International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 17  (2015)  





Efficient 2D-DCT Architecture for Video Applications
pp 37311-37315
R.Lalitha and P.Suryaprasad

Effects Of Zoning In 2002 Indonesian Standard Earthquake Design For Steel Frame Weight
pp 37316-37319
Mohammad Ghozi, Anik Budiati and Syariful Alim

A Detailed Review On Atlas Based Segmentation Of MRI Brain Images
pp 37320-37325
R. Krishnaswamy and S. Nirmaladevi

Self-Stabilization of Cluster Head Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocolthrough the Fuzzy Relevance Degree of the Node
pp 37326-37331
T Madhu, S S V N Sarma and J V R Murthy

Baffle-based Sloshing Mitigation Technique for Liquid Storage Tanks
pp 37332-37336
Sung Ho Yoon and Kee Jin Park

The Pseudospectral Method for the Optimal Control Problem
pp 37338-37339
T. Raghunathan

Real-time Spatial Video Panorama using Iterative Compositing
pp 37340-37345
P. Venkat Rangan, Balaji Hariharan, G Uma, Ramkumar N and Rahul Krishnan

Kalman Filtering Techniques For Fault Detection And Diagnosis In Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (Cstr)
pp 37346-37350
P V Sunil Nag, Sabarish R P Nair,Gowtham M, Sibichakravarthy V, T D Shivendran and Manjunath S

Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) in Indian Public Sector Enterprises
pp 37351-37352
C.Subramaniam and R.Krishnaraj

An Accurate Effort Estimation using Least Effort Multipliers based on Fuzzy Estimation Algorithm for Software Development
pp 37353-37358

SIWT-SPIHT: A Shift Invariance Wavelet Transformation based SPIHT for Image Compression
pp 37359-37364
Trupti Ahir and R.V.S.Satyanarayana

Scale to Composition Fault Inclined (SCFI): Heuristic Scale to Assess the Impact of Composition towards Fault Inclined
pp 37365-37372
V.Sujatha and G.Appa Rao

Improvement of the Voltage Stability in the Thirty Bus System Employing Wind Generation using UPQC
pp 37373-37378
G.V. Prasanna Anjaneyulu and P. Sangameswara Raju

On The Study of Interference Mitigation Method in K-user MIMO Interference Channel
pp 37379-37382
A. E. Rakhmania, P-Y. Tsai and O. Setyawati

Implementation of Klein’s Utilizability function for Chennai, Trivandrum and Visakapatnam
pp 37383-37388
S. Ravichandran and J. David Rathnaraj

BER analysis of OFDM system over Nonlinear fading channels
pp 37389-37395
V. Jagan Naveen, K. Krishna kishore and P.Rajesh kumar

Performance Enhancement of Composite Web Service Based on QoS Aware Trust Score
pp 37396-37402
F.Ezhil Mary Arasi, S.Govindarajan and J.Antony Judi

An Improved Automated System To Filter The Unwanted Messages In OSN User Wall
pp 37403-37408
M.Srividya and M.S. Irfan Ahmed

Optimization of MFAAF Process Parameters using Particle Swarm Optimization
pp 37409-37413
T. C. Kanish, Vijith Kalathil and S. Senthil Kumar

Client Based Security for Cloud CRM Application
pp 37414-37420
M.Vanitha and C.Kavitha

Numerical and Experimental Study on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Micro-Channel Heat Sinks with Longitudinal Fins Array
Prakpum Sriromreun and Paisarn Naphon

Risk analysis of operating room using the Bayesian Network Model
pp 37428-37433
Bouchra Zoullouti, Mustapha Amghar and Nawal Sbiti

Performance Evaluation of Power System Stabilizer
pp 37434-37446
S. Karthikeyana and G. Mohan

Early Detection of Disease in Bittergourd Leafs at Germination stage
pp 37447-37452
Sam Abraham, T. S Balasubramanian and Dhanasekaran

Comparative Analysis of Two Stochastic Models with Varying Demand
pp 37453-37460
Reetu Malhotra and Gulshan Taneja

Prediction And Optimization Of Process Parameters On A22e (Bimetal Bearing) Using RSM And Genetic Algorithm
pp 37461-37468
R.Babu, D. S. Robinson Smart, G.Mahesh and M. Shanmugam

Implementation Of Data Integrity And Regenerating Data Using Erasure Code
pp 37469-37472
Yoshitha and Nalini Sampath

Flow Visualization on Naca2421 Airfoil with and without Piezo Electric Effects
pp 37473-37480
V. Madhan Raj and Dilip A Shah,

Software Based Methodologies to Extend Energy Level of Android Mobile Devices
pp 37481-37487
Thanapal P and Saleem Durai M.A

Web Usage Mining: Discovery Of The User’s Navigational Patterns Using Elm And SKPCM
pp 37488-37494
D.Anandhi and M.S. Irfan Ahmed

5 W’s and 1 H: The Furtive of Interactive Reality Television
pp 37495-37501
V. Vijay Kumar and S. Arulchelvan

Effective Preprocessing Methodology For Web Usage Mining
pp 37502-37507
E. Manohar and D. Shalini Punithavathani

Congestion Control in TCP Network Using a Time Delay Model Based Fluid Dynamics
pp 37508-37512
K. Lefrouni and R. Ellaia

Effect of Happiness on Aging, Self-esteem, Life Satisfaction, Family Support, and Social Participation of the Elderly in the Community on the Depression
pp 37513-37520
Hyea Kyung Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Study on the Development of a Compact and High-efficiency LED Fog Lamp for Passengers Cars
pp 37521-37524
S. J. Park and Y. L. Lee

An Exhaustive CHAID based Authentication Approach for Remote Health Monitoring
pp 37525-37530
Meenakshi Nawal, Mahesh Bundele and G.N.Purohit

Ensuring Efficient Data Protection on Cloud by Distribution Concurrency
pp 37531-37533
Uvaneshwari.M, Deepan. S, Ganesan. R and Naveen Raju. D

An Overview on Multimodal Biometrics
pp 37534-37538

Optimal Placement Of Energy Storage Units Using Particle Swarm Optimization With In A Deregulated Power System
pp 37539-37544
O.Hemakesavulu, M .Pala Prasad Reddy and Beeram Manasa

Design And Analysis Of Vsc’s To Weak Grids Using Self Tuned Fuzzy Logic Control
pp 37545-37551
S.Anupama, O.Hemakesavulu and E.Poojitha

A Critical Review and Comparison of Cloud Storage Providers
pp 37552-37560
Gurram Sunitha, S. Swarajya Laxmi and D. Rajani Bai

Congestion Based Load Balancing Using Mulipath Routing In Mobile Adhoc Network
pp 37561-37565
S.V.Karthik and S.Audithan

Simulation of Buck Converter fed PMBLDC drive using PI and Fuzzy Logic Controllers
pp 37566-37570
V.Sudha and M.Nandhini Gayathri

Quality Restrain Coding in Network Security Using Optimal Attack Graph Modeling
pp 37571-37577
Gouri R Patil and A.Damodaram

Distributed Machine Learning Based Biocloud Prototype
pp 37578-37583
Mansaf Alam, Shuchi Sethi and Kashish A Shakil

Trust based secure information exchange between user and sensor node using authentication method and verified at each gateway node in wireless networks
pp 37584-37586

Cascading of Two Rectangular Waveguides by Using HFSS, Cascade and MATLAB software
pp 37587-37591
Hemant Singh Pokhariya, Sourabh Bisht and Vikas Rathi

Cluster based quantification to identify significant ERP critical failure factors
pp 37592-37594
Prafulla Bafna, Avneet Kaur and Nidhi Choudhary

PAPR Reduction for OFDM system using ABC and PSO Algorithms
pp 37595-37600
N. Mary Sandhya, G. Sanath Kumar and V. Jagan Naveen

Investigation of Cold Start and Idling Emission Characteristics of Ethanol-Gasoline Blends in SI Engine
pp 37601-37604
Anish Krishnan and S. Thirumalini

Training and Development in IT sectors
pp 37605-37609
Sindhuja. A, Ashok Thiakarajana and R.Krishnaraj

New Modifications of Aggressive Packet Combining Scheme with improved performance
pp 37610-37615
Y. Saring, Y. Bulo and C. T. Bhunia

An Application Connected with an Approximation of Stochastic Difference Equations
pp 37616-37618
M. Reni Sagayaraj and P. Manoharan

Risk Mitigation Delay Design of Natural Gas Pipeline Project
pp 37619-37623
Roy Gamma

A Novelblind Audio And Video Watermarking
pp 37624-37629
T Geetamma and J Beatrice Seventline

Design of a Crankshaft Driven External Gear Type Lubricating Oil Pump for a Multi-cylinder Diesel Engine
pp 37630-37634
Arjun Hareendran, Srihari S and Bhaskar V

Experimental Study On Thermal Comfort Of Helmet Using Phase Change Material
pp 37635-37638
B.Meganathan, Yuvanarajan.R, Yuvaraj.R, Vishal.P.V, Saravanan.A and Vignesh.S

Sorensen Filter For Impulse Noise Removal
pp 37639-37644
M.Jayamanmadharao, KVVS Reddy and P Mallikarjunarao

Closed Loop Operation of Switched Reluctance Motor with Hysteresis Controller
pp 37645-37650
Stella Kurian and Nisha G. K

A Significant Approach for Implementing Parallel Image Processing using MATLAB with Java Threads and Its Implementation in Segmentation using Otsu’s Method in Multi Core Environment
pp 37651-37657
Sanjay Saxena, Shiru Sharma and Neeraj Sharma

Framework of Gesture for blind people usable at touch mobile phones
pp 37658-37663
Shabnam Mohamed Aslam and Govindarajan Swaminathan

A Study on Combustion of Torrefied Food Waste Pellets
pp 37664-37667
J. Poudel and S.C. Oh

Improved Performance Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Seven level Multilevel Inverter
pp 37668-37678
K.Chandrasekaran and V.K. Ramachandaramurthy

A Three Phase Four Leg Inverter with a Single Vector Quantity as Control Signal
pp 37679-37684
Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Ajoy Kumar Chakraborty

The Method and Instruments for Induction Motor Mechanical Parameters Identification
pp 37685-37691
A. Egorov, V. Belogusev and K. Kozlov

A Study on Combustion of Torrefied Corn Stalk Pellets
pp 37692-37696
J. Poudel and S.C. Oh

A Novel Approach for Energy Efficient Clustering in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 37697-37706
Shanmugasundaram T.A and V. Vijayabaskar

Parallel Computing in Genetic Algorithm (GA) with The Parallel Solution of n Queen’s Problem Based on GA in Multicore Architecture
pp 37707-37716
Sanjay Saxena, Neeraj Sharma and Shiru Sharma

Breast Cancer Detection Using Relevance Vector Machine
pp 37717-37723
B.M.Gayathri and C.P.Sumathi

Effects of Limestone Dust on Geotechnical Properties of an Expansive Soil
pp 37724-37730
Akshaya Kumar Sabat and Prabina Kumar Muni

Multi Scale Performance of Feature Extraction for Human Head Recognition
pp 37731-37736
Panca Mudjirahardjo, M. Fauzan Edy Purnomo, Rini Nur Hasanah and Hadi Suyono

Path Sensitized Glitch Free Approach using NCL with Return to One Protocol: TSNCL+
pp 37737-37746
J. Sudhakar, A.Mallikarjuna Prasad and Ajit Kumar Panda

An Improved Pattern Extraction from Frames in Text Mining
pp 37747-37750
B Sankara Babu, K . Rajasekhar Rao and P.Satheesh

MRAS Speed Observer for Low Speed Estimation in Sensorless DTC-SVM Induction Motor Drives
pp 37751-37757
Mini.R, Shabana Backer.P, B. Hariram Satheesh and Dinesh M.N

Processing and Mechanical Characterization of Al-WC-Co Hybrid composite produced by Powder Metallurgy Process
pp 37758-37762
K.Sireesha, Ch. Siva RamaKrishna and SR.Viswanath.Manta

The parametic study of Titanium alloy (Ti6%Al4%V) cutting process by Finite Element Analysis
pp 37763-37767
Jaruwat Chompradit and Surasith Piyasin

Proposal for a busy wait bolt semaphore algorithm controlled to handle interlocking in Android
pp 37768-37774
Nancy Y. Gélvez G, Danilo A. López S and Jhon F. Herrera C

The Effect of Self-Efficacy, Critical Thinking Disposition and Self-Confidence of Core Nursing Skills on Clinical Competence in Nursing Students
pp 37775-37782
Han Mi Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

Uncertainty Cyclicity and Projectionness
pp 37783-37791
Evgeny A. Kuzmin

Development of the Automated Control System for Concrete Plant with Two Units Concrete Mixing
pp 37792-37798
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Igor Vadimovich Nedoseko, Alexander Nikolaevich Pudovkin and Yashar Elshan-ogly Nuruev

Investigation On Variations In Geometry And Microstructure Of Weld Deposits Due To Interpulse Current And Its Frequency
pp 37799-37805
S.P. Sankar and P. Palanisamy

A Novel Discrete Spreading Scheme with RC Filter for PAPR reduction in OFDM System using Multiple Interleaver
pp 37806-37812
Darshankumar C. Dalwadi and Himanshu B. Soni

Performance Analysis Of Dynamic Routing Protocols Using Random Waypoint Model For Manet In Ns2
pp 37813-37816

An Improved Neural Network Learning Algorithm Using Glow-worm Swarm Optimization for Software Defect Prediction
pp 37813-37823
V.Jayaraj and N. Saravana Raman

Design of an automated system to measure and test the electrical parameters of CT/Inductor using Labview
pp 37824-37828
Swathi. R and N. Kirthika M. E

Onboard Auxiliary Hydrogen Production In Automobiles Using Wind Energy
pp 37829-37833
Ravi Prasad P.S, Joshuaraj Immanuel K, Varun A.K, Lalith Sharavan C, Vignesh Kumar M

Design Of Wireless Sensor Network In Agricultual Reforms
pp 37834-37838
B.v.v.satyanarayana, K.S.Ravi

Design and Implement of Light Weight QoS Algorithm for Ad hoc Networks
pp 37839-37845
Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nazhad Ghazani and Rasim Alguliyev

Influence of Artificial Lightweight Aggregate on Mechanical Properties of Foamed Concrete
pp 37846-37850
Md Azree Othuman Mydin and Nangkula Utaberta

Improvise Overpasses: Study on Utilizing Spaces below Flyover
pp 37851-37856
Md Azree Othuman Mydin and Nangkula Utaberta

Inductor-Coupled Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter With Loss Reduction For Hybrid Electric Vehicles
pp 37857-37865
S.Meenakshi, D.Manimegalai and R.Santhosh Kumar

Study on Effects of Magnetization of Fuel on Diesel Engine
pp 37866-37870
Nikhil Tom Varghese, D Senthil Kumar and M Vivek

Topology optimization of forming die
pp 37871-37876
Krishnakumar V J, Joshi C Haran and Antoni Manekshaw

Classification of Structured Documents: An approach based on SURF features
pp 37877-37886
Santosh Naik, R. Dinesh, Prabhanjan S and Smitha B. A.

An Improved Method for Segmentation of Abnormal Tissues in MRI Brain Images using Modified Entropy and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
pp 37887-37893
Smitha J C and S Suresh Babu

Influence Of Anodization Technology On Wear Resistance Of D16t Aluminum Alloy
pp 37894-37896
N.F. Kolenchin, V.N. Kuskov and P.N. Shadrina

Information Processing Of Revitalized FMCG Brands – Role Of Customer Purchase Location
pp 37897-37902
Rashmi Sud Chaudhry, Y. Medury and Vandana Ahuja

Comparison of the Performance of Linear Prediction Residual Algorithm on Different Medical Images
pp 37903-37908
Preethi S and Gayathri V

Optimal Topology Design of Intermediate Steel Moment Resisting Frames with Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls
pp 37909-37916
Mehdi Babaei and Sasan Taherkhani

On Warped Products
pp 37917-37920
Jae-Up So, Hye-Ran Jang and Yeo-Jin Song

An Improved Intrusion Detection System (IIDS) using Enhanced Sequential Probability Ratio Test (eSPRT) Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 37921-37926
Ram Pradeep Manohar and E.Baburaj

Development of an Improved Dynamic Algorithm to Enhance Energy Saving in Long Term Evolution Mobile Access Networks
pp 37927-37934
E. Obi, S.M. Sani and S. Garba

Analysis of APC and Code of Practice
pp 37935-37938
Koj Sambyo, Anish Kumar Saha and C.T. Bhunia

Control Design for a Utility Interactive Inverter based on Time-delayed Estimator
pp 37939-37944
Kyeong-Hwa Kim and Ngoc Bao Lai

A Novel Approach to Combat Web Spam Classification in Search Engine using Decision Tree Classifier with Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection
pp 37945-37952
D.Saraswathi and A.Vijaya

A feature weighting method based on category-distribution divergence (CDD)
pp 37953-37959
Lu Yonghe, Ye Zeyuan and He Xinyu

An Analytical Model for Evaluating Routing Performance of AODV Protocol for MANETs with Finite Buffer Capacity
pp 37960-37972
Suresh Babu Ch, K.Gangadhara Rao, B.Basaveswara Rao and K.Chandan

Characterization of macro and microstructural behaviour of a compacted clay to the optimum Proctor
pp 37973-37980
Assia Benchouk, F-E. Mounir Derfouf, Said Taibi and Nabil Abou-Bekr

Development of a coordination scheme in the framework of structural decentralized supervisory control of discrete-event system
pp 37981-37991
Sang-Heon Lee and Jae-Sam Park

An Addressing Mechanism for Network Partitioning and Merging in Wireless Ad hoc Networks
pp 37992-37996
N. Ramakrishnaiah and P. Chenna Reddy

Modified Adaptive Gateway Discovery Scheme Using Hybrid Routing Protocols in Multicast Transmission
pp 37997-38002
K. Palani and P. Ramamoorthy

A Unified System For Offline Handwritten Character Recognition And Language Interpretation
pp 38003-38008
Magesh Kasthuri and V.Shanthi

Ranking of Shelf life models based on Smart Logistic Unit using the ELECTRE III method
pp 38009-38015
G. La Scalia, R. Micale, A. Certa and M. Enea

Firefly Optimization and Mixed Tree Based Clock Distribution Network for an Optimal Energy FFT Architecture
pp 38016-38024
A. Sridevi and V. Lakshmi Prabha

A Study On Brand Switching And Consumer Preferences Towards Soft Drinks With An Emphasis On Distribution Processes And Market Expansion Strategies And Pricing Implemented At Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd Vijayawada
pp 38025-38037
K. Venkateswara Raju and D. Prasanna kumar

Big data and transport modelling: opportunities and challenges
pp 38038-38044
P. Chandrasekar

Development of Advanced Sonar Sensor Model for Underwater Terrain Mapping based on Occupancy Grids
pp 38045-38050
Sejin Lee and Donghyun Kim, Alade O. Tokuta

The mathematical formulation of the problem of determining the horizontal well productivity
pp 38051-38054
B.Sagindykov, T.Jatykov, Z.Bimurat, K.Bimuratkyzy and N.Jumagulova

Growth and Characterization of Organic Nonlinear Optical (NLO) 1, 3-dinitrobenzene single crystals by vertical Bridgman method and its prospects as electro-optic modulators
pp 38055-38060
S..Vijayakumar, P.Srinivasan and S.Dinagaran

Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Optimum Cutting Parameters for AISI1042 Using CVD Tool in Turning Operation
pp 38061-38065
A. Hemantha Kumar, G. Subba Rao and T. Rajmohan

Sharing Computation Resources for Large-Scale Recognition System-on-Chip (SoC)
Seung Eun Lee

Performance Evaluation of Electric Motor Based On Review of Bearing Lifetime and Windings Temperature
pp 38070-38077
Noviadi A. Rachman and Agus Risdiyanto


B-Core Theorems in Ultrametric Fields
pp 38078-38080
S. Sangeetha and V. Srinivasan

Development of intelligent electrical network relay protection combined with fast-speed automatic transfer switch
pp 38081-38084
Kryukov Y.A, Kirov E.F, Naumov O.E and Ivanov V.V

Experimental research and methods development of an efficiency estimation of intelligent power management state of the building systems of the real object
pp 38085-38089
Sedov Artem, Ainagulova Aliya and Temirgaliyeva Ainur

Grain structure evolution at sintering of the bulk Bi2Te3 nanomaterial under hot pseudo-isostatic pressure
pp 38090-38095
Oleg Ivanov, Roman Lyubushkin, and Oxana Soklakova

Systems Of Management And Tendency Of Development Of Organic Dairy Cattle Breeding In The World And Kazakhstan
pp 38096-38101
Murat Aliyev

Matrix Of MEMS Pressure Transducers For Tactile Diagnostics Devices
pp 38102-38104
D.V.Gusev, R.S.Litvinenko and V.S.Sukhanov

Metal extraction from ore benefication codas by means of lixiviation in a disintegrator
pp 38105-38109
Vladimir I. Golik, Yuri I. Razorenov and Oleg N. Polukhin

Prediction of development prospects of roller support designs for conveyor systems
pp 38110-38115
Yerzhan Y. Shayakhmetov, Bolat A. Manezhanov, Toqtasyn M. Mendebayev, Omar T. Temirtasov, Rysbala R. Ibragimova and Yermek T. Abilmazhinov

The Development Of Infrastructure Security For Distributed Information Computer Environment Based On Secured Portal Network
pp 38116-38120
Igor S.Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev and Oleg V.Mihalev

The development of titanium BT1-0 deformation twins under repeated exposure of concentrated load
pp 38121-38123
Nikolai V. Kamyshanchenko, Vladimir V. Krasilnikov, Ivan S. Nikulin and Alexander V. Galtsev

The nanostructured coating based on carbon and silver Aleksandr
pp 38124-38126
Aleksandr I. Kolpakov, Sergei S. Manokhin, Zhanna Yu. Chefranova, Nina I. Zhernakova, Aleksandr A. Dolzhikov, Sergei V. Shkodkin, Kseniia A. Bocharova and Vadim N. Dmitriev

Resource-And-Time Method To Optimize The Performance Of Several Interrelated Operations
pp 38127-38132
Vladimir Anisimov, Evgeniy Anisimov and Mikhail Sonkin

Development of fast-speed vacuump breaker drive with voltage of 6-10kV
pp 38133-38135
Kriukov Yu.A, Kirov E.F, Karasev M.V and Ivanov V.V

Evaluation of PCA Based Image Denoising Methods
pp 38136-38145
Abinaya P and Sangeeta K

Vendor Selection in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Environment: A Comparative Study by MADM methods
pp 38146-38153
Prabjot Kaur

Breathing Rate Estimation from a Single-lead Electrocardiogram Acquisition System
pp 38154-38158
Nazrul Anuar Nayan, Nur Sabrina Risman and Rosmina Jaafar

Development of a simple Power Electronic Controller for Grid Connected PV Systems
pp 38159-38166
Binu Ben Jose, D. R.

Surface Modification of Die Steel Materials Machined by Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining: A review
pp 38167-38176
Nitin K. Khedkar, T.P.Singh and VijayKumar S. Jatti

Mobile Phone Radiation Effects on Action Potentials in Brain-Arm Nerve Fibres of Human
pp 38177-38182
A. Othman, N.R. Mohamad and M.Z.M. Jenu

pp 38187-38191
Abhilash J. Nair and C. Lakshmikanthan

Named Entity Recognition, Extraction and Classification using Conditional Random Field with Kernel Approach
pp 38193-38198
Deepinder Kaur, Er.Rohit K. Bhullar, Sandeep Singh Brar and K. Kumaresan

Structural Mechanics Analysis on Automobile Electromagnetic Control Valve on ANSYS
pp 38199-38201
WANGWENHAIa and HaengMukCho

Experimental Determination Of Gasoline Vapor Loss Due To Sloshing In A Fuel Tank
pp 38202-38204
Jithin Jolly and C. Lakshmikanthan

Development of Design to Schedule the Project using CPM and its Impact on the Project Management
pp 38205-38213
K.Kavitha and S. Jacob Pratabaraj.

Design And Implementation Of Resistive Threshold Logic In Dsm Technology
pp 38214-38218
S.Govindarajulu and C.P.V.N.V.S.Jyosthna Devi

Design Of Novel Domino Circuits For High Performance And Energy Efficient Vlsi Implementation
pp 38219-38227
S.Govindarajulu and M.N.Jyosthna

A Technical Review on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) Methodologies
pp 38228-38240
S.Bharath Reddy and D.Malathi

pp 38241-38244
Midhun Mohan S and S. Thirumalini

pp 38245-38250

Multi-Agent System Technology for Distributed Data Mining and Clustering Using JADE
pp 38251-38254
S. SulaihaBeevi and K.L.Shunmuganathan

A spelling mistake correction (SMC) model for real-word error correction
pp 38255-38260
Swadha Gupta and Sumit Sharma

A Research Survey on Computer Aided Diagnosis of Ischemic Stroke Detection Using CT and MRI Images
pp 38261-38266
R. Kanchana and R. Menaka

MRI Image Fusion Method based on Classification of BEMD Components
pp 38267-38270
V. Deepika, M. Suchetha and R. G. Sangeetha

An Analysis of the Effects of Electrical Energy Distribution on the Economic Growth of Kota Medan
pp 38271-38273
Junaidy Burhan, Erlina, Sirojuzilam, Nes Yandri Kahar, R. T. Mohamad and A. A. Zulkefle

A Pragmatic Study of Evolutionary Techniques Based Energy Efficient Hierarchical routing protocols - LEACH And PEGASIS
pp 38274-38285
AshaGowda Karegowda, B. G Premsudha and Devika G

Regional Planning and Development of Kota Medan: Effect on Electrical Power Distribution (Case Study on Medan City Development Area
pp 38286-38290
Junaidy Burhan, Sirojuzilam, Erlina, Nes Yandri Kahar

Experimental Investigation on RCC Hollow Short Circular Columns with FRP Jacketing
pp 38291-38295
S. Thirumoorthy and M. Sivaraja

Perturbing Sensitive Data using Additive Noise
pp 38296-38301
A.V.Sriharsha and C. Parthasarathy

Shallow-Water Acoustics Investigations for Underwater Detection and Seabed Imaging
pp 38302-38307
Henry M. Manik

Improved Security to private cloud through Novel Chaotic based Bio-cryptic Cloud Security Mechanism
pp 38308-38314
Sudhakar Godi and Rajasekhar Rao Kurra

Optimization of K-Prototype Clusters with Genetic Algorithm for Customer Segmentation
pp 38314-38319
I Made Ari Santosa

A Study On Stress, Job Involvement, Job Satisfaction And Burnout In Faculties Of Government And Self Finance Colleges At Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
pp 38320-38331

Fine Tuning of Fuel Maps Using Data Acquisition System on a FSAE Car
pp 38334-38342
Yagnavalkya Mukkamala, Sparsh Sharma and Ujjwal Pandey

Design of Adaptive Wavelet Algorithm for Audibility Enhancement
pp 38343-38348
J. J. Chopade and N. P. Futane

A Study of the family of Affine Projection Algorithms
pp 38349-38353
Subhash Chandra Yadav, Pradeep Juneja and R.G.Varshney

3D Interaction Glove: Virtual and Physical Space Realization Through Data Glove
pp 38354-38357
Sang Muk Lee, Jung Woo Shin, Oh Seong Gwon and Seung Eun Lee

Comparative Study of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Processor in FPGA For Functional Verification
pp 38358-38361
S.Karthik, S.SaravanaKumar and K.Priyadarsini

Application of Support Vector Machine to Static Security Assessment in Power systems
pp 38362-38367
R.Thamizhselvan and S.Ganapathy

Dynamic Reconstruction of MapReduce Clusters for Achieving Energy Proportionality
pp 38368-38376
M. Kim and H. Cho

Survey of Fault-Injection Techniques for Resilient Systems-on-Chip Design
pp 38377-38383
Yeong Seob Jeong, Seong Mo Lee and Seung Eun Lee

A Gate Level Full Adder Design with Power Saving
pp 38384-38386

Analysis of Resonance in Blade Vibration
pp 38387-38390
Nitish Raghunathan, Valarmathi J and S. Gautham

Secured Medical Image Transmission Through The Two Dimensional Chaotic System
pp 38391-38396
I.Bremnavas, I.Raja Mohamed and N.Shenbagavadivu

Verification of GPS data using REB-4216 card During Satellite Communication System
pp 38397-38402
Muthanna Ali, Qusay Jalil and S Nagakishore Bhavanam

Factors Influencing on Happiness in relation to the Aging of Elderly
pp 38403-38411
Hyea Kyung Lee and Hee Kyung Kim

An Alternative IPv6 Addressing Scheme for Internet of Things
pp 38412-38415
Pyung Soo Kim

Design of Fractional Order Controller for a MIMO Process
pp 38416-38421
G. Prakash and V. Alamelumangai

Non Performing Assets (NPA’s) in Public and Private sector Banks
pp 38422-38426

Social Intelligence – A Necessity for Career Growth Through Personality Development
pp 38427-38432

Housing architecture principles based on the Holy Quran
pp 38433-38444
Hamed Hayaty, bahar bahrami, pardis ghobad zadeh and hamid gholami

A Single Scan Prefix-Tree Construction Approach For Maximal Pattern Mining
pp 38445-38452
R .Vishnu Priya

Developing a Media of Active Learning (AL) strategy of Micro controller 8051 Multiple Interrupts handling teaching by using the MCU 8051 IDE-Integrated Development Environment and C program-SDCC in supporting the implementation of Active Learning in Higher Education-ALFHE
pp 38453-38458
Dahlan RP Sitompul and Mhd.Furqan

Determination Of Power Consumption Of An Embedded System
pp 38459-38462
R.Sittalatchoumy and L. Sivakumar

Experimental investigation of headed stud shear connector in composite beam
pp 38463-38467
B. Raguvaran and R. Baskar

Digital Watermarking : Framework for Mathematical Modeling
pp 38468-38469
W.A.W. Adnan, R. T. Mohamad, S.A. Kareem, A. A. Zulkefle, M.T. Salahudin and M. Kamalrudin

Determination of Equilibrium and Kinetics Modeling for the Adsorption of Acid Orange 7 onto Activated Carbon prepared from Leucaena leucocephala Seed Shell Waste
pp 38470-38476
A.Babu Rajendran, K. Sakthivel, K. Jothivenkatachalam and S. Karthikeyan

Gate Based Design of WDM PON to Dynamically Allocate Bandwidth for Extended Reach
pp 38477-38483
S. Rajalakshmi, S. Rajalakshmi and Ananth Vijaya Venugopalen, Anirudh Kowtha

The Effects of Manufacturing Flexibility on Operational Performance; Acknowledging the Role of Innovation Capability
pp 38484-38490
U. S. Purwanto and Raihan

Fuzzy Based Multi String Seven Level Inverter For Photovoltaic System
pp 38491-38497
O.Hemakesavulu, P.Bhaskara Prasad, and Pagidela Yamuna

Modeling Water Treatment Plant with High Efficiency Motors (HEMs)
pp 38498-38499
Ghassan J. K, R. T. Mohamad, Ali A. Abdulzahra, Ali K. S, Saif T. H, Hadi F. H, Dawood S. Ahmed, A. A. Zulkefle, M. R. Ab Ghani, R. Omar, M. Sulaiman, W.A.W. Adnan

Harmonic Distortion Control technique in Adjustable Speed Drives
pp 38500-38503
Ali A.Abdulzahra, R. T. Mohamad, Ghassan J. K, Ali K.S, Saif T. H, Hadi F.H, Dawood S. Ahmed, S.H.M.Shahril, A.A. Zulkefle, R. Omar and W.A.W.Adnan

Fuzzy Logic based Temperature Control of a Vacuum Distiller
pp 38504-38508
Muhammad Aziz Muslim and Goegoes Dwi Nusantoro

Development of Mathematical Models for Prediction of Weld Bead Geometry of Hardfaced Steel
pp 38509-38525
Pratibha Kumari and R.P. Singh

The Impact Of Ecological Consciousness On Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Green Products – An Empirical Study From India
pp 38526-38535
R.Megavannan and Praseeda Chappalalli

Study on Compressive Strength of Concrete using Nano silica by Design of Experiments
pp 38536-38542
Om. Suganyaa and S.K. Sekar

Optimizing Abrasive Particle Speed and Size on Machining Performance in SAFBM of Brass
pp 38543-38549
N.K. Francis, K. G. Viswanadhan, Nair Jayish. S, Vivek. M.S and Sathyamoorthy. D


The Structural Behavior Of 4-Storey R.C Frame With Brick Infill
pp 38551-38556

Basics of QtQuick technology and its application in the development of mobile multi-function hardware-software of long-term cardiomonitoring and ergonometry
pp 38557-38561
Ivan Alexandrovich GrinkoThe Structural Behavior Of 4-Storey R.C Frame With Brick Infill

«Dependency injection» on Android and its application in the development of a mobile multifunction hardware-software complex of long cardiomonitoring and ergonometry
pp 38562-38566
Denis NikolaevichAkolzin and Ivan AlexandrovichGrinko


Features of construction of a software project for medical wireless sensor networks
pp 38567-38571
Dmitry SergeevichUbiraylo and Sergey AlexeevichSinyutin

A Detailed Survey on Various Efficient Multipliers in Low Power VLSI Circuit
pp 38572-38582
M.Srinivasan and P.Prakasam


A novel Facial Expression Classification System using Emotional Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network using Genetic Algorithm
pp 38583-38588
Vedantham Ramachandran, E.Srinivasa Reddy and B. Sivaiah


The Mapreduce Based MRMPCME Algorithm for Big Stream Data
pp 38589-38597
G.Somasekhar and K.Karthikeyan


A Survey of MR Image Brain Tumour Segmentation Using Different Classification Techniques
pp 38598-38608
Shenbagarajan.A, V.Ramalingam, C.Balasubramanian and S.Palanivel


Effects of Verbal Abuse Experiences, Emotional Responses about Verbal Abuse, Job Stress, and Tenacity on Job Satisfaction of Hospital Nurses
pp 38609-38615
Sun Ju Lee, Hee Kyung Kim and Hyea Kyung Lee

Development of wavelet decomposition Denoising algorithm for a linear FM chirp signal to apply any underwater communication systems
pp 38616-38621
Venkataraman Padmaja and V Rajendran

Refined Clustering of Software Components Using K-Mean and Neural Network
pp 38622-38627
Indu Verma and Iqbaldeep Kaur

Improvement of K-Mean Clustering Algorithm Using Support Vector Machine on Reusable Software Components
pp 38628-38637
Amarjeet Kaur and Iqbaldeep Kaur






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