International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology


Volume 2, Number 3 (2010)  





Shape Control of A Flexible Composite Beam using FLEXINOL Actuators
pp. 125-134
Authors: Yuvaraja. M and Senthilkumar. M

Experimental Investigation of Modified Two-Stroke Petrol Engine for Improved Performance and Reduced Pollutantís Level.
pp. 135-141
Authors: Niyaj D. Shikalgar and Dange H.M.

Modeling and Analysis of End Mill Cutter to Reduce the Chatter During Machining
pp. 143-154
Authors: G.M. Sayeed Ahmed, P. Ravinder Reddy and N.Seetharamiah

Jatropha Derived Biodiesel- Emission and Performance Characteristics for Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 155-160
Authors: A.P. Pandhare, A.S. Padalkar, K.C. Zende, K.R. Jagtap, P.P. Chitnis and S Juttu

A Research Proposal for the Management of Delays in Construction Projects
pp. 161-173
Authors: Mir Iqbal Faheem and Vellanki.S.S.Kumar

Conducting Contaminant Trajectory on Epoxy Coated Spacer In A 1-Φ Gas Insulated Busduct.
pp. 175-184
Authors: D. Padmavathi, J. Amarnath and S. Kamakshaiah

Unsteady Viscous Flow through a Porous Medium between Eccentric Rotating Disks
Authors: B.G. Prasad and Amit Kumar

Experimental Investigation of Effects of Operating Variables on A C. I. Engine Performance
pp. 197-206
Authors: D.S. Deshmukh, M.S. Deshmukh and J.P. Modak




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