International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 11, Number 15  (2016)  





Device-Independent Input-Assistive Wearable Keyglove for Visually Impaired Individuals
pp 8392-8396
Stephen Ryan Angsanto and Wansu Lim

A Multi Agent Solution for UAV Path Planning Problem with NetLogo
pp 8397-8401
Seda Kazdal Calik, Emin Kugu, Sibel Birtane and Ozgur Koray Sahingoz

Amplifying System for Actuator Displacement
pp 8402-8407
M. Kelemen, I. Virgala, P. Frankovský, T. Kelemenová and L. Miková

Developing ADUN e-Community Portal for Community in Malaysia
pp 8408-8420
Nuur Iffahton Ain binti Mohd Filus, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Implementation of e-Grocery Portal in Malaysia
pp 8421-8426
Nasrullah Bin Noor Hisham, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

The Development of e-Grocery Portal; Admin Module, User Module and Employee Module
pp 8427-8431
Mohd Faizal Bin Md Rejab, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin and Kamal Karkonasasi

Atmega16 Implementation as Indicators of Maximum Speed
pp 8432-8435
Anna Nur Nazilah Chamim, Didik Ahmadi and Iswanto

Authorized Timer for Reduction of Electricity Consumption and Energy saving in Classrooms
pp 8432-8435
Anna Nur Nazilah Chamim, Didik Ahmadi and Iswanto

The Development of an Experiential Digital Edutainment Kit for a Smoking Prevention Campaign aimed at Preschoolers
pp 8442-8447
Jeeyoun Kim

Efficient Methods for Detecting Spam through Analyzing Tweets
pp 8448-8451
Hye-Jin Kim and Yong-Hyuk Kim

Assessing Contractor’s Innovation Issues in a Large Complex Civil Engineering Project in Pakistan
pp 8452-8463
P. James

A 12-bit 1MSps SAR ADC with High ENOB
pp 8464-8466
Myeong-U Sung, Murod Kurbanov and Jee-Youl Ryu

Design of Programmable Digital FIR/IIR Filter with Excellent Noise Cancellation
pp 8467-8470
Pushpalatha Chandrasekar and Jee-Youl Ryu

Context-Redefined Language Application for the Tasks of Intelligent Learning Agents (Resource Consumption Behavior Prediction Tasks)
pp 8471-8474
Vladimir Nikolaevich Podsvirov

Statistical Properties of Voltage Unbalance Factor in Three-Phase Power Systems
pp 8475-8479
Diego Bellan

Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication using Hybrid Cloud
pp 8480-8482
M.B. Benjula Anbu Malar, M. Lawanya Shri, M. Deepa and K. Santhi

Modeling of Propagation Tsunami Waves via Lattice Boltzmann Method
pp 8483-8500
Z. A. Aziz, Sara Zergani and K.K.Viswanathan

Michal Sustek, Miroslav Marcanik, Milan Oplustil and Zdenek Urednicek

Experimental Investigation of Electrical Discharge Machining using Dielectric Fluid with Surfactant and Different Carbon Additives
pp 8507-8510
Pay Jun Liew, Muhammad Raziman Abdul Razak, Nur Izan Syahriah Hussein and Qumrul Ahsan

Initial Estimate of the Carbon Footprint of Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
pp 8511-8514
Fahad A. Almufadia and Mohammad A. Irfan

Impact of Gaussian Frequency Deviation on the Detection Probability of Power System Harmonics
pp 8515-8520
Diego Bellan

Indoor radon mitigation in South Korea
pp 8521-8523
Benghida Djamil

Secure Virtual World Access Based on Biometric Watermarking of 3D Avatar Face Mesh
pp 8524-8532
Samira Bader and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara

Modeling and optimization of CaCO3 precipitated from laminar-flow water in the presence of citric acid at an elevated temperature
pp 8533-8539
S. Raharjo, S. Muryanto, J. Jamari and A.P. Bayuseno

Thermoelectric Cooling System for Internal Combustion Engine Part 2: Experimental Studies
pp 8540-8546
Nikolay Anatolyevich Khripach, Denis Alekseevich Ivanov and Igor Arkadyevich Papkin

Thermoelectric cooling system for internal combustion engine. Part 1: development of the technical aspects
pp 8547-8552
Nikolay Anatolyevich Khripach, Viktor Sergeyevich Korotkov and Igor Arkadyevich Papkin

Slope Remediation Method Using Rock Buttress in Malaysia: A Review
pp 8553-8556
Nurul Ain Ahmad, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki and Afizah Ayob

Thermoelectric generator for a vehicle engine cooling system research and development
pp 8557-8564
Boris Arkadyevich Papkin, Nikolay Anatolyevich Khripach, Viktor Sergeevich Korotkov and Denis Alekseevich Ivanov

Optimization of Hydraulic Transport of Refinement Tailings of Polymetallic Ores
pp 8565-8569
Sergey Yurevich Avksentiev and Elena Yurevna Avksentieva


Device for Recovering Carbon Containing Powders form Enriched Heat-Treated Brown Coals
pp 8570-8571
Valery A. Moiseev, Vladimir G. Andrienko, Vladimir G. Piletskii, Valery E. Gorlov and Valery A. Donchenko

Technology of Efficient Recovering of Highly Concentrated Methane and Mechanical Impurities from Ventilation and Degasification Emissions from Coal Mines
pp 8572-8573
Valery A. Moiseev, Vladimir G. Andrienko, Vladimir G. Piletskii and Andrey V. Chentsov

Modernization of the Processes and Methods for Design Calculation of the Hard Sorbent Based Contacting Apparatus
pp 8574-8577
Averkin Aleksandr Grigoryevich, Yeremkin Aleksandr Ivanovich, Stepanov Sergey Alekseyevich, Yezhov Yevgeniy Grigoryevich and Prokhorov Sergey Grigoryevich

The Effect of Water Pore Condition to Shear Strength and Compression Behavior of Stabilized Fibrous Peat Mixing Lime Caco3 and Rice Husk Ash
pp 8578-8582
Faisal Estu Yulianto, Noor Endah Mochtar and Mila Kusuma Wardani


Feature Extraction for Neural Network Pattern Recognition for Bloodstain Analysis
pp 8583-8589
Nusrat Jahan Shoumy, Phaklen Ehkan, Shahrul Nizam Yaakob, Md. Shawkat Ali and Sabira Khatun

Robust pressure control improves the performance of redundant fly-by-wire hydraulic actuators
pp 8590-8597
Giovanni Jacazio and Laura Gastaldi

Transformation of Handwriting into Digitalised Typing
pp 8598-8603
Rudy Harjanto and Budi Harsono

Development of Sound Absorber Using Natural Soil and its Characteristics
pp 8604-8608
Jang-youl You and Hyeon Ku Park

A Proposed Framework for the Online Video Contextual Advertisement User-Oriented System using Video-based Face Recognition
pp 8609-8617
Le Nguyen Bao, Le Van Chung, and Do Nang Toan

Simple Analysis of Various Loading Printed Monopole Antennas
pp 8618-8621
H. Lebbar, M. Himdi and A. Ballouk

Impact of Building Shape on Indoor Building Performance Combined with Cost of Structure
pp 8622-8630
Mamdooh Alwetaishi and Ahmed S. Elamary

A Cluster Head Aggregation Scheme for Early Elimination of Global Redundancy In a Cluster-based Model of Integrated RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 8631-8640
Dongcheon Shin and Seikwon Park

Communication Strategy For Enhancing Quality of Graduates Nonformal Education Through Computer Based Test (CBT) in West Java Indonesia
pp 8641-8645
Deni Darmawan and Erwin Harahap

Determination of Variable Parameters for Induction Motor Single-Cage
pp 8646-8653
Adolfo Andrés Jaramillo-Matta, Luis Guash-Pesquer and Carmenza Moreno-Roa

Better Way of Determining The Geological Structures: Case Study
pp 8654-8655
Asghar Teymoorian and Hamidrezasamadi

Gaze-Tracking Based on Head-Pose Estimation using Depth Camera
pp 8656-8661
Maulahikmah Galinium, Yulius and James Purnama

Website Quality Assessment using Gap Analysis: Case Study: SGU Website & SGU Student Portal
pp 8662-8667
Maulahikmah Galinium, Puspita Danu Herwanto and James Purnama

Thermal Performance and Light Distribution Improvement of a Lens-Attached LED For Lamp for Passenger Cars
pp 8668-8672
W.S.Sim and Y.L.Lee

Water Disinfection Using CSP technology
pp 8673-8680
Ahmad H. Sakhrieha, Abdulaziz I. Alamirb and Muna Y. Hindiyeh

Draft pull Stress Analysis of Subsoil Openers Using Finite Element Method
pp 8681-8685
Sompot Khomkaew, Pracha Bunyawanichakul and Isara Chaorakam


The Influences of Enterprise Management Strategy on Information Security Effectiveness
pp 8686-8694
Myeonggil Choi and Eunju Park

Investigation on the Dynamic Characteristics of Natural Wind for Thermal Comfort Studies
pp 8695-8701
Harimi Djamila, Chi Chu Ming and Sivakumar Kumaresan

Normal and Organic Pathology Classification of Female Voices Using SVM Classiifier
pp 8702-8707
Asma BELHAJ, Aicha BOUZID and Noureddine ELLOUZE

Sense-Based Information Retrieval Using Artificial Bee Colony Approach
pp 8708-8713
Alia Karim Abdul Hassan and Mustafa Jasim Hadi

Cooperative robotic system simulation in Webots
pp 8714-8720
Ricardo A. Castillo, Oscar G. Rubiano, Germán A. Vargas

Shared-Medium Steganographic Communication
pp 8721-8727
Ebrahim A. Alrashed and Saoud A. Alroomi

Improved scalar control of an induction motor pump
pp 8728-8732
F.Sassi, H. Othmani, D. Mezghani and A. Mami

Justification of Design and Efficacy of Explosive Devices with Combined Cumulative Casing
pp 8733-8737
Sergey Y. Ganigin, Andrey Y. Murzin, Dmitriy A. Demoretsky and Maxim V. Nenashev

Designs of Elongated Charges to Strengthen Welded Junctions and for Separation Systems in Aerospace Industry
pp 8738-8742
Dmitriy A. Demoretsky, Andrey Y. Murzin, Maria A. Klimanova and Sergey Y. Ganigin

A decision support methodology for assessment of construction project resks
pp 8743-8753
Hafida Lmoussaoui and Hicham Jamouli

Identifying the Developmental Phase of Plasmodium Falciparum in Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cells Using Adaptive Color Segmentation And Back Propagation Neural Network
pp 8754-8759
Kusworo Adi, Sri Pujiyanto, Rahmat Gernowo, Adi Pamungkas and Ari Bawono Putranto

Comparison of Various Speckle Noise Reduction Filters on Synthetic Aperture Radar Image
pp 8760-8767
ArdhiWicaksonoSantoso, Luhur Bayuaji, LimTienSze, Habibah Lateh and Jasni Mohamad Zain

A design of an optimal basis matrix in speech enhancements based BNMF
pp 8768-8770
Hye-In Lee, Hyuk-Soo Han andSeok-Pil Lee

Integration Effect of the Electric Power Supply in the Metropolitan Urban Railway: Focused on the Direct Operation Lines
pp 8771-8778
Il-Bong Chung, Sungbong Chung and Baekkyu Namkung

A Study on the Method of Optimal Transfer Schedule at Urban Railway
pp 8778-8784
Il-Bong Chung, Sungbong Chung, Baekkyu Namkung

Simulation, Fabrication and Validation of Surface Acoustic Wave Layered Sensor Based on ZnO/IDT/128° YX LiNbO3
pp 8785-8790
Zaid T. Salim, U. Hashim, M. K. Md. Arshad and Makram A. Fakhri

Balancing Node Lifetimes for Prolonged Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 8791-8796
Xiang Li, Sangman Moh and Moonsoo Kang







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