International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (IJMT)



Volume 8, Number 1  (2017)





Screening Some Aspergillus Fungi for Cytosine Deaminase Activity
Qing-fei Fu

Effect of Different Fermentation Modes on Butanol Production using Cassava Starch
Li-zi Qin

Relationship between the Level of Troponin and Some Trace Elements in Sera of Patients with Heart Disease
Li-jun Yang

Lipid Lowering and Antioxidant Activity of Terminalia Arjuna in Hyperlipemic Rats
Roberto Opromolla and Giancarmine Fasano

Effect of Different Stages of Ripening of Fruit on Papaya Wine using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Michele Grassi

Purification and Properties of Membrane Bound Oxalate Oxidase from Leaves of Bougainvillea glabra
Al Savvaris





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