International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 21  (2015)  





The Unheard Cry of the Voiceless in Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand
pp 41721-41723
Jose George and R.L.N. Raju

Adaptive Teaching Learning Based Optimization For Unit Commitment
pp 41724-41729
K. P. Balasubramanian and R. K. Santhi

Experimental Performance of Flat-Plate Thermosyphon Solar Water Heaters with Copper Oxide Nanofluids
pp 41730-41737
D. Anin Vincelya and E. Natarajan

Utilization of waste plastic polyethylene bags in Bitumen
pp 41738-41743

Organizational Memory Construction Supported In Semantically Tagged Lessons Learned
pp 41744-41748

Cost factors simulation studies of embedded software in Smartphone through Business Dynamics
pp 41749-41752
Kil-hwan Shin and Choon Yeul Lee

A Study on Matters of Consideration in Building Cloud Environment through Analyses of Advanced Cases
pp 41753-41756
Kil-hwan Shin and Choon Yeul Lee

Situation-aware money for IoT payment using Bitcoin
pp 41757-41760
Al shaima Mohammed, Taek Lee, Jonguk Jung and Hoh Peter In

Meteorological Data Acquisition System for Korea offshore Wind Energy
pp 41761-41763
Seung-hwan Ju, Jun-shin Lee, Ji-young Kim and Hee-suk Seo

The Offshore Wind Farm Simulated System apply to the Conformance Certification IEC 61850
pp 41764-41767
Seung-hwan Ju, Jun-shin Lee, Jea-kyoung Lee and Hee-suk Seo

Study on Uesr Authentication of Bahavior Analysis using an Image Processing
Yo-han Choi, Hee-suk Seo, Seung-hwan Ju

A Study on the Biometric-based Single Sign-On System using FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) in FinTech Environments
pp 41772-41775
Jae Jung Kim and Seng Phil Hong

A Study on the education environment assessment information security readiness
pp 41776-41779
Chulki Jeong and Seongjin Ahn

Interactive Visual Effect Simulation for TV Virtual Studio
pp 41780-41785
Hae Won Byun

Comparative Study of Country Policies on Information Security Workforce Development in the Age of Internet of Things
pp 41786-41789
Kyoung-Sik Min and Duhyun Kim

A Study on the Trusted Verification Process for Protecting Assured Privacy from Big Data Analytics
pp 41790-41793
Kyong-Jin Kim and Seng-Phil Hong

Detection and Polarization of Political Sentiments on Twitter
pp 41794-41799
Jamilu Awwalu, Azuraliza Abu Bakar and Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub

Adsorption of Basic dye onto Activated Carbon prepared from Palm Tree Flower (Borassus flabellifer): Kinetics, Equilibrium Study and Mathematical Model
pp 41800-41808
M. Srinivas Kini, M.B. Saidutta and V. Ramachandra Murty

Investigation on Impact of Improved Evolutionary PSO for Modern Distribution Network Reconfiguration System
pp 41809-41816
NurFaziera Napis, Mohamad Fani Sulaima, Aida FazlianaAbd. Kadir and Mohamad Faizal bin Baharom

Comparative Study of OSC and NOSC Algorithms for High Dimensional Data
pp 41817-41827
A. Rama Satish, P. Bala Krishna Prasad, D. Naga Raju and Ravi Kumar Saidala

Information system of risks analysis and management for construction projects with energy-efficient technologies in use
pp 41828-41830
Ginzburg Alexander and Ryzhkova Anastacia

Reflex-adaptive organizational structure of investment construction project
pp 41831-41835
Morozenko Andrey Aleksandrovich

Separate way to concrete monolithic structures
pp 41836-41839
Zhadanovsky Boris Vasilevich and Sinenko Sergey Anatolevich

Merge FSM Based High Throughput Packet Classifier
pp 41840-41845
Padmavathi Devi S.V and Sreeja Mole S.S

A Novel approach to segmentation on White Blood Cells using morphological operators and classification with ANFIS
pp 41846-41854
M. Anline Rejula and M. K. Jeya Kumar

Problems and prospects of Mango processing Industry in southern India-An Analysis
pp 41855-41858
Mohithkumar. G.V., Chowde Gowda M., Manikandan. R, Usha Ravindra and Honabyraiah

Secure And Efficient Route Trust In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp 41859-41863
Sameer Asayh and Rajeev Paulus

Ultradispersed Nickel Suspension Formation in Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Process of Heat Treatment
pp 41864-41866
R. N. Galiakhmetov, O. M. Sudakova, A. G. Mustafin, А. F. Akhmetov and I. A. Mustafin

City Parameters and their impact on Urban Micro Climate-A Review
pp 41867-41872
Monalipa Dash and Manjari Chakraborthy

Existence and Uniqueness in Presence of Coerciveness and GNVIP with two Operators Monotoneness
pp 41873-14878
Bibhakar Kodamasingh

Reconfiguration of Distribution Network Using multiagent systems
pp 41879-41882
Anisha. K and Rathina Kumar. M

Machine Learning Predictive Models in Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
pp 41883-41890
Sathyan Munirathinam and Balakrishnan Ramadoss

Evaluation of Dynamic Software Architecture With π-ADL Based Performance Improvement Approach
pp 41891-41898
Aghashahi Atousa and Sharafi Sayed Mehran

Finite Element Analysis of Single Roller Half Toroidal Variator (SHTV) used in Automobile Transmission System
pp 41899-41901
Hridin Pradeep and Kamal Krishna.R

Detection of a Person Using Descriptive Features of Tamil Handwriting and Pattern Learning
pp 41902-41909
Thendral T and Vijaya MS

An Advanced High Quality Roasting Approach of Argan Kernels Based on Images Processing Techniques
pp 41910-41914
A. Tannouche, K. Sbai, M. Rahmoune, R. Agounoun, R. Saadani, A. Rahmani and Y. Ounejjar

A Fuzzy Clustering Based Control Strategy for a Conical Tank Level Process
pp 41915-41918
Selvaraj. R and Abraham Lincon. S

Laboratory research of zeolite use for treatment of waste water of different origin
pp 41919-41922
Nikolay Makisha, Yury Voronov, Evgeny Poupyrev and Valery Volshanik

Comparison Of Different Authentication Protocol Used For Managing Identities In Cloud
pp 41923-41929
Jissy Ann George, S.Veni

Optimized DV-Hop localization algorithm using XOR operator
pp 41930-41934
H. Sassi, T. Najeh and N. Liouane

New Three-Dimensional Geodynamo Model
pp 41935-41941
V.A. Erofeev, L.N. Doda, A.A. Protopopov and S.A. Shopin

Effect of Temperature and Concentration of SnCl2 on Depolymerization Process of L-Lactide Synthesis from L-Lactic Acid via Short Polycondensation
pp 41942-41946
Rahmayetty, Sukirno, Bambang Prasetya and Misri Gozan

Protective Factors against Suicidal Ideation in Aged
pp 41947-41953
Jung Nam Sohn

Planning of the mobile robot motion in non-deterministic environments with potential fields method
pp 41954-41961
Soloviev V.V, Pshikhopov V.K, Shapovalov I.O, Finaev V.I and Beloglazov D.A

Distortion Control In Thin Low Carbon Steel Plates Using Stiffeners And Sequential Welding
pp 41962-41971
Pavana Yogesh Rao, Rajesh Kumar. S, B. S. Mohanty, N. Arunkumar

Rethinking Climate Change: Cli-fi Dynamics in Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour
pp 41972-41976
Nanthinii M. and V. Bhuvaneswari

Light Weight Cryptographic Algorithm To Improve Avalanche Effect For Data Security Using Prime Numbers And Bit Level Operations
pp 41977-41983
Balajee Maram K and J M Gnanasekar

Flank Wear Behaviour of ISOP30 Tungsten Carbide Tool on ASTM304 Steel Workpiece
pp 41984-41994
Ezenwa Obiora Nnaemeka, S. N. Omenyi and Onoroh Francis

Semi-Boolean Algebras In Relational Terms
pp 41995-41996
S. Ragamayi and J. Madhusudana Rao

Detection of the Architecture Singularity of a 6-DOF Parallel Manipulator Based on Artificial Neural Network Algorithm
pp 41997-42002
Mustafa J. Hayawi, AA Mat Isa, M. Azhan Anuar and Abdul Rahman Omar

Electrical Energy Billing System Based On Smart Meter And GSM
pp 42003-42012
Ahmed Mohammed Merza and Mahmoud Shaker Nasr

MEMS Based Wireless Health Monitoring System
pp 42013-42016
P. Vijayalakshmi, M. Sridevi, T. Jaya and R. Kumudhum

Voltage stability using ANN Combined with Multilinear Regression Models
pp 42017-42022

A Survey of Neural Network Energy Efficiency Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 42023-42036
Nilayam K Kamila, Sunil Dhal and Anup K Samantaray

A Survey: Optimal Approaches for Distributed Software Testing
pp 42037-42048
Gokilavani Natarajan and Bharathi

Mathematical Exposition Coupled with Empirical Testing of Heuristically Designed Portfolio Optimization Model
pp 42049-42054
Soma Panja

Construction by Configuration (CbC) In e-Governance Service Delivery Platform (eSDP)
pp 42055-42060
V. S. Raghunathan, V. Cyrilraj, Anu. K. C, Anitha. M and Divya. S

The Architecture Framework of Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems for Prophylactic Disease Prediction and Prevention
pp 42061-42080
A. H. Nandhu Kishore and VE. Jayanthi

Source Base and Process of Formation of Scientific views on Insurgent movement 1918-1924 in Turkestan
pp 42081-42090
K. Bazarbayev, A. Manabayeva, S. Kipshakov, Z. Baizhanova and B. Nurmukhambetova

Effect of impeller blade width on critical impeller speed in a flat-bottomed agitated vessel
pp 42091-42098
Chitra. D and Muruganandam. L

GIS application for NDVI calculation using Landsat 8 OLI images
pp 42099-42102
P. D’Allestro and C. Parente

Knowledge Creation Characteristics in Complex Product Development Projects: An Empirical Study of the Automotive Industry
pp 42103-42112
Mohammad Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mostafa Jafari, Peyman Akhavan and Seyed Jalal Mousavi

ACSO: Associative Cat Swarm Optimization To Discover Network Traffic Using Spatial Data
pp 42113-42120
B. Subbulakshmi and E. Ramaraj

A not search robust algorithm to automatic optimization and adaptation of regulatory systems
pp 42121-42124
Shirokov Lev Alexeyevich and Shirokova Olga Lvovna

Socio-humanitarian aspects of the society informatization
pp 42125-42129
Shnyrenkov Evgeny Anatolyevich and Kochetkova Lyudmila Nikolaevna

The status of professional identity among the future heads of the construction industry
pp 42130-42133
Miloradova Nadezhda Georgievna and Ishkov Aleksandr Dmitrievich

MBA for managers of investment and construction industry in Russia
pp 42134-42140
Verstina Natalia Grigorevna, Fedosina Anastasia Viktorovna and Prokhorova Yulia Sergeevna

Model of Contractor’s Capacity for Large Building’s Construction
pp 42141-42146
Pavlov Alexander Sergeevich and Pergamenschik Boris Klimentyevich

Contradictions of the urbanistic culture development: the socioeconomic aspect
pp 42147-42152
Pryadcko I.P

Implementation of a Real time location system prototype using RFID-based technologies, to improve mobility of people with Visual disabilities
pp 42153-42161
Nancy Y. Gélvez GJosé, A. Arévalo S and Wilder A. Murcia R

Multi Attribute Schematic Relational Mapping Based Integrity Management For Security Enhancement Of Data Warehouse
pp 42162-42167
G. Thangaraju and X. Agnise Kala Rani

A Small-sized UHF/VHF Planar Antenna Using Rectangular Spiral Technique
pp 42168-42171
H. Sarkawi, N.A.M. Aris and N.M. Ridzuan

Real Time Network Constrained Based Dynamic Region Selection Approach For Data Collection In WSN
pp 42172-42177
S. Rajeswari and P. Ponmuthuramalingam

Performance Evaluation of Tapped Delay Line Propagation Model in an Urban Environment
pp 42178-42182
Juan D. Florez, Luis F. Pedraza and Cesar Hernández

Time Orient Multi Model Traffic Analysis For Efficient Botnet Detection In Internet Communication
pp 42183-42188
P. Panimalar and K. Rameshkumar

Benchmarking of the Performance of Spectrum Mobility Models in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp 42189-42196
Cesar Hernández, Diego A. Giral and Ingrid Páez

Growth and Structural Studies of Carbon nanotubes from Unconventional Natural Precursor by Spray Pyrolysis Approach
pp 42197-42201
S. Kalaiselvan, G. Manivannan and S.Karthikeyan

Experimental and Analytical Study of Effect of Forced Convectional Cooling of Bus Duct System in the Prediction of Temperature Rise
pp 42202-42208
S.Thirumurugaveerakumar, M. Sakthivel and S Rajendran

Multiple Layers Air Indexing for Efficient Access over Wireless XML Broadcasting Data
pp 42209-42212
P.Prabhavathy and S.Bose

DC3SR: Document Clustering by Concept, Context and Semantic Relevance as Factors of Unsupervised Learning
pp 42213-42218
Annaluri Sreenivasa Rao and S. Ramakrishna

A study with security concerns in service delivery models of cloud computing
pp 42219-42230
Pon.Partheeban and V.kavitha

An Effective Two Way Classification of Breast Cancer Inages
pp 42231-42238
G.Durgadevi and Himanshu Shekhar

Kinematic Analysis of a New RPS+ 2RPU Parallel Manipulator
pp 42239-42243
Mustafa J. Hayawi, AA Mat Isa, M.Azhan Anuar and Abdul Rahman Omar

Dynamic Analysis of Combustion Turbine Running on Synthesis Gas
pp 42244-42253
S. Brusca, R. Lanzafame, A. Marino Cugno Garrano and M. Messina

Kinematic and Workspace Analysis of a New RPS+ 2RPU Parallel Manipulator
pp 42254-42258
Mustafa J. Hayawi, AA Mat Isa, M.Azhan Anuar and Abdul Rahman Omar

Proactive Spectrum Handoff Model with Time Series Prediction
pp 42259-42264
Harold Vásquez, Cesar Hernández and Ingrid Páez

Spectrum Mobility Analytical Tool for Cognitive Wireless Networks
pp 42265-42274
Cesar Hernández and Diego A. Giral

The electron transmission coefficient calculated for Cd1-xZnxS quantum dots-Application in the non volatile memories
pp 42275-42278
S Marzougui and N. Safta

Colorless and Transparent Copolyimides and Their Nanocomposites Containing Organoclay
pp 42279-42286
Y. D. Lee, H. E. Son and J.-H. Chang

Wind Turbine Blade Fault Detection Using Finite Element-Modal Analysis
pp 42287-42292
Khalid F. Abdulraheem and Ghassan Al-Kindi

Transaction Security in Smart Cards
pp 42293-42297
S.Nivetha, Edna Elizabeth. N and I.Gohulalakshmi

Conceptual Design Process of a Passive Exoskeleton for Human Upper Limb
pp 42298-42304
H. F. Ramirez, M. F. Mauledoux, O.F. Avilés and M.S. Dutra

The Influence of Winglet Angle Variation Simulation and Angle Attack Implementing a NACA 2415 Wings toward the Lift and Drag Performance
pp 42305-42314
Rudy Soenoko, Muhammad Iyos Yossie Nur Osria and Endi Sutikno

The Effect of Deferment of the Tax Cut Policy on Analysts' Forecast: The Case of the Deferment of 2009 Corporate Tax Rate Reduction in Korea
pp 42315-42323
YeYoung. Moon and SungMan, Yoon

Security Issues in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp 42324-42326
Himanshu Sharma and Kuldip Kumar

Assumed Flux-Path-Fuzzy-Frohlich (AFP-FUZZY-ALGO) Modelling of an 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM): A More Sustainable SRM’s Drives Scheme
pp 42327-42328
A. I. A. Rahman, A. A. Zulkefle, R. T. Mohamad, Z. A. Baharudin, M. Zainon and M. A. M. Hanafiah

Model of settlements float management based on local wisdom for disaster mitigation in Tempe Lake - Indonesia
pp 42329-42335
Naidah Naing and Iskandar BP

Stock Market Forecasting using Algorithm Selector Based on Genetic Algorithms in Cloud
pp 42336-42339
Nitasha Soni and Tapas Kumar

An approach for aerodynamic optimization of suction valves in internal combustion engines
pp 42340-42347
Alexander V. Chikitkin, Boris A. Korneev, Alexander E. Klimenko and Andrey V. Aleksandrov

Assessing Product Differentiation and its Influence on Consumer Purchase Brand Preference for Selected Brands of Detergents in South Eastern Nigeria
pp 42348-42356
Okolo, Victor O, Ugonna, Ikechukwu A, Obikeze, Chinedum O, Anuforo, Robert, Mamman, Zacchaeus N and Enyi, Francis

Voltage Dip Characterization in Order to Study Wind Turbine Connected to Disrupted Network
pp 42357-42361

Travel Behaviour Of University Enviroment: Inter-Relationship Between Trip Distance And Travel Mode Choice In South-Western Nigeria
pp 42362-42366
A. Busari, O.Osuolale, D.Omole and A. Ojo

The Effect of Growth Hormone Treatment on Craniofacial Growth in Short Stature Children
pp 42367-42371
Ji Eon Jang, Kyu Bok Lee, Dong Fan, Mi Soo Hwang and Hee Kyung Lee

A Study On The Impact Of Marketing Strategies Adopted By The Financial Services Industry And Its Impact On The Customers In New Delhi
pp 42372-42374
S. P. Krishnakumar and S. Sundar

The Fault Tree, Boolean algebra and Minimal Cut Set Analysis of Scaffold Related Accidents in Construction Industry
pp 42375-42381
Prashaanth Baskar, V. Naveendhar, Sravan Karthikeya Shanmugam, M. Ajay Kumar, K. Mohammed Haneefa, B. Mahalingam and P. Sreehari

Performance And Emission Analysis Of A CI Engine Fueled With Preheated CNSL Oil With Diesel Blends And Ethanol Fumigation
pp 42382-42387
J.Ravikumar, D.Christopher Selvam, R.Devanathan and S.Kannan

Comparison of Autoregressive (AR), Vector Autoregressive (VAR), Space Time Autoregressive (STAR), and Generalized Space Time Autoregressive (GSTAR) in Forecasting (Case: Simulation study with Autoregressive pattern)
pp 42388-42395
Ferdian Bangkit Wijaya, I Made Sumertajaya and Erfiani

Numerical Analysis Of The Flow Pattern With In The Impeller Of A Centrifugal Blower
pp 42396-42403
Epari Alisha, K. MohanLaxmi and M. V. Ramana

Parametric Analysis of an Annular Finned Tube for Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow-A CFD Study
pp 42404-42409
Nakulsreedhar and Satviksathyanathan

The most likely pure risk construction projects with energy efficient technologies in use
pp 42410-42411
Ginzburg Alexander and Ryzhkova Anastacia

A Systematic Approach to Construction Site Evaluation based on ABC/XYZ Analysis
pp 42412-42414
Konikov Aleksander Ilich and Konikov Grigorii Aleksandrovich

Knowledge management for the risk management in quality management systems
pp 42415-42418
Ivanov Nikolay Aleksandrovich

The Li2CO3 effect for basalt fiber corrosion in high-alcaline environment of the etics mortars
pp 42419-42422
Pashkevich Stanislav Aleksandrovich, Eremin Alexey Vladimirovich, Sivkov Sergey Pavlovich and Golunov Sergey Anatolievich

Manufacturing and Reliability Test of Constant Current Driver for Driving LEDs
pp 42423-42427
Young-Pil Kim, Sikyung Kim and Seok-CheolKo

Thermal And Fluid Flow Analysis Of Washing Machine Using CFD
pp 42428-42433
Saswati Nayak, K. Mohan Laxmi and M. V. Ramana

Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) to Improve the Power Quality of Ten Bus Radial System
pp 42434-42439
S. Vadivel and B. Baskaran

Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement Bars and its Protection by Geopolymer Coating
pp 42440-42444
K. Saravanan, R. Selvaraj and A. S. S. Sekar

Kalman filter based Neural Network System for classifying Power Quality Disturbances
pp 42445-42453
P. Kalyana Sundaram and R. Neela

Conditions Of Advanced Removal Of Phosphorus At Wastewater Treatment Plants
pp 42454-42455
Nina Zaletova, Yury Voronov and Nikolay Makisha

Setting of innovative activity as a base of contribution to the efficiency of building companies
pp 42454-42455
Petrova Svetlana Nikolaevna

A Reliable Dynamic Replication Framework Based On Optimized Meta Grid And Iterated Local Search Model
pp 42459-42466
Ramachandra V. Pujeri, S.N. Sivanandam and N.Suba Rani

MATLAB based High Pass FIR Filter Design with Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization
pp 42467-42471
Anita Suman, Parveen Kumar and Asha Rani

An Effective Two Way Classification of Breast Cancer Images
pp 42472-42475
P. Palanikumar and S. Geofrin Shirly

An Agent Based Collaborative Spam Filtering Assistance Using JADE
pp 42476-42479
S. Balakrishnan and K. L. Shunmuganathan

Implementation of Visual Simulator for Grid Scheduling
pp 42480-42487
O. H. Kang

Adaptive And Personalized Intelligent Learning Interface in e-learning System
pp 42488-42492
Soni Sweta and Kanhaiya Lal

Estimation of fine particulate removal rates by inhalation in a lecture room
pp 42493-42495
Beom S. Kim, IL G. Park and Min S. Hong

Texture classification of breast thermography image by discrete wavelet transform and RBF-SVM kernel classifier
pp 42496-42501
Subi Stalin. M, Manoharan. R and Kalaimagal. R

Integration of Experience Feedback mechanisms to the FMECA method: a solution to improve project risk management
pp 42502-42510
Baammi Mohamed and Er-raha Brahim

Hardware implementation of MPPT based battery charger for wheelchair using photovoltaic arrays
pp 42511-42516
Sankardoss V, Radhika Vaid , Vaibhav Maheshwary and Sharang Mittal

Evaluation for POS Tagger, Chunk and resolving issues in Word sense disambiguate in Machine Translation for Hindi to English Languages
pp 42517-42524
Shachi Mall and Umesh Chandra Jaiswal

Mixed Noise Removal using Automatic and Adaptive Multistage Filtering Framework
pp 42525-42532
G. Maragatham, S. Md. Mansoor Roomi and A. Sasithradevi

An Enhancement of Quality of Service and high speed secure data communication in Grid computing environment
pp 42533-42535
V. Sangeetha and R. Narayanasamy

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Three Phase Asynchronous Motor
pp 42536-42540
Gayatri Devi. R and A. Edgar Ruskin Frank

Physical parameters of high expansion foam used for fire suppression in high-rise buildings
pp 42541-42548
D. Korolchenko, A. Tusnin, S. Trushina and A. Korolchenko

Experimental researches of pedestrian flows moving along staircase of a multi-storey building
pp 42549-42552
V. Holschevnikov

The State of Vanadium (V) in Crude Oil and Petroleum Residues
pp 42553-42555
А. F. Akhmetov, I. A. Mustafin, Y. V. Krasilnikova, E. A. Irkabaeva and K. T. Ergaliev

An Improved Artificial Neural Network Approach for Product Life Cycle Cost Estimation
pp 42556-42559
Siva Prasad Darla and S. Narayanan

Software solution designing of «The analysis system of workability of industrial product» during the production startup of aeronautical products
pp 42560-42562
R. Akhatov, A. Govorkov and A. Zhilyaev

Profile Recommender using Multi Level Weighted Profile Score
pp 42563-42568
S. Prabha and K. Duraiswamy

Optimum design of GA-BF Algorithm based PID Controller for the Solar System
pp 42569-42574
S. Mallika and R. Saravanakumar

A Two Stage Cloud Model Performance Analysis under Homogeneous Conditions
pp 42575-42580
P. Suresh Varma and A. Satyanarayana

Power Efficient Convolution Using Modulo Multipliers
pp 42581-42587
I. Sree satya, M. Kamaraju and T. Subhashini

Simulation of three-dimensional turbulence of indoor flows using ANSYS CFX
pp 42588-42592
Varapaev Vladimir Nikolaevich, Doroshenko Sergey Aleksandrovich, Doroshenko Anna Valerevna and Trotsko Artem Yurievich

Experimental Study on Pullout Capacity and Stress Relaxation of the System “Ground Anchor–Surrounding Soil
pp 42593-42596
Ter-Martirosyan Armen Zavenovich, Ter-Martirosyan Zaven Grigorevich, Mirnyi Anatoliy Yurievich, Avanesov Vadim Sergeevich and Kubetskii Valery Leonidovich

Analysis of the dynamic stability of soils under seismic actions
pp 42597-42599
Ter-Martirosyan Zaven Grigorevich, Ter-Martirosyan Armen Zavenovich, Sobolev Evgeniy Stanislavovich and Rasskazov Leonid Nikolaevich

Improving the performance of hash table by dynamically changing the bucket count using the primes of the form(n4+1)
pp 42600-42609
M. Thenmozhi and H. Srimathi

Combined Gate Replacement and Transmission Gate Based Logic Insertion Algorithm for Leakage Optimization in VLSI Circuits
pp 42610-42615
V. Leela Rani and M. Madhavi Latha

Optimal recovery of derivatives for analytic functions from their values at the vertices of a regular polygon
pp 42616-42617
Ovchintsev Mikhail Petrovich

Adaptation of nitrifying activated sludge to simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in the lab-scale oxidation ditch
pp 42618-42623
Gulshin Igor Alekseevich and Kuzina Anisa Farukovna

Light Weight Global Addressing Scheme For Improved Mitigation Of Network Threats In Mobile Adhoc Networks Using Spatial Approximation
pp 42624-42630
C. Jayanthi and M. Prabakaran

Research of Control System with Increased Potential of Robust Stability of Spacecraft in the Class of Two-Parametric Structurally Stable Mappings
pp 42631-42637
Aliya K. Shukirova and Mamyrbek A. Beisenbi

Analyzing Empirical Relationship between the Kolb’s Learning Style and Learning Programming Skills through Classification Algorithms
pp 42638-42643
R. Mangai Begum and K. David

Development And Introduction Of The Integrated Management System At The Enterprise For Processing Of Camel Milk
pp 42644-42648
Adkham A. Akhmedov, Asiya D. Serikbayeva and Zhulduz M. Suleimenova

Investigation Of Influence Of Extent Of Deformation At Rotary Rolling-Off On Cyclic Life Of Precision Corrosion-Proof Pipelines
pp 42649-42653
M.A. Vasechkin, O.Yu. Davydov, V.G. Egorov and I.N. Maslov

Modifiers On The Base Of Oxyphenol Chemical Production Waste For The Industrial Mineral Suspensions
pp 42654-42657
Valentina A. Poluektova, Nikolay A. Shapovalov and Andrey I. Gorodov

Application Of Metal-Containing Waste For The Building Biocides Production
pp 42658-42661
Marina I. Vasilenko, Elena N. Goncharova,Yury K. Rubanov, Yulia E. Tokach and Elizaveta A. Shoeva

Automated Calibration Of Digital Weighing Systems
pp 42662-42664
A. N. Davydenko and P. N. Davydenko

Balancing Features Of Car Engine Turbine Compressors
pp 42665-42667
I.P. Emelyanov and E.V. Ageev

Correction Of Fourier Coefficients For Intelligent Microwave Doppler Module
pp 42668-42671
I.V. Prokofiev and A.V. Sukhanov

Development Of Autonomous Sensor Node Using Gas Sensor For Systems Of Industrial Safety And Ecological Monitoring
pp 42672-42676
A.V. Sukhanov, A.I. Artemova and A.V. Ivanov

Evaluation Of Relations Between The Efficiency Of Energy-Saturated Materials And The Parameters Of Acoustic Explosion Pressure Signal
pp 42677-42681
Sergey Y. Ganigin, Naila M. Satdarova and Pavel K. Kondratenko

Fish Smoking Process Modeling
pp 42682-42687
A. N. Ostrikov, A. A. Shevtsov,  L. I. Lytkina, D. V. Shirikov and  M. K. Kurmanakhynova

Influence of Cooling on the Quality of Clinker with Different Content
pp 42688-42691
Alexey G. Novosyolov, Victor K. Klassen, Inna N. Novoselova and Ekaterina S. Dorokhova

Probability Nature оf Solid Bodies Destruction
pp 42692-42695
A.V. Korolev, A.A. Korolev, A.F. Balayev, B. M. Iznairov, O. V. Zakharov and A. N. Vasin

Prospects Of Production Of Viscosity Materials Based On Goudron Of Heavy Oils Of Perm Deposits Using Microwave Radiation
pp 42696-42700
Galina P. Kayukova, Ramil F. Sirayev, Sergey M. Petrov, Aleksey V. Vakhin, Danis K. Nurgaliyev

Recycling of microbiological industry waste with the obtaining of foaming agents for building industry
pp 42701-42706
Irina V. Starostina, Svetlana V. Sverguzova, Irina V. Ovcharova, Pavel V. Besedin, Evgenij A. Pendurin and Elena M. Kuzina

Research Of Aerodynamics Of Recirculation Systems With Forced Aspirated Air
pp 42707-42713
Rashid R. Sharapov, Yury G. Ovsyannikov, Igor P. Boychuk, Aleksandr M. Agarkov and Vladislav S. Prokopenko

Structure Formation Of Bitum-Mineral Composites Based On Aluminosilicate Fillirs With Different Composition
pp 42714-42720
Mikhail S. Lebedev and Natalia I. Kozhukhova

The estimation of friction coefficient of vehicle’s blocked wheel given with contact patch of the tread with the road surface
pp 42721-42724
Ivan A. Novikov, Dmitriy A. Lazarev and Dmitry V. Kudinov

Palm Oil Hydrolysis Reaction With Hydrodynamic Jet Cavitations
pp 42725-42730
Harie S. Jaya, bING. Wardana, M. Nurkholis H. and Denny Widhyanuriawan

Computer Structural-Adsorption Simulation Of The Interactions Components Of Cell Membranes With Hydrogen Sulfide And Sulfur Dioxide
pp 42731-42736
Nariman M. Alykov, Lesya I. Zharkikh, Natalia V. Zolotareva, Yulia E. Medovikova and Yulia A. Ocheredko

Development Of Complex Feed Additive
pp 42737-42742
Olga S. Korneeva, IrinaV.Cheremushkina and Andrey N. Ryazanov

New method for calculating of Scale Factors for Quantum-mechanical Force Fields
pp 42743-42745
K. V. Berezin, A. M. Likhter, V. V. Nechaev, D. D. Kochergina, T. A. Egorenkova and E. M. Antonova

Electromagnetic Parameters Of Multicomponent Manganites Depending On Combination And Electronic Configuration Of Substituents For Manganese
pp 42746-42749
Vladimir K.Karpasyuk, Alexey G.Badelin, Igor M. Derzhavin, Denis I. Merkulov and Andrey M. Smirnov

Fibre-Optic Hydrophone With Distant Self-Calibration
pp 42750-42752
F. А. Yegorov, V. V. Amelichev, S. S. Generalov, S. V. Nikiforov, S. V. Shamanayev and Ya. V. Goldberg

Fuzzy Temperature Controller Of The Exothermic Fermentation Processes
pp 42753-42757
E.V. Lubentsova, V.F. Lubentsov, A.I. Koldayev, A.A. Evdokimov and D.V. Samoylenko

Heavy Metal Compounds in the Soils of Anthropogenic Landscape of Volga-Akhtubinsk Floodplain
pp 42758-42760
Vladimir A. Andrianov, Lyudmila V. Yakovleva, Elena G. Loktionova and Michael U. Puchkov

Methods Of Optimization Of Network Structure Of Technological Network Of Electric Power Cluster Of The Region
pp 41761-42766
V.А. Atroshchenko, V.Ye. Belchenko, I.V. Belchenko and R.А.Dyachenko

The Study Of Membranes With Low Level Of Mechanical Stress
pp 42767-42769
V. V. Amelichev, S. S. Generalov, S. V. Nikiforov, G. P. Solovyova, М. I. Smekhova and V. V. Platonov

Microdrops in Microfluidic: Estimation of Geometrical Form
pp 42770-42777
T. Chekifi, B. Dennai and R. Khelfaoui

Adaptive Subband Filtration Of Time Series
pp 42778-42782
Yevgeniy G. Zhilyakov and Sergei P. Belov

Fabrication & Performance Analysis of Mesoscopic Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
pp 42783-42788
Anupama Hiremath and Arunkumar H.S

Active Niche Genetic Approach for Green Cloud Clustering With Optimal Power Consumption in Virtual Cloud Machines
pp 42789-42796
SHAJI, D.S and E. Baburaj

Experimental study of extreme wind loads on tall buildings and facilities
pp 42797-42799
Trushin Sergei, Poddaeva Olga, Churin Pavel and Zubkov Alexander

Using CFD simulation to estimate the comfort of pedestrian zones in the urban environment
pp 42800-42803
Alekseev E.V, Gagarin V.G, Kubenin A.S and Churin P.S







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