International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology


Volume 2, Number 3a (2010)  





Decolorization of Textile Dyes by Immobilized Photocatalytic Degradation Process
pp. 207-214
Authors: O.K. Mahadwad, P.A. Parikh, R.V. Jasra, J. Bhalodiya

Cartesian Co-Ordinate Method to Study Crystal Structures
pp. 215-223
Authors: Jasuja Ashish and S.B. Mal

Emerging Trends in Professional Management Education in India
pp. 225-236
Authors: Asis Sarkar

Mathematical Modeling and Availability Assessment of Tube Light Industry
pp. 237-249
Authors: Vikas Modgil, S.K. Sharma and Jagtar Singh

Finite Element Analysis of the Cemented Implant Femur
pp. 251-258
Authors: A.S. Dhoble, P.M. Padole and M.A. Dhoble

Performance Evaluation of Turbocharged Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Mullite as Thermal Barrier Coating
pp. 259--269
Authors: P.N. Shrirao and A.N. Pawar

Design and Linear Static Analysis of Motorcycle Piston
pp. 271-278
Authors: Raj Purohit, Gautam Batra, Bikash Ranjan Sukla and Prateek Dudeja

A Genetic Algorithm for Job Scheduling in Two Machine Flow Shop Problem
pp. 279-290
Authors: A.O. Odior, F.A. Oyawale and J.A. Akpobi

Alternative Equations for Predicting the Performance of Gas Turbine Cycle Under Different Configurations
pp. 291-300
Authors: K.P. Tyagi, M.N. Khan and R.S. Prasad

A Predictive Model for Surface Roughness in Turning Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics by CBN Tool Using Fuzzy Logics
pp. 301-311
Authors: Syed Altaf Hussain, V. Pandurangadu and K. Palani Kumar

Some Solution Approaches to Reduce the Imbalance of Workload in Parallel Machines while Planning in Flexible Manufacturing System through Genetic Algorithm
pp. 313-324
Authors: B.V. Raghavendra, A.N.N. Murthy and N. Baskara Rao

Customer Satisfaction through best Practices of Total Quality Management (TQM)
pp. 325-333
Authors: N. Venkateshwarlu, Ashish Agarwal and Manoj Kulshreshtha

Evaporation of a Hydrocarbon Fuel in a High Pressure Environment
pp. 335-342
Authors: Neel Kanth Grover

The Relation Between Shiftwork, Sleepiness, Occupational Health And Workers' Productivity In A Process Industries
pp. 343-356
Authors: K. K. Dhande and Sunil Sharma

Performance Analysis of Layouts Under Dynamic Conditions : A Simulation Investigation
pp. 357-371
Authors: R. Jayachitra, P.S.S. Prasad, K. Ganesan and Pallavi Puchalapalli

Pick-Up Efficiency of Air in Oscillating-Bed Solar Dryer for Sunflower Seeds
pp. 373-382
Authors: S. Shanmugam, P. Kumar and A.R. Veerappan

Compare Study of TL for Lime Stone Powder and Crystal Irradiated by UV Exposure
pp. 383-386
Authors: Vikas Dubey, Jagjeet Kaur and N.S. Suryanarayana

Optmization in Production Process by Reducing Cycle Time Using Plant Consolidation & Manufacturing Optimization Technique
pp. 387-398
Authors: Vivek M Sonde, G. R. Potey, V S Deshpande and R S Kadu




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