Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 5 (2014)





Contemporary Issues in Advertising - An Impetus or Impediment to A Progressive Indian Society
pp. 391-396
Author: Neha Wadhawan

Liability Driven investment by insurers: Topmost priority
pp. 397-402
Author: Nikita Kumari

Linking of Customer Satisfaction with Shareholders’ value: A Review
pp. 403-412
Authors: Pankaj Kumar Singh and J.K.Pattanayak

Consumer Behavior and Recent Trends for the Expansion of Tourist Attractions
pp. 413-418
Author: Parul

Managing Employee Stress: Ways to Minimize Distress
pp. 419-426
Authors: Preshita NehaTudu and Pramod Pathak

Global or Glocal : The future course for strategy?
pp. 427-432
Author: Reshmi Menon

New generation – great expectations Exploring the work attributes of gen y
pp. 433-438
Authors: Sahil Malik and Shikha N. Khera

To Identify Service Quality Gaps in Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of Public Sector Banks and Foreign Banks
pp. 439-444
Authors: Shalini Gautam and Akash Singh

Drivers of Brand Trust in Internet Retailing
pp. 445-450
Authors: Ms. Shalini Gautam and Ms. Aastha Trikha

Management Information System Proficiencies and Planning
pp. 451-456
Authors: Shrey Mahajan amd Shashank Thakur

A De Novo approach for the Performance evaluation of Indian technical institutions
pp. 457-468
Authors: Sobhan Sarkar and Bijan Sarkar

Stress Management At Workplace 
pp. 469-472
Author: Soni Kushwaha

Role of Women Entrepreneurs in India
pp. 473-480
Author: Vinesh

FDI & Expectation of the Foreign Investor:-A Case Study of Commodity Exchange
pp. 481-484
Author: Y. Satguru Roshan

Employee Retention Management Through Quality Circle
pp. 485-490
Author: Poonam Likhitkar






















































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