Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 13  Number 3  (2017)





Classification of EEG data in Brain Computer Interface
pp. 1-4
Jayesh Deep Dubey, Bramah Hazela and Krishna Kant Agrawal

A Novel Data Driven Framework Using Selenium Web Driver
pp. 5-7
Aradhya Saxena, Krishna Kant Agrawal and Shikha Singh

Effect of Feedline Dimension on the Bandwidth Enhancementof a Regular Microstrip Antenna
pp. 8-10
R. K. Chaurasia and V. Mathur

Effect of Graphene Oxide (GO) on Capacitance of Polyaniline/ Titanium oxide (PANI/ TiO2) nanocomposite
pp. 11-15
Ajay Sharma, Vishal Mathur, Vipin Kumar Jain and Rishi Vyas

Performance Analysis of PV Array Configurations under Irregular Shading Conditions
pp. 16-25
Rupendra Pachauri and Yogesh K. Chauhan

Effect of Variable Viscosity on Chemically Reacting Magneto-Blood Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer
pp. 26-35
Madhu Sharma and R K Gaur

Requirement Modifiability Quantification Model of Object Oriented Software
pp. 36-41
Mohammad Zunnun Khan, M Akheela Khanam and M H Khan

Automated Classification of Bookmarks
pp. 42-45
Akanksha Singh, Kavita Agarwal, Preetam Suman and Madhurendra Sachan

A Step towards Managing Big Data and Confronting its Challenges
pp. 46-48
Nashra Javed, Roshan Jahan and Faisal Ullah Khan

Distress Call Detection and Transmission of Event Information in VANET
pp. 49-52
Saman Khan, Shish Ahmad and Preetam Suman

Elephant and Tiger Identification on Railway Tracks/Roads through Image Processing
pp. 53-56
Roshan Jahan, Preetam Suman and Til Theunissen

Implementation of Routing Protocol for Secure Communication in VANET
pp. 57-62
Amrit Suman and Chiranjeev Kumar

Preliminary Research on Identification of Human Facial Expression using Machine Learning Algorithm
pp. 63-66
Krishna Kant Agrawal and Wg.Cdr (Dr.) Anil Kumar





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