Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 3 (2014)






Role of Marketing Mix for Indian Marketers
pp. 191-196
Author: Arjun Mittal


Urbanisation, city expansion, access to basic household amenities: the case of informal settlements of Delhi
pp. 197-202
Author: Ms. Sakshi Saini


C4D as a Tool for Judicial Water Management at Household Level: A Case Study of Urban Poor Women of Delhi
pp. 203-208
Authors: Sakshi Saini, Savita Aggarwal and Geeta Punhani


An Exploration of Impact of Logo Redesign on Brand Image
pp. 209-216
Author: Navita Mahajan


Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Banking Sector- A Strategic Approach
pp. 217-222
Author: Parveen Kumari


Study of Financial Problems of Women Entrepreneurs
pp. 223-226
Author: Priyanka Sharma Gurnani


Insurance and its Role in Sustainable Development
pp. 227-232
Author: Rahul Kanojia


Modern Strategies for Management of Business, Economy, Services vis--vis Social Sciences-A sustainable Approach Changing Role of Human Resources Management
pp. 233-238
Author: Sandeep Kaur


Role of Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement in Work Life Balance
pp. 239-244
Author: Sarika Sushil


Study of Sales Promotion Mix on Customer Satisfaction With Reference to Shopping Malls in Indore
pp. 245-252
Author: Satnam Ubeja


Improving First Pass Yield and Reducing Defect Cost of Honing Machine Using Six Sigma Approach
pp. 253-258
Authors: Seema Banu, M Rajesh and G. S. Prakash


Islamic Banking in India
pp. 259-264
Author: Shakeela Banu


An Overview of Upward Influence Tactics
pp. 265-274
Authors: Shakti Chaturvedi and A.K. Srivastava


Understanding Cultural Variations of E-Commerce Websites in A Global Framework
pp. 275-280
Authors: Ritu Punhani and Shilpa Batra


A Study on the Effectiveness of the Financial Inclusion Program in Jammu and Kashmir: Initiatives by the Major Banks
pp. 281-286
Authors: Suhail Qasim Mir, Ishaq Ahmad Bhat and Faisal Nazir Zargar


Impact of Modern Approaches on Nutritional Health of College Going Adolescent Girls of Lucknow City
pp. 287-292
Authors: Sultana Atiqua and Ahluwalia Savita

















































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