Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)

Volume 6 Number 1 (2011)






On Unorthodox Approach to Generating New Hyperbolic Measures of Information and Corresponding Measures of Fuzzy Information
pp. 1-4
Authors: P. Jha and Vikas Kumar Mishra

On Generalized Fuzzy Graph Structures II 
pp. 5-12
Authors: Dinesh T. and Ramakrishnan T.V.

Even Vertex Graceful of Crown Graph, Unique Cyclic Hamiltonian Graph and Clock Graph
pp. 13-16
Authors: A. Solairaju and P. Muruganantham

Extension Principle for Vague Sets and Its Applications 
pp. 17-26
Authors: S.M. Taheri and R. Zarei

Some Common Fixed Point Theorem for Compatible Mappings of Type (A) in Complete G-Metric Space
pp. 27-38
Authors: R. K. Vats, S. Kumar and V. Sihag

Method for Solving Fully Fuzzy Assignment Problems using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 39-51
Authors: Amit Kumar, Anila Gupta, Amarpreet Kaur

Fuzzy Contra rw-continuous Functions 
pp. 53-60
Authors: A. Vadivel V. Chandrasekar and M. Saraswathi

g*-Preclosed Fuzzy Sets in Fuzzy Topological Spaces 
pp. 61--71
Authors: S. S. Benchalli, P. G. Patil and T.D. Rayanagoudar

Characterizations of SomeWeaker Forms of Fuzzy Alpha-Continuous and Fuzzy Alpha-Open Mappings
pp. 73-87
Authors: Raja Mohammad Latif

On Fuzzy Regular Grammars 
pp. 89-103
Authors: Shrikant R. Chaudhari and Digambar D. Komejwar

A New Paranormed Fuzzy Sequence Space 
pp. 105-120 
Authors: P.D. Srivastava and Sushomita Mohanta and Salila Dutta

Relation in Fuzzy Automata 
pp. 121-126
Authors: V. Karthikeyan and M. Rajasekar

Fixed Point Theorem for Expansion Mapping Including Six Maps in Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 127-134
Authors: A.S. Saluja and Mukesh Kumar Jain

Generalized Product of Fuzzy Lattices and Fuzzy Ideals 
pp. 135-144
Authors: M. Marudai and V. Rajendran

New Constructions on Bipolar Anti Q-fuzzy Groups and Bipolar Anti Q-fuzzy d-ideals under (t, s) Norms
pp. 145-153
Authors: M. Marudai and V. Rajendran

Flood Forecasting with the help of Fuzzy Rule- based Modeling of Jiadhal River Basin, Dhemaji, Assam
pp. 155-164
Authors: Swapnali Gogoi and R.C. Joshi




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