International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 14  (2017)  




Optimization in the orientation recognition for pieces in the base mounting station belonging to the FMS200 through image processing
pp. 4044-4048
Laura Quiroga, Luis Vargas and Holman Montiel

A Comprehensive Model for Better Multicast Routing Protocol (BMRP-QoS) to Improve Qos in Manets
pp. 4049-4055
M.Saseekala and P.Kamalakannan

Automated Design of a Second Order Sigma Delta Modulator using Success History Based Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm
pp. 4056-4066
Shravan Kudikala and Samrat L. Sabat

Fatigue Life of Electrodischarge Drilled Inconel 718
pp. 4067-4071
Bassoli Elena

Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Medium Using a New Schiff Base Chitosan Derivative
pp. 4072-4082
Balakrishna Prabhu K, M.B. Saidutta and M. Srinivas Kini

FPGA Implementation of Image Denoiser using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (DTCWT)
pp. 4083-4089
SK. Umar Faruk, K.V. Ramanaiah and K. Soundararajan

Supervisor Control for a Stand-Alone Hybrid Generation System
pp. 4090-4097
Kowsalya.M, A. Thamilmaran and P.Vijayapriya

Block Sparse and Addressing for Memory BIST Application
pp. 4098-4105
Mohammed Altaf Ahmed, D Elizabath Rani and Syed Abdul Sattar

Comparison of Experts and Non-Experts Gaze Pattern for the Target as Optic Disc in the Fundus Retinal Images
pp. 4106-4112
Nilima Kulkarni and Amudha J

Process Optimization of the Transesterification Processes of Palm Kernel and Soybean Oils for Lube Oil Synthesis
pp. 4113-4129
Samuel E Sanni, Moses, E Emetere, Vincent E Efeovbokhan and Joseph D Udonne

Object Recognition Using Log-Euclidean Multivariate Gaussian Descriptors
pp. 4130-4137
B. Ramesh Naik and T. Venu Gopal

Symbol Error Probability Analysis of Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Using Hybrid Diversity Technique over Rayleigh Fading
pp. 4138-4140
B. Suresh Ram and P. Siddaiah

Evolution of High Speed Railway Communication system towards 5G: A Unique Scalable Model using Distributed Mobile Relays
pp. 4141-4144
Pramod P J and B C Jinaga

MIMO PLC Channel Modeling on Indian Residential Networks
pp. 4145-4151
Shashidhar Kasthala., GKD Prasanna Venkatesan and A Amudha

Temperament as a Determinant of Success in Formative Assessment in Engineering Education
pp. 4152-4161
Kehdinga George Fomunyam and Thoko Mnisi

A Numerical Investigation on Variable Shape Parameter Schemes in a Meshfree Method Applied to a Convection-Diffusion Problem
pp. 4162-4170
Nissaya Chuathong and Sayan Kaennakham

Environmental Effect of Climate Change Pollutants Loading on Structural Steel Stresses
pp. 4171-4183
Ben U, Ngene, Anthony N, Ede, Gideon O, Bamigboye, Kumar Prashant and Imam Boulent

An Efficient Certificateless Authentication Encryption for WSN Based on Clustering Algorithm
pp. 4184-4190
Shailendra Singh Gaur, A.K. Mohapatra and Rashmi Roges

Integrating SSSC with Variable Structure Observer based Optimal Controller for Damping Frequency Oscillations of Deregulated Power System
pp. 4191-4198
A. Ganga Dinesh Kumar and N.V. Ramana

Analytical Admittance and Noise Calculations in InGaAs transistor channels
pp. 4199-4204
Abdel Madjid Mammeri, Fatima Zohra Mahi and Luca Varani

A Novel Feature Selection Algorithm with Dempster Shafer Fusion Information for Medical Datasets
pp. 4205-4212
R.Naveen Kumar and M. Anand Kumar

Building Automation and Context Aware Energy Consumption using IoT – Smart Campus
pp. 4213-4220
Manu Jain, Asmita Varma, N Kaushik, Kayalvizhi Jayavel and Sivanathan K

A Critical Evaluation of the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard as a Decision Aid Framework
pp. 4221-4237
Fadwa Chaker, Mohammed Abdou Janati Idrissi and Abdellah El Manouar

Strategy of the policy of sustainable housing development using AHP method at the village Ihamahu-Maluku, Indonesia
pp. 4238-4247
AM. Pattinaja and Dino Rimantho

An Appliance Door Virtual Modeling For User Experience Design
pp. 4248-4257
Filippo Cucinottaa and Felice Sfravaraa

Effective Analysis of the Radio Wave’s Diffraction on the Short-Circuited Crack in the Carrying-Out Screen
pp. 4258-4263
Aleksandr V. Ostankov, Sergey A. Antipov, Konstantin A. Razinkin and Churakov P. Pavlovich

Calculation Analysis of Power Losses on the Medium Voltage Feeders and Distribution Transformers
pp. 4264-4281
Waluyo, Aulia Nur Fahdiyalhaq and Siti Saodah

Vishual Analytics of Millions of GPU Threads
pp. 4282-4285
SeongKi Kim and HyukSoo Han

Neonatal Seizure Detection using Time-Frequency Renyi Entropy of HRV signals
pp. 4286-4298
M. B. Malarvili, V.Sucic and B. Boashash

Prepare Nitinol Alloys and Improve their Hardness Using Copper as an Alloying Element
pp. 4299-4308
Salah Noori Alnomani, Essam Zuheir Fadhel and Auday Abid Mehatlaf

Comparative Study of Five Text Classification Algorithms with their Improvements
pp. 4309-4319
Ahmed H. Aliwy and Esraa H. Abdul Ameer

How to Determine Spot Matching Results by Probabilistic Reliability using Homogeneous Multiple Graphs in Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
pp. 4320-4328
Dae-Seong Jeoune, Yun-Kyoo Ryoo, Beomcheol Lee, Chan-Myeong Han, Jae Hak Sa and Wook Hyun Kim

An Efficient Password-Only Authenticated Three-Party Key Exchange Protocol
pp. 4329-4339
Youngsook Lee, Juryon Paik and Younsung Choi

Development of Mathematical Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Soil, with Provision for Gradients of Soil-Water and Soil-Salt Potentials. Part 1.
pp. 4340-4344
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov, Yuri S. Sysoev and Aleksandr D. Gerber

An Automatic Detection of Anomalous Energy Consumption by Leveraging BEMS Big Data Analytics
pp. 4345-4349
Jong Wook Kim

A Queue-Based Energy Saving Scheme for Mobile Embedded Systems with Multiple Radio Interfaces
pp. 4350-4355
Su Min Kim, Sukhyun Seo and Junsu Kim

New Perspectives in Removal of Organic Pollutants from Industrial Wastewater mediated by the Fenton Process
pp. 4356-4364
Claudia Espro, Silvia Marinia and Signorino Galvagno

An Intelligent Radio Access Technology Selection For Vehicular Communications
pp. 4365-4371
Mohanad Faeq Ali, Nor Haryati Harum and Nur Azman Abu

Applying MDA approach for Spring MVC Framework
pp. 4372-4381
Aziz Srai, Fatima Guerouatem, Naoual Berbiche and Hilal Drissi Lahsini

Formic Acid Production from Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunches
pp. 4382-4390
Jabosar Ronggur Hamonangan Panjaitan and Misri Gozan

Design of Anti-Sticking Membrane for RF MEMS Tunable Capacitor
pp. 4391-4394
G.K. Alagashev and A.V. Gulyaev

Development and Implementation of the Separation Method on a CMM for Decoupling Probe Errors, Machine Errors and Roundness Errors
pp. 4395-4404
Loubna Laaouina, Abdelhak Nafi and Ahmed Mouchtachi

Accessible Digital Repositories for Inclusive Education
pp. 4405-4414
J. Puello, Y. Puerta and L. Martínez

CFD Analysis of a Flat Plate Solar Collector for Improvement in Thermal Performance with Geometric Treatment of Absorber Tube
pp. 4415-4421
K. Vasudeva Karanth and Jodel A. Q. Cornelio

Anomalous Behavior on the Electrical Properties of Cu2+ Substitution in Li-ferrite
pp. 4422-4426
Sanatombi S, Ibetombi S and Sumitra P

Scalability Analysis using Auto-configuration process for coalescing of heterogeneous Wireless adhoc networks
pp. 4427-4432
Pradeep Kumar Gaur and Anupma Marwaha

Design of Low power Reconfiguration based Modulation and Demodulation for OFDM Communication Systems
pp. 4433-4442
G. Manikandan and M. Anand

Impact of Denial of Service (DoS) attack in Smart Distribution Grid Communication Network
pp. 4443-4447
Premkumar S and Saminadan V

Fast and Effective Fuzzy Parameters based cloud provisioning by means of Modified PSO
pp. 4448-4454
A.Inbarajan and N. P. Gopalan

Performance Investigation of Raman- Parametric Hybrid for Broadband Amplification in L-band
pp. 4455-4459
Gaganpreet Kaur, Gurmeet Kaur and Sanjay Sharma

Evaluation of Properties of LM 25-Alumina–Boron Carbide MMC with Different Ratios of Compositions
pp. 4460-4467
T.Vishnu Vardhan, U. Nagaraju, G.Harinath Gowd and V.Ajay

Multiple Forward Error Correction in ARQ Systems by Combining Three Consecutive Erroneous Frames in a Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 4468-4473
Shylashree N and Pratibha K

New Bimetal Bearing Shell for Internal Combustion Engine
pp. 4474-4477
Yu.V. Kontsevoi, A.G. Mejlakh A.B. Shubin, E.A. Pastukhov, and I.S. Sipatov

Strengthening of RCC Column Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP)
pp. 4478-4483
R. Sudhakar and P. Partheeban

Performance Optimization of Broadband Communication System using Hybrid Parametric Amplifier
pp. 4484-4490
Gaganpreet Kaur, Gurmeet Kaur and Sanjay Sharma

Optimal Power Allocation and Performance Analysis of Cooperative Multicast Systems Using Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
pp. 4491–4497
In-Ho Lee and Haejoon Jung

A New Design of Roller Chain 415
pp. 4498-4501
Ivan Yakobus, Djoko Setyanto and Isdaryanto Iskandar

Accounting of Transportation Work in Automated Dispatching Control Systems
pp. 4502-4517
Andrey B. Nikolaev, Svetlana A. Vasyugova, Andrey R. Ismailov, Leonid I. Berner and Tat’yana E. Mel'nikova

Nonlinear Autoregressive Recurrent Neural Network Model For Solar Radiation Prediction
pp. 4518-4527
Yazeed A. Al-Sbou and Khaled M. Alawasa

Expeditious Approach to Identify the Product Sentiment Based on MORQA System and Polarity Shift Mechanism
pp. 4528-4533
Vallikannu Ramanathan and T.Meyyappan

Phytoremediation Potential of Weedy plants in Heavy Metal Contaminated Benthic Lake sludge
pp. 4534-4538
Subha.M and Srinivas. N

Kinetics of Base Catalysed Trans-Esterification of Jatropha Oil using Potassium Hydroxide Extract from Ripe Plantain Peels.
pp. 4539-4548
Vincent E. Efeovbokhan, James A. Omoleye, Eric E Kalu and Joseph D. Udonne

Assessment of Anthropometric Differences in the Design of Workstations: Case Studies of an Automotive Assembly Line
pp. 4549-4555
Raffaele Castellone, Stefania Spada, Giovanni Caiazzo and Maria Pia Cavatorta

A Review of the Fundamentals on Process Capability, Process Performance, and Process Sigma, and an Introduction to Process Sigma Split
pp. 4556-4570
Gabriele Arcidiacono and Stefano Nuzzi

Stability Enhancement in Grid Integrated Real Time Wind Energy Conversion System with Compensating Devices
pp. 4571-4577
Balamurugan P, Muthukannan P and Subramanian R

A New Model for Predicting Liquid Loading in Multiphase Gas Wells
pp. 4578-4586
Bolujo E.O, Fadairo A.S, Ako C.T, Orodu D.O, Omodara O.J and Emetere M.E.

Sectional Investigation of Seasonal Variations of Surface Refractivity and Water Vapour Density over Nigeria
pp. 4587-4598
S. A. Akinwumi, T. V. Omotosho, A. A. Willoughby and M. E. Emetere

Decrease in Power Inputs in Pneumodrive Weighing-and-Packing Machine
pp. 4599-4603
Andrey Nikolaevich Sirotenko and Svetlana Anatolievna Partko

Physical Simulation of Near-Wellbore Rocks Temperature Reduction Process in the Earth’s Interior
pp. 4604-4609
A.V. Volkov, A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.V. Kurshakov, S.V. Grigoriev and V.V. Bekker

Extreme Learning Machine: A Review
pp. 4610-4623
Musatafa Abbas Abbood Albadr and Sabrina Tiun

Controller Design and Actuator Dynamics Identification for a Hybrid Simulation Testing System
pp. 4624-4630
M. Russo

Optiimized Model for Energy Aware Location Aided Routing Protocol in MANET
pp. 4631-4637
Alhraishawi Taj Aldeen Naser Abdali and Ravie Chandren Muniyandi

Drying Processes of Wet Materials: Environmental Problem and Choice of the Theoretical, Circuitry and Experimental Directions of their Solutions
pp. 4638-4643
V.V. Ryzhakov and A.O. Holudeneva

Working Out of an Analytical Model of an Axial Bearing Taking into Account Dependence of Viscous Characteristics of Micropolar Lubrication on Pressure and Temperature
pp. 4644-4650
Elena Olegovna Lagunova, Murman Aleksandrovich Mukutadze and Konstantin Sergeevich Solop

Distributed vs Bulk Power in Distribution Systems Considering Distributed Generation
pp. 4651-4657
Abdullah A. Alghamdi and Yusuf A. Al-Turki

Application of Data Mining Techniques for the Development of 3D Laser Scan Data Management Program
pp. 4658-4662
Choi, Seung Pil, Shin, Moon Seung, Yang, In Tae and Acharya and Tri Dev

Numerical Investigation of a Liquid-Gas Ejector in Marine Ships
pp. 4663-4674
Mohammed Esmail Alshebani, Khaled Alawadhi, Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi and Alaa Ahmed Saker

Microstructural Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated High-Cr White Cast Iron Alloys
pp. 4675-4686
Kh. Abdel-Aziz, M. El-Shennawy and Adel A. Omar

Study on Characteristic of Laterite Soil with Lime Stabilization as a Road Foundation
pp. 4687-4693
Zubair Saing, Lawalenna Samang, Tri Harianto and Johannes Patanduk

Comparative Analysis for Strategic Minimization of the Interference in Small Cell LTE Networks
pp. 4694-4698
Salah Boubkar Salah, Prinu.C.Philip, Rajeev Paulus and A.K.Jaiswal

Performance of Laterite Soil Stabilized with Lime and Cement as a Road Foundation
pp. 4699-4707
Yohanis Tulak Todingrara, M.W. Tjaronge, Tri Harianto and Muhammad Ramli

An Energy Efficient Scheme for Detecting Redundant Readings in Cluster-based Model of Integrated RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4708-4722
Dongcheon Shin and Seikwon Park

Analysis on Multiple Hidden Layer Complexity of BPNN
pp. 4723-4728
Stuti Asthana, Dinesh Goyal and Amitkant Pandit

One Stage Production of Superconducting MgB2 and Hybrid Power Transmission Lines by the Hot Shock Wave Consolidation Technology
pp. 4729-4734
T. Gegechkori, B. Godibadze, V. Peikrishvili, G. Mamniashvili and A. Peikrishvili

A Preliminary Cut-off Indoor Positioning Scheme considering the Reference Points with the Same Signal Similarity
pp. 4735-4740
Dongjun Kim and Jooyoung Son


Helical Antenna Design for Image Transfer

pp. 4741-4746

Stanislav Kovar, Hana Urbancokova, Jan Valouch, Milan Adamek and Vaclav Mach






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