International Journal of Software Engineering


Volume 2, Number 1 (2011)  





An Impudent Approach for Intelligent Data Mining using Rough Set Theory 
pp. 1-10
Madhu G., G. Suresh Reddy and Dr. C. Kiranmai

Implementation of Synthesis and Analysis Software to Design Four Bar Linkages for Pedal Powered Kadba Cutter
pp. 11-20
Pravin S. Ghawade, M.V. Gudadhe and J.P. Modak

Database Aggregation using Metadata 
pp. 21-30
Sandeep Kumar, Sanjay Jain and Rajani Kumari

A Comprehensive Study of VoiceXML and SALT. How are they Different, and Why?
pp. 31-38
R. Manoharan, K. Vivekanandan, S. Sunderarajan and M. Senthil Kumar

Hybrid Model of Software Quality Assurance for Business and Real-time Systems Oriented
pp. 39-45
Mohammed Horbi

Search-Based Software Test Data Generation using Evolutionary Testing Techniques
pp. 47-58
S. Kanmani and P. Maragathavalli

Modeling of 3D Self Similar Objects using Parallel String Rewriting Methods and Development of a 3D Modeler
pp. 59-66
Bana Bihari Mohanty, Saroja Nanda Mishra and Srikanta Pattanayak

A Review on Effort Estimation in Incremental Software Development
pp. 67-70
Dinesh Kumar

Transition of Object Oriented Software Engineering to Semantic Engineering
pp. 71-80
Shikha Singh

Software Engineering Moduleing
pp. 81--88
Seema Kansal and Gagan Rawal






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