7782
Ramadoni Syahputra and Indah Soesanti

Parallel Frequent Dataset Mining and Feature Subset Selection for High Dimensional Data on Hadoop using Map-Reduce
pp. 7783-7789
Sandhya S Waghere and Pothuraju Rajarajeswari

Optimal Risk Factor Selection Approach to Predict Heart Disease Accurately for the Immediate Health Care System
pp. 7790-7796
G. Purusothaman G and A. Nithya

Inplementation of a Decision-Making Platform Based on Heterogeneous Indicators for HCWFFAD
pp. 7797-7802
K. Oubedda, M. Khalfaoui and A. Ettahir

A Compliant Mechanism for Aerostatic Thrust Bearings Controlled by Piezo-actuators
pp. 7803–7815
Federico Colombo, Luigi Lentini, Terenziano Raparelli and Vladimir Viktorov

E-mail Classification using Fuzzy Fusion of Average and Probabilistic Methods
pp. 7816-7822
Mandeep Singh and Prashant Sahai Saxena

Self Organized Gradient Boosting Key Authentication for Secured Data Communication in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
pp. 7823-7832
S. Sangeetha and S. Sathappan

An Experimental review on Intel DPDK L2 Forwarding
pp. 7833-7837
Dharmanshu Johar, Minal Moharir and Devendra Bhardwaj

Application of Tolerance Charting Using Rooted Tree Graph for Allocating Manufacturing Specifications onto the Precision Machined Part: Detailed Explanation of Manufacturing a Standard Weight of Mass
pp. 7838-7852
Chatchawan Sornsiri and Chatchapol Chungchoo

Applied Exponential Growth Regression Modeling Using SAS: An Alternative Method of Biostatistics
pp. 7853-7856
Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Nor Azlida Aleng, Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim, Yosza Dasril and Adam Baharum

Determination of order quantity with piecewise-linear demand function with saturation
pp. 7857–7862
V. M. Bure, V. V. Karelin, S. K. Myshkov, and L. N. Polyakova

LTE-Advanced for Rapid Mobile Broadband Penetration in Developing Countries
pp. 7863-7872
Oboyerulu E. Agboje, Segun I. Popoola and Aderemi A. Atayero

Implications of Construction Materials on Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Tropical Regions
pp. 7873-7883
Anthony N. Ede, Oluwarotimi M. Olofinnade, Edwin Enyi-Abonta and Gideon O. Bamigboye

A new Strategy for Performance Enhancement of DSR in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
pp. 7884-7890
Pushpender Sarao

Design of Smart Sensor Using Linux-2.6.29 Kernel
pp. 7891-7896
Anil Gantala, Vijaykumar G., Nagarjuna Telagam, P. Anjaneyulu and Bhaskar phaniram

Simulation of Vertical Handover Algorithm for Seamless Connectivity using Advanced Cuckoo Search Algorithm
pp. 7897-7901
Mahesh Navale and S. Bhavani

Detecting and Neutralizing Encrypting Ransomware Attacks by Using Machine-Learning Techniques: A Literature Review
pp. 7902-7911
Edgar P. Torres P. and Sang Guun Yoo

The Asymptotic Distributions of the Absolute Maximum of the Generalized Wiener Random Field
pp. 7912-7919
Andrey P. Trifonov, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Alexander V. Zakharov, Oleg V. Chernoyarov and Darya S. Rozhkova

Nitrous Oxide Emissions on Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Variable of Fuel Sulfur and Emulsion Fuel
pp. 7920-7926
Agung Sudrajad

Miniaturization Cross Dipole Antenna based on Helix and Meander Structure for NOAA Receiver Application
pp. 7927-7932
Yenniwarti Rafsyam, Jonifan, Indra Z and Eri Ester Khairas

Analysis of Factors Influencing Health Conservation of Elderly Citizens Living in Rural Environments
pp. 7933-7942
Hyea Kyung Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Formulating an Optimization Problem by Balancing Tradeoff between Latency and Power Saving in LTE - A Network
pp. 7943-7950
Budhaditya Bhattacharyya and Inayat Singh

Review Techniques and Fundamentals of Adaptive gateway discovery mechanism in an integrated internet MANETs (IIM)
pp. 7951-7961
Md.Misbahuddin, Muneer Ahmed Rabbani and Syed Raziuddin

Quality Based Cloud Service Broker for Optimal Cloud Service Provider Selection
pp. 7962-7975
Ravi Khurana and Rajesh Kumar Bawa

An Analysis of Embedded Operating Systems: Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, uC/OS-II, and OSEK/VDX
pp. 7976-7981
Sukhyun Seo, Junsu Kim and Su Min Kim

High Speed Low Power Adaptive Viterbi Decoder Architecture for Underwater Acoustic Communication with Turbo Codes
pp. 7982-7989
Girish N and Veena M B

Obfuscation-based Delay-Aware Confidential Data Discovery and Dissemination Protocol in Wireless Body Area Networks
pp. 7990-7997
Prameela. S and P. Ponmuthuramalingam

A Differential Subthreshold SRAM Cell for Ultra-Low Voltage Embedded Computing Applications
pp. 7998-8003
Yeonbae Chung and Hyunmyoung Kim

Steganography Using Unforeseen Media
pp. 8004-8008
Prateek Gera, G. Sujatha, K.Sornalakshmi, D.Hemavathi and M.Kavitha








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