International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 15  (2017)  




An Evaluation of Digital Image Forgery Detection Approaches
pp. 4747–4758
Abhishek Kashyap, Rajesh Singh Parmar, Megha Agarwal and Hariom Gupta

Modeling and Analysis of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Parameters in Machining of Inconel 718
pp. 4759-4764
Hulas Raj Tonday and Anand Mukut Tigga

Analysis of the Incident Detection Technologies and Algorithms in Intelligent Transport Systems
pp. 4765-4774
Andrey B. Nikolaev, Yuliya S. Sapego, Andrey M. Ivakhnenko, Tat’yana E. Mel'nikova and Victor Y. Stroganov

Breast Cancer Classification using RBF and BPN Neural Networks
pp. 4775-4781
Vijayalakshmi S and Priyadarshini J

Band-notch Effect of U-shaped Split Ring Resonator Structure at Ultra Wide-band Monopole Antenna
pp. 4782-4789
Ahmed Jamal Abdullah Al-Gburi, IM Ibrahim and Z. Zakaria

Natural Computing Based Wind Turbine Blade Design Performance Optimization
pp. 4790-4798
Prashanth.N.A and P.Sujatha

Effect of granite/gravel (washed) combination on fresh properties of self-compacting concrete
pp. 4799-4805
Gideon O, Bamigboye, Adeola A, Adedeji, David O, Olukanni and Kayode J, Jolayemi

Rehabilitation of Distressed Concrete Beams Using External Prestressing – Experimental Study
pp. 4806-4810
R. Muthukumar and N.Balasundaram

Optimization of Twisted Aero-Foil Blade Angle of a Structural Gas Turbine Assembly
pp. 4818-4824
Kalapala Prasad, B. Anjaneya Prasad and M. Anandarao

State-based Die Binding for Enhancing SSD Internal Parallelism
pp. 4825-4829
S. Jin and I. Shin

Case study of the Algerian Highway section called “East-West Autoroute”
pp. 4830-4835
Samir Bouhedja and Boualem El Kechebour

Improving SSD Simulator for High Reliability of Performance Evaluation
pp. 4836-4839
J. Kim, M. Park and I. Shin

Working Out of an Analytical Model of a Radial Bearing Taking into Account Dependence of Viscous Characteristics of Micropolar Lubrication on Pressure and Temperature
pp. 4840-4846
Kamil Samedovich Akhverdiev, Murman Aleksandrovich Mukutadze, Elena Olegovna Lagunova and Konstantin Sergeevich Solop

An Efficient Control of Induction Generator based Variable Speed Wind Power Plant with Power Optimization Capability
pp. 4847-4853
Neha Gupta and Yaduvir Singh

A Survey on Issues at the GPGPU Acceleration of the Monte Carlo Tree Search
pp. 4854-4857
SeongKi Kim

A New Approach to Estimate Hansen Solubility Parameters using Maple Software
pp. 4858-4863
Ra'id Khider Salman and Jassim Mohammed Salih

Inventory Management in Closed Loop Structure Using KPIs
pp. 4864-4869
Sofia Rachad, Zineb El Idrissi Larabi, Benayad Nsiri and Bahloul Bensassi

The Pseudo Adaptive Algorithm of Control over a Dynamic Plant with Limited Uncertainty
pp. 4870-4876
Nikolay D. Polyakhov, Anastasiia D. Stotckaia, Irina A. Prikhodko and Anh Tuan Ha

Effect of Vacuum Assisted Fused Deposition Modeling on 3D Printed ABS Microstructure
pp. 4877-4881
S. Maidin, J. H. U. Wong, A. S. Mohamed and S. B. Mohamed

Thailand Logistics Trend: Logistics Performance Index
pp. 4882-4885
Alonggot Limcharoen, Varattaya Jangkrajarng, Warisa Wisittipanich and Sakgasem Ramingwong

MAC Protocol for Reducing Control Packet Overhead in Underwater Acoustic Networks
pp. 4886-4892
Seongjin Han and Sunmyeng Kim

Oral Cancer Prediction Using Gene Expression Profiling and Machine Learning
pp. 4893-4898
Wafaa K. Shams and Zaw Z. Htike

Priority Queuing Technique Promoting Deadline Sensitive Data Transfers in Router based Heterogeneous Networks
pp. 4899-4903
Jyothish K John and R.V.Siva Balan

A Conceptual View of Dynamic Protocol for Effective Data Communication
pp. 4904-4907
T. Vengatesh and Dr. S. Thabasu Kannan

Study of Change Detection based on Edge Detection of Satellite Images
pp. 4908-4915
Sanjay Kumar Singh

Analysis and Evaluation of Speckle Filters for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) Data
pp. 4916-4927
Sivasubramanyam Medasani and G. Umamaheswara Reddy

Free Vibration of Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Composite Laminated Conical Shell under Classical Theory
pp. 4928-4937
A.K. Nor Hafizah, K.K. Viswanathan, Z.A. Aziz and J.H. Lee

The Proof of the Method of Variation of Parameter in the General Form
pp. 4938-4940
Hwajoon Kim

A Pattern Recognition of the Volatile Chromatographic Peaks detected in the Korean Distilled Liquors using Principle Component Analysis
pp. 4941-4945
Sungmin Myoung and Chang-Hwan Oh

The Influence of Building Typology on the Economic Feasibility of Urban Developments
pp. 4946-4954
Valentina Antoniucci and Giuliano Marella

VR-based Location Aware System Modeling: Providing Location Information for Urgent Requests
pp. 4955-4958
Changbae Mun and Ook Lee

Non-liner Great Deluge Algorithm for Handling Nurse Rostering Problem
pp. 4959-4966
Yahya Z. Arajy, Salwani Abdullah and Saif Kifah

Shading Phenomenon Analysis for a Medium Size 3.8 kW Standalone PV System Connected in Series Parallel Configuration Using MATLAB Simulation
pp. 4967-4975
L. Navinkumar Rao, Sanjay Gairola, Sandhya Lavety and Noorul Islam

Unified Input Processing Framework for Multi-User Multimodal Interaction on Large Display
pp. 4976-4984
Kiyoung Seo and Kyoung Shin Park

Remote Eye Tracking Method for UHD Monitor Based on High-resolution Infrared Imaging
pp. 4985-4988
Eui Chul Lee

Improvement of the Triage Process using Process Automatization and Machine Learning
pp. 4989-4999
Christian Ruiz, Iveth Tello and Sang Guun Yoo

Proposed Architecture of MongoDB-Hive Integration
pp. 5000-5004
Subita Kumari and Pankaj Gupta

Dynamic Balance Control of Legged Wheeled Robot
pp. 5005-5010
Patil Shubham Suresh, Vipul Arora and Krishna S.

Optical inspection and monitoring of moisture content in Pleurotus eryngii during storage life by refrigeration
pp. 5011-5015
Naresh Kumar Ravichandran, Seung-Yeol Lee, Hee-Young Jung, Mansik Jeon and Jeehyun Kim

Damage Analysis of Subsea Pipeline Due to Anchor Drag
pp. 5016-5021
Ricky Lukman Tawekal, Richo Prayudha Rante Allo and Akhmad Taufik

Community-Based Collaborative Filtering to Alleviate the Cold-Start and Sparsity Problems
pp. 5022-5030
Satya Keerthi Gorripati and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

Image Retrieval Based on Tuned Color Gabor Filter Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 5031-5039
D.Madhavi and M.Ramesh Patnaik

An Efficient Inline Data Deduplication with Data Relationship Manager for Cloud Storage
pp. 5040-5046
Venish A and Sivasankar K

Electromagnetic Compatibility of Arduino Development Platform in Near and Far-Field
pp. 5047-5052
Stanislav Kovar, Václav Mach, Jan Valouch and Milan Adámek

Influence of the security situation on the numbers of weapons of category D in the Czech Republic
pp. 5053-5059
Martin Ficek and Michal Gracla

Area and power efficient OBC DA based adaptive FIR filter
pp. 5060-5066
Abhijeet SureshraoShinde and Sriadibhatla Sridevi

The Influence of Gravity Shear Ratio on the Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections with Shear Reinforcement
pp. 5067-5072
Faimun, Asdam Tambusay and Priyo Suprobo

Dynamic Modeling and Hybrid Control Design with Image Tracking for a Quadrotor UAV
pp. 5073-5077
Maria A. Smirnova and Mikhail N. Smirnov

Effect of Ecological Insulating Fiber on the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Plaster.
pp. 5078-5088
Youssef Maaloufa, Soumia Mounir, Abdelhamid Khabbazi and Yassine Elhamdouni

GMSK Based Real Time Video Transmission on SDR Platform
pp. 5089-5093
Rupali B. Patil, K.D. Kulat and A.S.Gandhi

The Development of Rotor Brakes for Wind Turbines
pp. 5094-5100
JongHun Kang and HyoungWoo Lee

Optimal Scheduling Algorithms to Minimize Total Flowtime on a Two-Machine Permutation Flowshop with Limited Waiting Times and Ready Times of Jobs
pp. 5101-5109
Seong-Woo Choi

Dynamic analysis of a spindle-bearing system based on finite element method
pp. 5110-5126
Khairul Jauhari

Method to Remove the Noisy Data from Captured Image of Iris and Identifying the Pupil by Detecting Its Centroid
pp. 5127-5130
Abhilash.KS. and V.S.Dharun

A Novel Approach for Early Software Operational Profile Estimation
pp. 5131-5136
Amrita and Dilip Kumar Yadav

A Novel Framework for Automated image set preparation for moving objects in under water videos
pp. 5137-5145
N.Jayachandra and A. R. Nadira Banu Kamal

A Low Cost Digital Pen Based on Raspberry PI
pp. 5146-5150
M. Sudhakar, Vandana Khare and Vijay Krishna Kanth

Hybrid Symmetrical Cascaded Multilevel Inverter having reduced number of Switches and DC Sources
pp. 5151-5155
Lipika Nanda, A. Dasgupta and Dr. U.K. Rout

Speed Control Schemes of Four Quadrant Operating PMSM Drive For Electric Vehicles Applications
pp. 5156-5162
Ritu Tak, Sudhir Y Kumar and B.S.Rajpurohit

Scene Text Extraction by Combining Edge Based Stroke Segmentation and Morphological Filtering
pp. 5163-5168
Kumuda.T and L.Basavaraj

Development of RF MEMS cantilever beam to maximize capacitance in an activated state
pp. 5169-5172
G.K. Alagashev and E.A. Savin

Lightweight Optimization of Joint Type Seatback including Plastic Materials
pp. 5173-5180
Yeong Jo Ju and Euy Sik Jeon

Computation and Management of Bigdata Using Cloud Map Table Framework
pp. 5181-5186
Sheikh Ikhlaq and Bright Keswani

Using Enhanced-Color Mapping Algorithm for Object Boundary Segmentation
pp. 5187-5190
Byoung Hwan Ko and Hi Seok Kim

The Influence of Optimizing the Difference of Water Flow Rate to Energy Efficiency in Water Cooled Plant System
pp. 5191-5197
Dany Watanabe and Wegie Ruslan

A study on the Method of Manufacturing Horseshoe using Polycarbonate and the Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Horseshoe
pp. 5198-5201
Seungtae Seo

Effect of Operating Conditions on Molasses fermentation for Bioethanol production
pp. 5202-5506
Hamid Zentou, Zurina Zainal Abidin, Mustapha Zouanti and Darren Greetham

Integrated Organization of the System for Forming the Information Support of Aeronautical Simulator
pp. 5207-5213
Vladimir R. Roganov, Aigerim B. Sagyndyk, Raziya F. Akhtarieva, Aigul K. Beisenbayeva and Svetlana I. Sannikova

Influence of Mud Filtrate on the Stress Distribution in the Row Zone of the Well'
pp. 5214-5217
Pavel Aleksandrovich Blinov, Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvoynikov, Kulemin Maksim Sergeevich and Arslanova Elza Rustamovna

Study on the Residue Resulted from the Metallic Minerals separations to the Coastal Iron-sand of Yogyakarta Indonesia
pp. 5218-5225
Mohammad Nurcholis and Djoko Mulyanto

Link-To-System MIMO Interference Analysis for LTE Coexistence in 2.6 GHz Frequency Band
pp. 5226-5233
A. Hameed, Lway F. Abdulrazak, Zaid A. Aljawary and Fahad L. Malallah

A Reconfigurable Method for Time-Correlated Mimo Channels with a Decision Feedback Receiver
pp. 5234-5241
R.Karthick and M. Sundararajan

Data Cleaning and Prototyping Using K-Means to Enhance Classification Accuracy
pp. 5242-5247
Lutfi Fanani and Nurizal Dwi Priandani

Real time location system (RTLS) focused on the optimization of efficiency for hospital center assistance
pp. 5248-5253
Wilson Aguilar Urrea and Holman Montiel Ariza

A 3-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Insole Shoe Orthotic for Foot Deformities
pp. 5254-5260
P.W. Anggoro, E. Saputra, M. Tauviqirrahman, J. Jamari and A.P. Bayuseno

Size Effect on the Load Carrying Capacity of Normal and Lightweight Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube Composite Columns
pp. 5261-5266
Samoel Mahdi Saleh

Synthesis of Nanorod Ba(Nd)0.015Fe12O19 Using Starch as Template
pp. 5267-5273
Kerista Sebayanga, Nasruddin MNa, Syahwinb, Muhammad Zarlisa and Bambang Sunendarc

Management System of Underground Water-Facilities using RFID
pp. 5274-5279
Moon, Jeom Hwan and Choi, Seung Pil

Analytical Tension Stiffening Model for Concrete Beam Reinforced with Inoxydable Steel
pp. 5280-5288
Sophia C. Alih, Abdelouahab Khelil, Mohammadreza Vafaei and Nur Hajarul Falahi Abd Halim

Analytical comparison between the performances of Field-Oriented Control and Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor Drives
pp. 5289-5298
Nassira Medjadji, Abdelkader Chaker and Meabet Alia

A Study on Recovery in Voice Analysis through Vocal Changes before and After Speech Using Speech Signal Processing
pp. 5299-5303
Seong-Geon Bae and Myung-Jin Bae

An Analysis of Animated Character Dubbing as Voice Acting Using Audio and Video Signal Processing
pp. 5304-5307
Jin-Yeong Lee, Seong-Geon Bae and Myung-Jin Bae

New Model to evaluate User Reliability Dynamically for Social Network Services
pp. 5308-5317
Youngsook Lee, Younsung Choi, Changhoon Lee and Dongho Won

Estimating Distribution from Data of malware-infected websites
pp. 5318-5323
DongYoung Lee and Jinho Yoo

Strategic Planning for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Labor in restraining non Procedural Indonesian Labor: A Study on BNP2TKI
pp. 5324-5331
Eko Sugiyanto

Substance Flow Analysis of Mercury from Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities
pp. 5332-5338
Hyunhee Kim, Yong-Chul Jang and Yong-Seok Hong

A Negative Voltage Converter with Wide Operating Voltage Range for Energy Harvesting Applications
pp. 5339-5344
Eun-Jung Yoon, Jong-Tae Park and Chong-Gun Yu

Estimation of Reservoirs Fracture Network Properties Using an Artificial Intelligence Technique
pp. 5345-5350
Reda Abdel Azim and Tariq Shehab

Control of UPFC for Voltage Stability constrained Available Transfer Capability (VSATC)
pp. 5351-5358
A.N.Venkateswarlu, S.S. Tulasi Ram and P.Sangameswara Raju

Studies on Potential of Water Quality Trading at Industrial Zone Palsana, Surat
pp. 5359-5366
H S Shah and J P Ruparelia

Effect of Volute Tongue Radius on the Performance of a Centrifugal Blower – A Numerical Study
pp. 5367-5373
Anudeep Mallarapu, K. Vasudeva Karanth, N. Yagnesh Sharma and Madhwesh N

Energy Balance Packet Forwarding for Lifetime Maximization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 5374-5382
Arvind Kumar and Sushil Kumar

On decomposition of a singularly perturbed dynamical system model with perturbation parameters of different orders of magnitude
pp. 5383-5388
Alexander Bobryakov, Otto Derzhavin, Elena Sidorova and Gennady Filaretov

Appraisal Of Improving the Robustness Of Multiresolution Watermarking
pp. 5389-5392
S.Thabasu Kannan and S. Azhagu Senthil

A Unique Class Prediction Classifier for Redundant Multi-Label Values to Support Efficient Clustering
pp. 5393-5401
Krishnaiah Nallam and G Narsimha

Enhancement of FBMC Communication through Equlaisation Techniques
pp. 5402-5410
N. Thinakaran and D. Kumar

Anode Film Formation on Graphite Electrode
pp. 5411-5415
A.V. Guntsov and N.M. Khlynova

Structure and Properties of Electrolytic Copper Alloys with Low-Melting Metals
pp. 5416-5420
V V Povetkin, T E Ivanova and A V Ismagilova

Improvement of the Methods of Extraction of Plant Raw Materials
pp. 5421-5429
V G Popov, S N Khabarov, G D Kadochnikova and V M Poznyakovsky






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