International Journal of Software Engineering


Volume 1, Number 1 (2010)  





Concept-to-Speech Generation for Telugu
pp. 1-8
Authors: D. Nagaraju and Dr. R.J. Ramasree

Reengineering of Hospital Module based on Structure Design Methodology and Complexity Measurement
pp. 9-16
Authors: Ashok Kumar and Anil Kumar

Enhanced Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding
pp. 17-23
Author: S. Vimala

Mission Data System Reference Architecture Based on Architecture Analysis and Design Language
pp. 25-40
Authors: P. Rajarajeswari and A. Rammohan Reddy

Increasing the Reusability of Interactive Software Systems by Micro-Level Design
pp. 41-50
Authors: S. A. M. Rizvi, Syed Zeeshan Hussain and Syed Imtiyaz Hassan

Bug Tracking after Implementing Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning Software
pp. 51-59
Authors: N. B. Vikram, A. V. Suresh and N. S. Narahari

Performance Analysis of Decision Tree Induction Feature Selection Method for Software Defect Predictions
pp. 61-71
Authors: N. Gayatri, S. Nickolas and A.V. Reddy

Encryption Schemes Using Pseudo Random Number Generator
pp. 73-77
Authors: Mina Mishra and Monisha Sharma

A Survey on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Issues
pp. 79-86
Author: K.P. Jayant

Image Steganography using Polynomials and Covert Communications in Open Systems Environment
pp. 87-94
Authors: A. Siva Sankar, T. Jayachandra Prasad and M.N. Giriprasad

An Efficient Web Content Outlier Mining Algorithm
pp. 95-103
Authors: Pradeep Kushwaha, Santosh Paul, Madhup Agrawal and Vikrant Gupta

Comparative Evaluation of Load Balancing Algorithms in Distributed Systems
pp. 105-118
Authors: Mayuri Mehta and Devesh Jinwala






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