International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 6  (2015)  





A Novel Image Encryption Approach Using Block Based Transformation and Random Phase Encoding
pp. 13775-13788
S.Suresh Raja, Dr.V.Mohan, Dr.S.Vijayalakshmi

Automatic Renal Neoplasm Volumetry on Prior Shape Level Set Segmentation Method.
pp. 13789-13802
Prof. K.Sudhakar, Prof. D.Satheesh Kumar, Prof.B.Rajesh Kumar

A New Approach To Chaos Based Image Encryption Using Confusion and Key As Image
pp. 13803-13811
Dipti Chandrakar, Asha B Patil

Design and Simulation Study Analyses of Flux Based LOC Regulator Cum Mixer For drug Delivery System
pp. 13813-13822
S.Praveen Kumar, T.Aravind, G.Karman Frances Raj

Interpreting Delay Factors For Improving Productivity In Indian Construction Industry
pp. 13823-13840
Mugdha Kshirsagar, Sayali Sandbhor, Rohan Botre

Optimal Placement of PMU Based on Vertex Colouring and AVL Tree Technique
pp. 13841-13853
Gomathi Venugopal and Uma Velayutham

Optimizing The Achieved Frequent Item Sets Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 13855-13862
Paul P Mathai, R.V. Siva Balan

A Comprehensive Review of Heat Transfer Enhancement By Passive Inserts
pp. 13863-13876
Suyog B. Bhajankar, U. S .Wankhede

Passengers Level of Satisfaction on Operational Aspects of Infrastructure - (With Special Reference To Coimbatore Airport)
pp. 13877-13886
Dr.R.Deena, Ms.V.Narmatha, Mr.A.P.Karthik Kumaran

Transition Inversion Technique Based Extended Frequency Directed Run-Length Encoding
pp. 13887-13892
Ramya R, Muthiah M.A

Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Genetic Algorithms And Fuzzy Inference System With Multiple Fuzzy Labels
pp. 13893-13908
E. P. Ephzibah, T. Santhanam

A Comprehensive Review of Recommender Systems
pp. 13909-13919
Gangothri V, Saranya S and Venkataraman D

Modeling of the Junction CdS (N)/CdTe (P)
pp. 13921-13928
Bouzaki Mohammed Moustafa, Benyoucef Boumediene, Benouaz Tayeb, Soufi Aicha , Benhamou Amina

Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
pp. 13931-13942
N. Karthika, Dr. M. Nandhini Gayathri

Simulation of Cuk Converter Fed PMBLDC Motor Drive
pp. 13943-13952
S. Dhivya Priya, Dr. M. Nandhini Gayathri

FPGA Based Digital Pulse Width Modulator Technique For Digitally Controlled DC-DC Converters
pp. 13953-13966
Radhika V, Dr.Baskaran K

Modeling and Analysis of Pmn-Pt Silicon-Integrated Micro-Actuator
pp. 13967-13973
S.Nagakalyan, B. Raghukumar

Evaluation of Different Auto Regressive Modeling Methods For Source-Filter Model Based Artificial Bandwidth Extension Systems
pp. 13975-13989
G.Gandhimathi , Dr.A.Hemalatha Dr.S.P.K.Babu

Pyro Electric Studies on Dye Doped TGS Crystals For Ir Detector and Laser Applications
pp. 13989-13998
D.Narayanasamy, P.Kumaresan & P.M.Anbarasan

A Review on Effects of Mechanical Properties of Thin Film Material, Deposition Process and Characterization Technique For MEMS Applications
pp. 13999-14014
Venkatesan Shanmugasundram and Saravanakumar Nesappan

Improved Tagging Approach for Part-of-Speech in Tamil Language Using an Ensemble
pp. 14015-14028
P.Iswarya, Dr.V.Radha

Project Task Scheduling In Grid Computing Using Optimization Algorithm
pp. 14029-14040
M.Suguna, Dr.D.Sharmila

Influence of EDM Process Parameters on Material Removal Rate
pp. 14041-14051
J. Jeevamalar, Dr. S. Ramabalan, Dr. N. Sivashanmugam

Enhancing Semisupervised Clustering By Combining Rough Set Based Feature Reduction and Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 14053-14063
Ms.V.R.Saraswathy, Dr. N.Kasthuri

Performance Analysis of Wimax System Using Different Precoding Techniques
pp. 14065-14080
Madhav Prasad Khanal and Lavish Kansal

Comparison and Analysis of MEMS Electrostatic Comb Drive With Different Spring Designs Using Polysilicon and Copper As The Structural Material
pp. 14081-14092
Himanshu Ranjan Das, Ritesh Kumar

Application of NSTLBO for Optimal Distributed Generator Sources Allocation in a Distribution System
pp. 14093-14114
Manas Ranjan Nayak, and Lipika Dash

Impact on Information Technology on Public Sector Banks In India With Special Reference To Bangalore
pp. 14115-14148
B. Kolappan & Dr. Nagarajan

Impact on Customer Buying Behaviour Towards Residential Properties In Bangalore
pp. 14149-14174
S B.Kalatage & G. Nagarajan

Optimal Control of Thermal Hydro Gas AGC In Deregulated Power Systems With CES
pp. 14175-14188
K Hari Krishna, Dr.K. Chandra Sekhar

Development of Neural Network Based Predictive Controller For Conical Tank Process
pp. 14189-14206
Dr.R.Arivalahan, T.Vinoth, P.Tamilarasan

A Fuzzy Based UPFC Model To Improve The Voltage Profile and Stability of Microgrid Integrated System
pp. 14207-14225
Anantha Krishnan.V and N.Senthil Kumar

Analysis of Local Engineering Methods For Determining The Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Vehicles In The Transitional Regime
pp. 14227-14234
Yuri Ivanovich Khlopkov, Zay Yar Myo Myint, Anton Yurievich Khlopkov

FPGA Implementation of Fused Add-Multiply Unit Using Efficient Adder Topologies
pp. 14235-14246
B.Sargunam, S.Srinitha

Mining The Usage of Data Plans For Mobile Customers Using Clustering Algorithm
pp. 14247-14254
P.B. Pankajavalli, Manimozhi B, Narendhiran B

A Study on Sources of Occupational Stress Among Police Constables
pp. 14255-14266
M.Shunmuga Sundaram and M.Sekar

A Comparative Study on Biometrics For Building Similarity Based Multimodal Biometric System
pp. 14267-14275
T. Rubya, Dr. R.S. Sankarasubramanian

Accident Reproduction System For The Identification of Human Factors Involved on Traffic Accidents
pp. 14277-14284
P.Sheela Gowr, S.Kalaiarasi

Improved Sheep Flock Heredity Algorithm Based Prevention of Credit Card Fraud Detection for Online and Offline Transaction

pp. 14285-14300
V.Mareeswari, G. Gunasekaran

Transformational Leaders As Change Agents In Information Technology Organisations
pp. 14299-14308
Angeline S, Dr. S. Sudha

A Review on Multicast Routing In Mobile Adhoc Network
pp. 14309-14318
J. Deepa, Dr.J.Sutha

Distributed Text Mining - An Approach To Sentiment Analysis
pp. 14319-14335
K. Shyamala, K. Vijay Kumar

A Novel Analysis For Improvement of Power System Stability Using PSS
pp. 14337-14349
S.Sankar, S.Saravanakumar, D.Kamalakannan, S.Raja

Privacy and Secure Revocable Data Access Control In Multi-Authority Cloud
pp. 14351-14356
R Bhavani, Dr. R. Vasanthi

Learning Effective Dispatching Rule For Minimizing Total Flow Time In Permutation Flowshop Scheduling
pp. 14357-14370
R.Balasundaram, Dr.D.Valavan Dr. D.Srinivasan and Dr. N.Baskar

A Real-Time Automated System For Scalable Face Image Retrieval Using Classifiers
pp. 14371-14377
R.Valarmathi and S.Saravanan

Portable Computer Vision Based Assisting Device For The Visually Impaired People
pp. 14379-14387
M. Monisha, A. Nandhini

Thermodynamic Performance and Simulation Study of Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Mixtures in 1 TR Capacity Window Air Conditioner
pp. 14389-14404
P.Elumalai, R.Vijayan, PSS.Srinivasan

Control of the Locomotion of Temperature Sensor
pp. 14405-14419
Malvika Devaiah M, Sandhya K.S, Akshay S

An Overview of Approaches and Application of Cloud Computing
pp. 14421-14430
Prasanta Kumar Bal, Manoranjan Pradhan, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan

Reference Current Generation For Shunt Active Filter Using Various Algorithms
pp. 14431-14448
P.Arthi, R.Sriranjani, M.Balasubramani

Design and Comparative Analysis of CPV System For Performance Enhancement
pp. 14449-4455
Thierry Thomasse, Shankar Duraikannan, Jacqueline Lukose, VineshThiruchelvam

Off Grid Power Supply For Remote Devices Using Solar Photo Voltaic

pp. 14457-14466
Elam Cheren. S, Ashok kumar.L

An Experimental Analysis of Classification Mining Algorithm For Coronary Artery Disease
pp. 14467-14477
P. Ganesan, S. Sivakumar, S. Sundar

E-Learning Activity Analysis for Effective Learning
pp. 14479-14487
N.Yuvaraj J.SelvaAjitha S. Nithya M.Geethanjali

High Capacity Robust Image Steganography In The DCT Domain Using Spread Spectrum Technique
pp. 14489-14496
A Nagalinga Rajana, P Eswaran

A New Class of Extension Exponential Distribution: Properties and Application
pp. 14497-14514
I. Elbatal, Hiba Z. Muhammed and Alaa Ahmed

Pre Treatment of River Water By Using Bentonite and Modified Zeolite
pp. 14515-14528
S. Syafalni, N. A. Johari, S. Satrio

Modelling of Flow In An Unsaturated Zone of Tank Clustered Catchment Using Geo-Spatial Technology
pp. 14529-14536
M. Kavisri

Heuristic Method of Design of The Load Gripping and Manipulating Devices For Work In Special Conditions
pp. 14537-14542
Pavel Davidovich Kravchenko, Dmitry Nikolaevich Fedorenko

Experimental Tribological Performance Evaluation of Nano Lubricant Using Multi-Walled Carbon Nano-Tubes (MWCNT)
pp. 14543-14551
K. P. Lijesh1, S. M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani

Memory Testing on FPGA Board using BIST
pp. 14553-14562
A V Pradeep Chandra, M Santosh Kumar, G Surya Teja, D SaiVamsi Krishna

Performance Comparison of AODV, DSR, DSDV, OLSR and DYMO Routing Protocols in MANETS
pp. 14565-14572
Mohamed Elboukhari, MostafaAzizi and AbdelmalekAzizi

PSO Based Multi-objective Optimization for Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Network
pp. 14573-14586
Ramadoni Syahputra, Imam Robandi, Mochamad Ashari

A Control Strategy In Power Management For A Grid Connected PV-FC Hybrid System
pp. 14587-14596
Mahesh Garre, P. Harshavardhan Reddy, P.Suresh Babu

Determination of Structural Dislocations In Tectosilicates Compounds From The Calculation and Simulation of The Energy Bands
pp. 14597-14602
Rodríguez P., Omar, Rojas J., Germán and Casas S., Javier

Benzene Removal In Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands Treatment
pp. 14603-14614
Ezio Ranieri, Angela Gorgoglione, Andrea Petrella, Valentina Petruzzelli, PetrosGikas

Microbial Conversion of Glycerol To Dihydroxyacetone by Using Batch Mode
pp. 14615-14620
M. Acevedo-Morantes, G. De Ávila, A. Realpe-Jiménez

A Novel Scheduling Architecture For Real Time System
pp. 14621-14628
R.C.Dharunendhar, Dr.E.Logashanmugam

Fingerprint Identification of Low Quality Image
pp. 14629-14636
Manjusha Chakraborty , Shyamala Devi

Influence of Virgin Material on Cement Treated Recycling Base (CTRB) Construction
pp. 14637-14644
S. Sudarno, Purwanto & Pratikso


Reliable Energy Aware End to End Delivery Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks

pp. 14645-14654

R.Hemalatha and Dr.R.S.Bhuvaneswaran

MAI Reduction in Asynchronous MC-CDMA (4G) System using Multiuser Detection with Different Cross-Correlation Matrices
pp. 14655-14667
Anmol Kumar and Jyoti Saxena

A Novel Method of Feature Extraction from MRI Brain Nuclei to Diagnose Brain Disorders

pp. 14669-14690
D.Selvaraj and R.Dhanasekaran

Vehicle Detection In Traffic Videos Using Differential Evolution Algorithm Trained Neural Network
pp. 14691-14701
S.Arivalagan and K.Venkatachalapathy

Duality Theorem For Infinite Hankel Transform
pp. 14703-14712
Mr. Madhukar. B. N., Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr. P. S. Satyanarayana

Finite Element Stress Analysis In Shape-Imperfect Pipe Bends Under Internal Pressure
pp. 14713-14725
S.Ravikumar, Dhrubajyoti Baruah, Pranjit Duarah, T.Christo Michael

A Multi Stage Security Mechanism With Finite Automation For High Secured Communication In WSN
pp. 14727-14738
N.Vadivelan, S.Anbu

Heat Transfer Augmentation in a Solar water heater using Cross and Twisted Tape Inserts pp. 14739-14754
V. Pavendan, K. Muthukumar, N. Arivazhagan, K. Srithar

An Effective K-L Information Based Hyper Tangent Fuzzy C-Means For Segmenting Brain Magnetic Resonance Images
pp. 14755-14764
E. Swarna, A. Sathya, J. Darwin,

Evolution of Mobile Wireless Communication Networks (0G-8G)
pp. 14765-14777
Purnima K Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, R.K.Singh

Broadband Circular Slot Antenna For Interoperable GNSS Application
pp. 14779-14786
Kr. Meenkashisundaram, C. Gokulnath, S.DeepakRamPrasath, Dr. S.Raju, Dr. V.Abhaikumar

Efficient Genetic Algorithm Based Cluster Head Selection Strategy With Mutihop Routing In Networks
pp. 14787-14796
Mr. Anto Premkumar, Ms. Adithya.S, Ms. Anisha.I

An Analysis on The Performance Evaluation of Collaborative Filtering Algorithms Using Apache Mahout
pp. 14797-14812
Lakshmi Devi K, Amrita R, P Subathra, PN Kumar

An Architecture For Secure Mobile Database Transaction For Corporate Environment
pp. 14813-14828
D. Sathiya, T. Daisy Premila Bai, J. Ronald Martin, S. Albert Rabara

Enhancing Quality And Efficiency Of Service In Network Communication Using Rough Set Theory
pp. 14829-14838
D.Radha and R.Jayaparvathy

Influence Of Demographic Variables On Factors Of Spirituality In Information Technology Organisations

pp. 14839-14850
A.Prince Jason and Dr. S. Sudha

Technology And Multimedia In The Language Classrooms: A Special Focus On Indian Engineering Students
pp. 14851-14869
Dr. S. Mercy Gnana Gandhi

Cross Domain World Wide Knowledge For Sql Database By Using Transfer Learning
pp. 14871-14876
Mohana Prabha and Dr.S.Chitra

Analysis of Quantum Devices with Conventional Devices
pp. 14877-14890
M.UshaRani, Dr.A.SenthilKumar, R.Shankari, P.Kalaivani

Factors Affecting Construction Productivity In Saudi Arabia
pp. 14891-4904
Abdulaziz Alghonamy

MHD Mixed Convection CU-Water Nano Fluid Flow With Viscous Dissipation Effects In The Presence Of Suction And Injection
pp. 14905-14921
M.Chandrasekar and M.S.Kasiviswanathan

QCA & CMOS Nanotechnology Based Design, Development And Comparison Of Nanoelectronic FSM Devices For Monitoring Status Of Communication Paths In WIMAX/WIFI Wireless Communication Networks
pp. 14923-14937
S. Devendra K. Verma and P. K. Barhai

Multi View K-SVD Dictionary Learning for Plant Identification
pp. 14939-14951
Soodabeh Safa and Fatimah Khalid

Evaluation of Wimax Handover Mechanism
pp. 14953-14957
Priyan M K, GokulNath C, Vishnu Balan E, Prof.Rama Prabha K P, Prof. Jeyanthi R

Coherence Analysis of Pressure Pulse and Photoplethysmogram At Various Sites
pp. 14959-14968
Revati Shriram, and M. Sundharajan

Combined Effects Of Acid And Metal On The Survival Of Resource Based Population Incorporating Nutrient Recycling: A Mathematical Model
pp. 14969-14980
Asha Bharathi A.T, Anita Chaturvedi, Radha Gupta and Kokila Ramesh

Evaluation of The Implementation Result of SAP-Based Material Management Process At Distributor Companies In Indonesia
pp. 14981-14989
Noerlina; Monika Lestari; Rizky P.Maulina; Anita Maria

Ultra Low Power Sub-Threshold Ring Oscillator
pp. 14991-14998
Abhishek Kumar

Investigation of Machining Parameters In EDM of Al-15%Sicp MMC Using Multichannel Electrode By ANOVA and ANN
pp. 14999-15015
S. Murugesan, K. Balamurugan, C. SathiyaNarayanan

An Effective Method of Phishing Detection Using IBC
pp. 15017-15021
Mr. N.V.Rajeesh Kumar, S.Vinoth Kumar

Loss Compensation In Distribution Line Using DSTATCOM
pp. 15023-15034
Kethana Karthik, K.A.Rani Fathima

Wi-Fi Implementation of Self Accessing Internet of Things
pp. 15035-15047
T.Vimala, Dr. G.Saravanakumar and S. Ravi

Investigation of Heat Transfer In Pool Boiling on Vertical Cylindrical Brass Surface With Silica and Tungsten Oxide Nanofluids
pp. 15049-15057
M.P.Rangaiah, Dr.B.Uma Maheswar Gowd

Effective Sag/Swell and Unbalance Supply Voltage Compensation Using DVR
pp. 15059-15070
V. Arutselvan, A.S. Viswanathan, K. Palanisamy

A Comparative Analysis On Medium Of Learning For Management Education Among Chennai Students
pp. 15071-15081
Dr.S.C.Rajan Daniel

Operational Characteristics Of Dc-Dc Converters In Maximum Power Point Tracking Operation For Solar Pv System
pp. 15083-15089

Zaheeruddin, Sukumar Mishra and Ahteshamul Haque

Hybridization Of Genetic Algorithm (GA) And Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) – A Review On Solving Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem
pp. 15091-15107
V.Anusuya, and R.Kavitha

Input Power Factor Compensation in Matrix Converter Fed Grid with PI Controller
pp. 15109-15121
D.Rajalakshmi, Dr.K.Geetha and S.R.Venupriya

Method For Complex Web Applications Design
pp. 15123-15130
Rustam A. Valiev, Lenar A. Galiullin, Irina S. Dmitrieva, Aleksey N. Ilyukhin

Modeling Of Technological Process Of Wood-Composite Material Production Of Woodworking And Wood Chemical Complex Wastes
pp. 15131-15139
Galina Pavlovna Plotnikova, Nikolay Pavlovich Plotnikov, Simon Helokovich Simonyan

Capturing Architecturally Significant Requirements using Architect’s Use Case Diagram
pp. 15141-15163
B. Sathis Kumar and Ilango Krishnamurthi

RFSTTRM: Improving The Security Model To Protect Resource Allocation In Cloud Environment
pp. 15165-15181
C.Kamalanathan, Dr.S.Valarmathy and S.Kirubakaran

See Through –Design and Implementation of An Innovative Mobile Keypad For The Visually Challenged
pp. 15183-15195
Gowtham Raj P, M Anirudh Srinivas, Arjun K, Bindu K R

Efficient Scheme for Preventing Tunneling Attack in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 15197-15206
Komal Rana Kundan Munjal

A Review of Cutting Force and Optimization In Metal Cutting Process
pp. 15207-15224
Aezhisai Vallavi M S, Mohandas Gandhi N, Velmurugan C and Dhamodharan N

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Totally Regular Weakly Generalized Continuous Mappings
pp. 15225-15236
P. Rajarajeswari and L.Senthil Kumar

A Seven Level Packed U Cell (Puc) Multilevel Inverter For Photovoltaic System
pp. 15237-15250
M.Gowtham, J.Gowri Shankar, M.Balasubramani

A Numerical Investigation on Performance Enhancement of Air Motor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
pp. 15251-15266
Aezhisai Vallavi. M.S, Kiranlal.S and Mohandas Gandhi.N

A Low Power Hybrid Clock Gating Technique For High Frequency Applications
pp. 15267-15277
Priyanka Verma, J. Selvakumar

Heat Transfer Enhancement in A Round Tube With Snail Entry and Coiled Wire Insert With Spring Turbulators
pp. 15281-15291
Yogiraj Deshmukh, Dr. S. L. Borse

Low Power Analysis and Design of Efficient Mlat Fault Diagnosis Algorithm With Test Pattern Generation
pp. 15293-15304
Dr.T.Jaya, Dr.C. Jeya Chandiran

Input Vector Monitoring Concurrent Bist Using Compressed Test Pattern
pp. 15305-15312
L. Magthelin Therase

Design, Analysis and Optimization of Patient-Specific Implant Fixation Position Using FEA and Fabrication Via RP Techniques
pp. 15313-15324
D. Devika

Video Watermarking Technique For Authentication And Security
pp. 15325-15336
K. S. Abishek Mrs.C. T. Kalaivani Dr.Dhandapani Samiappan

Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Brushless Dc Motor Fed From Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter
pp. 15337-15350
Srirekha. S, Subashini. N

Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Verification Of Mixing In An Operating Sewage Sludge Anaerobic Digester
pp. 15351-15362

Solar Thermal Power and Desalination System
pp. 15363-15376
V.K. Ramesh Kumar ,G.Edison, Rajkumar.P.R, Rajendran.R

Autonomous Indoor Quadrotor
pp. 15377-15387
Shreyaank Raje Urs R and Oliver S Nesaraj

Computational Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Analysis
pp. 15389-15395
N. Ilangovan

The Cloud Computing Comparison Between Databases
pp. 15397-15406
Padmanathan Anantharaman, Dr H. V. Ramakrishnan

New Approach For Big Data Mining Using Mapreduce Techniques
pp. 15407-15415
Satish Londhe, Smita Mahajan

Influence of Specimen Temperature on Wear Characteristics of Al-Zn-Mg Castings
pp. 15417-15428
A. Ramasundaram, S. Ilangovan, Sanjivi Arul, A. Shanmugasundaram

Optimal Route Analysis For The Transportation of Solid Waste Using Remote Sensing and Gis: A Model Study
pp. 15429-15450
SS.Asadi, Y. Sree Ramulu M. V. Raju and P.J.Ratnakar

An Review of Scheduling Algorithms In Cloud Computing

pp. 15451-15456
Pradeep.K, Muthuchelvi.p

File Security Using Neural Networks Induced Facial Recognition
pp. 15457-15474
Dr.V.Dhanakoti, S.U.Abinandhanan And R.Jaya Ganthan

ANFIM: Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Model For Content Based Image Retrieval
pp. 15475-15491
S.Bhuvana, Dr.P.Tamije Selvy, S.Asha

Comparative Analysis of Clustering In Super Market Data Set
pp. 15493-15501
A.Bamini, Dr. S. Franklin John and Dr. Ranjit JebaThangaiah P

Wireless War Field Communication Using UAV’s
pp. 15503-15512
R.Gowtham, Dr.P.Gnanasundari

RSM Based Prediction of Process Parameters In The Grinding Process of Portland Pozzolana Cement
pp. 15513-15522
S. Irudayaraj, S. Charles

Improved Adaptive Filter For Impulse Noise Denoising In Color Images
pp. 15523-15536
R. Gayathri, Dr. R.S. Sabeenian, V.Jayshankar, K.Krishna, Lionel Frederick, J.Mohammed Imran

Learning and Analyzing User Behavior By Naive Bayesian Classifier and Validating Through Fuzzy Inference Model
pp. 15537-15544
Suresh K.S., Nuggu Subba Venkata Gayathri Devi, Routhu Keerthi Praneetha and Kuppam Aswini Durga

A Memory-Efficient In Scalable String Pattern Matching Method For Integrated Deterministic Finite Deep Packet Inspection
pp. 15545-15559
Pon.Arivanantham, Dr. M. Ramakrishnan

Control of Phase Shift Series Resonant Dc To Dc Converter Using GA Tuned Fuzzy Proportional Integral Controller
pp. 15561-15569
R.Anand, P.Melbamary,

A Time Delay Based Efficient Approach For The Synchronization of The Audio and Video Streams
pp. 15571-15580
S.Vigneswaran, Dr.A.Leelamani, K. Divya

Distributed Clustering Using Enhanced Hierarchical Methodology For Dense WSN Fields
pp. 15581-15591
Dr.S. Sophia, S.R.Boselin Prabhu, P.Dhakshina Moorthi, D.Senthil Raja,N.Arun Kumar

A Study Analysis of Energy Issues In Big Data
pp. 15593-15609
Rizwan Patan, Rajasekhara Babu M

Production of Hydroxyl Gas By Electrolysis Process Using Different Catalyst
pp. 15611-15620
Rajasekaran T., Duraiswamy K., Santhosh M. and Pooventhan S.

Mathematical Model With Multi Variate Data To Support Big Data Clustering Algorithms
pp. 15621-15630
Manishankar. S, Akshatha Prabhu

An Optimized Attribute Based Similarity Search In Metric Database
pp. 15631-15641
C. Swaraj Paul, G.Gunasekaran

Experimental Investigation on High Performance Concrete Using Manufactured Sand As Fine Aggregate
pp. 15643-15649
S. Murali Krishnan, Dr.T.Felix Kala

Experimental Investigation of Tensile Properties of Ni-Ti Samples Prepared By Different Techniques
pp. 15651-15659
Wisam Abu Jadayil, Manar Al Naber

A New Fuzzy Mathematical Apporach To Study The Socio-Economic Problems Faced By Gypsies
pp. 15661-15670
C. Ramkumar, R. Ravanan and S. Narayanamoorthy

A Collation: Implementing Mono And Hybrid Approaches For Feature Extraction
pp. 15671-15678
Surbhi Agarwal, Madhulika

Bridgeless Converter Based Switched Mode Power Supply With Power Quality Improvement
pp. 15679-15694
Vignesh.N.R, Malathi.S, Jayachandran.J

Ant Colony Based OLSR For Improved Quality of Service For Multimedia Traffic
pp. 15695-15710
M.V.H. Bhaskara Murthy, B.Prabhakar Rao

To Study The Influence of Machining Conditions and Surface Roughness on The Chip Geometry
pp. 15711-15719
Jval Sheth, Maneesh Gunjal, Apurv Choubey, Vijaykumar S. Jatti

Design of Phased Array System Using V-Antennas For Beam forming Applications
pp. 15721-15730
Janendra Gupta, R. Madhusudhan Goud

A Review: Towards Quality Improvement in Real Time Eye-Tracking and Gaze Detection
pp. 15731-15746
Senthamarai Selvi.N, Dr.Lakshmi.C

Service Orient Approximation Technique Based Multi Attribute Encryption Standards For Intrusion Detection In Cloud Environment
pp. 15747-15758
A Murugan,  Nithya  and A. Nagappan

Building Maintenance Issues: A Malaysian Scenario for High-Rise Residential Buildings
pp. 15759-15776

On the Solution of System of Interval Linear Equations
pp. 15777-15797
T. Nirmala, D. Datta, H. S. Kushwaha, K. Ganesan

A Literature Survey on Brain Tumor Classification Techniques
pp. 15799-15824
V. Anitha and S.Murugavalli

Using Mobile Robots To Act As Surveillance In The Crop Field
pp. 15825-15832
B. Baron Sam, S. Balaji, A. Anthuvan Jerald Majella, K. Ashokkumar

Application For Shadow Removal From Geo Eye-1 RGB Composition
pp. 15833-15842
Claudio Meneghini and Claudio Parente

Structural Analysis Of Compressor Blisk
pp. 15843-15856
S. Ravi Kumar and E.Kumaravel

Glaucoma Detection Based on Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation Using Feed Forward Neural Network
pp. 15857-15868
Ashutosh singh and Vijayan T

Geographical Image Retrieval Using Spatial Filtering For Image Enhancement Techniques
pp. 15869-15881
P.Sakthivel, R.Hariharan, C.Mahesh, P.Prasenna

A Frequency-Domain Periodic Noise Reduction Method Using Image Regularization And Boundary Padding Based On Periodic Structure Search
pp. 15883-15898
Sung Deuk Kim

Design And Analysis Of Frequency Reconfigurable Micro Strip Patch Antena For Wireless Applications
pp. 15899-15904
J.Janetstephy, A.Anusuya, G.Jegan

Synthesis Of A Proton Exchange Membrane Obtained From Sebs Copolymer For Application In A Fuel Cell
pp. 15905-15913
A. Realpe-Jiménez, Y. Pino, M. Acevedo-Morantes

Enhancement of Designing The Smart Glove
pp. 15915-15937
Ashraf Mohamed Ali Hassan

Effective Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Soil
pp. 15939-15948
Bilal A. Akash

A Two Stage Approach to Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
pp. 15949-15956
V.Divyapraba, K.Kishore Kumar, Gaddam Kalyani, V Elamaran

Contrast Enhancement Using Segmentation Based Histogram Equalization
pp. 15957-15964
Nandhini V, Pratheepa R, Elamaran V

Harmonics Reduction In Non Linear Sensitive Loads Using Pi-Fuzzy Based Ipqc
pp. 15965-15976
Abhijith Augustine, Rahul Antony, Jineeth Raju, Dr. Ruban Deva Prakash

Implementation of Wireless Sensor Based Smart Vehicle
pp. 15977-15984
Vijayasaro V ,Niveathasaro V

Common Mode Voltage Reduction In Three Phase Neutral Point Clamped Inverter Fed Ac Motor Drive
pp. 15985-15998
Tamilselvan S, Balasubramani M and Gowri Shankar J

Image Enhancement Using Sub Image Edge Based Histogram Equalization
pp. 15999-16006
Anjana N, Gaddam Kalyani, Elamaran V

Optimization of Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Parameters of SS409M By Response Surface Methodology
pp. 16007-16020
T S Praveen, K Manonmani, A Natarajan

A Survey on Applications of Grammar formalism In Image Processing
pp. 16021-16034
Anand Mahendran, Deepa Mani

Design and Analysis of A Simple Dual Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Wireless Communication
pp. 16035-16040
Keerthi Sri.K. , Sugadev.M

Intelligent Video Surveillance System For Optimizing The Disk Space
pp. 16041-16050
Sagar Mahajan, Narayanamoorthi Rajamanickam

Ofdm Based Spectrum Sharing In Cognitive Radio Network For Interference Cancellation
pp. 16051-16060
Jashuva.D, Logashanmugam.E

Adaptive Coalition Based Power Aware Routing In Wireless Networks
pp. 16061-16069
Kalyan Das, Jyoti Ranjan Jena, Soumyadeep Nanda and Jagamohan Padhi

Binary Back Propagation Based Lift Association Mining For Heart Disease And Stroke Identification
pp. 16071-16087
D. Nalini Dr., R. Periasamy

Production of Ultrafine Grain In Commercially Pure Copper By Ecap
pp. 16089-16096
B.Praveen, V. Balusamy, J.Krishnamoorthi, P.C. Angelo


Contingency Ranking – An ANN Approach

pp. 16097-16109

A.Thamilmaran, P.Vijayapriya, Dr.M.Kowsalya and S. Bakkiyalakshmi


Knowledge – Based Parametric Modeling for Bolts,Nuts and Bearings using SolidWorks

pp. 16111-16120

E. Jayakiran Reddy, C.N.V. Sridhar, P. Pandu Rangadu


Analysis of 16-Bit Counter Using GDI Technique and CMOS Logic

pp. 16121-16128

Dr.K.Nehru and Dr.A.Shanmugam


An Efficient Association Rule Based Dynamic Support Count Adaptation Model for XML Databases Using XQuery

pp. 16129-16147

D Sathyanarayanan, M. Krishnamurthy


Battery Charging Optimization Solar Powered Robot

pp. 16149-16159

D.Shaikshavali and Dr.A.RuhanBevi


The Significance Of Impulse Buying In Apparel Retail Marketing

pp. 16161-16168

Ram Mohan. A


Reduction of Pollution At India-Review of Wind Energy

pp. 16169-16180

Kumar P , Jhon Rajan A









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