International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 3  (2015)  





Design And Implementation Of High Throughput Asynchronous Router For Multi-Core On Board Execution
pp. 5339-5349
M. Kamaraju, Raghunath Mandla

An Empirical Study on Class Association Rules Mining
pp. 5351-5362
Ajaya Kumar Parida, Subhendu Kumar Pani

A Review on Anomaly Detection in MANET using Antnet Algorithm
pp. 5363-5375
Soma Pal, Karthi Ramachandran,Surender Dhanasekaran, Immanuel Dinesh Paul & 5Amritha

A Review on Automatic Image Annotation and Retrieval Approaches
pp. 5377-5392
P. Mercy Rajaselvi Beaulah, D. Manjula

Power Reduction Techniques for Clock-Gated Double Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops
pp. 5393-5401
Mr. L.Vigneash, Dr. C. N. Mari Muthu, Ms. Deepa Baby

Reaction Modulus Capacity Of The Dredging Sediment Stabilized By Cement As A Road Pavement Sub Grade
pp. 5403-5410
Hamzah Yusuf

Numerical Analysis on Performance Variation of Linear Compressor Equipped with Economizer
pp. 5411-5420
Sang Jun Park, Young Lim Lee

A Survey Of Vision Stimulation for Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation
pp. 5421-5426
Sumathy.G, Dr. Arokia Renjith

A Smart Energy Efficient Lighting System Based On Intelligent Controller And Sensors
pp. 5427-5434
K. Yasodha, Dr S.Sumathi, P.Sheela

A Review of Public Auditing Schemes in the Cloud Computing
pp. 5435-5442
N.Jayaprakash, J.Ramesh Babu, T.Dhikhi

Human Gait Recognition Using Silhouettes
pp. 5443-5454
S. M. H. Sithi Shameem Fathima , R. S. D. WAHIDA BANU

Object Relational Aerial Data Mining Via Topological Tree Based Feature Clustering Framework
pp. 5455-5470
Mr. K.Pragadeeswaran, Dr. A.Subramani

Detection, Identification and Tracking of Moving Objects in a Video using Super Resolution - A Novel Approach
pp. 5471-5487
A.Geetha Devi, T. Madhu,  K.Lal Kishore

An Access Point Based Routing Algorithm (APBR) using Greedy Method Towards Improving Quality of Service for VANET

pp. 5489-5501
C. Kumuthini, P. Krishnakumari

Mapping of Landslide Susceptibility Using Analytical Hierarchy Process at Kothagiri Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 5503-5523
Kartic Kumar, M., Annadurai, R, Ravichandran, P.T, Arumugam, K

Interpretation of Knowledge Discovery System on formulation of Gene Disease Relationship

pp. 5525-5535
Dr. P.Sumathi, K.Prabavathy

An Accelerated Feature Subset Selection Using Discriminative Function Allied With Large Margin Distribution Based Ranking
pp. 5537-5550
G.Victo Sudha George, Dr. V.Cyril Raj

Embedded System Based Water Distribution Rationally For Homes Using RFID Technology
pp. 5551-5560
R.Ramani, S.Valarmathy, S.Selvaraju

An Effective Palette Reordering Scheme by Dynamic Self-Organizing Maps with Controlled Growth
pp. 5561-5579
P. Niraimathi, K. Bhoopathy Bagan

A Dynamic Parameter Estimation based Binary Increase Congestion control Algorithm for Data Transfer in Satellite Network
pp. 5581-5596
M.Nirmala, Dr.Ramachandra V Pujeri

Design, Development And Deployment Of Multi-Sensor Node Based Wireless Sensor Network For Campus Monitoring
pp. 5599-5615
Rashmi Priyadarshini, S.RN Reddy, R.M. Mehra

Studies on Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine With Shrouded Inlet Valve Using Diesel and Pongamia Methyl Ester Blend as Fuel
pp. 5617-5628
M.Rajasankar, R.Subramanian, N.Nedunchezhian

Link-Utility-Based Improved Back off Cooperative MAC Protocol for Distributed Dynamic Slot Allocation in MANET
pp. 5629-5642
R.Manikandan and Dr.K.Selvakumar

Investigations on the Performance of Small Hydro Power Plants with Deformation in Bulb Turbine Discharge Ring and Outer Distributor Cone
pp. 5643-5661
Dr.P.Sridharan and Dr.N.Kuppuswamy

A Digital Watermarking Scheme using Multi-watermark Logos Embedding and Adaptive Prediction Algorithm
pp. 5663-5679
Komwit Surachat, Wanicbut Wattanamatiphot

An Encyclopedic Overview of ‘Big Data’ Analytics
pp. 5681-5705
G. Bharadwaja Kumar

Landfill Leachate Treatment by Using Peat Soil and Laterite Soil as Natural Adsorbents
pp. 5707-5728
Syafalni S., Dhaarisheni M.,Ismail Abustan, Mohd Remy Rozainy M. A. Z

An Indirect Matrix Converter With Common-Mode Voltage Reduction For AC To AC Conversion
pp. 5729-5740
Binu Packia Ananth, and Dr.A.Arunya Revathi

Influence Of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticle Additive On Performance And Exhaust Emissions Of Diesel Engine
pp. 5741-5749
S.P.Venkatesan, and Dr.P.N.Kadiresh

Designing A Media Of Active Learning (AL) Strategy Of Micro Controller 8051 Multiple Interrupts Handling Teaching By Using The MCU 8051 IDE-Integrated Development Environment And Asem-51 In Supporting The Implementation Of Active Learning In Higher Education-ALFHE (Active Learning For Higher Education)[1][2][5][6][7][8]
pp. 5751-5763

Poltak Sihombing, Dahlan RP Sitompul

Interference-free Cross-layer based Routing Protocol in MANET
pp. 5765-5780
G.Mathiyalagan and Amitabh Wahi

A Remark on Relationship between Lucas Triangle and Zeckendorf Triangle
pp. 5781-5788
P.Balamurugan and R.Srikanth

Autonomic Cloud Services to Enhance Secure Data Services

pp. 5789-5801
N.Raveendran and DR. Antony SelvadossThanamani

A New Efficient Method for the Performance Evaluation of a Concentrating Solar Power system using Fuzzy and PSO
pp. 5803-5820
V.S.Srinivasan and Srinivasa Rao Madane.S

A Pre-Compression Algorithm for Optimal Acquisition of Modernized GNSS Signal
pp. 5819-5830
S.Mariappan, G.Sasibhusana Rao, Swarna Ravindrababu

An Efficient Quadrature Rule For Approximate Solution Of Non Linear Integral Equation Of Hammerstein Type
pp. 5831-5840
Saumya Ranjan Jena and Prabhas Dash

Contextual ISO-Triangular Array P System models
pp. 5841-5849
K. Bhuvaneswari

Gathering Geo-PointFrom User’s Shared Photos Based On PNN And GLCM Method
pp. 5851-5855
Pratima Panneerselvam1,Kemesanuo Sophia2, Dr.T PremJacob

Engineering Leadership
pp. 5855-5866
Dr. Jayshree Suresh, Kavitha Sethuraman

Simulation of Grape Crop Future Water Requirement Using CROPWAT Model in Semi- Arid Region
pp. 5867-5880
R. NagarjunaKumar, V.S.Rathoreb, K.Srinivas Reddy, M.S. Nathawat

Mechanical Properties On High Performance Concrete By Replacing The Cement By Flyash, Silica Fume And Metakaolin
pp. 5881-5886
K.Athi Gajendran

Intelligent Transport Planning System Using GIS
pp. 5887-5892
R.Sethuraman and E.Sathish

An Integrated Z-Source Inverter For Voltage Sag Compensation Using Matlab/Simulink
pp. 5893-5903
J.Singaravelan and Dr. K.Sureshmanic

An Efficient Bundle Range Aggregation Using R-Tree
pp. 5905-5911
Ms.S.P.Godlin Jasil and Vennila Mani

A Survey on Mitigating Hotspot Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 5913-5921
R.Balamurali and Dr. K.Kathiravan

Improving Noise To Signal Ratio In Smart Antenna Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony
pp. 5923-5934
Sudhakar Reddy N and Dr. K. Siddappa Naidu

CFD Modelling And Validation Of Solar Flat Plate Collector Subjected To Natural Convection
pp. 5935-5944
M.Dinesh Babu, M. Venkata Ramanan, and A.Ganapathi

Learning Style Preferences Of Project-Based Learners – A Kaleidoscopic View
pp. 5945-5963
S.N.S.Gandhimathi and . Dr. V. Anitha Devi

Jamming-Resistent Frequency Hopping for Cognitive Radio Networks Security: Survey
pp. 5965-5970
K.Karunambiga , M.Sundarambal , S.Saranya Rubini

Minimizing THD in a Non-Linear System by Hybrid Series Active Power Filter Using Cascaded Seven Level Inverter
pp. 5971-5987
C.Ramakrishnan and S.Vijayan

Reputation System for Improving Security in Voice over Internet Protocol
pp. 5989-6001

Intelligent Integrated RF Remote Control for Fan, Light and Heater
pp. 6003-6012
Rajesh Singh, Piyush Kuchhal, M.S.Yadav, Sushabhan Choudhury, 5Anita

Basis of the Choice of Optimal Characteristics for Innovative Equipment
pp. 6013-6018
Anton Kogan

Efficient Denoising For Removing Fixed And Random Valued Impulse Noise In Images-A Survey
pp. 6019-6025
Gowthamy K and Nandhitha N.M

Effect Of Nonlinearity In Granular And Subgrade Layers In Multi Layer Analysis Of Flexible Pavements
pp. 6027-6038
MayilVahanan.T. and Dr.Murugesan.R.

Rehabilitation & Retrofitting Work For Old R.C.C Members
pp. 6039-6056
Mrs.P.Vijayalakshmi and Mr. D. Durai Murugan

A Normalized Least Mean Squares Algorithm Based On-Line Adaptive Selective Current Harmonic Elimination Technique For Three Phase AC Voltage Controllers
pp. 6057-6069
P Avirajamanjula, P Palanivel, N.Muruganantham

Virtual Switch Using Image Processing
pp. 6071-6076
Dr.K. Kiran Kumar, K.Vasantha, V.Veena Madhuri

Effect of Fineness of Homra (Clay Brick Dust) on the Properties of Geopolymer Bricks Produced from Slaked Lime
pp. 6077-6087
N.Y.S. Selem, Sh.K. Amin, S.A. El–Sherbiny and M.F. Abadir

Turning Of AISI 4130 Alloy Steel Using Vegetable Oil Based Cutting Fluid By Minimum Quantity Lubrication
pp. 6089-6101
M Sreenivasulu reddy,and Venkata Ramarao Mutyala and T.Raja

Wireless Control Of Industrial Process Using RF Signal
pp. 6103-6111
T.Thaj Mary Delsy

Adsorption of Anionic and Cationic Dyes onto Granular Activated Carbon
pp. 6113-6129
A Janet, R Kumaresan, S Uma Maheswari

Design Of Wireless Home Care Medical Monitoring System Using Zigbee Technology
pp. 6129-6135

Analysis of Groundwater Quality using Regression Model
pp. 6137-6149
Kamakshaiah.Kolli and Dr.R.Seshadri

An Enhanced Cross Layer Selfish node Detection Scheme to avoid False Negative Case in MANET
pp. 6151-6162
Mr. J.Govindarajan

Analysis of Area, Delay and Power Efficient High Speed Fast Adder
pp. 6163-6170
S.Thomas Niba

Defects Controlled Instrumentation Protective Instincts of Aircraft Systems at Safe Flight
pp. 6171-6179
Karthick Raja R and Dr S Umamaheswari

Supervisor Support- Retention Impact Over Different Category Of Employees In Ceramic Manufacturing Industries In India
pp. 6181-6188
S.Umamaheswari and Jayasree Krishnan

Review on Performance of Soft Wear Antenna
pp. 6189-6196
I.Rexiline Sheeba

Wavelet Based Analysis Of Power Transients In Different UPS Systems For ICU Applications
pp. 6197-6206
J. Sangeetha

Service Oriented Secured Privacy Enhancement For Health Care Applications
pp. 6207-6216
Dr.S.Justin Samuel, Koundinya RVP, Kotha Sashidhar

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Dynamic Clustering For Effective Search On Web Using Personalized User Behaviors
pp. 6217-6232
S.Sadesh and Dr.R.C.Suganthe

Novel Optimization of Stresses acting and Failure Rats with Power Transformers
pp. 6233-6240
D.Manoharan, Dr.A.Amutha and Dr. S.S.Sivaraju

Wireless Sensor Network for Cargo Chain Monitoring

pp. 6241-6256

A New Framework For Tea Plant Recognition Using Extreme Learning Machine With Very Few Features
pp. 6257-6270
Arunpriya C. and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

Electrothermal Analysis Impact On Deep Submicron Devices In A Leakage Dominant Era
pp. 6271-6284
S.Senthilrani and Dr.M.Suganthi

Cancer Detection Based Mining System by Importing Intelligence to Genes
pp. 6285-6292
P.Suganya1 and E.Thenmozhi

Chemical Reaction And Radiation Effects On A Parabolic Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate With Variable Temperature And Uniform Mass Diffusion
pp. 6293-6304
R.Muthucumaraswamy and P.Sivakumar

Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System With Twelve Pulse Converter
pp. 6305-6321
Indira G and Chandramohan S

An Overview of Routing Algorithms Based On Energy Constraints and Network Life-Span
pp. 6323-6330

Compact Planar Power Divider for Radar Application
pp. 6331-6340
T. G. Aboelnaga and E. A. F. Abdallah

Choice of Illumination Normalization Algorithm for Preprocessing Efficiency of Discrete Cosine Transform
pp. 6341-6351
Zahraddeen Sufyanu, FatmaSusilawati Mohamad and Ahmad Salihu Ben-Musa

Credit Risk Management Model Optimization Using Complex Event Processing

pp. 6353-6362
Bhargavi R and Srinivas Gumparthi

Direct Product Of Semiprime Ideals In Ternary Semigroups
pp. 6363-6368
Bindu.P, Dr. Sarala.Y, Dr. Madhusudan rao.D, Dr. Gangadhara rao.A

Monitoring Change Detection By Altering MRF Energy Function In SAR Images For Disaster Analysis
pp. 6369-6378
K.Kalaivani, MuktaJagdish, S.Neduncheliyan

Electricity Demand Forecasting Based On Genetic Algorithm And Extended Nelder Mead
pp. 6379-6388
Wahab Musa

Information Gathering Practices Of Engineering Faculty Members:An Emphirical Study
pp. 6389-6404
K Sadagobana, M Tamizhchelvanb, S Gopalakrishnanc, S Gopalakrishnan

Performance Analysis of SVD, ICA and Hidden Markov Model in Classification of Epilepsy Risk Level from EEG Signal
pp. 6405-6417
Dr.R. Hari Kumar and Dr.M.Balasubramani

Sparse Representation in Active Learning Methods for Remote Sensing Image Classification –A Survey
pp. 6419-6430
Shivakumar G.S ,Dr.S.Natarajan and Dr. K.Srikanta Murthy

Two Input DC-DC Boost Converter Based On VMC And IBC For Electric Vehicle Applications
pp. 6431-6445
L.Chitra, A.Thabana, P.Kalidass, M.Karpagam

Multiphase Closure Properties of Compressible Fluid Mixing Models1
pp. 6447–6457
Hyeonseong Jin

Experimental Analytical Study Of Parameters Of A Discharge Positive Column In Mixture H? - Hg
pp. 6459-6465
Nizamitdin Muhtarov

Axiomatic Determination Of Elementary Multi-Valued Functions For A Complex Variable
pp. 6467-6477
Andrey B. Shishkin and Roman G. Pismennyiy

Concerns Of Design Of The Energy-Efficient Fixtures
pp. 6479-6487
Irina Ivanovna Bayneva

Development Of Principles Of Computer Appliance Functioning, Determination Of Characteristics Of The Biological Object
pp. 6489-6498
Lankin Anton Michailovich, Lankin Michail Vladimirovich, Aleksanyan Grayr Karenovich and Narakidze Nuri Dazmirovich

Wireless Monitoring And Control At Urban Heating Supply System
pp. 6499-6507
Valery Anatol’evich Kamaev, Ludmila Rimmovna Fionova, Aleksey Germanovich Finogeev, Anton Alekseevich Finogeev

Determination Of Weber-Ampere Characteristic For Electrical Devices Based On The Solution Of Har-monic Balance Inverse Problem
pp. 6509-6519
Gorbatenko Nikolay Ivanovich, Lankin Anton Michailovich, Lankin Michail Vladimirovich, Shayhutdinov Danil Vadimovich

The Adaptive Determination Of The Relative Importances Of The Objects On The Basis Of The Qualitive Pair Comparisons
pp. 6521-6530
E.G.Zhilyakov, N.P. Putivzeva, S.V. Igrunova

Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for grid Connected PV System using PSO Algorithm
pp. 6531-6546
Dr.P.Melba Mary and M.S.Sivagamasundari

Experimental Study of EM Based Leaf Waste Compost onto Malachite Green Removal
pp. 6547-6555
T. BhagavathiPushpaa, J. Vijayaraghavana, S.J. SardharBashab, V. Sekaranc, J. Jegan

An Effectual Way of Information Reclamation Using Peer-Peer Approach in Manets
pp. 6557-6567
Dr. Debmalya Bhattacharya and Ms. Jyotismita Talukdar

Harmonic Reduction of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based on Newton-Raphson
pp. 6569-6580
Rosli Omar, afiqah marizan Sulaiman and Krismasinata

An Attack Perceptive Approach for Reliable and Secure Wireless Connectivity between Medical Devices in Public Environment
pp. 6581-6600
Ananthanarayanan.V, Rajeswari.A,GouthamKashyap. P, Sharad S

A Study Of Business And Operational Performances Of Call Centers Using Speech Technology
R. Manoharan, Dr. R. Ganesan, K. Senthil Kumar

Trust Based Multipath Routing To Mitigate Wormhole Attack
Ramya Dorai, Rajaram. M

Classifier Level Congestion Control based on Priority in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Jeya Shobana, B. Paramasivan

Dual Phase Analysis Based Linear Regression Trained Neural Network For Selected Harmonic Elimination In A Multilevel Inverter
V.J.Vijayalakshmi, Dr.C.S.Ravichandran, Dr.A.Amudha, A.Mohamed Ibrahim

A Novel Method to Preserve Privacy: Two- Tiered Privacy Preservation
B.A.Sabarish, Divya.C, Harini Shankar, Pradisa.S

Mechanical And Morphological Properties Of Raw And Alkali Treated Borassus Fruit Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
L.Boopathi, P.Chokkalingam, P.S.Pasupathiraj, M.Gopi

Hybrid Continuous Wavelet Genetic Fuzzy Neural Exponential Probability Density Function Based Translation-Invariant Contourlet Transform For Denoising In Medical Images
C.S.Manikandababu, Dr. N.J.R. Muniraj

A Maximum Entropy Based Analytical Model to Evaluate Performances of Servers Management Schemes in a Cloud Computing Center
Mohamed Ben El Aattar, Abdellah Zaaloul, Abdelkrim Haqiq

Improved Bee Colony Optimization For Efficient Task Scheduling In Cloud Environment
R.Jemina Priyadarsini, Dr.L.Arockiam

A Novel Cipher Security Mechanism For IEEE 802.11i

K.Antony Kumar, N.K.Manikandan, D.Manivannan, S.Saran Raj

Use of New Multi-layered Coated Carbide Insert for Machining Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Alumina Particles – Experimental Approach
Dr.R.Ramanujam, A. Rahul, Manu Antony, C.RamPraful

CFIR Tree – A Novel Method to Build Index For Handling Geographic Document Search
A.Krishna Mohan, MHM Krishna Prasad

Use of Lime-Stabilized Fly Ash and GBS in Pavements Laid over Expansive Clay Sub-Grades
Sridevi Guda, Sreerama Rao Ajjarapu

Strength Behavior Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Annadurai. A, Ravichandran.A

Linear And Non-Linear Optical Properties Of Flourine Doped Cadmium Oxide Thin Films
V.Saravanan, J.Joseph Prince, M.Anusuya

Power System Contingency Ranking Using Compensation Factor In Performance Index
Anuradha D P, J. Rajamohan

Infrequent Weighted Item Set Mining Using Decision Making Approach Algorithm
A.Mary Posonia, J.Kanmani Rajathi

Discriminating Managerial Styles – A Study With Reference To Women Executives In Corporate At Chennai
Bala Meena Priya, Dr. Deepa Ittimani Tholath, S. Lakshmi Narasimhan

Diffie–Hellman-Merkle Longer Key Usage On Minutiae, Orientation, And Density Based Palmprint Pattern Matching
Mrs. A. Kanchana, Dr.S.Arumugam

Car Parking Space Detection By Using Background Subtraction Algorithm
Sarika.S, Tamilarasi.R

Discovery Of Process In Business Process Outsourcing Domain
R. Ramya, Dr. M. Suriakala

Procedure for Improving Quality Through Reliable Data
Dr.M.Sangeetha, Dr.C.Arumugam, Dr.K.M.Senthilkumar, K.Karunambiga

Design Of Fractional Order PI Controller For DC-DC Boost Converter

Dual Quorum-Dispersal, A Novel Approach for Reliable and Consistent ECC based Storages
C.K. Shyamala, N.V. Vidya

Existence results for Hadamard type fractional functional integro-differential equations with integral boundary conditions
S. Karthikeyan, C. Ravichandran, T. Gunasekar

Bacteria Foraging Optimization Problem For Dynamic Shortest Path Routing Problem In Mobile Adhoc Network
S.Mangaiarkarasi, Dr. M. Karnan

Analysis on High Performance Concrete

Mechanical Property Evaluation of Sisal-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Polymer Composites
K. Hari Ram, R. Edwin Raj

Influence of the Perceptions on the Filial Duty of Students in Academic and Alternative High Schools on their Delinquency
Hwang-ki Kim, Sung-Je Cho

A Novel Wavelet-Based Fuzzy Based Fluorescence Image Denoising Approach With Optimized Variance-Stabilizing Transformations
K. Sampath kumar, C.Arun

Examining Zeus Botnet by Adopting Key Extraction and Malicious Traffic Detection Framework using DNS
S. Nagendra prabhu, D. Shanthi

Design Exploration For Systolic Architecture Using Hybridization Of GA And Local Chaotic Optimization
Selva Kumar R, DharmishtanK.Varughese, Manoj Kumar Singh

Critical Factors Influencing To Financial Risk In Construction Projects
V.Sathishkumar, P.N.Ragunath, K.Suguna

Advanced Single Current Sensing Device for High Performance SRM Drive
Malligunta Kiran Kumar, Dr O. Chandra Sekhar

Challenges and Opportunities in Mobile Money and Payment Services for Indian Business Environment
Jog Yatin, Chirputkar Abhijit, Joshi Sujata

Dual Mode Desktop Apps for Windows 8: Solution and Opportunities
Aniket S. Jagtap, Praveen Gubbala

A Study On Channelizing The Brand With CRM Applications In Indian Banking Services
M.John Paul, Dr. S. Muthumani

Crime Hot Spot Analysis and Prediction Using Spatial Data Mining Approaches - A review
S.Sivaranjani, Dr.S.Sivakumari

Democracy Inspired Computer Network Intrusion Detection System Using Ensemble of Decision Tree Classifiers
Chandrashekhar Azad, Vijay Kumar Jha

Bacterial Concrete: Development of Concrete to Increase the Compressive and Split-Tensile Strength using Bacillus sphaericus
Gandhimathi, A, Suji, D, Elayarajah, B

Answering Closest-Pair Nearest Neighbor Using Voronoi Diagram For Location Dependent Information System In Mobile Environment
Mary Magdalene Jane.F, Ilayaraja N

Adaptive Estimation of Blind Audio Correlation Signal Characteristics using Neural Networks and Complex Pursuit Gradient Method
Chandika Mohan Babu, AzemeeraSharath Naik

New Approach to Achieve Non-metameric Colour Matching in Textiles
Jagajanantha P, SaravananD

Vector Filtering Techniques for Impulse Noise Reduction with Application to Microarray Images
J.Harikiran, Dr.P.V.Lakshmi, Dr.R.Kirankumar

An Accurate and Efficient Modified Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Analysis of MRI Brain Image Segmentation
A.Rega, V.Monisha, J.Thilagavathy and U.Lenin Marksia

Real Time Data Analytics
Kiranmai munagapati, D.Usha Nandhini

Design and Implementation of Time Efficient Carry Select Adder using FPGA
G.Narmadha, Dr. K. Balasubadra, S. Deivasigamani

Ensuring Security in Cloud Computing Using Biometric Schemes
V.Subapriya, E.Thenmozhi

Circularly Polarized Microstrip Square Patch Antenna for Global Positioning System
U.T. Sasikala, Dr. M.Ramkumar Prabhu, S.Satheesh Kumar

Comparison Of Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Different Biodiesel Blends In Constant Speed Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
R .Rajasekar, Vijith Chiranjiv.R

A Document Imaging Technique for Implementing Electronic Loan Approval Process
J.Manikandan, C.S.Celin, Dr.R.Manoharan

Review and Performance Evaluation of Multiplexers Using Different Logic Styles for Sub-Micron Technologies
Ms. Yamini Shanmugam, Dr. H. Mangalam

Multiple Image Watermarking Technique Based on Hybrid DWT-SVD and Artificial Neural Network
Mohananthini N, Yamuna G

Power Consumption And Lifetime Improvement Of Hybrid Topology Control In WSN
Geethapriya S, Hema S, Purushothaman.V

Intelligent Parking System Using Cloud
Kaudilyar.R, Kavitha Esther Rajakumari

Concrete Flat Roof Defects in Equatorial Climates
Asmawan Mohd Sarman, Mohd. Nasrun Mohd. Nawi, Adi Irfan Che-Ani, Elis Mardzianah Mazlan

Duplicate Detection in XML Data Using Extended Sub Tree Similarity Function

G.Bharathi Mohan, Dr.T.Ravi, J.Lin Eby Chandra, M.A.Mukunthan

Design of a 2.4 GHz Transmitter Front-End in 0.18um CMOS Technology for Wireless Application
L. Thulasimani

Design Methodology Of A Fuzzy Logic Controller For The Impact Of Diabetes Mellitus On Cardiac And Renal Impediments

Dr. E. Rama Devi

Robot Locomotion – A Review
Shival Dubey, Dr. Manish Prateek, Dr. Mukesh Saxena

A Survey On Research Challenges In Data Center Energy Efficiency
Ms.A.Safiya Parvin, Dr.P.Muthu Chelvi

Block Based Steganalysis With Contourlet And ELM
T.J.Benedict Jose, Dr. P. Eswaran

Design of High throughput 512-Point FFT Processor Using Wallace-tree Multiplier
Nandhini.A, Magthelin therase.L

Enhanced and Proficient Iris Recognition Through Weight Sampled Geodesic Active Contour and Convoluted Local Tetra Pattern
Dattatreya P. Mankame, Dr Ravi Subban

Analysis Of Land Use And Land Cover Change And Urban Sprawl Using RS And GIS Techniques: A Case Study Of Tumkur Hobli, Karnataka, India
Dr. P. K. Srimani F.N.A.Sc., Nanditha Prasad, Suma Shivaprasad

A Hybrid Approach for Secure Data Communication in Cluster Based WSN
R.Kayalvizhi, V.Vaidehi

Comparison Of Effort Estimation Techniques Using Decision Table With Neural Networks
S. Abbinaya, M. Senthil Kumar

System-on Chip Test Scheduling using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm
Angappan Natarajan, M.C.Bhuvaneswari

Defect Classification in Weld Radiographs Using Discrete Stockwell Transform

The Day of the Week Effect and Conditional Volatility in Indian Stock Market: Evidence from BSE & NSE
Mrs.A.Shanthi, Dr. R. Thamilselvan, Dr. K. Srinivasan

An Improved Method for Matching of Fingerprint Features
M.Marimuthu, A.Kannammal

Application of Fuzzy Controller in Phase Shift Controlled D-STATCOM for Voltage Sag Mitigation
Karpagam N

Deterministic Seed Selection and Pattern Reduction in Logic BIST

Ramesh Bhakthavatchalu, Nirmala Devi M.

Simulation And Implementation Of Passive Soft-Switching Snubber Based PWM Inverters For Energy Recovery Applications

Signed Edge Domination in Circulant Graphs
G. Kalaimurugan, R. Jayakumar

Efficient Estimation of Energy Bounds to Ensure Predictability in Clustered Sensor Networks
E.Srie Vidhya Janani, P.Ganeshkumar

A Hybrid Enhancement Technique of Medical Images
Sivaraman.R, Shankar.J, Raajan.N.R

Static Implementation Of A Null Convention Logic Based Exponent Adder
Anitha Juliette Albert, Seshasayanan Ramachandran

Impact Of Emotional Intelligence Intervention On Emotional Sensitivity Among Software Professionals
Dr. Nithya. S

An Experimental Investigation On The Mechanical Properties Of Granite Powder Concrete
T. Balasubramaniam, G.S. Thirugnanam

Visual Tracking by Wavelet Moment, Shape and Histogram
Felix M Philip, Dr.Rajeswari Mukesh

Privacy Preserving Remote Data Retrieval In Cloud Computing
NirmalaVairaganthan, Shanmugalakshmi R

Two-Way Energy Efficient Localization Scheme for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Amit Kumar Bindal, Anuj Jain, Dr. Devendra Prasad, Dr. R. B. Patel

Joint Control of a TRRLR Mobile Manipulator for Unstructured Terrain
Seetharaman. N, Dr.R. Sivaramakrishnan

Identifying the alignment of the Piston Ring in Turbocharger Assembly Line Process
S. Jerin Winne, B. Mohanraj

An Automatic Detection of Optic Disc in Low Quality Retinal Images by Modified Directional Matched Filter
Murugan R, Reeba Korah, Kavitha T

On Commutative Ternary Semigroups Of Principal Ideals
Jaya Lalitha.G, Sarala.Y, Madhusudhana Rao.D, Bindu.P

Rule Based Chunk Extraction from PDF Documents Using Regular Expressions and Natural Language Processing
Amol Rajaram Karad, Rahul Raghvendra Joshi

Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm for the Optimal Design of Higher Order BP and BS IIR Digital Filter
Damanpreet Singh, J.S. Dhillon

Developing An Application For Rural Development To Provide Medical Services
RanadeepReddy.B, Ch Sri Krishna Karthik, Stefi Sterlin.C.L, Vigneshwari.S

BPN Based Classification of Digital Mammograms Using Boundary and Texture Descriptors
V.Vedanarayanan, N.M.Nandhitha

Parallel RSA-Based Digital Signature Algorithm For Digital Signing Applications
Sapna Saxena, Bhanu Kapoor

Evaluation of Statistical Study of Droplet Fragmentation In CI Engine Under Lower Injection Velocity
S.Senthilkumar, K.Purushothaman, N.Hariharan, S.Nakkeeran

Impact of Malicious Nodes In Mobile Adhoc Networks

J.V.Anchitaalagammai, N.Uma Maheswari, R. Venkatesh

Ajax based web search using browsing history and domain knowledge
Naidu Teja, Manikanta Sai Tadapaneni, Sri Naga Sai Krishna Sanka, Raavi Chenna Keshava Rao

Robust Security For Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Swetha Chandra Karroti, Poojitha Mandava, Ajay Varma Nandyala, Hasitha Nekkalapu

Pitch Control Scheme for a Continuous Wind Energy Conversion System

P.Sheela, Dr.S.Sumathi

Improved DC Power Distribution With Multi-Input Single-Control Systems Using Boost Converter
M.Karuppiah, K.Karthikumar, A.Arunbalaj, L.Dhineshbabu, S.Krishnakumar

Counterfeit Currency Detection Using Visual Cryptography

Nishanth N Janadri, Najeerahamed S, Kunal Pagare, Brindha.K

Wavelet coefficients and statistical parameters in fault diagnosis
Abitha Memala.W, Dr.V.Rajini

Interpreting Low Resolution Images Using Edge Interpolation Techniques: A Comparative Analysis
Tarun Gulati, Kapil Gupta, Dushyant Gupta

Slicing Of Blood Clot In Human Brain By Advanced Nano Robot System
K.S.L.Deepika, Mathan.N, Ayeesha Begame.L, Bavithra.R

Text Information Retrieval Using Data Mining Clustering Technique

Performance Analysis of QoS Based Vertical HandOff Decision Algorithms in Heterogeneous Next Generation Wireless Networks
Mesala Sravani, Shiwali Sonwani, Ushus Elizebeth Zachariah

Applying Gm/ID Methodology For The Designing of Self Biased OTA With Load Variation
Vikas Mittal

An Empirical Analysis of Gene Selection Using Machine Learning Algorithms For Cancer Classification

C.Devi Arockia Vanitha, D.Devaraj, M.Venkatesulu, S.Krishnaveni

Crosstalk Reduction on Coupled Microstrip To Three Line Coupled Microstrip Transition Using Mitering Configuration
P. Rajeswari, Dr.S.Raju, Dr.N.SureshKumar, A.Gobinath

Complex Circuit Model Analysis Using CDTA and SNAP

A Survey on Image Processing Techniques For Real Time Motion Detection From Videos
Harini M, Nandhitha N.M.

Superior Content-Based Video Retrieval System According To Query Image
Kamalakannan.G, Balajee.J, Srinivasa Raghavan.S

Automatic Generation Control of Thermal-Hydro Hybrid Power System Using Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy Logic
Ruby Meena A, Senthil Kumar S

Hybrid Image Retrieval System Using Markov Chain
S.Sabena, P.Yogesh

Spontaneous Message Detection of Annoying situation in Community Networks Using Mining Algorithm
Senthil kumari, Dr.G.Tamil pavai, Thirumani thangam, Rupavathy, Baby D. Dayana

Experimental Investigation on Hot Dip Aluminized 9Cr-1Mo Steel For Corrosive Properties
A.Vidyaranya Sarma

Rational Factors Affecting Equity Investment Decisions Based on Investors’ Age – An Empirical Study
D. Velumoni, Dr. S S Rau

Feature Extraction and Feature Selection For Content –Based Image Classification Using Proclass Algorithm
B. Muthukumar, P.Sivakumar, P.Banumathi

Satellite Image Retrieval By Wavelet Based Marker Controlled Watershed Segmentation Technique

Multi-Level Chaos Based Encryption Mechanism to Enhance Security of High Security Zone Areas on Google Map Satellite Images of India
Rajesh Duvvuru, P. Jagadeeswara Rao, Gudikandhula Narasimha Rao, Lasya Venigella, YLN Swami P

MHD Boundary Layer Flow With Heat Transfer, Variable Conductivity and Nonlinear Rosseland Approximation Thermal Radiation Effects Past A Nonlinearly Stretching Porous Surface With A Power-Law Velocity

A. David Maxim Gururaj, S.P Anjali Devi

Loadability Enhancement of Security Constrained Power System Network with STATCOM using Firefly Algorithm

Short Term Hydrothermal Scheduling Using Dynamic Programming and Genetic Algorithm
L.P.Vettrivelan, G.Tholkappia Arasu, V.S.Chandrika, S.Saranya

Solar based Random PWM DC-DC Converter using Closed Loop Fuzzy Logic Control for Shunt Motor

Optimizing the Machining Parameters and study the Effect for Super Alloy Inconel 718 by using Factor Analysis Method
Jayaprakash Venugopal, Jasleen and Nishant Gaurav

Energy and Exergy Analysis of A Double Entry Central Discharge-Raw Mill (DECD-RM) Used In A Cement Industry
T. Ashok Kumar, R. Chandramouli

Evolutionary Optimization of Artificial Neural Networks in Prediction of Cancer using Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques
V.Shyamala Devi, Shenbaga Ezhil

Aspiring Engineering Students And Their Abilities In Basic Science Subjects

S.Sridharan, Kannan Thiruvengadam, Dr. B. Kalpana


Performance Analysis of R410A in lieu of Ammonia in Milk Chilling Plant Employed with Plate Heat Exchangers
Dr. M. Amala Justus Selvam, Dr. R. Velu, Dr. P. Mathiyalagan

A Secure Auto-Key Round Combiner Algorithm

A.H.Kashmar, E.S.Ismail

Requirement Management – Controlling Quality At The Upstream In Commercial Software Project Management
Sanjay Mohapatra

Enhanced Gain And Reduced Size Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna Array For WiMAX Applications
Hamid Mohammed Qasem Rasheda, Ajmal Hussain Shah, Sathish KumarSelvaperumal

Reserving Room before Encryption for Reversible Data Hiding with Scan Encryption
P.S.Gomathi, S.Sindumathi, B.Kalaavathi

High Speed And Area Efficient Network On Chip
Aparna Barman, Umarani.P

Computer Aided Design Modification And Structural Analysis Of Rotavator Blade
Dr.Sangeetha N, Manivelprabhu C

Optimal Design Of Fuzzy Controller For Load Frequency Control Using Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm
V. Jeyalakshmi, P. Subburaj

Traffic Analysis Based On Web User Behavior
Boopalan, Rajesh

An Integrated Approach To Optimize Parameters In Electrochemical Machining Process
K L Senthil Kumar, T Ramesh Kumar

A Literature Review on Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Non-Linear Dynamic Range Adjustment
S Chandana, Mrs. Mary Sajin Sanju I

An Area Efficient And High Quality Image Processing Using WLS Filter
B.Dhivya, S.Yogalakshmi

Text Reading Machine for the Visually Impared using OCR and TTS
Dr .Josephine Leela, Dr.S.Malathi.T.Kalaichelvi

Synthesis Of A New Family Of Non Ion Surfactants And Evaluation Of Their Performance As Corrosion And Scale Inhibitors For Copper In Desalination Water Plants
M. A. Migahed, A. A. Misbah, A. H. Marei, M.Abd-El-Raouf, S. B.Mahmoud

Agent Based Model for Market Making in Emerging Stock Markets
PN Kumar

A Modified SHPWM Method for Multilevel Inverters for Uniform Utilization of Power Electronic Switches
N.Bhuvana Shankar, V.Mohan, R. Anandaraj

Network-On-Chip Architecture Based On Cluster Method

R.Jayalakshmi, K.Sarath Kumar

Investigation of machining parameters in Electrical Discharge Machining on Inconel-625
M. Panneerselvam, Dr.R.Ravikumar, B.Suresh Kumar, Dr.N.Baskar

Condition Monitoring Of Single Point Cutting Tool Using Arma Features And SVM Classifiers
K.S. Shalet, V. Sugumaran, R. Jegadeeshwaran, M. Elangovan





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