International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology


Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)  





Economic Production Quantity in Reworkable and Reusable Production Systems
Authors: S.B.V.S.P. Sastry and V.V.S. Kesava Rao

A Hybrid Flow Shop Model for a Steel Production Scheduling Problem
Authors: M. Srinivasa Rao and V.V.S. Kesava Rao

The Effect Process Parameters on Machining of EN-31 Tool Steel through Rotary EDM
Authors: V. Vikram Reddy and P. Madar Valli

An Integrated Model for Production Inventory Distribution Supply Chain
Authors: T.V.S.R.K. Prasad, D. Satyanarayana and K. Phanindra Kumar

Optimization of Plant Efficiency through Total Productive Maintenance
pp. 65-70
Authors: Janender Kumar, Munish Mehta and Satish Kumar

Safety Systems in Human Robot Interaction in Industries
Authors: P. Sivaprakash, M. Sakthivel and P.K. Jayadev

Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive using Switching Tables for Reduced Complexity
pp. 77-89
Authors: K. Satyanarayana, J. Amarnath and A. Kailasa Rao

Liquid Crystal Polymer Dual Frequency Microstrip Square Patch Antenna
Authors: B.T.P. Madhav, V.G.K.M. Pisipati, Habibulla Khan, P. Sreekanth, K. Nalini and P.V. Dattaprasad

Construction of Control Charts based on Six Sigma Initiatives for Average Number of Nonconformities per Multiple Units
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan and P. Balamurugan

Supply Chain Performance Metrics in Practice
Authors: Ramaa A., T.M. Ramgaswamy and K.N. Subramanya

Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Part Scheduling and Tool Sharing Decisions in a Flexible Manufacturing System
Authors: A. Sreenivasulu, G. Dilli Babu and M. Bala Chennaiah

A Fuzzy Logic based Approach for Bottleneck Identification in Manufacturing for Theory of Constraints
Authors: Bharat Chede, C.K. Jain, S.K. Jain and Aparna Chede

Corporate Social Responsibility for Global Supply Chain Relationships
Authors: Roopali Bajaj and Ajay Pandey




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