Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 4 (2014)





The impact of Marketing Strategies on Customer and Long Term Growth
pp. 293-296
Author: Aviral Prakash

The Power of Training Culture: Driving Today’s Organisation
pp. 297-304
Author: Bushra Muzaffar

Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Study on Entrepreneurial Personality of Employees
pp. 305-312
Authors: Charvi Mehta and Puja Gupta

Sculpting Future Leaders: An Intrapreneurial Approach
pp. 313-320
Authors: Charvi Mehta and Puja Gupta

Human Resources -Change Agents For Motivating and Retaining Employees
pp. 321-326
Author: Divya Aggarwal

Brainstorming Approach And Mind Mapping In Synergy Creating Activity
pp. 333-338
Author: Harashit Kumar Mandal

Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies Bill, 2013 - The Game-Changer
pp. 339-344
Author: Harish K. Raman

Economic Development through Tourism- A Case Study of Home Stay scheme of Himachal Pradesh
pp. 345-348
Author: Hiramani Kashyap

Competency Based Management In Organizational Context: A Literature Review
pp. 349-356
Authors: Kaushiki Tripathi and Manisha Agrawal 

Application of Green Strategies for Business Sustainability in Indian Scenario
pp. 357-360
Author: Kishore Kumar

Impact of Business Value Planning on Business-IT Alignment
pp. 361-366
Authors: Prakash Chandra Tunuguntla, Dr. Lakshmi Vishnu Murthy Tunuguntla and Vaishnavi Tunuguntla

Environmentally Sustainable Consumption: A Review and Agenda for Future Research
pp. 367-374
Authors: Meenakshi Sharma and Leela Rani

Employee Engagement in Hospitality Industry in India: An Overview
pp. 375-378
Authors: Mohd. Sadiqe

E-Filing: Creating New Revolution in Taxation of India
pp. 379-384
Authors: Mukesh Kumar and Mohammad Anees 

Effect of sense of Humour on Positive Capacities: An Empirical Inquiry into Psychological Aspects
pp. 385-390
Author: Navya Pande



















































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