Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 1 (2014)





Willingness or Leeriness Towards Green Marketing Initiatives – An Educated Customer Perspective –An Empirical Study of Punjab
pp. 1-8
Author: Anchal Arora


Applicability of Brand Personality Dimensions across Cultures and Product Categories: A Review
pp. 9-18
Authors: Anees Ahmad, K. S. Thyagaraj


Supply Chain Management as A Process in Distribution Channel
pp. 19-22
Authors: Anushka Sharma, Deepshikha Sharma and Ashok Bhatia


Human Resource Management - A Better Technique for Achieving Organizational Goal
pp. 23-26
Authors: Asha, and Parveen Yadav


FDI Flows in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study
pp. 27-34
Authors: Azeem Ahmad khan


Lead time Reduction Using Lean Manufacturing Principles For Delivery Valve Production
pp. 35-40
Authors: Bharath R, Dr G S Prakash


Cyber-venting: Company vs. Employees
pp. 41-46
Author: Bidhi Kashyap


Maintaining Work-Life Balance: A Pragmatic Approach
pp. 47-52
Author: Bimaldeep Kaur


Product Placement in Movies: The Bollywood Experience
pp. 53-58
Author: Bimaldeep Kaur


Predictive Analytics Tools and Techniques
pp. 59-66
Authors: Mr. Chandrashekar G, Dr. N V R Naidu and Dr. G S Prakash


Indian Power Utilities : A Panacea for Financial Revival
pp. 67-70
Authors: V.Ravi Kumar and Dr Madhvi Sethi


Globalization and Rise of Class and Caste Violence in India
pp. 71-74
Author: Dr. Sudhir Chander Hindwan


Dynamics of Changing Security Scenario and Threat of International Terrorism
pp. 75-78
Author: Dr Sudhir Chander Hindwan


Mentoring for Effective Positive Workforce: A Case Study
pp. 79-88
Authors: Dr. Ruchi Tewari and Dr. Ritu Sharma


Media Coverage on Ethnic Conflict in North-East India: An Analysis on the Issues and Challenges in Conflict Communication
pp. 89-92
Author: Uttam Kr Pegu









































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