International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 3  (2016)  





Optimization of Parameters for ISAR imaging using MDCFT algorithm and its comparison with Gabor transform
pp 1556-1561
G. Anitha and K. S. Ranga Rao

An Efficient Resource Allocation Strategy to Reduce Inter-Cell Interference for Multi-Carrier Mobile Communication Systems
Srinivas Karedla and Ch Santhi Rani

A Survey on ADPLL Components and their effects upon Power, Frequency and Resolution
pp 1569-1574
R. Dinesh and Ramalatha Marimuthu

Financial Inclusion in India: A Review
pp 1575-1578
N. Sundaram and M. Sriram

Secondary analysis for Pile foundation by P-Δ Method
pp 1579-1582
M.Vinayagamoorthy, G. Mohan Ganesh and A.S. Santhi

Development of combined technologies and multifunctional equipment for application of polymer powder coatings
pp 1583-1589
Andrey Ivanovich Shveyov, Ivan Andreevich Shveyov, Denis Mihailovich Lysanov, Engel Rafikovich Galimov and Nazirya Yahievna Galimova

Research Of The Simulated Brillouin scattering in The Single-Mode Fiber At Wavelengths Of 1, 31μm And 1, 55 μm For Different Modulation Frequencies For Different Lengths Of The Optical Fiber
pp 1590-1594
Ainur Zhetpisbayeva, Muhabbat Khizirova, Aliya Dostiyarova, Aliуa Zilgaraeva and Nazim Kussambaeva

Distribution of Accelerating Voltage in Resonator of Linear Electron-Positron Collider
pp 1596-1602
Aleksandr Evgen'evich Novozhilov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Filatov and Vladimir Kuz'mich Shilov

Method of predicting the hardness of welded joints
pp 1603-1608
Andrey Ivanovich Shveyov, Tatyana Vladimirovna Shveyova, Engel Rafikovich Galimov, Elmira Engelevna Sharafutdinova, Aleksei Vitalievich Belyaev and Liliya Vitalievna Sirotkina

Calorimetric methods in analysis of composite building materials
pp 1609-1611
Aleksey O. Adamtsevich, Andrey P. Pustovgar, Stanislav A. Pashkevich and Aleksey V. Eremin

Integral Analysis aimed at identification and analytical solution of issues on oil recovery efficiency enhancement
pp 1612-1621
Ramil’ Nazifovich Bakhtizin, Irik Galikhanovich Fattakhov, Ramzis Rakhimovich Kadyrov and Albina Rinatovna Safiullina

Mass Transfer of Semiconductors at Low Flow Argon Ion Beam Sputtering
pp 1622-1629
Sergei Chebotarev, Alexander Pashchenko, Leonid Lunin and Vladimir Irkha

The process of initiation of potential fracture zones in the material of shell structures under static load
pp 1630-1636
Yulia Sergeevna Kovshova, Iskander Rustemovich Kuzeev, Evgeniy Anatolievich Naumkin and Irik Galikhanovich Fattakhov

A Novel Strategic Approach to Power Quality Improvements using Renewable Energy System
pp 1637-1644
E. Anbarasu and S. Muthu Vijaya Pandiyan

Promising Energy and Ecological Modeling in Computer-Aided Design
pp 1645-1648
Andrey Volkov, Artem Sedov, Pavel Chelyshkov, Aleksandr Pavlov and Leonid Kievskiy

Radiation Safety in Designing of Health Care Facilities
pp 1649-1652
V. Telichenko and I. Dorogan

Sustainable Architecture and Reconstruction Technology of Housing Buildings of the 60-70-ies of XX Century in Russia (Taking into Account Social Demands)
pp 1653-1659
Michael Eichner and Zinaida Ivanova

Methodology for Building Automated Systems for Monitoring Engineering (Load-Bearing) Structures, and Natural Hazards to Ensure Comprehensive Safety of Buildings and Constructions
pp 1660-1665
Alexander Ginzburg and Sergey Kachanov

Model of Stability of Life Support Systems In Emergency Situations
pp 1666-1669
Andrey Anatol’evich Volkov, Vladimir Mironovich Roytman and Liubov Andreevna Shilova

Several Aspects of Geotechnic Modelling
pp 1670-1675
A.N., Vlasov, V.V. Znamensky, D.B. Volkov-Bogorodsky, D.Yu. Chunyuk and M.G. Mnushkin

The Organization of Innovative Activities of A Construction Company
pp 1676-1679
A.D. Ishkov, M.Y. Mishlanova and K.P. Grabovyi

Modeling of Seismic Impacts on the Oil Tanks
pp 1680-1686
Andrey Valentinovich Korgin, Yury Ivanovich Kudishin, Valentin Alekseevich Ermakov, Mikhail Valerevich Emelianov and Leis Zeydovich Zeid Kilani

Improvement of Performance of Documents Issued by Design Organizations in Operations on Automated Design of Capital Construction Projects
pp 1687-1690
G. Malykha, В. Titarenko and A. Reshetova

Description of Technological Processes in Construction Using Formal Language
pp 1691-1693
Elena Korol, Pavel Kagan, Tatyana Barabanova and Ilona Bunkina

Refinement of Velocity Profile Parameters For Flows in Smooth and Rough Pipes
pp 1694-1698
Yuliya Vadimovna Bryanskaya

Development of Emergency Situations Detection Algorithms that Require Immediate Use of Survival Equipment at the Take-Off, Landing Modes and ith Low-Altitude Flights
pp 1699-1714
Vasily Ivanovich Akhrameev and Dmitriy Victorovich Shoulepov

The Mechanical Properties of Soils with Inhomogeneous Granulometric Composition
pp 1715-1718
Zaven Grigorievich Ter-Martirosyan, Armen Zavenovich Ter-Martirosyan, Anatoly Yurievich Mirnyy and Sergei Nikolaevich Chernyshev

Rheological models developed on the basis of triaxial tests
pp 1719-1723
Zaven Grigorievich Ter-Martirosyan, Evgeny Stanislavovich Sobolev and Armen Zavenovich Ter-Martirosyan

Pressure Method of Monolithic Concrete Structures of Buildings and Structures
pp 1724-1727
Boris Zhadanovsky and Sergey Sinenko

The Evolution of Architecture of Public Spaces of the Historic Center of Nizhny Novgorod
pp 1728-1738
Anna Lasarevna Gelfond

Satellite Infocommunications Protection against Unauthorized Use
pp 1739-1745
Sergey Panko, Vitalii Sukhotin and Stanislav Ryabushkin

A Study of an Electric Drive of a Transport Vehicle with Simulation and Bench Testing of a Prototype
pp 1746-1753
Timofey Vladimirovich Golubchik, Vladimir Evseevich Yutt and Kirill Mikhailovich Sidorov

Improvement of design, Geomechanical Substantiation and Development of Construction Technologies For the Closed Column Station Type of The Deep-Laid Subway
pp 1754-1761
Petr Alekseevich Demenkov and Andrey Anatolievich Shubin

Solution to the Problem of Stability For Centrifugal Engines with Response Time of the First and Second Order
pp 1762-1770
Igor Mihajlovich Aladyn

Climate Testing Model for Water-Repellent Compositions for Façade Systems Elements of Natural Stone
pp 1771-1773
S.A. Pashkevich, A.P. Pustovgar, F.A. Grebenshchikov, A.O. Adamtsevich and V.N. Soloviev

Cost Benefit and Availability Analysis of Two Modules with Perfective Maintenance
pp 1774-1780
Navneet Malik and Pardeep Goel

A Study on buyers’ Attitude and opinion about TV advertisements
pp 1781-1786
L. Tharak Ramsingh and R. Renganathan

Choice of the wheels during the pendular grinding of the aluminum alloy V95ochT2 according to macrogeometric criterion
pp 1787-1796
Yakov Iоsifovich Soler and Kien Chi Nguyen

Engineering and Development of Business Rules Management Systems as A Part of Intelligent DSS
pp 1797-1802
Roman Veynberg and Alexey Popov

A Study on Geopolymers with Bagasse Ash Blended Class F Fly ash
pp 1803-1809
S. Ramanagopal, B. Mahalingam, P. Sreehari, K. Mohammed Haneefa, G. Jaswanth, M. Revathi, Sai Saketh Reddy and Shilpa Shashidharan

A Survey on Diabetes Mellitus Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
pp 1810-1814
Thiyagarajan C, K. Anandha Kumar and A. Bharathi

Efficient Acceptance Testing Framework for Interactive Computer Game Applications
pp 1815-1819
Wook Hyun Kim, Young-Ho Sohn and Dong Won Park

A Review of Digital Image Steganography using LSB and LSB Array
pp 1820-1824
Mamta Jain and Saroj Kumar Lenka

Design and Analysis of Online Arithmetic Operators for Streaming Data in FPGAs
pp 1825-1834
Georgina Binoy Joseph and R.Devanathan

Elman Neural Network Mortality Predictor for Prediction of Mortality Due to Pollution
pp 1835-1840
N. Mohana Sundaram, S. N. Sivanandam and R. Subha

A Novel Approach for Weed Classification using Curvelet Transform and Tamura Texture Feature (CTTTF) with RVM classification
pp 1841-1848
D. Ashok Kumar and P. Prema

Treatment of Waste Foundry Sand Using Fungi: An Approach for the Application in Manufacture of Concrete
pp 1849-1853
P. Asokan, R. Rajesh, D. Suji and B. Elayarajah

An Analytical study of a GaAs-Si n/p Heterojunction Solar Cell and Suggestion for A Structure for Improved Performance
pp 1855-1858
Sayantan Biswas, Ashim Kumar Biswas, Avigyan Chatterjee and Amitabha Sinha

Electrothermal Complex with Downhole Electrical Heating Generators For Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery
pp 1859-1866
Viacheslav Olegovich Zyrin and Bogdan Urievich Vasiliev

Evolutionary Selection of the Models of Interacting Processes on the Basis of Expert Assessments
pp 1867-1873
Vadim Aleksandrovich Lomazov, Valentina Ivanovna Lomazova, David Aregovich Petrosov, Sergey Igorevich Matorin and Alina Ivanovna Dobrunova

Reliable Verified Internet Voting System based on Modified Elliptic Curve Cryptography
pp 1874-1878
K Sujatha, P V Nageswara Rao, A Arjuna Rao and P Someswari, P S V D Prasad

Development of Nonwovens from Natural Fibres for Various Applications
pp 1879-1882
Indu G.K and SenthilKumar.P

Hardware Implementation of Multi-Phase Power Conversion using Matrix Converter
pp 1883-1893
B. Muthuvel, T. S. Anandhi, P. Sivagnanam and K. C. Balaji

New Public Integrity Auditing Scheme for Cloud Data Storage Using Mac And Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms
pp 1894-1899
A. Emily Jenifer and S. Karthigaiveni

Rainfall runoff modelling – Modellers Guide
pp 1900-1907
Rajesh Vijaykumar Kherde

An Efficient Component Based Filter for Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal
pp 1908-1915
Manohar Koli and S. Balaji

A strategic and sustainable multi-criteria decision making framework for ERP selection in OEM
pp 1916-1926
Shree Ranjan, Vijay Kumar Jha and Pralay Pal


A Novel Framework for Networks of Linked Data Clustering based on Centroids and Neighbors
G. Naga Chandrika and E. Srinivasa Reddy

Extension of the Cost Function Model for Minimizing Cost Overruns in Delay Context: Case of Construction Projects
pp 1933-1938
P. Louzolo-Kimbembe and J. V. R. Sounguila

Novel Multi Band Circular Microstrip Antenna with DGS For X-Band Applications
pp 1939-1941
K.P. Vinay, D. V. Rama Koti Reddy and P. Rajesh Kumar

Realization Investigation of Three Phase Seven Level Asymmetrical Inverter with Triangular Reference and Hybrid Carrier
pp 1942-1949
Johnson Uthayakumar.R, Natarajan S.P and Ranganath Muthu

Experimental and Analytical studies on Reinforced Concrete Beams with GFRP Laminates
pp 1950-1953
V. A. Shanmugavelu, P. N. Raghunath, N. Ramachandran and K. Suguna

Climate Change Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network
pp 1954-1959
Pooja Rajendra Choudhary, Aachal Murade, Himani Thakur and M. Venkatesan

Application of Modified Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM) For Multi Actor-Sustainability Appraisal of Public Transport (Case: Jabodetabek Area, Indonesia)
pp 1960-1973
Rudi Sugiono Suyono, Ofyar Z. Tamin, Sony S. Wibowo and HeruPurboyo HP

Existence Results of Fractional Order Semilinear Integro-Differential Equations with Infinite Delay
pp 1973-1979
R.P. Pathak and Piyusha S. Somvanshi

Changing the Energy Profile of the GCC States: A Review
pp 1980-1988
Hilal M. S. Al-Maamary, Hussein A. Kazem and Miqdam T. Chaichan

Bus Deadlock Avoidance Using Reconfigurable Arbiter
pp 1989-1997
Challa Harshavardhan and Vaddempudi Koteswara Rao

Improving the Efficiency of Technical Operation of The Vehicles by Optimizing the Qualification Structure of Maintenance Workers
pp 1998-2006
Nikolay Stepanovich Zakharov, Sergey Viktorovich Elesin, Oleg Aleksandrovich Novoselov, Sergey Jur'evich Kichigin and Anna Nikolaevna Makarova

Logic and Topology of Switchover Interlocks in Electrical Networks
pp 2007-2015
Ilya Abramovich Golovinskii

Algorithm for A Search of An Optimal Configuration of Radio Beacons for Single Correction of Aerial Vehicle Coordinates of An Autonomous System of Short-Range Radio Navigation
pp 2016-2024
S. A. Tarasov, N. Sh. Khusainov, P. P. Kravchenko and V.V. Scherbinin

Perception of Men through Taslima’s writing within the Social and Religious framework
pp 2025-2029
Mary Chandini and K Meenakshi

Justification for the Outlooks of Design and Application of Local Recirculation Diffusers for Energy-efficient Ventilation Systems
pp 2030-2035
Dmitry Vladimirovich Kapko, Vyacheslav Erikovich Shkarpet, Lyudmila Yakovlevna Balandina, Kristina Vladimirovna Kochariantc and Georgi Vasilievich Esaulov

An Agent Based Centralized Router with Dynamic Connection Management Scheme Using JADE
pp 2036-2041
P. Arivazhagan, S. Balakrishnan and K. L. Shunmuganathan

Three Phase Grid Connected Transformer less Inverter for Photovoltaic with PMSM drive
pp 2042-2048
B. Divya, CH. Krishna Rao and K. B. Madhu Sahu

A Novel Secret Sharing Scheme Using POB Number System and CRT
pp 2049-2054
Deepika M P and A Sreekumar

Analysis of Block Matching Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution
pp 2055-2058
K. Priyadarshini and D. Jackuline Moni

A Study on Globally-Connected Learning Based on Smart Education: Focused on American and Korean Elementary School Students
pp 2059-2070
Ikseon Choi, Youngkwon Bae, Meeyong Kim, Emily Hodge, Brian Way, Jasmine Choi, Yingxiao Qian and Seungki Shin

Obliteration of Harmonics on a VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive
pp 2071-2076
C. K. Shankar, A. P. Roger Rozario, C. Ganesh and G. Leo sekar

Relationship between Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Compressive Strength for Roller Compacted Concrete containing GGBS
pp 2077-2084
S. Krishna Rao, P. Sravana and T. Chandrasekhar Rao

Online Dynamic Regressive Learning
pp 2085-2090
R. Bhargavi

The impact of Calcium Carbonate on the photovoltaic performance: An indoor experimental study
pp 2091-2097
Zeki Ahmed Darwish, K. Sopian, Hussain Alawadhi, Hussein A Kazem and M.A. Alghoul

Civil Engineering Simulation of Catchment Modelling with Info Works CS V15.0 for Urban Drainage Design and Analysis
pp 2098-2107
Saleh M. A, Eziefula A. U, Abubakar H, Cynthia O. O and Suleiman M

Experimental Investigation on Fatigue Curve Parameters of 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy
pp 2108-2111
J.Selvakumar, M.D.Mohangift and S.Johnalexis

Creating an efficient method to improve business performance through the integration of BPM and Six Sigma Methodologies with ERP system
pp 2112-2115
Ali Safaezade, BabakVaziri and Ramin Nassiri

Feasibility Study of Hybrid Heating System for Automobile Comfort Enhancement
pp 2116-2119
J.W. Jeong and Y. L. Lee

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Culture and Traditional Architecture and its Effects on Design Quality Improvement
pp 2120-2123
Gholamali Karimi Hessam and El-Din Sotoue

Compact Design of Buck Based FPGA Topology for Battery Charging System
pp 2124-2127
Purva A. Kale and Sanjay S. Chopade

Retrieving and Materializing Data in Hybrid Mediators
pp 2128-2134
Samir Anter, Ahmed Zellou and Ali Idri

Dispersion and Dispersion Slope Compensation of an Optical Delay Line Filter (DLF) based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometers
pp 2135-2139
P.Pavithra and K.Karthika

Polyethylene Production from Granules Using High Voltage
pp 2140-2144
Boris Pavlovich Chesnokov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Strelnikov, Olga Valerevna Naumova, Fyarid Kinzaevich Abdrazakov and Boris Alexandrovich Tronin

A Task-Based Approach to Develop the Writing Skills in English of Students at College Level
pp 2145-2148
K. Sunthara Valli and N. S. Vishnu Priya

Experimental Study on Mechanical Instability of Sand-Silt Mixtures
pp 2149-2156
Mohammed Bousmaha, Hanifi Missoum and Karim Bendani







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