International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 22  (2016)  





Accident Risks Assessment by Temporal Fuzzy Bayesian Network
pp. 10731-10736
Andrey Sergeevich Zaharov, Vadim Vladimirovich Borisov and Aleksey Viktorovich Senkov

Optimal design of Independent Protection Layers in the Process Industries using Non-linear Programming
pp. 10737-10752
Alexandra Babakina, Sung Kyu Kim and Yong Soo Kim

Equipment for Construction of Reinforced Ice Crossings
pp. 10753-10756
Egorov Andrey Leonidovich and Merdanov Shakhbuba Magomedkerimovich

Photovoltaic Solar Thermal (PV/T) Collectors Past, Present and Future: A Review
pp. 10757-10765
Ali H Al-Waeli, K Sopian, Hussein A Kazem and Miqdam T Chaichan

Study of Modes Transformation Preferences of Private Transport Based on Travel Characteristics and user Behavior
pp. 10766-10771
Nur Khaerat Nur, Lawalenna Samang, M. Isran Ramli and Sumarni Hamid

Mobile ad hoc networks group mobility models of Hajj crowd dynamics
pp. 10772-10778
Oussama Mohamed Reda

Opinion Mining in Research Databases for Extracting Unique Patterns using Software Agents
pp. 10779-10781
Dr. Abdullah Al Hussein

Topside Pipeline Design for Slug Attenuation and Increased Oil Production
pp. 10782-10793
Adegboyega B Ehinmowo, Ajibola T Ogunbiyi, Charles Y Onuh, Oyinkepreye O Orodu and Adetokunbo O Denloye

Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Slug Flow in Pipeline-Riser Systems
pp. 10794-10799
Adegboyega B Ehinmowo, Ajibola T Ogunbiyi, Oyinkepreye D Orodu, D S Aribike and Adetokunbo O Denloye

A Comprehensive Review of the Activities on Assessing the Level of Acoustics and Vibration in Vehicle Interior Cabin
pp. 10800-10821
Adel Mohammed Al Dhahebi, Ahmad Kadri Junoh, Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad and Mohd Zamri Hasan

Path Optimization Planning for Human-Robot Interaction
pp. 10822-10827
Robinson Jimenez Moreno, Mauricio Mauledoux and Oscar F. Avilés

Weighted Least Square Logistic Regression Modelling For Aquatic Benthos
pp. 10828-10831
Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Wan Muhammad Luqman Bin Wan Rosdi, Nor Azlida Aleng, Norsyaza Nabilah Fathiah Bt Nordin and Zalila Ali

High Speed Visualization and Analysis of Maximum Spreading of Water Droplet during Impact on Hot Horizontal Surface
pp. 10832-10837
Suhaimi Illias, Mohamad Shaiful Ashrul Ishak, Suhaila Hussain and Khairul Azwan Ismail

Complex Electro-Thermal Processing of Kazakhstan’s Oxidic Zinc-Containing Ores of Achisay Deposit
pp. 10838-10841
Viktor Mikhaylovich Shevko, Alexandra Dmitrievna Badikova, Galimzhan Mendikaraevich Serzhanov Gulnara Ergeshovna Karataeva and Mustafa Azatovich Tuleev

Iodination of Aluminothermic Silicon Produced From Quartz Glass and Silumin with Obtaining High-Purity Silicon
pp. 10842-10848
Viktor Mikhaylovich Shevko, Alexandra Dmitrievna Badikova, Danijel Daniarovich Amanov, Galimzhan Mendikaraevich Serzhanov and Boris Alexandrovich Lavrov

Production of High Quality Cast Iron in a Gas Cupola Furnace
pp. 10849-10856
Vladimir Alexandrovich Grachev

Procedure of Geomechanically Safe Development of Megalopolis Underground Space
pp. 10857-10866
Anatoliy Grigorievich Protosenya, Maksim Anatolievich Karasev and Nikita Andreevich Belyakov

Towards Sustainable Creative Industries through System Dynamics Perspective: A Conceptual Model in Indonesia Context
pp. 10867-10869
M. Imron Mustajib and Heri Awalul Ilhamsah

Model of Managing Textual Data in Relational Databases
pp. 10870-10877
Wael M.S. Yafooz

Optimization Algorithm of Parameters of Low Head Microhydropower Plant at an Early Design Stage
pp. 10878-10886
A.G. Parygin , A.V. Volkov, A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.V. Naumov and A.A. Druzhinin

Slope Stability Analysis of Rock Buttress using Limit Equilibrium Method
pp. 10887-10891
Nurul Ain Ahmad, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Afizah Ayob and Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad

A Quadratic Hamiltonian Structure Using LMI for a Fishery System
pp. 10892-10897
Younes ADNANI, El houssine EL MAZOUDI, Jamila EL ALAMI and Noureddine ELALAMI

Extraction of Bitumen Asbuton as Asphalt Emulsion in Cold Asphalt Mix Ac-Wc
pp. 10898-10906
Israil, M.W. Tjaronge, Nur Ali and Rudy Djamaluddin

Improving the Efficiency of Aluminium Production by Application of Composite Chrome Plating on the Anode Pins
pp. 10907-10911
Baranov Anatoliy Nikitich, Kondratiev Victor Viktorovich, Ershov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Judin Aleksej Nikolaevich and Yanchenko Natalia Ivanovna

The Development of Indicators and Form of Knowledge Management in Production Management Case Study: Agricultural Machine Industry in the Northeast of Thailand
pp. 10912-10922
Suwit Thammasang and Kanisorn Poonikom

Development Prospects for Fiber Optic Information Transmission Systems
pp. 10923-10927
Lubov M. Zhuravleva and Nikolay M. Legkiy

Frequency Scheduling in a Scalar Control of Induction Motor Pump for Photovoltaic Pumping System: Implementation and Measurement
pp. 10928-10938
D.Mezghani, H.Othmani and F.Sassi, A.Mami

Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow with FACTS Controllers Using Hybrid Differential Evolution and Harmony Search Algorithm
pp. 10939-10944
S. Surender Reddy

Review of the Methods and the Constructions for the Waste Wood Recycling for the Machine Designing Based on Tractor Msn-10 for the Pellets Production
pp. 10945-10951
Madyarov Timur Maratovich, Kostyrchenko Viktor Anatolevich, Egorov Andrey Leonidovich and Plokhov Andrey Alexandrovich

Design and Sizing of 6 MVA Standalone Solar Plant for Canaan land Community
pp. 10952-10959
Adoghe U. Anthony, Udeme O. Eyo, Olowoleni O. Joseph and Sanni F. Timilehin

Feature Selection for Chargeback Fraud Detection based on Machine Learning Algorithms
pp. 10960-10966
Jae-Hyun Seo and Daeseon Choi

Problems of Commercializing Innovations in the Electric Power Industry, for Example, Digital Voltage and Current Measuring Transformers
pp. 10967-10974
J.V. Vylgina, V.D. Lebedev, A.S. Shishova and A.A. Yablokov

Combined supercharging systems and down-sizing as the modern trends in the development of vehicle engines
pp. 10975-10979
Alexey Pavlovich Tatarnikov, Fedor Andreevich Shustrov, Lev Yurievich Lezhnev, Dmitry Anatolyevich Petrichenko and Igor Arkadyevich Papkin

Solid Film Lubricants Obtained by Spraying of Nickel-Clad Graphite for Friction Joints of Engines and Power Plants
pp. 10980-10987
Leonid Nikolaevich Lesnevskiy, Lev Yurievich Lezhnev, Maksim Aleksandrovich Lyakhovetskiy, Aleksandr Evgenievich Troshin and Aleksey Mikhailovich Ushakov

Trends in the Development of Combined Supercharging Systems for the Internal Combustion Engine
pp. 10988-10993
Nikolay Anatolyevich Khripach, Boris Arkadyevich Papkin, Viktor Sergeyevich Korotkov, Denis Alekseevich Ivanov and Alexander Sergeevich Nekrasov


Spatial Variation of the Electromagnetic Radiations due to Exposure to Telecommunication Base station Transmitters in a Pilot Region
pp. 10994-11001
Joseph Isabona, Viranjay M. Srivastava and Omashere, O. Robert

A Neural Network based Model for Signal Coverage Propagation Loss Prediction in Urban Radio Communication Environment
pp. 11002-11008
Joseph Isabona and Viranjay M. Srivastava

Joint Application of the Fine-Bubble Aeration System and Vortex Airlift Device for Municipal Waste Water Biological Treatment
pp. 11009-11013
Andreev Sergey Yurievich, Grishin Boris Mikhailovich, Garkina Irina Aleksandrovna, Kamburg Vladimir Grigoryevich and Demidochkin Vitaliya Vasilyevich


Comparison of Coagulation, Electrocoagulation and Biological Techniques for the Municipal Wastewater Treatment
pp. 11014-11024
Hesham Ahmad, Walid K. Lafi, Khaleel Abushgair and Jamal M. Assbeihat

Prediction of Concrete Mix Strength using Random Forest Model
pp. 11024-11029
Dr. Ashraf Shaqadan

Evaluating Efficiency of Multi-Layered Switch Architecture in All-Optical Networks
pp. 11030-11036
Dr. Motaz Daadoo, Dr. Saed Tarapiah and Dr. ShadiAtalla

A Car Breakdown Service Station Locator System
pp. 11037-11040
Khoo Jin Sheng, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Design of Control System with Increased Potential of Robust Stability in a Class of four-parameter structurally stable mappings for Spacecraft Model
pp. 11041-11045
Mamyrbek A. Beisenbi, Aina Zh. Zakarina, Vladimir V. Nikulin and Yuliya F. Bulatbayeva

Сomplex Model for Project Dynamics Prediction
pp. 11046-11049
Maxim Dli, Alexander Ofitserov, Olga Stoianova and Alexander Fedulov

Optimization of Regulator Parameters of the Automatic Regulation System of the Rotation Frequency of the Valve Engine of the Top Drive System of Bore Installation
pp. 11050-11054
Alexander Vitalievich Ashcheulov, Vladimir Mihaylovich Filipovskii and Evgeniy Olegovich Meshkovskii

Calculation and Measurement of the Magnetic Flux in the Magnetic Core of Welding Transformers
pp. 11055-11059
E. Kharlamova, L. Sakhno and O. Sakhno

Development of Low Cost and Robust Nursing Calling Device for Hospitalized Patients
pp. 11060-11064
Abhay Kumar Gupta, Manish Kumar and O.P. Singh, M.B. Malarvili

An Experimental Evaluation of Organic Rankine Cycle Using HCFC-141b as a Working Fluid
pp. 11065-11070
Pattanachok Saiai Sumpun Chaitep and Chatchawan Chaichana

Comparison of Mamdani-Type and Sugeno-Type Fuzzy Inference Systems for Fuzzy Real Time Scheduling
pp. 11071-11075
Mohammed Blej, and Mostafa Azizi

Technological Features of Production of Foamed Glass Applied as Thermal Insulating Layer in Silicate Multilayer Composite Material for Insulation and Decoration
pp. 11076-11080
Elena Alfredovna Yatsenko, Andrey Sergeevich Kosarev, Natalia Sergeevna Karandashova, Boris Mikhailovich Goltsman and Victoria Aleksandrovna Smoliy

CFD investigation of flow in finned plane and conical diffusers
pp. 11081-11088
A.E. Zaryankin, I.V. Garanin, V.P. Khudyakova, V.O. Kindra and E.M. Lisin

Mathematical Simulation of Cost Allocation at Electric Power Plant with Combined Energy Production
pp. 11089-11094
Evgeny Lisin, Galina Kurdiukova, Valery Lozenko and Nikolay Bychkov

Prediction of the Geomechanically Safe Parameters of the Stopes during the Rich Iron Ores Development under the Complex Mining and Geological Conditions
pp. 11095-11103
Vladimir Leonidovich Trushko, Anatoliy Grigorievich Protosenya and Valery Ivanovich Ochkurov

Multipurpose Control Laws in Trajectory Tracking Problem
pp. 11104-11109
Maria A. Smirnov and Mikhail N. Smirnov






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